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Title: Making Glove
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pure PWP.
Warnings: Male/male sex, leather fetish, glove fetish, spanking, mild D/s, language
Pairing: Ruki X Kai
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Ruki and Kai have had a thing for each other for awhile. Thanks to a scheme from Aoi on the set of Invisible Wall, now they have each other. And they also have Ruki’s wonderful, sexy, kinky gloves . . .
Comments: Written for the Leather/Latex/Rubber square on my Kink Bingo card, and because I’ve always had a thing for those damn Invisible Wall gloves. Seriously, they’re like the sixth member of the band in that PV, and Ruki uses them as flat-out porn props.

Kai sat in the middle of the set, on his drumstool, calmly awaiting the director’s cues. They’d been working on this PV all day, they had to be getting near the end of filming by now. At least this was a fairly easy one – they were just performing the song against stylized backdrops, being filmed both full-face and in silhouette from behind a shoji screen. (Some directors had rather interesting whims with them in the past – like turning them into zombies).

His eyes weren’t on the director, though. They were where they were all too often – wandering across the room to the band’s vocalist.

Kai had quietly carried a torch for Ruki almost as long as he’d been in the band. Ruki, however, hadn’t noticed – and Kai wasn’t sure if he could approach him about it. He was bandleader, after all. If he went over and told one of his subordinates, “I think you’re hot, and I want to sleep with you like burning,” wouldn’t that be considered an abuse of his authority?

Not that it was just sex he wanted from Ruki. The man was sweet and loving as hell - his tough-guy exterior hid a beautiful heart. Kai thought about the two of them eating dinner together in the evenings and curling up on the couch to watch TV as often as he thought about them having sex.

Today, though, sex was most definitely on his mind. Ruki looked goddamn beautiful. Of course, he always looked goddamn beautiful, but the outfit the stylists had tricked him out in today . . . the sharp suit, the jaunty fedora, the cute little bunny necklace offering a contrast to all the usual cross-heavy visual kei bling . . .

And the gloves. Dear Lord, the gloves. Kai couldn’t take his eyes off the things. To say they were leather gloves was to say a Cadillac was a car. They were sculpted of material that looked as soft as butter, and yet shone like hard metal. They molded his hands like a second skin. They looked like they could both caress and slap you, made their wearer look powerful and sexy and in command.

What he wouldn’t give to feel those gloves all over his naked body, running over every sensitive bit of skin, making him let out moans and gasps . . .

Dear Lord, right now he wanted those gloves as much as the man.

* * *

He was so preoccupied with Ruki that he didn’t notice his three other bandmates huddled in the corner, whispering.

“There he goes again,” Aoi said. “Staring at Ruki with his mouth open.”

“Maybe he should try being a little more obvious,” Reita replied.

“He couldn’t be more obvious unless he went over and licked him,” Aoi said. “Which I kind of wish he’d do. Put on a show for all of us.”

“Ruki’s waiting for him to make a move,” Uruha said, quietly.

That brought two heads swiveling over from Kai to Uruha so fast that they nearly snapped off (and it was a good thing they didn’t, given how bad Uruha was at catching. They would have ended up with two heads smashing into the wall of their set, which wouldn’t be a good thing. They’d be recycling this for an Alice Nine video down the line, no doubt).

“What do you mean?” Aoi said. “Do you know something we don’t?”

Uruha shrugged. “It’s really nothing.”

“It isn’t nothing if you’re saying things like that,” Aoi said. “Out with it.”

Uruha sighed. “Okay. A couple of weeks ago, Ruki decided to have a drink with me. We were recording, he was getting stressed out. And you know his alcohol tolerance . . .”

Which was, of course, zero. One drink had the man blitzed.

“So, anyway, he was slumped over with his head on the counter. And I decided that if he was in that state, I was going to try to find out how he felt about us. So I asked.” He looked at the other two. “He didn’t say much about you guys. Just that he wishes you’d stop turning your phone off all the time, Aoi.”

“Hey!” Aoi said. “A man needs his privacy!” Okay, so he had a habit of turning his phone off when he was working on songs, or getting laid . . . and then forgetting to turn it back on for an hour. Or two. Or eight.

“But Kai . . . he said he really liked him. He thinks he’s sexy and cute and sweet. But he doesn’t want to approach him about it, since he’s . . .”

