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Title: Chocolate Coated Mess
Chapter: Sequel to These Things Happen and R&R (written under my old Dragon Rose pen name)
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, a little humor
Warnings: Male/male sex, threesome, bukake, misuse of chocolate syrup
Pairing: Ruki X Kai X Uruha
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Kai devises a very adult version of Spin the Bottle to play with his two lovers, but Ruki isn’t one to stick to rules.
Comments: Written for the Writing On The Body square of my Kink Bingo card.

Kai closed the apartment door, leaned against it and closed his eyes, taking a deep, slow breath.

It was what they’d all forgotten these last few weeks, wasn’t it? Knowing how to just breathe.

The runup period to the release of a new album was always nuts, but for this one, it was double insanity with a side of hysteria. Part of it was because they were doing the entire thing from scratch, no pre-released singles included. Part of it was because they were doing double of everything they normally did – twice as many magazine covers, two PVs, tours both before and after the release.

The end result was that they were all riding the stress wagon, and Kai could definitely see the results in his private life. He, Ruki and Uruha had more to deal with than people in a more conventional relationship to begin with – living as a threesome took work sometimes. Add that to what they were going through now, and . . .

It was definitely time for some major stress relief before they all snapped. Fortunately, he had a plan.

Kai went into the living room, pulling some cushions off the couch and scattering them on the floor. He set up a few pillar candles around the area, enough to bathe the room in a soft, sensual light. The objects he’d carried in with him were taken out of their bag and placed on the floor, and then he went into the kitchen, seeking the last item he needed.

He lay down on the couch, closing his eyes. He knew Uruha was at a radio interview, and Ruki was taking care of some business at the office. (As the leader, it was his business to know who was where when, of course). He had time for a short nap before they got home.

If all went according to plan, he was going to need the rest, and his strength.

* * *

Uruha was getting off the elevator when he saw Ruki already at their door, fumbling in his pocket for his keys. “You beat me to it,” he said.

“Was your day as long as mine?” Ruki said. “Because I never want another fucking day like that as long as I live.” Meeting over the album art, meeting over the PVs (including a near-fight with a PSC staff member who was concerned about how violent and twisted Derangement was), short magazine interview, another meeting over the album art (including another near-fight with another staff member who was afraid the limited edition was too big for stores to stock) . . .

“You wouldn’t have it any other way,” Uruha said, putting his hand on the door and trying the knob. It was unlocked – Kai beat them both to it.

“Yes, I would,” Ruki said. “I’d like some people with fucking brains in that place.”

Uruha quietly pushed the door open. He knew Ruki got into some scrapes with their management from time to time, but ultimately, he was grateful to them. If it wasn’t for them, the band would have broken up years ago, they’d never get to live their dreams . . .

And, most likely, they wouldn’t have ended up in their unique, odd-but-wonderful relationship with the man in the other room.

As they walked in, the first thing they noticed was the lack of light. The living room was illuminated only by some candles. “Did we have a blackout?” Uruha said.

Ruki shook his head. “How would we have gotten up the elevator if it was a blackout?”

And then, there were footsteps, and someone came out of the hall leading to their bedroom. A very specific someone. He was smiling like the sun, as usual.

He was also naked as the day he was born.

“Huh?” Ruki said. “Kai, what the . . .”

“You two are overdressed,” Kai said in his most teasing voice, walking to the middle of the room.

Uruha and Ruki exchanged looks. “Overdressed?” Uruha said. “For what?”

“For the game we’re going to play, of course,” Kai said. “You can’t do that wearing clothes.”

Okay, Ruki thought, either I’m going to like this or he’s finally gone off the deep end from overwork. “Do we at least get to find out what it’s about?” he said.

Kai still had that sunshine smile on his face. “You will once you’re undressed.”

Well, that answered that. Or, rather, answered nothing. Uruha shrugged. “You heard the man,” he said. “He’s the leader.”

“We’re not in a work situation,” Ruki said, but he went in their bedroom with Uruha to shed his clothes anyway. Whatever their lover had planned for them, after the day he’d had, it had better be good.

When they came back in the room, Kai was sitting on one of the cushions that were scattered about the floor. There was something hidden behind him, but neither Ruki nor Uruha could make out what it was. And in front of him was . . .

A bottle? An empty wine bottle, lying on its side, looking like a pointer.

