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Title: Be Careful What You Google, You May Find It
Chapter: Sequel to Beautiful, Pancakes and Beautiful Dreamer
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Drama, smut, romance, some humor
Warnings: Male/male sexual activity, shared fantasies
Pairing: Shou X Kai
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Shou and Kai’s party celebrating Kai’s first song in six years looks like it’s going to be a success – until Aoi starts Googling random combinations of words, and gets more than he bargained for.
Comments: Written for the Fucking Machines square of my second Kink Bingo card. The challenge’s Kink Wiki was a huge help with this one – the names of the devices cited here come straight from the wiki. (And, yes, the state fair food products are real, too. Scary.)

Kai and Shou were many things – a happy couple, two bandleaders, successful visual kei musicians. However, what they weren’t, at least usually, were songwriters.

Well, Shou always did his band’s lyrics, of course, and Kai contributed to arrangements, but when it came to tune-writing? They left them to everyone else in their bands save for Nao and Reita. Kai hadn’t written a song since the Stacked Rubbish album, Shou had never done one, period.

So their friends found it very unusual when, sometime in mid-2011, Shou suddenly began to play around with a tune. He said he’d wanted it to be something embodying the light in the darkness, the hope at the end of despair – born of both the Tohoku Earthquake and the loss of his beloved grandmother.

Kai had helped him with the piece – which went on to be called Niji no Yuki and be the lead title for Alice Nine’s Christmas single. And when it was recorded, the couple considered it such a momentous occasion – it was a milestone in Shou’s career, after all – that they threw a party in their apartment. All their friends came, there was a lot of food and drink, and they watched nostalgic and slightly cheesy anime from their childhoods.

The whole process of seeing his lover create, seeing him produce something out of thin air, inspired Kai, and he decided to do his own song as well. He made it a real labor of love, even producing a demo of the song where he played all the instruments, and proudly presented it to a startled Ruki to have lyrics added.

“You did all this yourself?” Ruki said. Kai nodded. The vocalist listened to it, shook his head, listened to it again. “Well, fuck!”

The song was pronounced “pretty fucking good,” named Kago no Sanagi and slated for inclusion in the Division album. And so, the boys decided it was cause for another party.

Kai made a nice selection of foods for the occasion, and Shou tracked down appropriate entertainment – a few video concerts from bands they all loved, including his own all-time favorites, Luna Sea. They invited the usual crowd, and sat back and waited for the good times to happen.

The only problem was that things were a bit different this time. Both bands were facing high-pressure situations – GazettE getting ready for the album, Alice Nine going through the rigors of a label switch while pulling off a tour, a series of “birthday party” events and the usual rounds of Alice Nine Channel torture. Their friends from other bands were pretty much facing the same thing – tours, video concerts, the constant pressure to produce and sell, produce and sell.

And so it was that almost as soon as people started arriving, the bottles started emptying. Shou and Kai had counted on there being a lot of drinking, of course, and they’d stocked up accordingly – except it was beginning to look like they hadn’t stocked up enough.

“Maybe one of us should make a run to the liquor store?” Shou whispered, looking worried, as he saw an empty whiskey bottle join the wine and beer bottles in the trash can.

“We’ll be all right,” Kai said, “I think.” He made a mental note to locate the number of PSC’s usual car service within his phone. He didn’t want any of them to attempt to drive home.

He looked around the room at what was going on. Uruha was perched on the corner of a couch, leaning against Tora, the two of them talking to Reita, all three of them drinking. Well, at least Uruha was a pro at this heavy drinking thing.

Hiroto and K were in one of the corners, sitting on one of the cushions, and they seemed to be looking at the pictures on Ryoga’s phone. Saga and Nao were sitting with a couple of Saga’s Tokyo High Black bandmates, and Ruki wasn’t anywhere to be seen at the moment – probably on the balcony calling someone.

The scene was all pretty harmless, even if the speech was a bit slurred, the laughter a tad too loud.