“Since he’s Leader-san?” Reita said. He chortled. “So they’re just going to dance around each other for the rest of their lives?”

“Not if I can help it.” Aoi left the group and headed toward the drumstool. This was going to be fairly easy – and fun.

* * *

Kai was startled out of his reverie by a hand landing on his back. “Hi,” Aoi said. “How come you’re just sitting there?”

“Waiting for filming to start again,” Kai said, pulling on the leather fingerless gloves he was wearing – nowhere near as spectacular as Ruki’s handwear, of course. “Aren’t you?”

“There’s other things we could be doing while we wait, of course.” The hand on his back was moving, rubbing in small circles. A subtle message, but one that could be picked up on easily.

“What do you mean?” Kai said, suddenly looking a bit nervous. What was Aoi doing? Of course, his bandmate had hit on him before – had been successful in getting him into bed several times, in fact. Aoi was a good friend and a wonderful casual lover.

He just didn’t usually hit on him on very public PV sets, with tons of people around.

“I mean there’s a back room over there,” Aoi said. “We could go in there, lock the door, have a few minutes . . .” He leaned over and whispered in his bandmate’s ear, “I have lube.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Aoi looked at what was going on at the other side of the room. Ruki was looking over, paying attention. Good.

Kai swallowed hard. “Aoi . . . maybe we should wait until after the shoot . . .”

“Why wait?” Aoi murmured, leaning over to kiss Kai’s neck. He felt the other man relax a bit, lean back against him . . .

Good. It was working. If his calculations were correct, Kai would have what he wanted in a few short moments.

* * *

Ruki had been quietly awaiting the director’s signal to resume filming. He watched the others gathered at the opposite end of the set, whispering to each other. Planning their post-filming drinking bout, no doubt.

No thanks, he wanted no part of that. Bad enough he had a drink with Uruha the other night, he’d be feeling the effects of that for several days.

His gaze shifted to the man sitting quietly on the drumstool. Now, that he wanted a part of. More than a part. And he had to stop being chickenshit and just say something. Who cared if he was the leader, right? Not that traditional Japanese protocol was exactly something Ruki stuck to.

Funny that he just casually took any number of men and women to bed, thinking nothing of it, and he couldn’t hit on this guy. Probably because he knew he wanted Kai for a hell of a lot more than a casual fuck. If they ended up in bed together . . .

And what was this? Aoi approaching Kai, leaning over, putting a hand on his shoulder, talking to him . . . no, wait, he was rubbing his shoulder, and whispering in his ear, and . . .

That shit. He was kissing his neck. Ruki knew Aoi was a horndog that moved in on everything – hell, he had moved in on Ruki himself more than once, with success. Why the hell was he hitting on Kai? Why here, why now?

And why was Kai responding? Leaning back, closing his eyes, seeming to get into it, to enjoy it . . .

Oh, no. This wasn’t happening. And before Ruki knew it, he was heading across the room like a streak of lightning, one goal and one goal only in his sights.

“Aoi, I need to talk to Kai for a moment.”

Aoi looked up at him from his position buried in Kai’s neck – and was that the hint of a smirk on his face? “Can’t it wait?”

“No, it can’t,” Ruki said.

“All right, all right.” Aoi threw up his hands. “I’m going.” He leaned over and gave Kai a peck on the cheek. “Later, babe?”

“Let him talk to me first,” Ruki said. Well, holy fuck, where did this come from? Just a minute ago, he was lamenting not being able to hit on this guy, and now . . .

Now, Aoi was in retreat, back to his bandmates. And now, Ruki had an opportunity to seize. Kai was looking at him, saying, “Ruki?”

Ruki reached out and grabbed Kai’s hand. He heard the squeak of the leather of his gloves against the fingerless ones Kai was wearing.

“Come home with me,” he said. “After we’re done with filming. Please. I’ve . . .” He took a deep breath. “I’ve wanted to ask you that for a long time. We can have dinner first, talk first, whatever you want.”

Okay, that was it. He’d laid it out there. (Was it his imagination, or did he see Aoi and Reita high-fiving over there? Aoi probably thought he was scoring with Kai. All the more reason for it not to happen.)

