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Aug. 4th, 2012

So I couldn't decide whether I wanted to write Kai with Ruki, Uruha or Shou this weekend. The result was Money Shot, which is basically porn about porn. Minimal plot, maximum action. (It was quite interesting writing porn while half-paying-attention to the Olympics. Normally, I have nothing on when I'm writing but music. I'm going to punch the next Olympic announcer who mangles Japanese names, by the way). I also had to present Ruki and Shou as lovers in that story after that oh-so-adorable joint interview they did. (Given how beautiful Ruki is in the new Shoxx, boy was asking to be porned anyway. Only where the hell is Kai's face in that magazine?)

And with that, I am one step closer to a Kink Bingo! This fic was written for my Wild Card. I already did Medical Kink (top left corner), the Wild Card (center) and Mirrors/Doubles (the square under that). I just need to write Crossdressing and Piercings/Needleplay and I have my Bingo! (And I have until the end of October to do it!) I'm then going to decide whether I want to request another card or to just fill in as many squares of this one as I can - or both. I do have concrete ideas for about seven other squares on my current card!


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Aug. 5th, 2012 07:15 am (UTC)
Yay for kink bingo! ( it means I get to read more of your writing. Yay!). Also, you would think those announcers would learn how to pronounce names if they were unsure on the pronunciation. The swimming announcers pronounced the name Ryosuke as ree-o-soo-kay. Anyway, keep writing dear, your stories make me happy!
Aug. 6th, 2012 01:54 am (UTC)
The most annoying thing about the announcers is sometimes, they'll get the names right . . . and then, two seconds later, they'll get another name blatantly wrong! They'll pronounce "Tatusumi" right, and then butcher Ryosuke. And I keep yelling the correct pronunciation back at the screen. NBC needs to hire more otaku. XD

There will be more Kink Bingo from me! Even after I get my Bingo, I'm either going to be writing more squares from this card or getting another card. From what I understand, they do plenty of challenges involving your leftover squares during the "amnesty" period!
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