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Title: More Than Kisses
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: 100% PWP smut
Warnings: All-male gangbang
Pairing: The entire GazettE X Shou
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Ruki drags Shou into a hotel room, telling him he has to judge the GazettE’s kissing contest. But one thing could very well lead to another .. .
Comments: A fill for the GazettE Kink/Porn Meme. Prompt: All of the GazettE - kissing contest - I have no idea how it happens, that's up to you. But I have a vague idea of one of them wanting to know who's the best kisser and he comes up with the kissing contest. Possibly bringing in an outside (from another band) judge as well? So, of course, since it was me, it became an all-of-the-GazettE-on-Shou gangbang. XD

Come play in the the GazettE kink/porn meme!
Prompts and fills are both welcome!

More info and lots of fun here!

Shou felt utterly baffled as Ruki guided him off the elevator and toward a hotel room halfway down the hall. He’d been surprised enough when he’d been dragged out of PSC’s annual Christmas party (held in the ballroom of this hotel, with rooms thoughtfully provided for the artists upstairs so there would be no drunk driving or public sex scandals) by his mentor.

“I need you for a very important matter,” Ruki had said to him, before almost pulling his arm out of its socket. He had no choice but to follow along. He didn’t feel like being dismembered, especially not on a holiday.

“Sempai,” he said, as they approached the door and the smaller man fumbled for his card key, “what’s so important?”

But Ruki didn’t say a word – he just unlocked the door, opened it and pushed Shou inside, shouting, “Okay, the judge is here!”

“Judge?” Shou said, looking around the room. Ruki’s bandmates were in there. All of them. Kai and Uruha were on the bed, Reita leaning against the wall, Aoi sitting in an armchair across from Shou.

Aoi looked rather amused. “You sure know how to pick them, Ruki,” he said.

“Shut the fuck up,” Ruki replied. “I wasn’t about to let you use Kazuki. No way in hell was this going to be a fair contest.”

“And it’s going to be fairer with him?” Aoi said. “I think we’re going to have to blindfold him. We don’t want anyone to have an unfair advantage do we?”

“Blindfold?” Shou said, suddenly sounding very worried. He glanced around for the door. Good, the way was clear. Well, almost clear – Ruki was in the way, but he was small, it wouldn’t take much to brush him aside . . .

“Fine,” Ruki said. “Fair is fair. Just let him sit down where you are first.”

“Wait!” Shou said. He looked around at the others. Was it just his imagination, or did Kai look a bit worried? “Just what am I judging here?”

Kai looked over at Ruki. “Did you tell him?”

“I didn’t have time!” Ruki said. “I had to get him up here before this one” – he pointed toward Aoi – “brought in his fuck buddy as a judge!”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Aoi said “That would mean sharing him.”

Okay, now Shou was really getting worried. He could run for the door now and just knock Ruki over like a bowling pin. Or, if he hit him hard and fast enough, he’d go flying up in the air. Let one of the others catch him.

“I’ll tell him,” Kai said, getting off the bed and walking toward Shou. “Shou, you’re judging a kissing contest. Each one of us is going to kiss you, and you have to decide who’s the best.”

“This is what results from us getting into arguments at parties,” Uruha said in a cool tone.

“It wasn’t an argument,” Reita said. “It was more like . . .”

“Like a bragging competition,” Uruha said. “And then these two” – he pointed at Ruki and Aoi – “decided we had to settle it.”

“With a judge from outside the band,” Reita added. “Just to be fair.”

Shou just looked from one to the other. Kissing contest? KISSING contest? Kissing CONTEST? They weren’t teenagers anymore! How the hell did he get into . . .

He sighed. “Just kissing, right?”

“Unless you want . . .” said Aoi, but he was cut off by Ruki’s hand over his mouth.

“Just kissing,” Ruki said. “And you just sit there, we do all the work.”

Shou took a deep breath. “All right,” he said, sitting in the chair despite the fact that the words “You’re crazy, you’re crazy, you’ve got to be nuts” kept running through his head like a lit-up sign on a building.

“There you go,” Aoi said, opening a drawer and pulling out a scarf. “This will do.”

Before it was tied over his eyes, Shou took one last glance at the door and memorized where it was. He’d be able to run with his eyes closed, right? Okay, he’d have to be careful once he left, so he didn’t run into a wall and knock himself out.