* * *

Kai couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing. First, Aoi was hitting on him, and he was thinking of taking him up on it, just to get Ruki off his mind for awhile . . .

And then, Ruki swooped in like a small but powerful bird of prey, and all but drove Aoi off with a stick. And now . . . oh, my God, he really said it, didn’t he? He was really asking Kai to come home with him. This wasn’t a dream, or a fantasy, it was real. As real as the leather-clad hand grasping his.

“Yes,” he said, his head still spinning. “Yes, I will.” He ran his thumb over the leather of Ruki’s glove. Oh, it felt as good as he thought it would – so soft, and smooth, and yet dangerous. Before he knew it, he was saying, “Wear these?”

Ruki squeezed his hand. “Oh, hell, yes,” he said. Apparently, he liked the idea of pleasuring Kai with them. Good.

The director was calling them back to filming from somewhere millions of miles away, another reality. Fine, so they’d do what they had to. And then . . .

Kai smiled to himself. He was very much liking the “and then.”

* * *

Kai stretched, yawning, holding his arms over his head. He was lying naked on Ruki’s bed. Oh, it was great to be alive right now.

The first round had been fast, sharp and urgent, the two of them purging themselves of everything they’d held back all this time, kissing hard as soon as they got in the door, yanking clothes off and scattering them everywhere.

Then, Kai was bent over, Ruki’s fingers in his ass, because in the heat of the moment, it made more sense for him to top – the prep time was shorter. (Given the size of Kai’s endowment, it took a long time to get his lovers ready for him.) And then, the two of them grinding and pumping and panting, pushing toward orgasm as fast as possible, releasing everything in a fast, hard rush . . .

After that, they slept. They needed to, between the filming and the urgent fuck. Now, Kai was waking up, and Ruki was in the bathroom.

When he got back, it would be round two. More slow, more leisurely, since they’d gotten it out of their systems.

Now, they could play.

Ruki returned to the bed, saw his new lover was awake, and leaned over for a kiss. “Bathroom’s all yours,” he said.

“Thanks.” Kai slid out of the sheets, looking at the clock. It wouldn’t be dawn for several hours yet. Good. He wanted this night to last, and last.

When he got back to bed, Ruki was sitting on the edge – and he was pulling on one of the gloves from the PV. The sight was sexy as hell, the way his fingers slid into their individual sheathes, like five acts of penetration happening at once . . .

He gave Kai a sexy smile, the kind he usually threw out at an audience before licking the mike, or Uruha’s guitar, or whatever was handy.

“You said you liked these,” he said, pulling the other glove on, presenting a mesmerizing sight Kai couldn’t take his eyes off of.

“Yes,” Kai said, breathlessly.

“Do you want them? Do you want to feel them on your body? On your cock?”

Kai let out a little moan at that. “Oh, God, Ruki . . .”

Ruki held out his hand. “Come on,” he said. “Kiss them.”

And just like that, the leader was willing to let himself be commanded. Kai crossed the room to the bed, kneeling beside it, and leaned over, touching his lips to Ruki’s leather-clad fingers. The other man turned his hand, caressing his cheek, and Kai turned his head, rubbing his face against the leather.

“Tell me what you want,” Ruki said. “Don’t hold anything back.”

“I want your hands . . . your gloves . . . all over me. I want to feel them everywhere. I want them on my nipples, and my cock, and my ass. I want you to make me come with them. I want you to wrap that leather all around my cock and I want to fuck it . . .”

A leather-clad finger was pushed into his mouth. Kai sucked on it, eagerly.

“Enough,” Ruki said. “Lie on your back.”

Kai climbed on the bed and did as he was told, breathing heavily. He was hard already, from watching Ruki put the gloves on and the dirty talk.

Ruki knelt alongside him, and Kai watched his lover’s eyes travel over his body, slowly. There was a dim light on next to the bed, allowing just enough illumination for Ruki to behold the taut skin over rippling muscles.

Then, he put his hands on either side of Kai’s neck and began to stroke downward, over his shoulders to his arms.

Kai closed his eyes, feeling the leather pass over him, brushing his skin, that texture glassy-smooth and tough at the same time. The fingers caressed his hands, interlacing with his own fingers as Ruki leaned in for a kiss, and Kai gave it to him, slow and hot, their tongues rubbing together.

