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Title: The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fantasy/vampire AU, romance, smut
Warnings: Male/male sex, foursome, some mind control (though the sex is consensual)
Pairing: Ruki X Shou, Kai X Uruha, Ruki/Shou/Kai/Uruha
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Being both a rock star and a hereditary vampire hunter is a hell of a balancing act – especially when there’s someone else trying to balance being a rock star and a vampire, and he just happens to be the guy you like.
Comments: Written for the Hypnosis/Mind Control square of one of my Kink Bingo cards. Inspired by misumaru’s fabulous Uruha/Kai vampire AU, Love Bites, though this is set in a different universe.

Shou was nine when he found out what his life’s mission was. He was poking through his grandmother’s things, as children often do, finding an old photo album here, an antique watch that didn’t work anymore there.

And then, he found the sword. It was just kind of standing up in the corner, casually leaning against the wall, the way someone would casually drape a sweater they wanted to wear later across a chair.

The boy picked it up, noticing the thing was almost as tall as he was – and he was already showing signs of being a beanpole. It didn’t look like the katanas he saw in samurai dramas on TV – it was more like the Western-style swords in manga about European knights, with a broad, elaborately carved pommel.

Turning it over in his hands, he noticed symbols carved into the sheath – some sort of writhing, maybe? It wasn’t Japanese, nor was it English. (Shou had been able to read English almost as long as he could remember – something that, he would later learn, was characteristic of his kind).

“So there you are,” his grandmother said, coming into the room. Shou jumped, thinking he was going to be in trouble. You weren’t supposed to touch something like a sword, were you? Swords were like knives – they were sharp and dangerous.

“I’m sorry!” he said, putting it down and trying to lean it against the wall again. “I didn’t mean to touch it! I just walked in, it was there, and . . .”

His grandmother just looked amused. “You’re not in trouble, sweetie.”

Shou suddenly stopped, blinking and looking perplexed. “I’m not?”

“No. Why should you be? After all, it’s going to be yours someday.” The woman walked over, picking it up and running her fingers over the hilt, reverently. “Just like it’s been mine all these years, and my father’s before me. Our duty has been passed down generation to generation . . . and someday, when I an ready to give it up, it will pass to you.”

“Mine?” Shou reached out, gingerly touching the sheath again. “But . . . what am I going to use it for?”

His grandmother wrapped her other arm around him, pulling him close and giving him the sweet smile that was hers alone.

“To kill vampires, of course.”

* * *

The band meeting was about to wrap up, and not a minute too soon for Shou. He took his new duties as leader very seriously, of course, and tried to do the best job that he could. Nao was still helping him, every step of the way, and he’d had an additional offer of help from Kai of GazettE.

“Okay, I think that’s everything,” he said, as he concluded the last business item. “Does everyone have anything else they want to bring up?”

Hiroto shook his head. “Just that the merchandise samples should be ready at the next meeting.”

Saga shrugged. “The birthday events are done, so I’ve got nothing.”

“Tora?” Shou said. “Any word from NicoNico on the next webcast?”

“Like they’re going to tell us anything?” Tora said, and everyone laughed. “Shou, you keep expecting them to spell out for us who the victims are going to be and what they’re going to do to us. If they do that, we’ll run away!”

“I wouldn’t run,” Shou said.

“I would!” Nao said, bringing another round of laughter. “Especially if I knew we’d be sticking our hands in that box again!”

“They’re not going to do that,” Saga said. “It’s become a cliché.”

“No, their style is hitting people with pans now,” Tora said.

Shou listened to the banter, fingering the piece of paper in his pocket, the one that had been slipped under the door by his mysterious informant – the one who always seemed to give him the leads he needed.

Around 11 p.m., the note said, along with directions to a less-savory part of town. The vampire usually stalks those alleys, it continued, looking for passerby leaving the bars and trying to take a shortcut to the trains.

The equipment he needed was in the trunk of his car, hidden under a tarp. He’d leave the office and drive away quietly, take care of what he had to, and then go home.

It was a ritual he’d performed countless times since starting his musical career. He was well used to it by now.

* * *

His family hadn’t been crazy about his choice of career at first. Vampire hunters had to have “real world” professions – unless they were women raising families – as part of the concealment of their identity. However, being a musician wasn’t all that concealing.

It was his grandmother who convinced his parents to let him do it. The very fact that he was willing to go out in public, she said, would leave the undead less suspicious of him being a vampire hunter, not more.

As it turned out, one career ended up enhancing the other. He met Tora when he saved him from being attacked behind a live house. He just happened to be walking out after a gig, long duffel bag slung over his shoulder, when he saw a bloodsucker cornering a young man about his age, guitar firmly clutched in his hand, eyes glazed from the vampire’s hypnosis.

In one quick motion, he pulled his sword from the bag, leaped over to the vampire and severed its head from its body in one stroke. The other musician blinked at him as the spell on him was broken.

“Hey,” he said in a rather dreamy voice, “aren’t you that vocalist from Lost Age?”

“Yes,” Shou said, walking over to the guitarist, leaning over to quickly examine his neck. Good, he hadn’t been bitten.

“What are you doing . . .” Tora pulled back from Shou, looking confused – and more confused at the bloodied sword in his hand.

“Family business,” Shou said, quickly. “Um, that is . . . I saved your life.”

“You did?” Tora said. “From what?”

The vampire had crumbled into a pile of black ash, as these creatures usually did when they were decapitated or staked. It certainly didn’t look threatening now.

“I’ll tell you somewhere safer,” Shou said. “Hey, are you a guitarist? I’m thinking of starting a new band.”

* * *

He left the band meeting trying to look casual, smiling and waving at a couple of staff members as they passed him, exchanging a couple of words with a producer they’d worked with before. He definitely wanted to make it look like he wasn’t in a hurry . . . even if he was.

Shou was waving to someone else when he literally bumped into a man. He pulled back, bowing rapidly. “I’m sorry,” he said.

The smaller figure in front of him glowered from behind his dark glasses. “You bump into me like that a lot, don’t you?”

“Oh!” Shou said. “Sempai, I had no idea it was you!” He bowed again, lower. “I really am sorry. I . . .”

“Stop bowing,” Ruki said, waving his hand. “You don’t have to do that. It’s not like you did something horrible. Now, where are you off to in such a rush?”