He heard movement in the room, and whispers, and then the first person leaned over to kiss him. There was warmth, and pressure on his lips, and a faint taste of mint gum, and . . . and this felt good Very, very good, especially the way the person’s tongue brushed his lower lip, softly, as if gently asking to be allowed in . ..

And almost as soon as he started to really get into it, to lean into the kiss, it was over. The mouth that replaced it was firmer, insistent, claiming him in a way that was almost harsh – just rough enough to be exciting. Shou tilted his face upward, finding himself willingly surrendering as teeth scraped his lower lip, just barely, just enough to be felt . . .

The person pulled away. Dammit. And was it starting to feel warm in here?

A third pair of lips on his now, sensual and gentle, as much a caress as a true kiss, and Shou opened his lips first . . . yes, he was actually doing that, he was opening up to this person, moaning a little as their tongues met.

He nearly grabbed for this person to pull him back down as he moved away, but then there was another mouth, and this one was firm and possessing, sex itself, stroking Shou’s own mouth as a very practiced tongue darted in and out . . .

Oh, God, he was NOT flat-out panting. No, no, no. And it was NOT starting to feel hotter than hell in here, his clothes sticking to him, and he was NOT thinking that he wanted those clothes off, and . . .

When this man pulled away from him, Shou made a little mewling noise of disappointment, and then the final man’s mouth was claiming his, and Shou’s tongue was pushing forward before the man even got a chance to open his lips, and Shou’s arms were coming around him, pulling him in . . .

The kiss broke, and Shou really was flat-out panting now, knowing he was making a spectacle of himself, that his skin was flushed and sweaty and he was probably sporting a full hard-on to boot.

Fingers were lightly tracing his erection through his pants, and a voice – Aoi – was murmuring in his ear, “You want more than kisses now, don’t you?”

Now was when he should run away, break for the door, get out of this madness, find one of those hotel ice bins to jump into so he could cool down, never speak of this to anyone, never look any of them in the eye . . .

But instead, he reached up, brought his hand to Aoi’s head, stroked the hair, and whispered, “Yes.”

He felt the other man’s hands unfastening his zipper, and his shirt, and then he was being guided to his feet. An extra pair of hands joined in when it came to stripping the garments away, and dear God, this wasn’t happening, it was surreal, it was something out of a bad porno, it was . . .

It was the most deliciously dirty thing that had ever happened to him.

He waited for one of the others to speak up, to say that this was ridiculous, that they should stop this now before it went any further . . . but he knew, in his heart of hearts, that he didn’t want that. He wanted this to go as far as they could possibly take it.

The hands that had undressed him led him across the room, and guided him to lie on the bed – still blindfolded. For a moment, nothing happened – just him lying there, breathing hard, heart pounding, listening to a faint rustle that sounded like clothing being removed . . .

And then, there were hands and lips all over him. One person was kissing his neck, nipping it softly. Another took his nipple between two fingers, pinching it so it was right at the border of pain and pleasure. Someone was kissing his hand, lightly tonguing the palm, and there were touches and stroking all over his belly, his thighs . . .

But not his cock. They were avoiding it – for now.

It was still surreal. This was an erotic dream, wasn’t it? He was going to wake up in his own bed, panting and with a massive hard-on. Of course, he’d have to explain why he couldn’t look any of GazettE in the eye, but . . .

He wasn’t waking up. In fact, the men were shifting around, and he could feel two hot, wet mouths encasing his nipples, starting to suck. Tongues stroked at him, caressing and teasing the buds, and oh, God, he wanted to take off the blindfold, know who they were, but at the same time, not knowing was making it all the more deliciously wicked and forbidden . . .

And then, there were two more tongues, one on each side of his cock. They were sliding up and down, brushing, sweeping, swirling, one of them at the head, moving back and forth over the tip, the other one at the base, seeming to pleasure every inch of his erection at the same time.

Every one of his most sensitive nerve endings, it seemed, was being assaulted by tongues and lips, four men sucking him, licking him, serving him. He felt like a king, a slave master, a god. And to think he’d come up here as a mere contest judge.

“Ooohh, yes,” he cried as one man nipped at a hard bud, his partner swirled his tongue around, the two men at his cock started to kiss along the shaft . . . and the fifth man made his presence known, in the form of a finger gently probing at his entrance.

