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So I went to see the Shakespeare in the Park production of Into the Woods this past weekend. (The Shakespeare in the Park organization frequently presents a musical as their second show of the summer, rather than doing a second Shakespeare play.) It was beyond excellent - I would recommend it a hundred and ten percent to anyone who likes musicals. The show weaves together several fairy tales - Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Rapunzel - with a couple of original characters added in. (Yes, it's a big fanfic. It's also kind of the Evangelion of musicals without the mindfuck - light and breezy in the beginning, dark as hell toward the end).

The show ended up leaving me wanting to write fairy tale-based pr0n like whoa, and then, yesterday, I got an idea that refused to go away unless I wrote it down. And so, I wrote two fics in one weekend. And, hey, both of them fit Kink Bingo squares - although not ones in like with the bingo I was working on. Well, I have two more partially filled bingo lines now!

Blame the discussion on gazepic_a_day about Ruki usually not revealing skin for him ending up in the male Sailor Senshi outfit XD (I envisioned it as being a cross between the canon fukus and your typical Uruha stage costume).

Totally unrelated, I came across this, and I'm not sure what to think. Now, I'm not going to comment on the right or wrong of writing fanfiction about Olympic athletes (I believe there's no "right" and "wrong" in fanfiction subject choice - obviously, since I write J-rock RPS - as long as writers don't shove fanfic in the faces of its subjects and lock their porn if there's potential for a lawsuit). I am, however, going to comment on the annoying way that writers for mainstream publications always write about fanfic. They will zero in on the most stereotypical stories from a particular fandom/genre - usually OVER-THE-TOP-MELODRAMA OMG!11!!!1!! - and then quote out-of-context clips that make the fics sound even MORE melodramatic than they are. So, of course, these articles make it sound like everything out there is badfic, and that there's no talented authors out there producing a nice variety of stories.

Guaranteed, if one of these writers were to do a "This is J-rock fic" piece, they'd be pulling clips from stuff like that mass mpreg fic (Hiroto pregnant by Shou, Saga pregnant by Tora, Ruki pregnant by Reita, etc.) rather than talking about talented writers like just about everyone who posts to uruai and kai_pleasure. It just gives people outside the fanfic world entirely the wrong idea - especially since we have Fifty Shades of Crap representing us in the world at large as of late.


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Aug. 13th, 2012 12:15 pm (UTC)
The Evangelion of musicals? Ok, with that and the fairytale mash-up, I might need to see this show. XD

Totally in agreement over how fanfic (and it's writers) is portrayed in the media. Honestly, I kind of wish they'd just leave us alone - I've lost track of the number of times I've gotten into conversations where the phrase "But I don't understand why someone would want to write about someone else's characters!" has come up, and all thanks to Fifty Shades. *sigh* My hobby doesn't hurt anyone, why should I have to defend myself?

As for those who try and shove in their subjects faces... Yeah. So not the done thing! O_o
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