“Just my car,” Shou said, sounding extremely casual. “Visiting a friend for awhile, and then home.”

“At this hour?” Ruki said. “Your friend keeps hours like Aoi does.”

“Something like that,” Shou said, blushing.

“I’m not going to speculate on what kind of visit it is, then,” Ruki said, pushing his dark glasses up further.

Shou blushed. “Sempai!”

“You said it, I didn’t,” Ruki said. “Okay, I’m going. Talk to you later?”

A huge smile split Shou’s face. There was a side of his relationship with Ruki that they didn’t show in public. When Ruki said something like that, it was a sign that Shou might be getting a text in the middle of the night with a very specific kind of invitation.

“Yes,” he said, giving a wave an starting to leave – and then, he suddenly stopped.

What was that strange feeling, the echo of a cold chill? It was the kind of thing he usually experienced while around a vampire. He could feel the creatures he preyed on the way he felt the cold, the rain on his skin, the touch of a warm hand.

But that was impossible. This building was clean – no vampire had ever been in here. He’d know for sure if one had.

“Is something wrong?” Ruki said, noticing the way the other man had stopped in his tracks.

Shou turned around, frowning. “I . . . thought I, um, heard something strange. But I guess I didn’t.”

Ruki reached for his cigarettes, heading for the door. “You’ve been in meetings too long,” he said. “Later.”

Shou shook his head as he walked in the other direction. Anticipating the job, no doubt. Well, it had been awhile since he did one, that had to account for it.

Ruki watched him go, then lit his cigarette. He’d been contemplating a rendezvous with Shou tonight anyway, but it looked like he had a slight change of plans on his hands.

It was time, it seemed, to renew a certain security policy of his.

* * *

Ruki knew he had a problem on his hands right after the new band joined PSC. A fairly old vampire like himself – more than 100 years behind him – could sense hunters on sight, just like hunters could sense vampires. He’d heard there was a new one around – he just didn’t expect it to be a fellow vocalist.

They were annoying creatures, these vampire hunters. They just struck out at any of his kind there were, without a single thought as to whether they were benevolent or malevolent to humans.

Vampires were like insects, after all. There were the spider-types, like himself and his bandmate Aoi, who killed only those humans the world would be better without – lowlifes, criminals, psychopaths. It was because of them that Japan had one of the lowest crime rates in the world. They tended to be resourceful, too – they took only what blood they needed, then they drained the corpse, storing the rest of it up for another time, to be drunk out of bottles.

And then, there were the cockroach- and leech-type vampires, the ones who preyed on innocent humans, killing anyone and everyone they could find – the kind of vampires who gave all of them a bad name. Bastards. Ruki was only too glad to slip information on them to this hunter.

Of course, there was the matter of keeping the hunter from coming after himself and Aoi. Some vampires might ask Ruki why he didn’t just kill the boy – but he didn’t want to do that. A member of a PSC band suddenly disappearing would attract too much attention.

Besides, he genuinely liked Shou. He’d been asked by their management to mentor him when he arrived, and he did. He found out Shou was quite an ambitious vocalist, full of ideas for stage presentations and lyrics, and a talented artist, and a genuinely sweet person to boot. Plus, Shou flat-out hero-worshipped him – which fed Ruki’s already healthy ego to no end.

So, there had to be a way to both keep Shou around and keep Ruki safe, and he’d found it. He was going to use it tonight – after he sustained himself a little. He was going to need the strength.

Vampires didn’t always have to kill when they fed.

* * *

Fortunately, tonight was an easy job. All Shou had to do was wait in the shadows with his long-distance weapon of choice – a crossbow that fired wooden stakes. The sword was at his hip in case the vampire came close.

He knew very well how to do this – he’d been through this hundreds of times since he’d made his first kill at 13, under his grandmother’s supervision. Melt into the shadows, usually leaning up against the wall. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for anything unusual.

Not that Shou usually had to do that latter, because he sensed the vampires before he saw them. First, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, and then a chill ran through his body, like icewater suddenly being injected into his veins.

And then, the thing would appear, seemingly materializing out of nowhere, shadows suddenly taking form. Usually, it was on the trail of some poor unfortunate looking for a quick and easy way to the subway.

Shou knew all too well what would happen if he didn’t strike in time. The vampire would pounce on the victim, hypnotize him or her, and apply the bite. And then, right before the last of the blood was drained, the creature would cover its dirty work by magically sealing the puncture wounds in the neck and slicing the wrists with its long fingers, making it look like a suicide. Vampires also had the ability to stain plain water red, so they’d pour a lot of it around their victim, completing the illusion.

Nobody questioned why a lonely teenager or overworked salaryman would take the desperate way out.

Sure enough, the hunter saw a young woman start to cut through the alley, moving past him, unseeing . . . and the creature seeming to melt into existence behind her. It didn’t seem to notice Shou was there, meaning it was still a pretty young vampire – older ones could sense hunters the way hunters could sense them, and went on the defensive.

He’d had his run-ins with experienced vamps in the past, including one that had put him in the hospital. (The official word they’d given the staff was that he was having his tonsils out. Well, it wasn’t a total lie – the vampire had stuck a hand in his throat in an effort to rip his larynx out. He’d killed it before it succeeded).

This one was too focused on its prey to notice anything else, though. The creature – looking like a ragged homeless man, the way many rogue vampires did – bent over the cringing young girl, working its hypnotic powers, fangs springing out of its mouth . . .

Shou raised his weapon, aimed and fired. The stake shot through the air, hitting the vampire in just the right spot on the first try.

The creature jerked and stiffened. Shou froze as well, prepared to drop the crossbow and go for his sword – and the thing crumbled to dust. He let out a deep sigh.

The would-be victim suddenly snapped back to full consciousness, blinking, confused. She was probably trying to remember what had happened – Shou knew all too well the vampire’s hold on the mind of its prey was powerful.

“Don’t worry,” Shou called across to the girl. “You’re all right. Just go to the subway – quickly.”

The girl closed her eyes and shook her head hard, as if trying to clear rocks from it. “What happened?” she said. “I just remember going into the alley, and then . . . then . . .” She looked over at Shou. “Was I attacked?”

“Someone tried,” he said. “They’re gone now. Now, run, quickly.”