Shou lifted his legs, and the digit slid inside him, slick with lube, and God, everything was wet now, wasn’t it? Wet tongues on his nipples, his cock. Sweat pouring down his body. The finger coating his insides with wet slickness, getting him ready for even more pleasures. He was going to drown in it all, and love every moment of it. What a way to go.

A second finger pressed inside him, and he thrust down on it, wanting to take it in, take it all in, take everything they had to give him. “Look at that,” a voice – Aoi – murmured from between his legs. “You want more, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Shou cried. “Please . . . “

“Do you want to see?” Aoi said. “Do you want to know who’s doing what to you?”

“Please,” Shou moaned, and the blindfold was pushed up – not off, just up, it was obvious he was only going to be allowed to look for a moment.

He raised his head, and saw two blond heads – Reita and Uruha – bent over his chest, mouths still working at his nipples. And there was Ruki, tongue running along the right side of Shou’s cock, and Kai on the left . . .

The sight of it all almost made him come. Good Lord, he was the envy of so damn many men and women right now. Gangbanged by the GazettE. It even had a catchy ring to it.

“There’s more coming,” Aoi said, sliding in a third finger, and it was very obvious now he was being stretched. He pushed down on the fingers again, thinking he could take more, he could probably take Aoi’s whole damn hand at this point, and why was that idea so strangely thrilling . . .

And then, it stopped. All of it. Rather, the fingers slid out of him as the mouths eased away. His blindfold was pulled down again. And he was raising his head, saying, “No, wait, I need . . .”

Lips on his, and a voice – Ruki this time – saying, softly, “We told you there was going to be more, didn’t we?”

More sounds, like foil packets being torn, and the squish of a tube of gel or liquid. His legs were pulled up and out, held by two of the men . . .

And there was a cock pressing at his entrance. “Oh!” he cried as it slipped into him, filling him . . . he couldn’t tell who it was, it wasn’t anyone he’d been with before. (Meaning, not Ruki, since he was the only member of the band Shou had slept with. . . . at least until now). But it was big, and strong, and filled him up very nicely . . .

And it began to thrust, Shou moaning as it stimulated sensitive spots within him, and there were hands on him again, stroking his hair, his neck, his chest . . . He started to raise his hips into the thrusts, wanting this person to fuck him harder, deeper, faster . . .

The cock pulled out of him, slowly and gently. Before Shou had time to miss it, another took its place, more slender than the first, but longer, and curved differently. This person had a different style than the first, pushing in with slow, deep thrusts, then speeding up (Uruha, this was probably Uruha, and the first one was Reita, and God, they’re so good, so very good in different ways, both making him moan at different times, in different ways . . .)

When it slid out of him, and the next one slid in, Shou let out a moan, because he recognized this one. This was Ruki, he remembered very clearly the passionate evenings when he first came to PSC, when his sempai had initiated him into the company in the nicest way possible . . .

“Oh, yes, fuck me,” Shou moaned, feeling him move within him, familiar and yet newly wicked and naughty in the context of the group sex . . . he shifted his hips so Ruki could touch the sweet spots within him, make him moan louder and longer . . .

He could hear moans around him now – were the other men pleasuring themselves, or each other? Were they all going to take turns with him until he came, or they did?

Ruki slipped out, and Shou moaned in disappointment – until the next cock started to fill him, and he let out a small moan. Oh, there was something different about this. Something . . . extra? Yes, there was a hard bit at the tip, like metal, pressing against spots already hyper-sensitized from all the stimulation he’d gotten so far, making him absolutely whimper and writhe . . .

“You like my piercing?” Aoi said, as he started to thrust harder, faster, making Shou clutch at the sheets, gasping. “Oh, yes, you do. You can have all of it you want . . . “

“Oh, yes,” Shou moaned, hips thrusting hard, trying to take as much of it in as possible, to have that thing rub against every part of him . . .

“But we still have one more thing to share with you,” he said. “And you’ll like this, too . . .”

When Aoi slid away, Shou actually raised his hips, pushing against him, trying to keep him from sliding out, to hold onto him for as long as he could. Never, ever had he felt anything like that before. Never.