“We’re going to play spin the bottle?” Ruki said, sitting down on the cushion to Kai’s left. Oh, great. They were going to regress to being teenagers. Well, naked teenagers, but still.

“Exactly,” Kai said. “But it’s a very special kind of spin the bottle.”

“Meaning, you do more than kiss the person the bottle lands on?” Uruha sat on the cushion on Kai’s other side. He had to admit, the idea had merit. It was a bit weird, to be sure, but anything that ended in sex with one or both of them sounded good to him right now.

“Well, yes,” Kai said. “But it’s a bit more complicated.” He took the bottle and gave it a gentle spin. “This is how the game works. Whoever the bottle lands on is ‘it.’ He then chooses one thing to do – it can be kissing someone, touching him anywhere, going down on him, whatever. He chooses whether he’s going to do it himself, or whether he’s going to order one of the others to do it. And then, he announces what he decided – but not with his voice.”

The other two exchanged puzzled looks. “How the fuck are we going to announce it, then?” Ruki said. “Hand signals?”

“No. That’s where the fun part comes in.” Kai reached behind him and drew out a jar and a paintbrush – the type artists used, with a thick bristle. The other two leaned over, and read that the label on the jar said it was a gourmet dark chocolate ice cream topping.

“We write it on each other?” Uruha said.

“Exactly,” said Kai, his smile even wider than usual. “You write it on the body of the person you’ve picked to be, let’s say, the receiver. First, you write either your own name, or the name of the person you want to see do what it is you’ve picked. Then, you write the instructions. And then . . . well, you do it.” He opened the jar. “And once it’s done, the person who was ‘it’ spins the bottle to determine who’s next.”

Ruki frowned. Yes, this supported the overwork theory. That just sounded completely and utterly fucked up. Of course, it sounded pretty damn hot, too . . .

“Wait,” Uruha said. “We write what we want to do, and then . . .”

“I’ll be ‘it’ first,” Kai said, “so I can show you how it’s done.” He dipped the brush in the chocolate sauce, leaned over toward Ruki and began to paint Uruha’s elaborate name kanji on Ruki’s chest.

Ruki jumped a little. “Hey, that tickles!” he said.

“Sorry,” Kai said, still trying to paint. “Just hold still as you can . . .”

Uruha frowned a bit and shook his head. “The stroke order is wrong,” he murmured. It kind of annoyed him a bit when people did that – his name was very carefully chosen, and meant a lot to him. (He, Ruki and Reita had done something of a whole ceremony to rename themselves when they formed their first band together – each had slammed a shot of whiskey and then written out his new name. Ururha remembered feeling annoyed at the time that Ruki had chosen katakana, and Reita a girly-looking hiragana – obviously, they didn’t take the renaming as seriously as he did).

Once Kai was finished with the name, he wrote the words “Kiss Chest” under it, then pulled back. “All right, Uruha,” he said. “You know what to do.”

Uruha leaned over, pressing his lips to Ruki’s chest, a few soft kisses. He looked over at Kai with questioning eyes that said, “Do I keep going?” and got a nod in response.

He kept kissing, moving over his lover’s skin, flicking out his tongue to taste a line of chocolate when he passed it.

“That’s it,” Kai said. “You can lick the chocolate. You can lick all of it off him at the end, if you want.”

Ruki’s initial feeling of “What the fuck?” was starting to give way to something else. There was Uruha, kissing along his chest, his tongue flicking at the lines of chocolate. And there was Kai, watching the whole thing with interest, dark eyes half-lidded, murmuring, “Oh, yes, go in that direction . . .”

The lips were right on his nipple now, and Ruki let out a moan, tangling his fingers in Uruha’s hair. Damn, he was good at this. Hell, Uruha was good at just about anything when it came to sex. And having Kai watching them as well . . .

“Now, lick the chocolate,” Kai said. “You don’t want to do too much right now. We have a whole evening ahead.”

Uruha began to trace his tongue over the name kanji – making sure Kai saw him do the proper stroke order. He was going to have this be educational for the other man, dammit!

Kai wasn’t paying close attention, though. He was too caught up in the lovely sight of Ruki with his eyes closed and head tipped back, clearly lost in desire, one hand on the back of Uruha’s head, and Uruha’s tongue moving over Ruki’s skin, tracing the chocolaty lines, erasing them . . .

Damn. His little game for his lovers was turning out even better than he’d hoped.

