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Title: Timing and Luck
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, some humor
Content Notes: Male/male sex, oral, bukake, frottage, public sexual activity (of a sort)
Pairing: Kai X Tora
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: How far is the freshly-initiated Leader-san of the GazettE willing to go for his new band? A certain other musician with a part-time DJ gig is about to find out.
Comments: Written for the Humiliation (Situational) square on one of my Kink Bingo cards. Admittedly, I’m taking a lot of liberties with reality here. First of all, as far as I know, there’s never really been an underground radio movement via Internet in Japan – I sort of based the concept here on the British “Pirate Radio” movement of the ‘60s-‘80s. Subsequently, Tora has had no radio career that I know of other than the shows he’s done while with Alice Nine, like ArigaTORA.

There were times when Kai wondered why he’d taken on the leadership of this new band he’d found himself in.

He’d been with them for several months now. They had a new management company, which was a good thing – since they’d nearly broken up as a result of the blunders of their previous manager.

They were still struggling to get airplay, though. They were popping out the indie singles and EPs, and they were selling to the band’s established following, but bringing in new followers was proving to be a challenge.

As the leader, Kai took it upon himself to try to solve that challenge. He talked to several other bands, both established and up-and-coming – and he always got the same answer, a shrug and, “It’s all timing and luck.”

“But surely, there’s got to be something we can do to help our luck along,” Kai said. “Isn’t there anyone you talked to? Anything you did?”

No, he’d get told over and over. The band just happened to be in the right place at the right time. They just happened to be playing when a name DJ walked into the livehouse, or that person sitting at the bar next to them just happened to be a writer for Cure or Shoxx,

“I’m starting to get really frustrated,” Kai told Ruki as they sat together in a coffeehouse, each nursing his drink very slowly. They couldn’t afford more than one per person – of course, Rui said, this was a sign of progress. When Kai first joined the band, they couldn’t even afford one.

“Why?” Ruki said. “We’re doing well. We’re getting gigs, aren’t we?”

“Yes, but . . .” Kai sighed. “I wish there was a way to get our music on the radio.”

“You’re ambitious, aren’t you?” Ruki said. After all, Japan had a very small number of on-air radio stations, and what few existed were mainly under the government’s control. Most music programming time was given over to super-mainstream material – idol singers and pop ensembles. You had to compete with existing bands for what little time was given over to visual kei.

“I have to be,” Kai said. “I’m the leader, aren’t I? It’s up to me that the band does well.”

“It’s up to the management,” Ruki said. He glanced at the industry trade publication in his hand – another thing that they hadn’t been able to afford until recently. “It’s just up to you to make sure Uruha’s on time for meetings and Aoi doesn’t run back to Kansai when it’s time for a gig.”

“I know,” Kai said. “I just feel like I should be doing . . . more, you know? Especially until the management gets to know us better, knows what we can do, that . . .”

“That Uruha has a tendency to show up late for fucking meetings?” Ruki suddenly spotted something on the magazine page and held it out to Kai. “Look, maybe this will help.”

Kai took the publication, eyes scanning the page. A list of new instrument shops opening up? Well, that was no help to them. They couldn’t afford new instruments. A report on a show by three up-and-coming bands? None of them was GazettE, and it just served to remind Kai of how much competition was out there.

And then, his eyes fell on the article Ruki had to have been talking about: “Indie bands and online radio form productive match.”

“Online radio stations?” Kai said. He read aloud. “In major cities and small towns around Japan, do-it-yourself DJs are bucking the government-sponsored radio stations and putting their own programming on the Internet, a movement that evokes the British pirate radio stations of the ‘60s . . .”

“It’s guys putting stuff out on the Internet that radio won’t play,” Ruki said. “Stuff by bands like ours. There’s your answer.”

“Wow, some of them have an international audience,” Kai said. He pointed at the page. “There’s one right in Harajuku that has an estimated listenership as big as any of the metropolitan Tokyo stations.”

“So take our single and pay them a visit,” Ruki said. “Bang on their door and introduce yourself.”

“Along with every other band in Tokyo who’s seen this article,” Kai sighed.

Ruki shrugged. “And every other band in Tokyo isn’t us, right? We know that we have a fuckload to offer. It’s about time everyone else knew.”