That is, it was until Aoi decided to start Googling random combinations of words.

It started innocently enough. The guitarist noticed Shou’s computer had been accidentally left open and turned on, sitting on a table at the corner of the room, and he decided to look up where a friend’s live was being held the next day. This led to him looking up a few more things regarding his friends.

Which then, in his whiskey-addled state, led to him starting to Google any two words that popped into his head. “Whiskey Umbrella” yielded pictures of a few promo giveaways. “Guitar Iron” brought on a bunch of charts for Black Sabbath’s song Iron Man. “Manga Toe” resulted in “How To Draw Feet” lessons.

Reita wandered over to his bandmate, fresh drink in hand. “What are you doing?” he said.

“Just Googling stuff,” Aoi replied.

“Stuff?” Reita peeked over his shoulder. Aoi had just Googled “Balloon House” and got, indeed, pictures of houses being lifted aloft.

“Just words,” Aoi said. “Pick two words, any two words.”

Reita thought a moment. “Hamburger donut,” he said.

This brought on pictures of an actual concoction that had been served at the New York State Fair, consisting of a quarter-pound beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese between two grilled, glazed donuts.

The two men winced. “Damn,” Reita said. “Americans will eat anything.”

“I sure as hell wouldn’t eat that,” Aoi said. “What the fuck is next, fried butter?”

Reita leaned over and typed it in. Sure enough, it existed, and had been served at another state fair. Suddenly, all that booze wasn’t sitting so well in the bandmates’ stomachs.

“Christ,” Reita said, “is there anything that isn’t on the Internet? Next thing you know it, we’re going to get a hit on ‘fucking machines.’”

Before the words were fully out of his mouth, Aoi was typing them in. He managed to spell out “fucking” in katakana and used hiragana for the other one. “No way in hell can this bring up . . .”

There was a pause, as the two men stared at the screen, then stared at each other, then stared at the screen again. And then, Reita said, “Holy SHIT” – loudly. Loud enough to draw the attention of everyone else in the room.

Saga, who was closest to the computer, wandered over. “What’s going on?”

Reita just pointed at the screen. “Look at that. Just look at that.”

Saga looked – and saw an image of a chair that had a hole cut in the seat. Protruding from it was a dildo . . . which was attacked to a very elaborate steam-powered mechanism under the chair, obviously designed to thrust the toy in and out of the chair’s occupant.

“What the FUCK . . .” he said.

“Precisely,” Aoi said. “It’s a fucking machine.”

“No way is that real.” Saga leaned over toward the screen. “No WAY.”

“No way is what real?” Ruki sidled up next to the bassist – and saw what they were looking at. “Christ, where the hell did that come from?”

“The wonders of random Googling,” Aoi said. “Oh, look, there’s more links at the bottom on the page.. . .”

“Wait a minute.” Tora came over, Uruha in tow. “What are we missing?”

“You don’t want to know,” Saga said – but he wasn’t budging as Aoi began opening the other links.

“Which means I probably do.” Tora leaned over. “Wait a minute, is that . . .”

“Yes,” Aoi said. “Yes, it is.”

Now, meanwhile, while this was going on, the two hosts were indisposed. Kai was in the kitchen, putting the last touches on the big platter of chicken and yuzu meatballs served on yakitori skewers that were going to be the highlight of the evening’s culinary offerings.

Shou had decided they did, indeed, need that liquor replenishment he’d feared was coming, and he’d rushed to the store on the corner for fresh bottles of whiskey and shochu.

The vocalist arrived back at his apartment, bag in hand, prepared to see everyone scattered around the room like before, planning to ask them to gather around the TV for the first video . . .

Instead, he saw them all gathered around the computer, leaning over, and oohing and aaahing at something.

“Holy shit,” Ruki said. “A sucking machine? Really? A gas-powered SUCKING machine?”

“Hey, they can’t all be fucking machines,” Aoi said. “Got to get some variety in there somewhere!”