Uruha pulled back when he’d licked up the last of Kai’s instructions. There was some chocolate on his face, and Ruki leaned over and cleaned that off with quick flicks of his tongue. Both men laughed, then kissed.

“Are we ready for the next round?” Kai said, hand on the bottle. The other two settled back on the cushions, and he grabbed the bottle, giving it a vigorous spin. The three watched as it began to move, a bit too quickly at first, making Kai wonder if he overdid it and the bottle was going to roll away . . .

Fortunately, the thing slowed, then stopped, and when it did, it was pointing almost exactly at Uruha. It was as if his usual affinity for bottles, and things stored in them, was drawing it to him magnetically.

“I guess it’s my turn to do this, huh?” Uruha picked up the paintbrush, and studied his two lovers for a moment. Then, he moved over to Kai, bringing the implement to the lower part of his stomach.

He painted the familiar katakana, and Ruki said, “Hey! I don’t write my name like that anymore!” He’d switched to romanji the year before. When he chose that name and how to write it, way back when, it was for two reasons – because it sounded cute, and because it meant “rookie.” He was a novice in music back then. Well, now he was definitely no rookie, and he left being cute to Kai. (He was much better at it).

Uruha shrugged. “It’s easier for me to write than the romanji,” he said, adding under it, “Lick below here.” And then, to add emphasis so Ruki couldn’t miss his meaning, he dragged the brush over the head of Kai’s cock – which was hardening nicely after watched the two of them before.

Kai shivered a little when he felt the brush. He’d been trying to follow Uruha’s strokes with his mind, and he had an idea of what he’d requested, and he hoped he was right . . .

Well, Ruki didn’t mind how his name was written once he saw the request. Lick that big thing? Oh, hell, yes. And he’d make sure Uruha would have a good view of the show, too. He bent over, touching his tongue to the bottom, and drawing it slowly up, up, sliding along the shaft . . .

Kai leaned back, closing his eyes. “Oh, yes,” he moaned. “Oh, that feels good . . .” Nobody in the world gave tongue action like Ruki. All that licking things in videos wasn’t just for show – he really was that good.

And Ruki liked it. He was getting into it now, his eyes closed in passion just like Kai’s were as his tongue slipped up and down the hard flesh, then across the head, cleaning off the chocolate, and back down again . . .

Uruha was getting everything he bargained for, and then some. He found himself reaching down, starting to touch himself as he watched Ruki pleasuring Kai, Kai moaning and writhing, both men’s bodies starting to break a sweat . . .

“You like this, don’t you?” Uruha murmured to Kai, approaching him with the paintbrush again. He painted the character for “pleasure” on his lover’s neck, then leaned over to start licking it off.

Kai suddenly let out a moan, reaching up to grab Uruha’s head. Oh, God, there were two tongues on him now, one on his neck, one on his cock. Okay, Uruha was breaking the rules of the game – he wasn’t supposed to be touching Kai when it was supposed to be Ruki’s turn – but Kai wasn’t complaining.

Ruki’s tongue was leaving his cock, and licking away the chocolate letters, and Uruha was still lingering, even though his word had been licked away already, and Kai was swimming in desire . . .

“Uruha,” he gasped, “you . . . you have to . . .”

The three of them broke apart almost reluctantly. Uruha grasped the bottle, gave it a spin, and watched as it turned around and round, wobbling just a little . . .

It came to rest on Ruki. Well, kind of on him. And the smallest band member didn’t hesitate. He grabbed the brush, leaned over and began to paint Kai’s name on Uruha’s torso.

Kai watched, smiling. He didn’t particularly care how Ruki wrote his name – he hadn’t assigned any special significance when he chose it. But the one thing he most remembered was how good he felt when he joined this band, and everyone called him Kai, and only Kai. No lapses into his birth name, unlike his previous group. It had been his first sign that these people lived and breathed music as much as he did, that he’d found the perfect place for him.

Uruha tried to keep track of what Ruki was writing – but he lost the thread of it after a moment. No matter, it would be a surprise. He felt the brush pulled away, felt Kai lean over him – way over him . . .

And he felt the brush of lips, reverently, on his thigh, and Kai’s face brushed against it. Yes, what Ruki had written was “Worship thighs.”

So Kai bent over, kissing and caressing, fingers tracing patterns on his skin, even nibbling a little . . . and his lovely ass was in the air, as tempting to the vocalist as the apple in the Garden of Eden.