Kai looked down at the article again and set his jaw. It really was time everyone else knew, right? He’d gotten himself into this band by sheer determination. He’d volunteered to be the leader. It was time he asserted that leadership.

He was going to get Radio Harajuku to play their single, no matter what it took.

* * *

Tora didn’t know sometimes why he volunteered for Radio Harajuku. It was just a few hours a week, but that was still time that he could use writing songs, or at a part-time job making the money that their gigs weren’t getting for them.

Okay, Givuss was doing better than his previous bands had – even if he wasn’t entirely sure whether they were in it for the long term. (Except the vocalist, Shou. He had the talent and the determination you needed to take a band all the way). But still, they were a long way from making a living at it.

And that was one reason why Tora came here every week – a graveyard shift on weeknights, usually - to slip Givuss’ music into his playlist, and play all the bands he was friendly with who were trying to make it just like he was

He was told by the people who listened to him that he sounded great, that he had a perfect voice for radio. He liked hearing that – part of him still entertained a dream of being a seiyuu someday. But that was way overwhelmed by the part of him that wanted to play guitar on stage in front of crowds of screaming people.

Tora leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes – he could rest for a couple of minutes, they were in the middle of a fairly long song right now. It was a decent chair to rest in, too, comfortable and free of squeaky noises.

Heck, the whole studio was decent – a lot better than what most Internet radio stations had. It was made up, he’d been told, of equipment that had once been used in NHK training programs. The eccentric millionaire’s son who ran the place had bought it all and stuck it in an unused office in one of his father’s buildings, with extra soundproofing and a few band posters on the walls. It did kind of make Tora feel like a “real” DJ.

He’d rather feel like a “real” musician, though.

Opening his eyes, he checked the clock. About an hour left on his shift. He’d have just enough time to get in a few people he’d promised airplay to, plus his own band’s songs, plus a few songs from pro bands to make it less obvious that he was, well, playing friends’ songs as a favor to them.

He opened the mike. “And that was White Sky, with Endless Pain. Coming up, we have a classic from Luna Sea . . .”

* * *

Kai stood outside the studio door, heart in his mouth, single in hand.

Fortunately, they knew where Radio Harajuku was at the PSC office. They even told him how to go about getting in the building (as the station was housed, for some reason, within a regular office complex). He’d charmed his way past the security guards with a dimpled smile, wondering how many other bandsmen had done the same thing this week – or even in the past day or so.

He could hear the announcer within talking. Wait until he’s finished, he thought, and then just walk in . . .

Kai swallowed hard. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. Marching into a radio station, even an Internet one, and demanding they play your single took guts. Not to mention balls – and probably a few other body parts Kai couldn’t come up with right now.

The music started again, and Kai paused, hand on the knob. Now or never, he told himself. You’re the leader of this band, they’re depending on you.

He pushed the door open and walked in. The DJ behind the console – yes, he had a professional radio setup, with faders and noise level indicators and the works, looking not unlike a recording studio – looked up in surprise.

“Who are you?” he said. “And what are you doing here?”

Kai swallowed hard. Crap, he thought. He hadn’t really thought through what to say, he’d been too focused on getting into the building. It wasn’t helping his thought process – or lack thereof – that the young man in front of him was, well, pretty damn hot.

“Good evening,” Kai said, bowing politely. “I’m here as a representative of the GazettE.”

The other man looked confused. (Oh, and the more Kai looked at him, the hotter he seemed. Those eyes were an unusual color – more amber than brown. The lips were full, and there was a piercing below them – that and the hairstyle made him look like he belonged in a band himself.)

“The what?” he said. “It sounds familiar, but . . .”

“GazettE,” Kai repeated. “I’m the bandleader. We have a new single here –“ he held it out with both hands, lowering his head respectfully – “and we would ask you to consider playing it.”

* * *

Tora was feeling a bit like he was in a dream. A very weird dream, the kind that starts out as everyday reality, lures you into thinking you’re just experiencing life as normal . . . and then something incredibly bizarre happens, throwing you for a loop.

He’d never had anyone walk in on him before. He’d been told the building was completely secure, especially at this time of night. And here this guy was, saying he was with GazettE (yes, Tora had heard of them – wait a second, wasn’t that the band his former bandmate Uruha had joined?), offering up his new single to the radio station.