She turned and rushed toward the end of the alley – but not before looking over her shoulder, and calling, “Who are you? You look familiar.”

“A lot of people say that,” Shou called back. He gave her a small wave, and she waved back and ran off.

Shou melted into the shadows again. He was going to stay a little while longer, just to make sure another one didn’t show up – although that was unlikely. These creatures tended to be territorial. When they claimed a block or alley, they held onto it.

It was when he finally made his way back to his car that he got the text from Ruki. “Can you stop at my place for a few minutes on the way home? Need to talk to you about something.”

* * *

It was a rather tricky life, balancing being a rock star and a vampire hunter. Alice Nine was more successful than Shou had even dreamed they’d be, and the bigger they got, the more the demands on him.

Fortunately, he was in contact with the hunters that patrolled most of Japan’s other major metropolitan areas, and he had a deal with them: Whenever he went on tour, he’d patrol whatever city he was in if that city’s hunter came to Tokyo in case something happened there. He even put them up in hotels. He knew the Sendai hunter – a Loli who loved being able to visit Harajuku – particularly relished this arrangement.

Not all his bandmates knew his secret at first. He had to tell Nao, because he was the bandleader, and, of course, Tora knew because of the circumstances of their first meeting. (And, oh, the irony of doing a vampire photo session with Tora – little did the photographer know his “vampires” were actually a hunter and a would-be victim).

He kept it covered up from Saga and Hiroto for a long time. Eventually, however, they figured something was up when they were repeatedly unable to get Shou on the phone late at night – and they knew he wasn’t exactly a hard-partying boy. Finally, he swore them to secrecy and told them.

“Vampires?” Saga said. “Shou, I’m disappointed – you didn’t seem to be the cliché type. I thought a guy like you would hunt something cooler, like zombies.”

Nobody outside the band knew, though, especially not members of other groups. Sometimes, Shou wished he could tell Ruki, because he was such a good mentor and friend, and . . . oh, hell, he liked him in a more-than-friendly way. Their rendezvous were more than just sex to him.

But taking the relationship further than friends-with-benefits would put Ruki in danger. God forbid some older, sophisticated vampire find out the Tokyo hunter had a significant other.

Ruki and vampires . . . it was something Shou didn’t want to think about.

* * *

Ruki arrived at the familiar apartment and reached for his key. This wasn’t the place where he “officially” lived – that was the apartment he shared with Aoi. But he spent so much time here, he might as well be considered part of the household.

The two regular occupants were both hard at work when he entered and didn’t see him. Uruha was on the couch, his guitar plugged into a computer balanced on the table, a pair of Dr. Dre headphones on his ears. Kai was at the desk in the corner, his own computer in front of him, going over agendas or equipment lists or some other leader-type stuff.

Contrary to the legend, Ruki didn’t have to be invited to enter a room. Which became very obvious when Uruha suddenly spotted him, yelped and leapt off the couch in surprise, phones flying from his head.

“Jesus, Ruki!” he said. “Did you materialize out of thin air or something?”

“I don’t do that,” Ruki said. “Too cheesy.”

He walked over to Uruha, who had just plopped back down on the sofa, and leaned over for a kiss. Kai trotted over for his kiss as well, adding a little squeeze while he was at it.

It was odd, sometimes, how natural the relationship seemed. Fuck-buddy arrangements were a common thing in bands. Less common was a committed couple like Kai and Uruha having a bandmate as a mutual fuck-buddy, but that was the way it had been for years.

They weren’t really a threesome, since Ruki was officially “with” Aoi.

Then again, Aoi got brought into the arrangement quite a bit, too (in addition to having his own boy toys). So did Reita, and a couple of other boys-on-the-side of Ruki’s. Like a certain singer for another band . . .

“So why are you barging in on us without calling?” Uruha said, pulling Ruki down on the couch next to him.

“Like you would have heard your phone,” Ruki retorted, gesturing to the guitar.

“I would have seen . . .” And then, Uruha put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone, buried deep in the bottom. “Okay, maybe not.”

“I need a favor,” Ruki said. “You know . . . the usual one.”

Kai and Uruha exchanged glances, then looked at Ruki. “You mean, a snack?” Kai said.

Ruki nodded. “I need a shot of energy, so to speak.”

“Most people use energy drinks for that,” Uruha said, sweeping his hair back off his neck and leaning his head against the back of the couch. Just like that, so casual, no fear or apprehension.

“Uruha, you know energy drinks have no nutritional value for him,” Kai said. “No food does.”

“It was worth a shot,” Uruha said. “Fine, go ahead.” He relaxed and waited for the inevitable.

Ruki leaned over, fangs springing from his mouth, and sank them into Uruha’s neck, feeling the guitarist’s hand grip him. His bite was pleasurable to humans, producing a sensation not unlike a low-level orgasm.

The sensation of drinking the blood was pleasurable, too, filling him from the inside out with warmth, making him tingle, his senses even sharper. He had to be very careful not to overdo it, not to take too much . . . just a little nip. A blood shot, so to speak.

He was going to need a double shot tonight, though. Which meant it was Kai’s turn after he licked the wound closed.

“I’ll get the protein drinks,” Uruha said, standing up from the couch as Ruki bent over Kai – only to plop back down to the cushions, dizzy.

“You know you’re not supposed to get up too fast after that,” Ruki said, fangs still protruding from his mouth.

“I know,” Uruha said. “I forgot, okay?” He got up more slowly, holding onto the furniture this time, and headed for the kitchen.

Ruki continued to feed, nipping at the vein in Kai’s neck, feeling his other lover relax against him as the pleasure took over. Oh, he’d make it worth their while for helping him out. They were going to be included in tonight’s fun.

Once he was done feeding, he was going to send Shou a text, asking him to come see him and telling him which apartment – Shou knew Ruki pretty much divided his time between two places. And then, it was just a matter of waiting for him to arrive.

He had a job to accomplish tonight, but he was damn well going to enjoy himself while he did it.

* * *

The more Ruki got to know his protégée, the more he realized he liked him. The fact that he was a hunter aside, Shou was a genuinely nice guy with a good heart – the kind of person who was rare as hell nowadays.

There were nights when the two of them would sit around a coffeehouse, since neither was the bar type, talking until the place closed – and then continuing the conversation at one of their places.