Plus, Ruki still had the paintbrush, and he was going to use it. Did the rules say he could only write on one of them during a turn? Well, if they did, fuck the rules.

He began to write his own name on Kai’s ass – in the proper romanji. He’d want Uruha to see it, to get a lesson on how to do it right, but the guitarist was a bit occupied at the moment. Namely, he was moaning in desire, head tipped back, hands sliding along Kai’s shoulders.

So Ruki kept writing. And the words he added were, “Nibble ass.”

Kai suddenly let out a gasp when he felt the sharp teeth on him, the sting of pain/pleasure. He’d felt the movement of the brush, and knew his lover was up to something, but this . . .

When Ruki nipped Kai’s ass again, Kai nipped Uruha’s thigh in return, and all three men moaned. Kai felt the brush again, sliding over his skin, writing something else . . . “Sexy” this time. Then, Ruki’s tongue, tracing the new lettering, licking it off, and another nip.

“Ooohh, yes,” Kai moaned, thrusting his bottom backward, still trying to concentrate on Uruha, on licking and kissing his thighs . . .

And then, Ruki was gone, all of a sudden. What? Kai looked behind him – yes, his lover had left the room. He could hear movement in the bedroom, the opening and closing of a drawer, and then heard footsteps as Ruki came back in . . .

Something was sat down behind Kai. And then, Ruki kept going, into the kitchen . . .

Now Kai was raising his head and looking at Uruha with puzzlement. Uruha shrugged. Kai had a feeling, though, that his formal game was over. Ruki never was one to abide by rules.

The vocalist returned with something in his hand, which he plunked down next to Kai. He picked it up and looked at it . . .

It was the bottle of chocolate syrup they had in the fridge. The regular one, not the gourmet one he’d bought for the occasion. The kind they kept on hand to put over ice cream or in milk.

“There,” Ruki said. “Now, we all can do it.”

He picked up the brush, dipped it in the gourmet chocolate, and wrote, “MINE” across Kai’s ass. He then leaned over so he could do the same to Uruha’s chest.

Uruha retaliated by taking the bottle of syrup, pouring some onto his fingers and writing “MINE, TOO” beneath Ruki’s writing. Kai was beginning to feel a bit like that wall backstage of every livehouse where bands signed their names.

He looked up just in time to see Uruha writing “MINE” across Ruki’s chest. His well-planned game was definitely a shambles now. A shame, really.

But at least what replaced it was looking to be a lot of fun as well.

He grabbed the syrup bottle and sat up enough to pour some on his fingers. He was aware of Ruki writing something else on his back while he was doing so, but he didn’t try to follow it, because his lover was using romanji. The Rosetta Stone couldn’t help decode Ruki’s attempts at English.

He began to write “ALL MINE” on Uruha’s chest, but Uruha was trying to write something else on Ruki at the time, so it ended up in a tangle of limbs and chocolate, and the lettering became a smeared mess. Not that it mattered – Uruha would get the meaning.

Somehow, Kai managed to write the words of possession on Ruki as well, but by this time, all three of them were a laughing mess of chocolate, most of the words barely visible.

“We’ve got to deal with all this,” Uruha gasped between outbreaks of hilarity.

“Speak for yourself,” Ruki said. “I know how I’m dealing with it.”

Kai found himself guided downward, so his head and shoulders were on the floor and his ass was sticking up again. “I think we both need to take care of this,” he heard Ruki say.

Then, there were two tongues moving over his bottom, Ruki to the left, Uruha to the right, and Kai closed his eyes and lost himself in sensation. Oh, this was good, so much heat, so much slick wetness, so much lusciousness that was making him harder than a rock. . .

“Mmm,” he heard Uruha murmur as his tongue swept upward, cleaning the chocolate off Kai’s back, while Ruki stayed where he was. Kai felt the vocalist’s fingers coming into play, stroking along the cleft, a muted question . . .

“Yes,” Kai murmured. “Get me ready.”

He heard the squish of the tube Ruki had brought from the bedroom before, and felt a finger slide into his ass, which he moved back against. Oh, he was ready to take on both of them from both ends. After this? More than ready.

Uruha knelt in front of him, and Kai felt his chin being tilted upward. He opened his lips for a kiss, only to find a chocolate-covered finger on his cheek. Uruha was writing the kanji for “kiss” on him.