It wasn’t helping or hurting the situation – depending on how you looked at it – that the guy was damn hot. Tora’s eyes wandered over the cupid’s bow mouth, the cute, rounded nose, the innocent-looking eyes . . .

He felt frozen to the spot. What was he supposed to do in a situation like this? Just grab the single and put it on? His eyes wandered to the clock again. He’d definitely have no time to shoehorn it in, especially if the band wrote longer songs.

“I don’t think I can do that,” he said, slowly. Damn, but he hated saying no to him, both because he was a fellow musician, and because he was gorgeous.

* * *

Kai should have known this was going to happen. Did he really think he’d get no resistance at all? “Please,” he said. “Your radio station is our best hope for getting our music out there. Regular radio won’t touch us, and there’s so many other visual bands out there . . .”

Try charming him, he thought. It worked for the guard, right? He gave him his widest smile, trying to make sure it brought out as many dimples as possible. “I’m Kai, by the way,” he said, bowing again. “I’m very pleased to meet you. And what are you called?”

“Tora,” the DJ said. Okay, that impressed Kai. Whether it was just an on-air handle or he used it for bands as well, you had to hand it to someone who named himself after a tiger. “Look, I really am sorry, but we usually don’t do this. I can understand where you’re coming from, but . . .”

“It you understand, then, you’ll help us.” Another smile, with a touch of puppy-dog eyes. Was it Kai’s imagination, or was the other man looking at him with interest – as in, isn’t-he-hot interest? He could use that to his advantage . . .

Good Lord, was he really thinking like this – like a character in a cheesy women’s drama, flirting to get his way? Oh, yes, he was.

“Maybe you can leave the CD and the station manager can listen to it?” Tora said. “They might be able to get it on the air tomorrow”

Kai took a step closer. “You sure you can’t squeeze it into your show?” he said, giving Tora what he hoped was a flirtatious glance – and ignoring the voice in the back of his head saying, “Boy, what the HELL are you doing? Begging? Flirting with a DJ? Just how far are you willing to go for your new band?”

“I’m sure,” Tora said – but his voice was getting a bit shaky. Was this a sign he was going to give in? “Really, I’d like to help you, but . . .”

“But?” Kai was leaning over Tora now, holding out the single as if it were some sort of tempting prize he was offering him. He was starting to feel like he was standing outside himself, watching a movie of this Kai-person acting like a character in a porno, marching into a radio station and seducing the DJ . . .

. . . and why was the thought of that exciting him to no end? The idea of lowering himself, humiliating himself, making himself a prostitute for a day, for the sake of his group . . .

That was making him feel even more like this was an out-of-body experience. And even more excited. Which was making him baffled – and then, more excited still.

“I’ve . . . never dealt with this kind of thing before,” Tora said, swallowing hard. “Since I’ve been at the station, I mean.”

“Just think it over.” Oh, Kai, are those your fingers running over the bottom of your shirt, threatening to pull it up and off? Oh, yes, those are. “I could make it worth your while . . .”

The bandleader’s heart was pounding like one of his own drums. He felt like he was high on the whole absurdity of the situation, on the depths he kept sinking and sinking to, on the fact that he was lowering himself in order to raise up his band . . . and the very act of lowering was hotter than hell.

He locked eyes with the other man. Tora was gazing up at him looking simultaneously like a deer caught in the headlights and a man living his most erotic dream. There was a long pause, as they communicated silently, confirming to each other that, yes, this was really happening, and they both wanted it . . .

* * *

Tora was feeling more than a little like a character in a porno, because these kind of things just didn’t happen in real life. Out of nowhere, a gorgeous man walking into his studio, holding out a single, flirting with him . . .

He’d just met this guy! They’d exchanged what, ten words? And yet, the atmosphere between them was purely electric. It was feeding off the situation itself. It was ridiculous and debasing. What was he, some salaryman with a soap lady, instant lust with a total stranger? He didn’t do this kind of thing. He just didn’t.

So why was he programming the console to do an automatic segue, to switch between songs on three CDs without a pause for talking? And making damn sure one of the songs was six minutes long?

He watched as the gorgeous stranger (Kai, his name was, right?) stripped off his shirt, dropping it on the floor before falling to his knees, the sound of Tora’s zipper being undone seeming to roar above the music from the speakers.

* * *

Kai’s first thought as he pushed the man’s briefs down and grasped what he needed to find was that he was facing one hell of a big cock.