“It’s even got nipple clamps attached,” Reita said, leaning closer to the screen.

“Is that for men or women?” said Saga.

“Yes,” Aoi replied. “Oh, look, is this VIDEO?”

Shou just stood there, flabbergasted. The party had suddenly become a non-party. They’d even abandoned their glasses of booze. (At least they wouldn’t have to worry about calling car service for everyone now).

They were just huddled around the computer staring at . . . was it porn? Nipple clamps? Sucking and fucking machines?

He walked into the kitchen, putting his bag of bottles on the counter. Kai was happily humming at he skewered the last meatballs, then wiped his hands.

“Kai,” Shou said, “we’ve got a problem out there.”

“What is it – a fight?” Kai put on a pair of mitts, prepared to pick up the hot serving tray. “It’s kind of quiet out there for that.”

“That’s the problem,” Shou said. “They’re not fighting. They’re not doing anything. They’re just . . .”

A blast of whooping and laughter came from the living room, and a voice saying, “Oh, man – a fucking machine for TWO?”

Kai blinked. “Fucking machine?”

“They’re not partying anymore,” Shou said. “They’re just all looking at, well, fucking machines. Whatever those are.”

Kai pulled off his mitts, opening the kitchen door and walking out, just in time to hear Aoi say, “They call it a Monkey Rocker Tango. Can you believe it? A MONKEY ROCKER TANGO.”

“That beats the Drilldo we had before,” Tora replied.

They were all looking at whatever-it-was. ALL of them. Even the people Kai didn’t think would be interested in that sort of thing, although Nao was kind of at the fringes of the crowd, peeking at it occasionally. Hiroto and K were seated on the ground by Aoi’s feet, craning their necks like late arrivals stuck in the very first row of the movies.

“Wait, wait, here’s some background info,” Aoi said. “Seems they were developed to control hysteria in women.”

“Hysteria?” Ruki said. “You mean, like women at our lives?”

“Like, mental illness,” Aoi said. “Seems that a good orgasm was all you needed to stay sane.”

Ruki snorted. “Fat chance. I live with you, the sex is great, and you’re still insane.”

“You wouldn’t have me any other way,” Aoi said, clicking on the next link. “Oh, look, this one is called a Vulvulator.”

Kai patted his lover’s arm. “Don’t worry,” he said. “They’ll get tired of it pretty soon, and the party will be back on.”

* * *

Two hours later, Kai decided there were worse things that could have happened tonight. A wrecking ball coming through the wall? Yeah, that would have been worse. Oven blowing up? Sudden invasion of the building by huge fire ants? Yes and yes.

Otherwise? The evening was an unqualified disaster.

The guests paid very little attention to the food Kai worked so hard on, and had no interest in watching the concert videos Shou tracked down. They didn’t budge from their positions around the computer, as Aoi brought up page after page of these fucking machines.

They found videos and instructions on building your own, yellowed Victorian pictures and modern 3-D models, machines designed for men and women, to suck and fuck anything suckable and fuckable . . .

And meanwhile, the two hosts stayed on the other end of the room, checking the Internet on phones and iPads and just waiting for it all to end. Shou just felt bad for Kai, because this was supposed to be his night, a celebration of his achievement, and instead, it was . . . this.

Finally, Aoi stretched and yawned, saying, “Man, I’m beat. And I think we used up all the pages.”

“It’s getting late, anyway,” Hiroto observed – still from the floor. Several members of the kohei bands – who didn’t have cars yet and were still dependent on the trains – were nervously clock-watching.

“Guess we’re calling it a night, then?” Saga said. “Might as well.”

“Sure.” Aoi turned to the two hosts, still across the room. “Shou, Kai, thanks for having us over. It was a blast.”

And the hosts could only watch as their company filed out, with the usual thank yous and good nights. So much for their evening.

When the last guest had gone, Shou put his arms around Kai. “Crap,” he said. “What a disaster.”