They’d discuss how they got into music – both were huge fans of Luna Sea. They’d talk about their bands, and their ambitions for the future, and sometimes even gossip about their fellow musicians.

And all the time, Shou could be picking at a tiny splinter a stake left in his hand, and Ruki rubbing at a sore spot on his arm from a victim that gripped him too hard while in death throes.

The sexual side of their relationship evolved naturally. Shou knew Ruki was polyamorous, and he was fine with that. He was also open to group situations and a little kinky experimentation – liked them quite a bit, in fact.

Which was to Ruki’s advantage. He knew that hunters, for the most part, were immune to vampiric hypnotism – but they had one Achilles heel. The immunity tended to lessen, if not flat-out vanish, in the heat of sexual passion – the more wild and intense the heat, the less the immunity.

And that was what Ruki was counting on tonight.

* * *

Shou rode the elevator up to Ruki’s place, rubbing the back of his neck. He knew what that text meant, despite the casual wording. Invitations for “booty calls” (though they were far more than that to Shou) were always like that – just in case PSC ever decided to hack their phones.

He could have easily told Ruki that he was tired, but he didn’t want to. He needed it just as much as his friend-with-benefits (who he wished was more) did right now. He also figured it wasn’t going to be just the two of them, either, given that Ruki was at Kai and Uruha’s place.

There was a part of Shou that still felt he should be ashamed or embarrassed at the prospect of enjoying the kind of sexual experimentation Ruki led him into. But there was another part that felt no shame at all. Everyone involved wanted it, enjoyed it, and nobody got hurt – other than some spanking.

Besides, despite his feelings for Ruki, he knew that the conventional Japanese notion of one-on-one-and-that’s-it relationships just wasn’t in his blood. It was in the nature of what he was to have different needs than most people. His grandmother had told him from the time he was small, “Hunters aren’t like everyone else.”

Nao had expressed this kind of thing when he said, “Shou lives in Shou World.”

The elevator doors pinged open, and Shou found himself walking toward Ruki’s door, feeling breathless with anticipation – almost as if something were magnetically pulling him there.

* * *

Ruki sat in the bedroom, eyes closed, legs crossed under him. Kai and Uruha thought he just needed a few moments to himself after feeding. They didn’t know what he was doing. (Of course, they didn’t know Shou’s true identity, either. They thought he was just a member of another PSC band and one of Ruki’s boyfriends who was open to experimental fun).

In truth, Ruki was building up the power inside him, preparing himself to administer strong hypnosis, stronger than what vampires typically used on their victims. This wasn’t just holding someone in place. This was flat-out mind control.

Given that it was being used on a hunter, it had to be twice as strong as any he’d normally use as well. Hence, having to feed before he did it.

He sent a few tendrils of thought out toward his intended target and felt the mental shields that normally surrounded hunters. That was all right. At least he had a bead on Shou’s location now. The other vocalist was coming up the elevator.

Good, Ruki felt ready – just in time.

The knock came at the door, and he answered it, finding the hunter flashing his beautiful smile on the other side. God, he and Kai had the two most beautiful smiles in the world. No wonder Ruki liked seeing them together so much.

“Hi,” Shou said, leaning in for a kiss. No social propriety when they both knew damn well why he was here. “I came soon as I could. I was . . . finishing things up with my friend.”

Ruki slid his arms around him. “Not too tired, I hope,” he said in a low, seductive voice.

“Ruki!” Shou blushed. “I told you it wasn’t that kind of visit!”

“Good,” Ruki whispered. “Because this most definitely is.” He drew Shou further into the living room, where Kai and Uruha had gone back to their respective computers, the only difference being the almost-completely-consumed protein drinks next to them.

“Look who’s here,” Ruki announced. Oh, they’d be happy to see him, he knew. They both genuinely liked Shou and enjoyed his company.

Plus, there was the small matter of Ruki sending a few controlling tendrils in their direction as well. One distinct advantage to being a vampire as old as he was – the ability to stage and choreograph your own porno.

“Hi, Shou,” Kai said, getting up from behind his desk. “I’m afraid we don’t look very visitor-worthy tonight.”

“It’s okay,” Shou said, looking down and blushing a little. “You look fine as you are.”

“So do you,” Kai said. “You usually come over late at night like this, don’t you?”

“Since when do any musicians keep normal hours?” Shou said.

There was a pause, and then both of them laughed, because they knew they were right.

Uruha gulped down the last of his health drink, put down his guitar and walked over to the two of them, putting a hand on each of their shoulders. “What did I miss?” he said.

“Kai doesn’t think he looks presentable enough,” Shou said.

“You’re plenty presentable,” Uruha said, reaching out and tugging on Kai’s glasses. “You’re hot. You don’t need to be anything else.”

“If you’re worried that you’re not well-dressed enough, I have a suggestion,” Ruki said, walking over. “Let’s go in the bedroom and get you naked. Then you won’t have to worry about presentable.”

“Ruki!” Shou said, blushing.

“Oh, did I say something wrong?” Ruki said with mock-seriousness.

“Well, um, you did just tell him to . . .”

“You’re right,” Ruki said, wrapping an arm around Shou and giving him a big smile. “I shouldn’t have singled him out like that. We ALL should go into the bedroom and take our clothes off.”

He sent thought-tendrils out. Shou still had the armor – he couldn’t be influenced. The other two, though, were as susceptible as any other normal humans.

You want to do this, he told both of them. You want to take Shou in the bedroom and put your hands all over him and me and each other. You want to get Shou all aroused and hot . . .

Kai and Uruha would notice nothing, of course. Nothing but the fact that their skin was starting to feel warm, and their hearts starting to race . ..

Uruha suddenly turned and headed for the bedroom. “I’m not going to be the one left behind,” he said. He was peeling off his shirt already.

“Well?” Ruki said to the other two. “Are you going to let him get ahead of you?” He reached out and tugged on the zipper of Shou’s pants, just a little. “You don’t seem to be the type to lose in anything, Shou.”

“I’m not,” he said, and put a hand over Ruki’s, encouraging him to pull that zipper down more, to free him up for lovemaking.

Oh, yes, Ruki thought, just the kind of thing I want to see.

As he pulled the zipper down, he leaned in to kiss Shou, feeling the shields start to soften just a little.

By the end of the evening, the hunter would be his to shape and control as he wanted.