Of course, he was amazed that he was still forming coherent thoughts. He’d been just coasting on adrenaline and hormones – both of which only increased as he began running his fingers along the thing.

He bent over, touching his tongue to it. Oh, yes, no wonder this man called himself a tiger. He was all man. This was one magnificent cock, not only big, but also beautifully formed, nicely textured.

Kai began to explore it, licking all over, as much for his own pleasure as for Tora’s. So nice, so hot, and oh, yes, he was a whore right now, wasn’t he, he was licking a stranger’s cock to get his single played, and it was as delicious as it was dirty and humiliating.

He opened his lips and moved down on it, taking in as much as he could, feeling it fill his mouth like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He heard Tora moan “Oh, yes,” felt the other man’s hands on his hair . . .

Kai started to suck, tonguing him as he moved his head, hearing the other man’s sounds get louder, wondering if anyone else could burst in the way he burst in on Tora, and wouldn’t that be awful and horrible and exciting and hot and . .

The very thought of it made him move down harder and faster, taking him in deeper than he thought he could ever take in a cock this big, and he felt Tora raise his hips, start to thrust along with him . . .

* * *

Tora couldn’t remember the last time he was more lost in ecstasy.

To say this guy was good was the understatement of the century. He could work miracles with his lips and tongue, licking and sucking like a pro, brushing against every sensitive bundle of nerve endings there ever was.

He could only surrender to the moment and lose himself entirely, revel in the fact that he was getting the blow job of a lifetime in the on-air chair of a radio station, thrust up into Kai’s gifted mouth, fucking it hard as he sucked him hard, and he wanted nothing more but to have him suck him dry, until there was nothing left at all . . .

There never was a more willing sacrifice.

He leaned back against the console, moaning, not noticing his elbow had hit the microphone button . . .

* * *

Kai was in the zone, sexually. He was sucking and licking and reveling in the musky scent and taste, the glorious hardness. He was glorying in his role as whore, as nothing but a fucktoy, a human pleasure doll for a beautiful stranger.

He could taste the precome, and knew Tora was getting close. He didn’t want it to end, but at the same time, he wanted to hear him cry out and know he was responsible for it, wonderfully dirty little slut that he was.

“I’m . . . I’m gonna . . .” Tora gasped, and Kai pulled back slowly, tonguing all the way, thinking, yes, don’t hold back, let go, give me everything you have to give . . .

He pulled his head away as the cry he’d been waiting for came, so he could feel the come splash onto his face, just completing and fulfilling his role as porn star, plaything, something to be used.

He licked the droplets away, savoring them as he’d never savored the taste of come before, then moving up to kiss Tora, push his tongue in his mouth, feed the taste of his own essence back to him . . .

There was a moment where they just relaxed against each other, just basking in the afterglow – even though Kai was still hard. And then . . .

* * *

“Shit!” Tora shouted, as he realized that the studio was quiet. Too quiet. Meaning the mike was open – which automatically shut off all the sound from the monitors.

Oh, dammit, the sound of him getting a blow job had gone out over the air. Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT . . . and the last CD was ending. He grabbed the first thing he could see and threw it on – which just happened to be Kai’s single.

He closed the mike, and the music filled the studio. Kai had gotten what he wanted – his single was on the air.

“Tora?” Kai said, sitting back on his haunches on the floor, looking confused.

“It went on the air.” Tora stood up, running his hand over his hair, then fastening his pants, then running his hand over his hair again. “Goddamit, it went on the air!”

“You mean . . .” Kai suddenly looked panicked.

Tora nodded. “Yes. People listening all over the world heard me getting a blow job. Dammit!” The erotic dream had turned into a nightmare. Public sex. Open porn. When he said he wanted everyone to hear him, he didn’t mean like that!

“Oh . . . my . . . God . . .” Kai’s cute little face, the face that had just brought Tora to the best ecstasy of his life, looked like that of a cartoon character who’d just seen someone flashing in public. Which, in a way, was kind of what happened.

“The last thing in the world I wanted was . . .” And there was the light of the studio phone going off. Oh, damn. “That,” Tora said.

Oh, he knew what it was, all right. It was the station manager uninviting him from ever participating in Radio Harajuku again. There went Givuss’s one broadcast platform. There went the showcase for his friends in other bands.