“I know” The drummer ran his hands over his lover’s hair. “But you did your best. So did I. It’s just . . .” He shrugged. “They found something more interesting.”

“Your meatballs . . .” Shou looked over at the nearly untouched tray.

“Well, I guess I know what we’re having for dinner for the next week or two, don’t I?” Actually, Kai had plans for the leftover food. He could make a sauce, put some of the meatballs in it and serve it mixed in with udon noodles, sort of an Asian version of a classic Italian dish. The others could be frozen. It wasn’t the end of the world.

But that didn’t mean it still wasn’t a pretty damn big disappointment.

“I’d like to know what was so fascinating about what they were looking at,” Shou said, letting go of his lover and starting to make his way around the room, cleaning up the debris left from when the party was still a party. Emptying ashtrays, picking up napkins, putting glasses on a tray to bring into the kitchen . . .

“So would I,” Kai said, taking the tray from Shou and starting to stack its contents in the dishwasher. He headed back into the living room, to help collect more.

He passed the computer, which was displaying Shou’s screensaver – a montage of photos he’d taken with his phone. Little images of his bandmates practicing, Kai in the kitchen and Hiroto’s dog were everywhere.

And then, driven by curiosity, Kai tapped on the keyboard, waking the screen up.

There, in front of him, was one of the things that ruined their evening. His eyes roamed over the large dildo, the mechanism that powered it, the seemingly ordinary chair except for the hole cut in the seat.

Oh, God. He’d never seen anything like it before. Oh, he’d had experience with toys, all right – one couldn’t have a past with Ruki without having encountered them. But this . . . It was something serious. It was a machine with only one purpose, to fuck, and keep fucking. It had no emotions, no muscles that would get tired.

He found himself reaching up and going to the browser history, flipping through page after page. Yes, there was the sucking machine he heard Ruki talking about. Also a few spanking machines. And then, more, and more, and more still of the dildos hooked to pumping, thrusting mechanisms, the toys all sorts of shapes and sizes, but all of the same purpose.

“Kai, do you have any more glasses?” Shou said, coming back into the living room. A pause. “Kai?”

He saw his lover standing, stock-still, eyes fastened on the computer screen. He came up behind him and peered over his shoulder – then drew in a deep breath.

“Wow,” he said. “So that’s it. That’s what was so fascinating.”

“It’s a machine designed for just one thing,” Kai said. “To make people come, and keep coming.” He clicked to another page, and the device revealed was obviously designed for anal sex – instead of a chair, there was a place for the receiver to kneel and a brace for them to put their arms, with straps to hold both arms and legs in place.

“Can you imagine being put in that?” Kai said. “You’re helpless, and you can’t get away, and the thing keeps pounding and pounding at you . . . you can’t tell it to slow down, or stop, and it would just keep doing it and doing it even after you come, and . . .”

And why the hell was the idea of it making him hard as hell?

He felt Shou lean across him to get a closer look, and the nearness of his lover’s body was not helping the situation one bit. “It’s designed to torture someone with pleasure, isn’t it?” Shou said – and was it Kai’s imagination, or was his lover’s voice getting husky and breathy?

“It’s exactly what it is,” Kai said. “To deliver an orgasm, and make the guy hard again, and deliver another orgasm, until he can’t take anymore . . .” He was leaning his hips back against his lover now, starting to rub against him a little. “You’d have no choice but to surrender completely.”

Shou was becoming aware of Kai’s state. Kai could feel a hand moving along the front of his pants, stroking his erection through the cloth, then starting to lower the zipper.

“You’d be a slave to it,” Shou murmured. “Except you couldn’t use a safeword to stop it.”

They were looking at the ultimate sexual danger. Something without emotions to care about what happened to you, without ears to hear your cries for mercy. It was terrifying and repulsive. It was also fascinating and erotic as hell.

No wonder everyone had stared at these all evening, and covered what they were really feeling with laughter and smartass remarks. How many of their friends who were in couples, Kai thought, jumped each other as soon as they got home?