* * *

It was a good thing that Kai and Uruha had a king-sized bed. Nothing else would be able to accommodate the tangle of bodies.

There were clothes scattered all over the floor, long shadows cast here and there by the candles lit throughout the room. There was the sound of moans and sighs and skin brushing against skin.

Shou was on his knees, leaning over to kiss Kai, wrapping his fingers around his cock. Kai moaned into the kiss, and moaned louder as he felt Uruha’s fingers slide over his ass, teasing the cleft.

“You two are gorgeous,” Uruha murmured, but that became a wordless moan as Ruki pushed upward on his torso, getting him to sit up straight, and then leaned over him, tongue running over his cock.

“Oh, God, yes,” Shou murmured, leaning over to watch the other vocalist at work. Ruki’s stage act was no lie – the man really was a master at all things oral.

“Look at them,” Kai whispered to Shou, reaching out to gently squeeze the other man’s nipple. “So hot . . .”

Shou didn’t have to be told. His eyes were fastened on the scene, totally mesmerized, as he watched Uruha’s cock sliding into Ruki’s lips, and Ruki moving down far, so very far, looking as much like a porn star as a rock star.

He moved up, slowly, dragging his tongue along the shaft as he did, and one hand reached up, nails barely skimming Uruha’s skin – but even then, they left angry red marks, pain among the pleasure, making the guitarist shudder.

Uruha put his hand on the back of Ruki’s head and moaned. “Oh, yes, Ruki, lick me, suck me, like that . . .”

Neither Shou nor Kai could contemplate how sharp Ruki’s nails must be in order to do that. They were too mesmerized by the smaller vocalist’s technique, the way he took the hardness into his mouth fully, eyes closed in bliss, and sucked on it, as if he were savoring the most delicious thing in the world.

And then, the licking. My God, how he stroked his partner slowly with that sensual, wicked tongue, caressing him tenderly, delivering pleasure and offering the promise of much more at the same time. It was as if Ruki was the very embodiment of sin.

Kai leaned over and kissed Uruha’s neck, murmuring in his ear, “You love that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Uruha panted. “Yes, oh, he’s so good . . .”

Ruki didn’t need to hear their comments. He could feel their thoughts, feel their excitement. He sent out a few more tendrils to them – yes, you love this, you want this, you want more of it . . .

And that was turning him on as much as the cock in his mouth – the fact that he was in absolute control of their pleasure on a level that went far, far beyond mere skin-to-skin contact.

More importantly, when he sent tendrils out toward Shou, he could feel the walls softening even more. Good, good. He just needed to keep it up . . .

Ruki eased his mouth away from Uruha and sent a mental push toward the others. Pleasure the other boy, take out your lust over what I just did on him . . .

Shou gasped as he felt Kai and Uruha suddenly latch onto him from either side, easing him down to the bed. Uruha’s lips were on his, tongue plunging into and out of his mouth, hot and hungry, a mimicry of Ruki had just done to him.

Kai had his mouth on Shou’s nipple, licking around it slowly, then sucking on it, making Shou cry out into the other man’s mouth. He started to writhe against the two of them, completely lost in bliss, thinking nothing could feel any better . . .

Until he felt Ruki’s hands slowly running along his thighs, and heard the other vocalist murmuring, “It’s nice, isn’t it? So delicious, all these men touching you, making you feel good . . .”

Shou could only moan in return as Uruha moved over to nibble his ear, and Kai’s teeth gently scraped his nipple, and Ruki pinched his flesh at a sensitive spot, creating a sensation right between pleasure and pain.

The barrier around the boy’s mind was so soft it was almost porous. He needed just a little bit more . . .

Ruki sent another command to the other two – Sandwich him. Don’t penetrate, though. That is mine, and mine alone.

Shou suddenly found himself rolled on his side, a man pressed against him from either end. He was totally encased in male heat, sweat-dampened chests pressing on him, Uruha’s beautiful thighs brushing against his, Kai’s tongue slowly making its way up his neck.

And two cocks rubbing against him, Uruha’s pressing into the cleft of Shou’s ass, just far enough from his entrance to make him want more; Kai’s against Shou’s own. Oh, my God, it was glorious, the feeling of being totally possessed by hardness, melting into the two of them, becoming nothing but a vessel of pleasure.

The men moved, and rocked against him, and Shou and Kai both moaned as their cocks caressed each other, their blood running hotter and hotter, Uruha’s hands caressing both of them.

Shou loved, loved the sensation of another cock on his – it was one of his favorite things about sex. Feeling something similar to him, yet different, the size and shape of the other man, the contrast in textures and sensitive spots . . .

And Ruki crouched at the foot of the bed, taking in the private porn show he was still orchestrating. It was beautiful and hot enough to almost make him lose concentration. The sight of them, moving and writhing and rubbing, eyes closed in passion, lips open and moist and uttering the most delicious sounds, skin glistening with sweat . . . and all of them so, so beautiful . . .

But concentrate he did, and as Shou moaned and writhed, hips pumping, rubbing his cock against Kai’s, hard sliding on hard, then his ass against Uruha, feeling him so close but yet so far . .

The last of the barrier melted away. Shou’s mind was now as open to Ruki’s hypnotism as any normal human.

The vampire sent a quick command to the others. Get him ready for me. Uruha, I’ll get you ready for Kai. And then, he is mine, and mine alone.

Shou’s mind was so hazy with passion that he barely noticed it when the two moved away from him, then rolled him over on his stomach. He drew his legs up, ass in the air, waiting for more . . .

Kai’s finger penetrated him first, coated with lube, moving in and out of him, offering the stimulation inside Shou that their earlier play had only promised. Shou leaned back against him, moaning as the digit slid around, thrusting, opening him up.

He felt Uruha’s finger slide in beside Kai’s, and heard Uruha’s moans as Ruki did to him what Kai and Uruha were doing to Shou, practiced fingers sliding into the guitarist’s ass.

Ruki knew his hands were small, and Kai’s cock quite the opposite. He had to prep Uruha carefully. It was worth it, though. Watching those two fuck was almost as hot as the idea of fucking Shou.

Not that what was about to happen was just about fucking.

Kai slid another finger into Shou, Uruha’s still in there, and together, the men slid them in and out, opening Shou that last little bit, making him ready for Ruki. Uruha moaned, leaning over with his head on Shou’s back, as Ruki’s fingers worked their magic on him.