And all over a blow job. A damn good one, but a blow job nonetheless.

He suddenly started to laugh. He had to. The whole thing was just so ridiculous, so absurd, so out of some French farce . . .

* * *

Kai just sat there, baffled, as Tora started to laugh, and laugh harder. He blinked. This was a bad thing, wasn’t it? He’d just lost his radio job. Shouldn't he be angry? Shouldn’t he be . . .

Of course, unless you took into consideration that it all happened over a bad porn scenario. Which arose from somebody – namely, himself – barging into the studio to get a single played.

And suddenly, the full absurdity of the situation hit Kai, and he started to laugh, too. Soft and slow, and then louder, harder, until he fell over and was rolling on the floor. Tora joined him, falling out of his chair, the two of them screaming with hilarity like they were watching the most raucously funny comedy ever.

Finally, when they had calmed down enough to form coherent words, Tora took Kai’s hand in his. “Kai, was it?”

Kai nodded – trying not to erupt in a fresh wave of hilarity.

“It was my pleasure to play your single,” Tora said.

The two of them just looked at each other, guffawing – and then burst into full-blown laughter again.

When the next DJ finally arrived for his shift, he found the two of them still rolling on the floor in hysterics. He also found that GazettE’s whole single had played through beginning to end, twice.

* * *

A dark apartment, illuminated only by the moon slicing through a cracked and rather dim window, the only sound being ragged male breathing and moans . . .

Kai and Tora had ended up at Tora’s tiny apartment after leaving the station together. Neither wanted the incident or the evening to end. As soon as the door was shut behind them, they were kissing and pulling at clothing, eager to touch and explore everything they could.

And once they were on the futon, explore they did, Kai’s lips and tongue finding Tora’s nipples, teasing them into peaks in the darkness, then taking one in his mouth and sucking slowly. He heard the other man moan, felt a hand on his ass in reply, caressing it and kneading it . . .

A flip of position, and then Tora was on top, sucking Kai’s nipples and caressing his thighs, making the drummer arch up against him, moaning loudly, not having to worry about the whole world hearing them this time.

Tora’s fingers brushed over hot, eager flesh, encountering hardness, running along it . . .

“You’re so big,” he murmured. “So damn big . . .”

“So are you,” Kai moaned. “I never felt a cock like yours.”

Their lips came together, and their hips shifted, the two hard lengths pressing together, making both men moan and shudder. This was the perfect way for them to please one another, cock on cock, starting to move their hips, to rub them together . . .

“Oooh, yes,” Kai moaned, raising his legs and wrapping them around Tora’s hips, pulling him closer. “Yes, you feel so good . . .”

They thrust, and thrust again, hardness sliding against hardness, faster and harder until they were grinding. They could feel the heat and texture of the other, the contrast in the shapes, the little bit of moisture from drops of precome . . .

They moaned and writhed, clutching at each other, moving faster and harder, reveling in the sheer maleness of it all, the feel of flat chests pressed together as cock caressed cock, driving both of them closer and closer to ecstasy . . .

“Ohh, yes,” Kai moaned. “Tora, I’m almost there, I’m close, so close . . .”

Tora reached between their bodies, pinching a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and it was the trigger Kai needed to arch forward, crying out loudly, coming hard, so damn hard, feeling like he was emptying out his very soul.

He was followed a few thrusts later by Tora, pushing against him and crying out loudly, his come pouring onto Kai’s body, as if it were a mark of possession – and maybe not just for the night.

They paused, looking at each other, panting, and then kissed, softly, then kissed again.

Tora’s burgeoning radio career might have ended tonight. But something else had begun – and it wasn’t just GazettE getting airplay.

* * *

When Tora’s post-Givuss band got signed to PSC almost as soon as they were formed, some people wondered if there was some ulterior motive behind it. Were they really Just That Good, or had someone gotten them the contract? Rumors faded away, however, when the group started releasing music, and people realized that, yes, they really were that good.

Of course, this was one case where the rumors were actually the truth. Tora’s lover – though it might be more fair to say common-law spouse, since they’d been living together very quietly and very happily for awhile now – had gotten them the contract. Nobody said no to the leader of PSC’s fastest-rising band.

As Alice Nine’s fame grew with each release, they did more and more rounds of publicity – but for some reason, Tora always seemed to make a stop at Radio Harajuku, even when his group had outgrown them and was getting airplay on Japan’s over-air radio stations.