The guitarist leaned over to lick off his handiwork just as Ruki slipped a second finger into him. “Oh, God,” Kai murmured. “I love you both so much . . .”

Then, Uruha was kissing his lips for real, and Kai plunged his tongue into the other man’s mouth to taste the chocolate. He shivered as he felt Ruki’s fingers brush a sensitive spot inside him. He’d somehow gone from a state of total control – when he was running the game – to total surrender.

At the moment, he didn’t mind it one bit.

When the third finger slid into him, he felt Uruha pull away, and he opened his eyes. His lover had the bottle of syrup again, and was writing something on his own erection. Kai smiled when he saw what it was – the character for SUCK.

He felt hands grasping his hips, and one erection pressing against his bottom, the other against his lips, both demanding entrance. Suddenly, he felt sorry for people who only had one lover. They’d never know the absolute delight of this particular pleasure, of being totally filled and claimed.

Kai opened his lips and started to slide down on Uruha just as Ruki pushed into him. Delicious. Completely delicious. He could taste the chocolate as his mouth was invaded bit by bit, and he found himself smiling inwardly.

He may have lost control of the game, but the very fact they were writing on each other with chocolate was still his idea. He’d introduced a new kink to their lineup.

There was a pause as Ruki finished pushing in, clutching Kai’s hips tighter, all of them breathing heavily. And then, Ruki started to thrust, and Kai began sucking and moving his head to the same rhythm.

“Oooh, yes,” Uruha moaned, a chocolate-covered hand sweeping through Kai’s hair, brushing it away from his face. He’d need to wash it later. No matter. They’d all need a shower.

Kai closed his eyes and just concentrated on sensation, on the feeling of hardness sliding through his mouth and through his ass, controlling one man’s pleasure, having another man be in control of his. He could hear Ruki moaning and murmuring that he felt so fucking good, hear Uruha groaning his name, feel both men’s hands roaming his body, touching him everywhere . . .

There was a faint scent of chocolate mixed in with the usual tang of sex and sweat, and it made Kai groan a little in his throat, sending vibrations through Uruha’s cock, making the guitarist let out a sharp, short cry. The sound drove Ruki to thrust into Kai harder, faster, which in turn, made Kai pick up speed with his sucking . . .

In a way, it was the same thing they did on stage, playing off each other, picking up on each other’s cues. Being in the same band together helped them as lovers, just as their all being lovers had a positive effect on the band.

Kai could feel himself getting close, the pleasure starting to build in him rapidly, so he thrust his hips back against Ruki and sucked harder, faster, his head bobbing. Ruki began to speed up as well, each hard, sharp thrust stroking and hitting pleasure areas within the drummer. Ruki’s fingers were running along his cock, spurring Kai to bring his tongue into play, running it along Uruha’s hardness on the outstroke.

It didn’t take much of that before Uruha was gasping, and grabbing Kai’s hair, and saying, “Baby, I’m gonna . . . I’m gonna . . .” Kai pulled his head back, and he felt Uruha’s come splash onto his face, white replacing the chocolate color that was there before.

When Ruki saw and heard Uruha’s ecstasy, he thrust into Kai hard, directly hitting his prostate, and Kai arched back, crying out loudly as he was overwhelmed with hot, throbbing sensation. He felt more hard thrusts inside him as the orgasm went on, and then heard Ruki give a loud yell. He pulled out, and Kai felt the wetness splash on him.

The three collapsed to the floor, panting hard. None of them noticed that the bottle that was supposed to be the focus of their game had long since rolled away against the couch.

“Mmm,” Uruha murmured as he kissed Ruki, then Kai, then snuggled against the drummer. “I love it when you get ideas.”

Kai didn’t have the heart to tell him that the final version of the evening wasn’t his idea – was pretty far off from his original idea, in fact. But he wasn’t complaining. He wrapped his arms around both his lovers, pulled them closer, and said, “Should I get more paintbrushes?”

His only answer from Ruki was an unintelligible mumble. He was falling asleep right away, as he often did after an intense orgasm. Uruha leaned over and stroked his hair, tenderly. “We’ll ask him later,” he said.

Kai closed his eyes and just relaxed. When they had a bit more energy, there would definitely need to be a shower. After that, if they were up for another round . . .

Uruha caught his hand in his. “We’re going to have to do this again,” he said. “Just the two of us.”

Kai turned his face to his lover, looking puzzled. “Why? Why leave Ruki out?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Uruha said. “We’ll bring him in – after you’ve had a very special private lesson.”