Those hands were on his sides now, traveling downward, as Ruki’s mouth continued to caress his. Kai pushed his hips forward, involuntarily, trying to rub his hardness against Ruki’s body, but Ruki pulled back, shaking his head. He didn’t want Kai rushing things.

Kai felt the leather sliding down his legs . . . the outer part of his thighs, of course, Ruki was avoiding touching anywhere particularly sensitive for now. “How does it feel?” he said, as his fingers tickled and caressed the back of Kai’s knees.

“Wonderful,” Kai gasped. “Soft . . . but not soft . . . smooth, but not smooth . . .”

“Is it what you wanted?” Ruki squeezed the other man’s calves as he made his way down them. “What you were hoping for?”

“More,” Kai said. “Even more.”

“Does leather turn you on, Kai?” Ruki said, his hands on the other man’s feet now, running over the tops, working around to the soles.

“Yes!” Kai gasped. “Especially when you wear it . . .”

“I’ll need more of these gloves, then,” Ruki murmured, sliding his hands up his lover’s legs again, up his torso. “And pants . . . would you like it if I fucked you wearing leather pants? Undo them just enough to let my cock out . . .”

“Oh, oh, Ruki . . .” Kai moaned. How did he know? How did he know every goddamn fantasy Kai had about him all those lonely nights, when he thought about him while pleasuring himself?

And then, the leather was on his nipples, sliding around the sensitive flesh, and Kai couldn’t think anymore. He could only arch up into the touch, crying out in pleasure.

“This feels good?” The fingers sliding in circles over the hard buds, the brush of the leather warming his skin. “Do you want more?” A gentle pinch between thumb and forefinger, Kai feeling the tiny bit of flesh completely trapped in a luscious way.

“Oh, yes!” he cried, arching up toward his lover. His cock was so hard now that it was almost painful. Ruki was going to drive him insane.

Ruki’s hands slipped down Kai’s torso. “So gorgeous,” he murmured. “You have a beautiful fucking body, you know that?”

It’s yours, Kai thought. All yours, completely, forever and ever . . . Somewhere in the back of his head, he knew he had surrendered completely to this man in this sex act, let go of his leadership entirely. It was wonderfully liberating, a temporary respite from being the one in charge.

“Turn over,” Ruki commanded.

Kai flipped on his stomach, pulling up his knees, putting his lovely ass on display. He heard Ruki murmur “Beautiful” – and then felt a sharp slap that made him suck in his breath. A gentle caress of the leather on the spot that had just been smacked, and then another spank, on the other cheek.

“Ahhh!” Kai cried, and then cried out again as another spank landed, the leather making the sting of pain just that much more intense – and delicious.

“Are you a naughty boy, Kai?” Ruki said. Another spank, harder than before. He was going to have one hell of a red ass tomorrow. He didn’t care.

“Yes!” Kai gasped, pushing his ass back, inviting Ruki to spank him more – one hand, then the other, left cheek, then right, the explosions of pain quickly morphing into hot, wild, intense pleasure . . . He was clutching the sheets under him with both hands, his face buried in the pillow, partly muffling his cries.

“Because if you are,” Ruki said – another smack – “I know what you really want.”

Now, that was intriguing. “Then give it to me,” Kai gasped.

The spanking stopped (much to Kai’s disappointment), and then there was the sound of . . . the squish of the lube that had been left on the nightstand after their first round? Was he going to . . .

Kai got his answer when he felt a very heavily lubed, leather-covered finger pushing into his entrance. “Oh, GOD!” he cried.

“Yes,” Ruki said. “You want this, don’t you? Go ahead, fuck yourself on the leather.”

Kai pushed his hips back – the finger couldn’t go in all that far, but what he could feel, oh, YES . . . He thrust slowly, feeling the material move through him, the leather becoming part of him, filling him . . .

“Good,” he moaned. “So, so good . . .”

“Take all you want,” Ruki said, “as long as you want. And after it fucks you, you’re going to fuck it.”

That meant the hand on his cock. Yes, yes, yes. Kai pushed back against the invading finger, moaning, thinking he’d never felt anything like this before, but he wanted to feel it again and again . . .

Eventually, he eased off the finger and flipped back over, hips raised and legs spread, saying without words, do it. Put that leather on my cock. Touch it, stroke it, make me scream.