“I just feel nostalgic for them, that’s all,” he said, and nobody questioned it.

Some people did, however, question why Kai always seemed to go along with him for these particular visits.


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Sep. 16th, 2012 09:10 am (UTC)
OMG~ Here are all my feels, take it! Take all of it! I can't even describe how much I love this story! Hahaha! I'm not a big fan of this pairing and I haven't really thought of Kai and Tora together until I read this story, but you make them look so good, I can't help it~ XD

As always, the smut was a treat. Thanks for the meal. LOL! And the ending was just cute! :D
Sep. 18th, 2012 03:37 am (UTC)
I actually didn't think of the pairing myself until a friend wrote it, and then it seemed like a natural and very hot thing. I'm so glad you enjoyed the results! And it just had to have a cute ending. I figured something good had to ultimately come of all that public humiliation. XD

Thank you for reading and commenting!
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 18th, 2012 03:38 am (UTC)
Thank you! And i'm hoping this fic made for a good re-initiation into fanfic!
Sep. 17th, 2012 10:16 pm (UTC)

*wordless screaming* *rolls around floor* *screams some more* *flails* *repeats routine for an hour*

I think I died a little.

Good lord woman, that was...UNF! If this is what happens when you put my two biases together then holy shit, you need to write more Kai x Tora 8D This pretty much stroked every one of my itches: two biases, anonymity kink (somewhat), Kai acting like a slut, humiliation, hot oral sex, and oh-lord-yes huge cock on cock action. UNF! How funny is it that when we write Kai x Tora we both end up writing frottage? xD

The way you describe Kai's thoughts...*___* his excitement at being a whore, playing easy and debasing himself so fucking willingly, fuck that was hot. The way it turned him on, the way they sized up each other in the beginning, the both of them admiring each other and silently agreeing to pleasure. Yeah. You killed me there xD That was so very hot from start to finish I think my brain melted a little. And then the fact that you made them a couple *squees* I really have to write some Kai x Tora now...xD

That was delicious, and hot, and fucking perfect as usual my dear. xoxo
Sep. 18th, 2012 03:34 am (UTC)
I figured you were going to like this one. XD

The frottage thing just comes naturally, what can I say? Put them together, the first thing that comes to mind is bringing together the huge cocks. XD Ironically, having them get together after the radio encounter wasn't in my very first concept of the fic. It was originally going to be that Kai was involved with Ruki, and Ruki heard the sex going over the air, and he ended up getting it on with Kai afterward. But it just seemed more right for Kai to follow through with Tora, and for that chance encounter becoming the start of a full-blown relationship.

Getting into Kai's head while this was happening was one of the most fun parts. He can't believe it, but at the same time, he is incredibly turned on by how dirty and degrading it all is. Remember, this is also when he first joined GazetE, so he hasn't had much experience with truly naughty stuff up until this point - making it all the more thrilling.

Ha, now I have to think of who else is with who in the Kai X Tora-verse. I'm thinking there would be a mix of conventional and out-of-the-box pairings - Shou and Hiroto, Ruki and Uruha, Aoi and Reita, Saga and Nao.
Sep. 17th, 2012 10:42 pm (UTC)
I'm usually not a fan of cross overs but I wanted to read some fanfiction and yours just so happened to be posted up. I must say this was surprising and very, very good! This pairing was weird but as I continued to read, I could very easily imagine them together. Thanks for sharing ^_~
Sep. 18th, 2012 03:45 am (UTC)
Thank you! I only do crossovers between these two bands, usually (it seems like a natural!) I'm so glad that the fic could defy your expectations of the pairing (I admit, it's pretty unusual - I wouldn't even have thought of it myself if a friend hadn't written it first)!
Sep. 19th, 2012 08:40 pm (UTC)
You do more crossovers with these two bands?? Now I'm even more intrigued! I tend to stay away from Alice Nine fics because they are dorks and too innocent! lol. The Gazette I'll read anything of them because they are all down right sexy as hell. Looks like I am going to start a hunt for more of these crossovers...
Sep. 20th, 2012 03:10 am (UTC)
Sep. 21st, 2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
Never would have thought of Kai and Tora it was interesting. Really really hot though....this was a really good crossover of the two o-o kudos to you
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