Finally, Ruki felt the readiness of all of them. He sent another command – Kai and Uruha, have at each other. Shou, on your back, legs up.

Shou obeyed, and Ruki felt a thrill run through him as intense as any touch. This was something he really got off on, the moment when he knew he had not just any human at his mercy, he had the hunter himself.

He slicked his cock and mounted the other vocalist, feeling Shou surround him with arms and legs. He began to push into him, gently, feeling the boy stiffen a little. He sent a quick command – relax completely, you feel no pain – and Shou did.

The boy’s sheath encased him, little by little, tight heat enveloping him – and Shou was always like this, feeling like a virgin no matter how many time they did this. It was obvious he got little, if any, from other guys – unless he was topping.

They paused, panting, looking into each other’s eyes, oblivious to what was going on at the other end of the bed – even though that was the sight of Uruha on all fours and Kai gripping his hips, pushing into him.

Ruki clasped Shou’s hand, and the other vocalist’s fingers tightened around his. And then, he pushed his mind toward the hunter’s.

It was always a rather disorienting experience, the moment when he linked minds with Shou during sex. At first, he couldn’t separate his thoughts from the other man’s not knowing who was hunter and who was hunted.

Then, it became clear, and it was like he was looking into the other vocalist’s mind from behind a floor-to-ceiling pane of glass. He could see the joy of Alice Nine successfully having their first anniversary live, and the fear when they thought Tora’s injury would put him out of the band. He could see innumerable stakings and beheadings of his own kind, which made his jaw tighten, even though he knew most of them were the bastard type of vampire, the kind he wrote Leech about. Hell, he’d even tipped Shou off about most of them.

He couldn’t feel any emotion now, though. This was about making sure he didn’t end up the same way.

Ruki began to move, pushing into and out of the boy’s body, still looking into his eyes. Shou would be unaware of the link, be thinking only of the pleasure, the feel of Ruki sliding through him, brushing sensitive nerve endings . . . and maybe a curious sense that this was more intimate than a normal sex act.

Ruki felt the pleasure as well. His body responded like a human’s in that regard, and he relished it. He couldn’t let it take him over, though. He had to stay in control, of both himself and Shou.

He looked over at the other couple, oblivious to what was happening. Kai was starting to pound into Uruha, hard, hands sliding along those perfect thighs, loving them as thoroughly as his huge cock was loving him from within. Uruha, bathed in sweat, eyes closed as if in a trance, was thrusting back hard against his lover, murmuring words of encouragement.

It all made him thrust into Shou faster and harder, and Shou bucked up against him, murmuring, “Ruki, you feel so good, so hard, like that . . .”

He pushed into the boy’s mind faster and harder as well, until he found what he was looking for – the tiny bit of suspicion that had cropped up earlier, the little chill he’d felt around Ruki.

The vampire obliterated the thought, crushing it with his own mind. And he began to push his own suggestions in there instead. You never know that I’m a vampire. Your hunter’s senses are blinded to me. You feel nothing, sense nothing. You feel and sense nothing when you’re around Aoi as well . . .

Shou moaned in pleasure, hips bucking madly, aware of nothing but a fog of pleasure, of total lust fed even more by the sight of the other two, of Kai pushing into Uruha, huge cock pistoning in and out of open, willing ass, possessing the other man entirely . . .

Meanwhile, Ruki was continuing to push into both his body and mind, diverting Shou away from other benevolent vampires as well, telling him that he would obey the tips that Ruki sent him about the vicious members of his kind without question.

While he was there, he gently removed some of the fear that the boy had about being his band’s leader, and injected a shot of confidence – like he’d done many times over the years. It was because of Ruki’s suggestions that Shou had evolved into such a mesmerizing performer – he merely enhanced what was already there.

And now that he had done his job, and ensured his safety yet again, Ruki could surrender to the moment and the passion and the heat, letting himself feel the pleasure, the luscious sensation of being tightly encased in the body of a beautiful man, the gorgeous sight of Shou under him, hips moving along with Ruki’s thrusts.

He bent over and sealed his lips to Shou’s, their minds still linked as he kissed him, and God, he loved this, didn’t he, savored every moment of their coupling, and he’d still be doing this even if he didn’t have to, just because he was Shou . . .

There was a loud moan from across the bed, and they both glanced over to see Uruha on his knees now, pressed up against Kai’s body, back to chest, both sets of hips moving as they pushed each other toward orgasm, Kai’s hand wrapped around Uruha’s cock, pumping him.

Ruki thrust his own hips harder, and grabbed Shou’s erection the same way, practiced fingers caressing him, thumb rubbing over the head, and Shou gasped, “Ruki . .. Ruki, I think I’m going to . . .”

Uruha came first, leaning his head back onto Kai’s shoulder and crying out, come pouring out and all over his lover’s fingers, and then Kai followed him, pushing hard into his lover’s body, leaning back as he let out a long, drawn-out cry, then gasped, then moaned loudly.

The sound of the two of them finally set Shou off, and he raised his hips quickly and sharply, nearly screaming Ruki’s name as he was consumed with ecstasy.

And finally, Ruki let go as well, hot bliss overwhelming him, dulling his senses, turning his vision white . . . and breaking the mind-hold. It didn’t matter, his work was done. He could ride the orgasm completely, the physical and mental delight which one could never, ever get tired of . . .

Even if one had felt it for over a hundred years.

He collapsed atop Shou, and they clung to each other, kissing and panting. In that moment, they were oblivious to the other two, they belonged to each other entirely. It was almost as if they were a regular human couple.

Shou closed his eyes, snuggling against Ruki. This was so good, so very, very good. They might play with other men during foreplay, but in the end, they never came with anyone else.

Maybe that was the reason why sex with Ruki always felt more mysteriously intimate than sex with anyone else ever was. And Shou wouldn’t have it any other way.

He drifted off to sleep, purring with contentment.

* * *

He awoke still entangled with Ruki the next morning, to the cheerful sound of Kai announcing there was French toast for everyone in the kitchen. Shou yawned and stretched, rubbing his head. Why the slight headache? He hadn’t had anything to drink last night.

“Hi,” Ruki murmured, eyes still closed. Shou leaned over and kissed him. He was used to Ruki not being a morning person. It was as if the other vocalist had an allergy to sunlight or something.