Ruki wiped off his finger, then brought his other hand to Kai’s erection, fingers just caressing the tip. “Slick,” he murmured. “Precome, isn’t it? This is really making you hot. You are a naughty boy, loving leather this much.”

Kai closed his eyes, losing himself in sensation as Ruki’s fingers moved over the head, sliding, spreading the precome, the friction of the leather so hot, so strong, so intense . . . and then, sliding down his shaft, rubbing as he went, the fingers seeming to slide everywhere . . .

He let out a long, low, primal sound as Ruki stroked his balls, waves of sensation filling him, making him arch nearly off the bed. He had to be a sight now, covered in sweat, mussed, and, if someone viewed him from the rear, with a spank-reddened ass . . .

“Are you ready, Kai?” A leather-covered finger was at the very tip of his cock, rubbing over the slit, making him shudder. “Are you ready to feel the leather all over you and fuck my hand?”

“Yes,” Kai moaned. “Please, I need it . . .”

Ruki got the lube, and handed it to Kai, and Kai quickly slicked his own cock. And then, he leaned back, closing his eyes . . .

The fingers wrapped around him, encasing him in leather, and it was delicious, so delicious, so insane and wonderful . . .

He felt the hand move, stroke, brush, the friction of the smooth and rough at the same time, and it was good, so damn good, so beyond any fantasy he’d ever known . . . Heat was racing from his cock and pooling in his belly and making his heart pound, his breath come in gasps and pants . . .

And then, the hand was moving faster, and there was no reason, no thought, only sensation, only leather on flesh and motion and friction. Kai raised his hips, thrusting, fucking his hand, murmuring that it was so good, so amazing, so incredible, he needed it to go on and on, wanted to feel this for the rest of his life . . .

Ruki brushed his thumb over the tip, and Kai shuddered, a full-body shiver, and everything in him was tightening, he was coming closer to orgasm and the leather felt so good and he was thrusting so hard and fucking his hand so fast . . .

The pleasure exploded, and he arched forward, nearly screaming, the come pouring from him all over that wonderful glove . . .and he watched Ruki raise it to his mouth and lick it, like he did in the PV, but unlike then, he had something to lick off it.

Kai lay there, dazed, thinking that this was amazing, incredible, fantastic, and who would have thought he’d come harder from a hand job (well, a leather-clad one) than any fucking he’d ever given or received in his life . . .

Something in the back of his head told him his lover still needed release. He sprang forward off the bed, toward the still-kneeling Ruki, and bent over, taking the other man’s cock in his mouth. He ran his tongue over the head, caressing it, making nerve endings leap to life.

It was an act of worship for the pleasure he’d just been given.

Kai started to suck, moving his head up and down, feeling Ruki slide deep into his mouth, as deep as he could. He heard his lover moan, and hands moving over his hair, and it only encouraged him to do it harder, faster . . .

He wanted to give Ruki back even a tiny bit of what he’d just been given.

His tongue came into play, teasing the shaft on upward strokes, and soon, the stroking of his hair became a tug, and the moans grew louder, ragged . . .

Kai pushed down hard, letting his fingers brush the other man’s balls, thinking, come for me, Ruki, come for me, I want to hear you cry out . . .

And then, he heard the sound he’d been seeking, and his mouth was filled with a rush of fluid, bitter and salty and wonderful. He swallowed it.

Kai moved up, and the two men kissed, tumbling to the bed together, and he noticed Ruki was still wearing those gloves. Those wonderful, marvelous, sexy gloves. He leaned over and kissed the fingers, ending the act just as it had begun.

“We messed them up,” he said, laughing. “You’re going to need another pair for photoshoots.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Ruki said, wrapping his arms around Kai and pulling him closer, gloves still on his hands. “These aren’t the gloves in the PV. When they made them for me, the first pair were ‘imperfect.’” He raised his hand and pointed toward a stitching error in the wrist – about a quarter-inch of crooked seam. “PSC had them do another pair and let me keep these. Besides, even if they were the real thing? You’re worth more than a pair of fucking gloves.”

Kai laughed. Fucking gloves, indeed. That was a fortunate mistake that glovemaker committed. They now had a permanent set of gloves for play.

“I’m so glad we finally did this,” he murmured, snuggling closer to Ruki.