Now, that sounded intriguing. “What kind?”

Uruha leaned closer, and whispered, “A lesson in the proper way to write my name kanji.”


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Sep. 1st, 2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
You updated another one shot of them! I'm so happy ^^

This was so hot *q*</p>

I can't find words......really!

Aww they will leave Ruki out for a while next time? *pats Ruki* KaixRuki <3

Is it gonna be some angst sometime? :3

I can't wait to read more if you're up for it!! ^^

Sep. 5th, 2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, they're just having private time long enough for Uruha to teach Kai the right way to write his name kanji! The threesome isn't about to leave Ruki out for long. (Mainly because he's not about to let them!)

Of course, if Ruki messes up Uruha's name kanji, Uruha might have to give him a private lesson, too . . .

Thank you so much for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed!
Sep. 2nd, 2012 03:48 am (UTC)
LOL “A lesson in the proper way to write my name kanji.”
A FOLLOW UP TO THIS PRETTY PLEASE *A * - Ruki will be voyuering yess~? Like a movie director hurhurhur XD?

- throws chocolate and vanilla muffins at - SO GOOD. It went from ooohhhhh chocowriting to...ohhhhhh THREESOME SMuttY YUMMY GOODNESS.

(I bet the choco syrup bottle stained the bottom of Kai's couch and there were two spa.....anyway xD)

IT WAS GOOD~! I DEMAND MORE. - drowns you in rainbow sprinkles and oreo crumbs-

Edited at 2012-09-02 03:49 am (UTC)
Sep. 5th, 2012 10:11 pm (UTC)
*catches and eats the muffins* Oh, there's going to be more of the threesome to come. I got my second Kink Bingo cards, and there's a couple of the squares that are definitely right for the three of them! (And, yes, all three getting involved. Uruha just said what he did because he wanted to give Kai a very private lesson in the proper way to write his name kanji).

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
Sep. 3rd, 2012 08:16 pm (UTC)
That sounds like the most awesome spin the bottle game ever! LOL.

I would not mind seeing how Uruha 'teaches' Kai how to spell his name correctly.

Thanks for the sexy read!
Sep. 5th, 2012 11:49 pm (UTC)
It most definitely is more adult than the Spin the Bottle games that people usually play! Thank you for reading - and we're definitely going to be seeing more of the threesome. (There's squares pointing to them on both Kink Bingo cards!) And that very well might include a sequel to this!

Thanks for reading!
Sep. 5th, 2012 12:44 pm (UTC)
I hope we'll get to read about Uruha teaching Kai how to spell his name as well, because I really enjoyed this! :)
Sep. 5th, 2012 11:51 pm (UTC)
LOL, well, there might be a sequel to this! There's definitely going to be more of the threesome in the future, in any means! Thank you for reading!
Sep. 12th, 2012 12:26 am (UTC)
*head-desks* That one just slipped by me goddamnit XD I don't know how that happened, I always scour my fList with great care but that one just went through the sieve...

Holy fucking hell, what's not to like about this one? Threesome, kinky games, double penetration, food porn...Seriously. Fucking hot and amazing and somewhat playful and lighthearted. Not that you're an angst queen or anything, but this definitely felt light and playful yet emotionally charged and fulfilling. Really a fun contrast, and a great take on the square of course. Well done, unsurprisingly XD xoxo
Sep. 12th, 2012 01:09 pm (UTC)
It's okay! I posted this one when you were off on your wonderful marathon of debauchery, so I perfectly understand why you didn't catch it! (You had very good reason not to!)

I wanted this to be just a purely fun thing - a light and playful moment between lovers. (This was the one that was originally supposed to be just UruKai, but Ruki!Muse decided he wanted in as well. And then, he decided he was going to buck the rules of the game). It was a fun and easy prompt to work with, too. (And this is the fic that got me my Bingo!)

I'm glad you enjoyed it when you did catch up to it!
Sep. 15th, 2012 02:35 pm (UTC)

I hate youuuu. You write so amazingly. But seriously, no, I adore you. <3 <3 You NEED to play Kink Bingo more often! It seems like it inspires you to write the sexiest, off the wall stuff I've ever read. Also, I love this threesome so much and I never see them. D:

I'm gonna go put you down on my list of people to idolize, be right back. LOL.

Edited at 2012-09-15 02:36 pm (UTC)
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