“Hi yourself,” Shou said, rubbing at his head again. “You have rehearsal today, don’t you? So do we.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Ruki said, sitting up, eyes still closed. “I guess that means we have to get out of bed, doesn’t it?”

“It won’t kill you,” Shou said, standing up and offering a hand to the other man. “Not like you’ll crumble to dust in the sun or anything.”

“No, of course,” Ruki mumbled, taking Shou’s hand and getting to his feet. “Guess that means I’ll see you at the studio.”

“We’re right next door to you again,” Shou said. “Maybe we could all meet for lunch.”

Yes, they’d done that before, the two bands sitting together, Ruki and Aoi in their dark glasses, eating food that had no nutritional value to them, smoking cigarettes that couldn’t harm their bodies. To all appearances, the most normal thing in the world.

“Ruki?” Shou said. “Did you hear me?

Ruki finally opened his eyes and looked at the other man. Gorgeous smile, beautiful face, pure heart. Totally devoted to his music and his friends. A hell of a lot more than just a hunter.

“I heard you,” he said. “Yes. I’d like that.”

Shou linked his fingers with Ruki’s. “Come on. Let’s get some of that French toast. You look like you need nourishment.”

“You have no idea,” Ruki murmured. (Maybe he’d be able to corner Reita during rehearsal and convince him to let him have a nip in the men’s room . . .)

Shou smiled and squeezed his hand. “You’ll be fine,” he said.

Ruki squeezed back, weakly. He’d be fine, all right. He made sure of that last night – and he’d make sure of it again and again, every time he suspected his previous hypnosis was starting to wear off. It was fortunate, having a hunter he could control like this.

He didn’t just have Shou by the balls. He had him by the heart.

But somewhere within him, he knew that Shou had him by the heart, too.

* * *
Absolutely opposed element
Light and shadow
Heaven and earth
Birth and death
Hatred and love
U and I
They resemble each other like twins
From the moon to the earth
During a life as a short journey
I thank god I could meet you who is my other half…a piece of me…
Distant is close
one is two
In GEMINI of eternity


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Oct. 6th, 2012 07:24 pm (UTC)
Wonderfully crafted story and it wasn't too long either. I liked Ruki's character with Shou. Adding this to memories to read again on a later time.
Ugh, this comment makes so little sense... XD Thanks for sharing!
Oct. 8th, 2012 11:21 am (UTC)
No, it makes perfect sense! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the fic so much! Shou and Ruki's relationship was definitely the heart of the story, so I'm glad it came across well!
Oct. 6th, 2012 08:03 pm (UTC)
I loved this! Gosh, I love vamps soo much!
I loved Ruki here! he was so vampire XD
thanks for writing and sharing!
Oct. 8th, 2012 11:24 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked the characterization of Vampire!Ruki here, it was fun to fit him into that kind of role without sacrificing any of the Ruki we know and love. (Plus, he'd have to be able to see his reflection and cast a shadow - he couldn't be a rock star otherwise!)
Oct. 6th, 2012 09:54 pm (UTC)
You posted it! :D I'm still incredibly flattered that you were inspired to write this, and those are some very inventive uses of Ruki's vampire attributes. Oh Ruki... Can't say I blame him! XD
Oct. 8th, 2012 11:26 am (UTC)
Your story was incredibly inspirational. I definitely couldn't have done this without yours. You definitely can't blame Ruki for using his abilities like that - hey, if you're surrounded by pretty boys and have the capability to turn them into your own private porno show, go for it! XD Thanks again for commenting, and for writing the fic that got me started on this!
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 8th, 2012 11:29 am (UTC)
Oh, I knew going in that I wanted Ruki to be the "benign" type of vampire, feeding only on the lowest of the low - it made him sympathetic without having to resort to the ridiculous Twilight "vegetarian vampire" concept. Thank you so much for reading!
Oct. 6th, 2012 09:59 pm (UTC)
How easily you've built up a whole world! It feels like this could easily turn into a fully-fledged novel! :D

Love Ruki's manipulative ways, and how he protects himself and Aoi both by use of mindcontrol (and may I just say that the bit where he joins up with Shou's mind is really hot) and by giving Shou hints to where to find and kill off the leechers. :)

And yay for Kai/Uru with a bit of feeding porn too. Mmmmm, sexy!
Oct. 8th, 2012 11:37 am (UTC)
Thanks! This idea started sprouting and developing pretty quickly,so, yes, it kind of built itself into a whole universe (I actually had background material for both characters that got left on the cutting room floor).

Ruki is actually a very clever boy here - he knows how to protect himself and enjoy a private porn show while he's at it. XD The relationship between him and Shou is quite complex - they need each other on several levels, relating to all three identities (offstage person, rock star and vampire/hunter). And then, there's Ruki's whole relationship with Aoi, which didn't make it into this fic - I am hoping to do more from this universe.

Oh, Kai and Uruha had to be in there, and I figured everyone would enjoy a look at how Ruki usually feeds. XD His relationship with them is pretty complex, too - something else that may get written about at a later time.
Oct. 7th, 2012 07:14 am (UTC)
this was awesome! the storyline & characters! i wish there was more. XD lol @ sagas reaction to shous hunter status. thanks for sharing.
Oct. 8th, 2012 11:38 am (UTC)
I'm actually hoping to do more from this universe, as there's a lot of depth and complexity in these character relationships. I just had to put Saga's line in, since vampires are cliche and zombies are "in" in pop culture! Thank you so much for reading!
Oct. 7th, 2012 08:35 am (UTC)
okay wow. i just love the way you write ruki. i never see him written as the top anymore, when he's completely capable of it! i mean, jeez, look at his performance at yokohama last year... but anyway! good lord, i was blushing as i read this. i want to see so much more - the dynamic with shou and ruki is amazing, and i feel like this could turn into something much like your stargazer series. i could read about these two in such an intimate friendship and relationship time and time again and never get tired of it.

short comment is short and slightly incoherent, but that's what i get for reading your stuff at five in the morning! guh, this was amazing. i cannot wait for you to write more!
Oct. 8th, 2012 11:43 am (UTC)
I can't understand why people think Ruki is King Uke of Planet Bottom. He most definitely has seme characteristics - his live performances are very, VERY seme. The Ruki I write can top or bottom depending on who he's with, as can most of my other characters. (Uruha is usually an uke, but of the topping-from-below variety - he's always the one calling the shots).