He felt Shou push his pants down to his knees, and then push his own pants down. There was a hand reaching for his cock, starting to stroke it, and the sensation of Shou’s erection, rubbing against the cleft of his bottom . . .

Kai clicked to another page, and found the fucking machine designed for two users that Aoi had mentioned. “Can you imagine being on this with a lover?” he said, his breath getting heavier as Shou’s practiced fingers ran along his shaft, finding the wonderfully sensitive spots, stroking right under the head in a way that always made Kai shiver.

“Mmm,” Shou murmured, starting to thrust against Kai faster. “You’d be feeling it inside you, and looking over at him, and knowing he was feeling the same thing . . .”

“But you’d have no control over it,” Kai murmured, starting to thrust his hips, increasing the friction for them both. He was fucking Shou’s hand hard, wanting a sharp onrush of pleasure, an amount of sensation to match the wild and terrifying images in his head. “You couldn’t control the pleasure for either one of you. He’d be as much at the thing’s mercy as you would be.”

At Kai’s words, Shou sped up more, pushed harder, grinding against his lover now, his face pressed into the other man’s shoulder, breathing in his scent of leather and spice and an ever-present hint of soy sauce.

“You could only . . . just watch it,” Shou gasped, fingers running up and down the other man’s erection, feeling hot, hard flesh start to throb and become slick with precome. “It would be like porn and horror at the same time . . .”

Kai pressed his hips backward, moving them, caressing Shou with the firm flesh of his bottom, then thrust forward, into that hand that teased and stroked, touching his most sensitive spots, then dancing away.

Both of them were in complete control of their own pleasure, and the other person’s, while fantasizing about being completely helpless . . .

“You’d hear him get close,” Kai panted, “you’d know he was almost ready . . .” He moaned as Shou’s thumb brushed over the head of his erection. “Ready to come, and you couldn’t help him get there, you could only look at it happening, and . . . and . . .”

Oh, God, he was close himself, so close, and he pushed back against Shou again, the hot, hard flesh rubbing between his ass cheeks, so near to his entrance and yet so far, bringing both pleasure and the promise of more, such a sharp contrast to the dark images in his head of being invaded by something inhuman and relentless . . .

And that very duality, dark and light, human and inhuman (Division, in Gemini of eternity) was what pushed him over the edge, pushing back, then forward as he cried out, hot come pouring over a very human hand.

He kept thrusting, and grinding, because he was in control, very much in control, and he was going to bring his lover over the edge, make him moan and scream . . .

Sure enough, Shou let out a yell, leaning back as he grasped Kai’s hips, pressing hard against him, the come pouring into the cleft, dripping down over his legs.

Shou sagged forward, forehead against Kai’s back, and the two men stayed like that, leaning against each other, panting. Thoughts of uneaten meatballs and unwatched videos were a long way away.

Finally, Shou eased away from Kai, saying in a shaky voice, “I’ll get something to clean us up.” He went into the kitchen, leaving Kai standing there, hands still braced on the table, eyes still on the screen.

Strangely enough, the thing seemed to have lost some of its magic power over him now that he’d come. It no longer looked like something fascinating and erotic and terrifying. It was just a collection of nuts and bolts with a couple of sex toys attached. Rather silly, really.

It was almost as if a very human moment between two men in love had represented a victory over the machine.

* * *

They were still snuggled in bed the next morning, maybe half an hour before their alarm was supposed to go off, when Kai’s phone rang. Mumbling, he reached for it. Who the hell could it be at this hour?

“Mmsh mmsh,” he murmured, his sleep-fogged brain’s attempt to form the words, “Moshi moshi.”

“Kai?” It was Aoi. Either something – most likely, Koron – had awakened him at the crack of dawn, or he hadn’t slept at all. Either was a possibility. “Look, I want to say I’m sorry for wrecking your party last night. I didn’t think it was gonna get that out of hand.”