And finally, the last cock was pressing into him. And pressing. And pressing. Oh, my God, he was huge. It was filling Shou, and filling him, and just kept filling, so hard and deep, until he thought he’d burst . . .

It was just this side of agony. Which meant it was perfect ecstasy.

“Big,” he gasped. “Oh . . . oh, so big . . .”

“You like that?” Ruki said. “You like really being filled, Shou?”

“Yes!” he cried out, as the big cock moved within him, thrust into him, stretched him further and further still . . .

Lips on his ear, and a tongue, and a breathy voice – Uruha – whispering “Do you know who that is, Shou?”

He didn’t know, he wondered if it mattered, he just knew the person was thrusting full-force into him now, and he was thrusting back against him, crying out, “Fuck me, fuck me, oh, yes . . .”

And a hand reached for the blindfold and pulled it away. He could see Kai on top of him, pushing that wonderful cock into him, filling him . . .

The others were all going at it with each other now. Ruki and Uruha were kissing, tongues visibly sliding against each other, hands wrapped around each other’s cocks – the condoms disposed of – and stroking each other. Aoi and Reita were doing the same, and he could see the wonderful cock ornament that had given him such pleasure above the bassist’s fingers . . .

Then, Kai was gripping Shou’s cock as well, and the fingers that wrapped around him were as big and thick and wonderful as that cock itself, and they were stroking him fast. Shou was thrusting his hips, fucking that hand, fucking himself on that huge, marvelous thing . . .

Kai’s thumb brushed over the tip of Shou’s hardness, and Shou finally let go, hips bucking forward, screaming as every bit of sensation he’d felt until now was released all at once. He came, and came, coating his own stomach with his fluid, and then Kai was pulling out of him, crying out as well, his own come landing on Shou’s.

He heard cries of ecstasy around him, and come from the other men splattered on him as well. It just added to the wonderfully surreal feel of it all, as he lay there, panting, dazed . . .

Ruki bent over and kissed him, softly. “Merry Christmas,” he told Shou. “Didn’t I tell you we were going to get you a very, very special present?”

Present? This was a present? He blinked. “But . . . but, how did you . . .”

“You told me once, remember?” Ruki whispered. “You said you fantasized about having sex with all five of us.”

Oh, God, Shou remembered the conversation now. It was one of the rare occasions when he’d gotten tipsy – another PSC party. He and Ruki were at a corner table, away from the others. Somehow, they’d gotten on the subject of what they thought about when they masturbated, and Shou had said he sometimes thought about taking on the entire GazettE at once . . .

Good Lord. He actually took it and ran with it, and got the others involved as well. Suddenly, Shou felt very touched, and very loved. Because this was so goddamn insane that Ruki really must care about him a lot if he did it.

“So,” he said, “there never was a kissing contest?”

“We had to get you upstairs somehow,” Reita said, still very much leaning on Aoi.

“We figured the kissing contest would get you in here and get the ball rolling,” Kai said, lacing his fingers with Shou’s and squeezing. Shou squeezed back. Oh, he liked how those fingers felt. He wanted to feel them again. He wondered if Kai would be agreeable to . . .

As if reading his mind, Ruki kissed his lips and said, “And if you want more from any of us? Just ask. This is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Shou reached up and stroked his friend’s face tenderly with the hand not holding Kai’s. “Thank you,” he said. Looking around at the group, he added, “Thank all of you.”

Uruha leaned over so his forehead touched Shou’s. “Our pleasure,” he said.

Shou lay back with a deep sigh. The gift that kept on giving? Oh, he could imagine the possibilities. Aoi’s ornament again, and Kai’s big fingers and cock. Taking on Ruki and Reita and Uruha two at a time, or maybe all three . . .

He knew he should feel ashamed. Except he didn’t. Not in the least. All he felt was this was the best Christmas present he’d ever gotten.

They all snuggled together, a heap of happy, sated male flesh in the middle of the big bed. Shou was sandwiched between Ruki and Kai, thinking there was nowhere else he’d rather be.

Then, Aoi said, “By the way . . . which one of us was the best kisser?”


Nov. 20th, 2012 12:30 pm (UTC)
I can't think of a person who wouldn't want to be in Shou's place. XD The gift that keeps on giving, indeed - he's going to remember this more than your standard Christmas present!

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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