I'm hoping to get more from this universe! There's a lot of depth and complexity in the character relationships and a lot of material I had to leave on the cutting room floor this time around. Thanks for reading! (And your comment wasn't incoherent, I knew just what you meant!)
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 8th, 2012 11:46 am (UTC)
*blush* Thank you so much! WOW, huge compliment! I'm hoping to do more from this universe - it realy is deep and complex, and the character relationships multi-layered - so you will have more to read from it! Thank you very much again - that comment REALLY makes me think I did my job with this fic!
Oct. 9th, 2012 05:17 am (UTC)
I finally had the time to read this...*dead*

I have a thing for vampires. Like a serious love and this was just...8D perfect. Shou as a hunter, Ruki as an ancient...Kai and Uruha being their delicious horny selves...that was so hot *Q*

I just love how you took the concept of vampire hypnosis to fill that mind control square, it was so ingenious I don't think I could've thought of that myself. Of course the backstory was well crafted, all the details nicely included to create this believable universe, this totally worked. And the sex...Oh lord the sex. I love how you built it up, the mild tension before Shou goes to hunt, Ruki biting Uruha and Kai as foreplay of sorts, the foursome...unf unf unf! And then finale with Ruki and Shon bonding on a physical level but also on an emotional, mental one...it was flawless and gorgeous and perfect.

Amazing work as always my dear, xoxo
Nov. 5th, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
Waaay late reply to this . . . sorry!

Vanpire hypnosis just fit that square perfectly. That was one of the squares where when I first got my second card, I said, "Oh, my God, no way in hell could I write this!" But when I read that wonderful story that misumaru did, and was inspired to do a vampire fic of my own, the whole concept of vampire hypnosis = the hypnosis/mind control square clicked into place.

I definitely wanted to show Ruki and Shou deeply bonded in every way imaginable - making it all the more ironic that they are on opposite sides of a centuries-old war between vampires and hunters. They really do have a lot in common in a way that goes far beyond them just being vocalists - including the fact that they are both polyamorous, just making everything all the more interesting. (And it will get more interesting in the future fics I have planned!)
Oct. 10th, 2012 01:54 am (UTC)
I have a liking for vampires even more for Vampire Ruki lol.
I agree with you Ruki has a lot of seme qualitites but he's written rather childish without a valid reason a lot of times.

So yeah I totally loved how you characterized Ruki here and his relationship with Shou despite him being a hunter.
I hope you'll write more from this universe >.
Nov. 5th, 2012 11:40 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply! I just can't see Ruki are being a bottom all the time - especially the kind of simpering mega-bottom that all too many people write him as. That goes double for Ruki-as-a-vampire, where he has manipulation skills on top of his normal leadership tendencies (remember that Kai himself said Ruki pulls the band from the front while Kai pushes it from behind)! Thank you so much for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it - and there will be more from this universe!
(no subject) - chaerina - Nov. 6th, 2012 12:01 am (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 13th, 2012 04:18 pm (UTC)
nice story as usual x3
i really love how you describe about ruki and shou's relationship here <3

by the way i did some ruki x shou manips photo, if you are interested, just click those link below :D
thank you for making some beautiful ruki x shou fanfic <3




Edited at 2012-10-13 04:20 pm (UTC)
Nov. 5th, 2012 11:43 pm (UTC)
So sorry for the late reply! Thank you very much for your comments on the fic and for sharing your photomanips (I'm guessing you're a big fan of this particular pairing)! I will definitely be doing more from this ficverse, so you can look forward to more of Ruki and Shou's relationship, and everything that goes with it!
(no subject) - noe_sakamoto - Nov. 6th, 2012 04:53 am (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 14th, 2012 11:53 am (UTC)
I looove iiiiiiiiiiiiit. <3
This is a first for me (a vampire x hunter thingy) and with the whole mind hypnosis, while reading the sex part I really did feel something different in me too. o.o Ruki le sexy vampire who is so talented with his tongue. I love the way he licks mikes *-* It would be awesome if there would be a sequel to this. :D
Nov. 5th, 2012 11:46 pm (UTC)
So sorry for the late reply! There are definitely going to be more fics in this universe - I felt that the concept was too deep to be kept to one story (besides, we haven't even met Vampire!Aoi yet)! And as for Ruki's legendary tongue? Oh, you can bet that had to be a part of the story! The man has the most pornographic tongue I've ever seen (witness My Devil On The Bed in Omega, and the Guren video, and the Invisible Wall video, and . . .) Thanks for reading!
Nov. 6th, 2012 12:29 pm (UTC)
Its fine and omg vampire Aoi! *dies due to excessive blood loss cause of nose bleed* *o*
That is definitely something to look forward to. Well any fanfic written by you is something that I look forward to XD
Ruki has one sexy tongue. The way he licks mics makes my perverted mind think something else hahaha.
No prob! ^-^
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 5th, 2012 11:47 pm (UTC)
Holy crap . . . you printed it out to save? I feel really honored! I will definitely be writing more from this universe, so you can look forward to more of Ruki and Shou's relationship and all that comes with it! Thanks so much again, and I'm so sorry for the late reply!
Nov. 4th, 2012 07:11 am (UTC)
Finally read this! I love vampires and Vampire Ruki is umpf~❤_❤
It has a sad feeling though. Ruki knows that Shou hates vampires so it's a RomeoxJuliet situation. :( I love the underlying seriouness in the smut!
Nov. 5th, 2012 11:50 pm (UTC)
A Romeo and Juliet scenario is actually the perfect way to describe the vampire/hunter situation that these two find themselves in. They love each other, but they're on opposite sides of one of the longest wars in history - between vampires and hunters. And I will be doing much, much more from this ficverse - I decided the concept was just too deep to hold it to one or two fics (we haven't met Vampire!Aoi yet)! Thanks so much for reading!
Nov. 21st, 2012 04:13 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for the late comment! You should know that I love this story so much~! I never read any sex scene that is written as intimate as yours ♥____♥ and God, I love this pairing. it's the best cross-over pairing ever!

and the plot of the story is just...it's like you put entire novel pages into one-shot story! OMG you're awesome!

Thanks for sharing this!
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