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Okay, how ironic is it that on the day of the Tumblrpocalypse, LJ suffers a malfunction (Required Malfunction, anyone)? Notifs, it seems, are borked.

Anyway! I used the Tumblrpocalypse productively, by finishing my new fic. The way it came about was this: misumaru posted a fabulous story where most of GazettE were vampires. This kicked my muses into action, asking the question: what if Shou were a vampire hunter in a similar universe?

The idea went through several mutations in my head before I finally wrote it down, and I have a feeling I may be doing at least one sequel, because I have a lot of headcanon for this verse that didn't make it into the fic (for instance, how Shou ended up as the Tokyo hunter even though his family is from Hokkaido, and why Ruki uses the human identity Takanori Matsumoto). Plus, Vampire!Aoi never really put in an appearance - there wasn't room for him, as I wanted to keep the focus as tightly on the Shou/Ruki relationship as I could. (Kai and Uruha were there mainly to show Ruki's relationship with and influence on the human members of his band, and also just because I found the idea of that foursome damn hot. XD)

Shou was given a sword as his hereditary vampire-hunting weapon because every time he's handled a sword in a PV, it's looked like he BELONGS handling one, like he's been doing it all his life.

In both these videos, whenever Shou has a sword in his hand, he seems to become INSTANT BADASS. (Especially the shot in Cross Game where he's slowly pulling the sword from its sheath). Okay, realistically, dork that he is, he's probably just imitating what he's seen in some video game or another. XD But hey, never let reality get in the way of fanfiction. ~_^


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Oct. 7th, 2012 07:36 am (UTC)
Notifs are borked? I had no idea! O_o Then again, I haven't exactly posted in a while... XD

Having lots of headcanon is awesome! It just shows you've put a lot of thought into creating the fic. :D Plus it makes it easier if you ever want to come back to that universe, right?
Oct. 10th, 2012 11:38 am (UTC)
Yeah, for about 24 hours after I posted the fic, I heard nothing. I thought the fic had flopped, and then I went to LJ and saw about eight comments! O_O I eventually got notifs on most of them, but there were some I never got anything for.

Oh, I'm going back to that universe, all right. My muses won't let it go. At all. It looks like my kai_pleasure challenge fic is going to be vampireverse as well, and I've also got another idea for Vamprire!Aoi.
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