“S’okay,” Kai murmured. “Really, it is.” He looked next to him – fortunately, Shou was still asleep. Of course, Shou had been known to literally sleep through earthquakes.

“Really?” Aoi said. “Because me and Ruki were talking, and we’re willing to give a party in honor of your song to make up for it.”

“No, you don’t have to do that,” Kai murmured. “I understand what happened. I really do.”

More than he could let on publicly. His mind filled with an image of those machines, of the way they’d shared a dark fantasy of them . . .

“But there is one thing you can do for us,” he said, laying back on the pillow, the arm not holding the phone draped across his forehead.

“What’s that?” Aoi answered.

“Come over for dinner,” Kai said. “You two like meatballs, don’t you?”


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 10th, 2012 11:32 am (UTC)
Thanks! I have to admit that I found the prompt a bit off-putting as well at first - even though it was in the line of a bingo I want to attempt on the second card. Then, I happened to see how ldybastet handled it - writing a story to the prompt without an actual fucking machine being involved - and that was my inspiration to do this. (Admittedly, this fic is heavily based on the material in Kink Bingo's Wiki).

And there will be more to come with Kai! He's turned into my main person for Kink Bingo. XD
Sep. 9th, 2012 08:44 am (UTC)
You updated again! :D

Oh my god everything you write is so hot...</p>

Maybe Shou and Kai can use a fuck machine together? *winks*

Oh! Can you write a one shot of when Ruki and Aoi got home? ^~^ when they "jumped" each other keheheh
I understand if you don't have time it's okay :3

I can't wait to your next update!

ShouxKai <33333333

Sep. 10th, 2012 11:45 am (UTC)
Ha, I made my next update the next day! Kink Bingo is like that, the ideas for the prompts come before you get a chance to write them all down! Literally, I posted this fic and started writing the other one!

Not ruling out the idea of an Aoi and Ruki sequel, though I will tell you that I have other ideas for them! (They're two-thirds of the threesome in my next fic!)

Thank you so much for reading! And you will be seeing a lot more of ShouKai, since the pairing is so perfect for Kink Bingo!
Sep. 12th, 2012 12:41 am (UTC)
Oh my...this is making me wonder if I'll be the only one actually featuring a fucking machine for this square XD (you will like the pairing I think...)

That's a hard square to tackle. And you nailed it! The two of them fantasizing on the helplessness, the idea of being unable to control your own pleasure was just...guh! I really liked that you made it non-penetrative too, especially when that square and those fantasies are pretty often penetration-kink related. The fact that they made each other orgasm without it added even more to it. And of course there's the contrast between the controlled functionality of a machine, and their very human and spontaneous interaction that occurs from the fantasy. That to me what the most interesting aspect in many ways.

Amazing work! And I'm probably gonna steal your Tora x Uruha pairing from that verse for one of my squares, since I already sorta worked with them in Absolute Territory. That was amazing, well done! xoxo
Sep. 12th, 2012 01:03 pm (UTC)
It's a very, very hard square, and I wouldn't have done it at all if I hadn't seen what ldybastet did with it. Her fic gave me the jumping-off point for mine - the idea of the machine being a shared fantasy. (And I've been at parties/con gatherings where the "Google any two words, see what comes up" thing happens. It can have some scary results. XD)

I'm so glad you picked up on the aspect of the very human interaction between them in sharp contrast of the fantasy of the machine! That was most definitely the main point I was going for there - the "absolutely opposed element" of human/inhuman, mechanical/physical, compassionate/unfeeling, and on top of that, the opposites of fantasy/reality. (Aoi unleashed some pretty heavy stuff with his silly game!)

And it's only right that you use the Tora/Uruha pairing, since I got the idea from you in the first place (Absolute Territory and their interaction in the Saga birthday fic). I'd love to see what you come up with for that - and what you do with this prompt! (A literal machine? Now, that's going to be wild!)
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