“So do I,” Ruki said. “And I’m going to punch Aoi if he hits on you again. From now on . . .”

Kai raised his head. “Yes?”

Well, damn. Why was Ruki developing a case of giving-orders-to-Leader-san cold feet now, after ordering him to kiss his gloves, and spanking him, and making him say he’s a bad boy . . .

Kai picked up on it, though. He snuggled closer to Ruki and said, “From now on, I’m yours, and you’re mine.”

Ruki kissed him. “Yeah,” he said.

They cuddled up to sleep again. Tomorrow, they were expected back in the studio for the editing of what they did today (especially since PVs were Ruki’s baby). But then, they’d have time to do other things afterward.

Like, for instance, visit a leather goods store.


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Aug. 11th, 2012 06:20 pm (UTC)
Oh my god.......I think I need a new shower ><
This was so hot!

Damn I love KaixRuki / RukixKai but no one writes about them often at all!</p>

I love Ruki's gloves.....

Thank you so much!!

Kernel this wonderful work up!

Aug. 14th, 2012 11:32 am (UTC)
Those damn gloves are a fetish unto themselves - when I saw the Leather/Latex/Rubber square on my Kink Bingo card, I KNEW it had to involve Ruki's gloves - and, more specifically, the Invisible Wall ones.

There isn't a lot of Kai/Ruki fic out there, and I can't understand why. Kai's general unpopularity in parts of the fandom has a lot to do with it - but even among Kai fans, the pairing is rare. UruKai may be my GazettE OTP, but I have a lot of love for Kai/Ruki as well (and Uruha/Kai/Ruki is definitely my OT3)!

Thanks so much for reading!
Aug. 11th, 2012 10:15 pm (UTC)
'...for an hour. Or two. Or eight.' haha, Aoi, you killed me here XD
and, girl this was hot and all, and i reaaaly love leather gloves too!
me reaaly reaaalyy likes this!
and, seems you turned more into gazeboyz, right? before, your latest works, i've noticed your A9 stories, but didn't read them, but you're such a good writer, so please keep your good work up!
and, why don't you write a multi-chaptered kai/uru, or kai/ruki? i love kai to no end, but seems like there are not so much kai writers out there!
ohh, this turned out be a little bokklet for you, alright!
thanks for writing, and sharing this!
Aug. 14th, 2012 11:35 am (UTC)
A multi-chaptered Kai/Uruha work may be in the future! I usually tend to write standalones, or loosely connected stuff like the Stargazer series, but that doesn't mean I don't have some long-form ideas!

And, yes, I have been writing more GazettE fic as of late. I do need to get back to Stargazer one of these days, but right now, Kink Bingo is eating my soul, and the Gazemen just lend themselves so well to that sort of thing!

Thank you so much for commenting!
Aug. 11th, 2012 11:09 pm (UTC)
For some reason this made me really giddy. Might be lack of sleep, might just be because you're a good writer. XD In any case... I'm really happy you wrote a story with these two and gloves. *___*
Aug. 14th, 2012 11:37 am (UTC)
Kai plus Ruki plus those wonderful gloves just had to happen, especially since it seems that Kai likes gloves a lot - given how much he's been wearing them as of late! Maybe I need to do a sequel where Kai reciprocates with gloves of his own . . .

Thank you so much for reading!
Aug. 11th, 2012 11:11 pm (UTC)
YES. THIS IS AMAZING. Ruki's gloves ftw. I simply love your writing style so much. It's really rare to find a well written Rukai fic.
-gives you cookies-
Aug. 14th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
*munches cookies*

Rukai is a rare pairing even among Kai fans, and I can't quite figure out why. So I'm doing my part to remedy that. ~_^ (UruKai may be my GazettE OTP, but I still have plenty of love for RuKai!) And Ruki's gloves just beg to be used in a kinky way in fanfic, they're just about a fetish all their own!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
Aug. 12th, 2012 03:56 pm (UTC)
OH ****!!! - explodes from too much hotness -


IT'S FaNTASTIc * A * Please more more more more ruki/kai * A * - still can't think straight -

I'll be yous foreverrrrreeeeee~!! - fills your house up with cupcakes * A * with vanilla cream frosting -
Aug. 14th, 2012 11:45 am (UTC)
*is buried under cupcakes* *eats way out*

Thank you! I think I'll be doing more RuKai in the future, because there's just not enough of the pairing out there (and I can't quite figure out why - just like I can't quite understand the shortage of good Aoi/Ruki).

The gloves HAD to be the subject of a fetishy fanfic, because they're pretty much their own fetish! Ruki's gloves in particular - the boy knows how to work them like a supermodel. (The Invisible Wall PV is pretty much Ruki glove porn. They're like the sixth member of the band there).

Thank you for reading and commenting!
Aug. 12th, 2012 07:06 pm (UTC)
Oh yum, I just love how desperate Kai gets to feel those gloves on him! Not that I blame him... ;)
Aug. 15th, 2012 11:20 am (UTC)
I don't blame him, either, since those particular gloves seem to have been created to be sex toys - hell, all Ruki's gloves are like that, but those gloves in particular! (I'd wanted to use them in a sexy fic for some time, and that prompt provided the perfect opportunity!) Thanks for commenting!
Aug. 12th, 2012 07:43 pm (UTC)
This so so so hot! I totally share Kai's glove fetish, and Ruki always wears so nice and sexy gloves! :D Love all the descriptions of how the leather feels... Mmmm... (Okay, so I have a leather fetish myself, so. LOL) Aoi is so devious! I was amused that he knew that Ruki wouldn't be able to see that and not fight back.

Also, that you take up the issue about lifting off the responsibilities of leader... I just love that stuff. This goes into my memories. :D
Aug. 15th, 2012 11:25 am (UTC)
The lifting off the responsibilities of leader turned out to be a BIG thing in the fic, actually. With Kai, the usual tendency is to write him as seme/dominant all the time - which I usually tend to do as well. But you have to think that every once in awhile, he'd want to just let go and let someone else be in charge - it would be a liberating experience for him.

And believe me, I'd be putting in all those descriptions of the leather even if this wasn't for that square of Kink Bingo. Those gloves demand it. ~_^
Aug. 13th, 2012 07:13 am (UTC)
Um I was supposed to be asleep BUT I REFUSED to pass this one up since it was INCREDIBLY hot and amazing! Ruki wears his damn gloves all too well lol
Aug. 15th, 2012 11:27 am (UTC)
Thank you - I hope the fic was worth losing sleep over! Ruki can WORK gloves like nobody else on the planet. That square of Kink Bingo was one where I knew what it was going to be about the moment I saw it - how could it NOT be about Ruki's gloves? Thanks for reading and commenting!
Aug. 17th, 2012 03:18 am (UTC)
Late, late, oh so fucking late to this party...yeesh, I've been stupid busy.

But woman...you're killing me! If someone has a bit of a leather/glove fetish, it would be me and this piece just stroked all the right spots for me, unf!

Setting it in the Invisible Wall era was quite something on its own, but lady...this piece was fucking stellar and hitting all of my kinks.

Aoi being a bit of a slut, yes. Ruki getting all possessive...oh lawd have mercy! As much as I adore Kai being a dominant man, the fact that you made Ruki lead and be in charge and just having Kai submit to it was so.fucking.hot! The glove worship, the spanking, and then the fingering with the leather glove pretty much had me rolling around on my floor gurgling nonsense. Ending it with a blowjob and Kai somewhat back in charge again was definitely pleasing too. It was a welcome respite of sorts for our favourite leader ;)

This was spectacular, wow. Gorgeously done, in accordance with your amazing talent my dear. xoxo
Aug. 19th, 2012 02:15 am (UTC)
It was a very big thing in this fic, actually, that Kai surrendered his dominance to Ruki for awhile - it was a respite from being the leader which was, I think, as much of a turn-on for him as the leather was. And you're right that the power was shifting back to Kai when he pleasured Ruki at the end - it was as if everything was righting itself after being out of order.

And I'm glad you found this fic hot! Those gloves are just asking to be worshipped and become sex toys - which was exactly what they were used for! (I think wearing them helped Ruki feel more dominant, too!)

Thank you so much for commenting, as always!
Aug. 20th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
This is gonna sound terrible but now when I think of Ruki and the Invisible wall, all I can think about is my ten year old sister gushing on how good looking he is XD

I just loved this fic start to finish, there's no other way to put it XD
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