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Title: Money Shot
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pure PWP.
Warnings: Male/male sex, voyeurism/exhibitionism, threesome, rimming, bukake
Pairing: Shou X Kai X Ruki, Kai X Uruha
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Uruha is directing a porno. Kai is his star, Ruki and Shou his costars. An AU . . . or is it?
Comments: Written for the Wild Card square on my Kink Bingo card, for which I’m using the Prostitution/Sex Work prompt (which also covers acting in porn).

Uruha moved about the room, adjusting the cameras, peering at the computer that was serving as the monitor. Everything looked perfect. He was ready. The set was impeccable; the bed covered with a wine-red spread and a pile of pillows, a row of condoms and bottles of lube and dental dams on the nightstand.

When you were directing porn, after all, the bedroom was the one set in the video that really mattered.

This was going to be a great afternoon of filming, he could just feel it. Something special was about to happen before the cameras, the kind of thing most directors of his type only dreamed of capturing.

But how could it not, considering who he was going to be filming that day?

He opened the door to the hallway, and there was his star. Kai looked deceptively sweet and innocent, as always – his face bore a smile as bright as a supernova, his body was covered in jeans, a T-shirt and a denim jacket. He looked like the ideal, fresh-faced boy next door.

Which, of course, made him the perfect porn star, since those boyish clothes hid a killer body and a huge cock.

“We’re ready,” Uruha said. “Go fetch your co-stars.”

“I think they’re in the living room,” Kai said, looking over his shoulder. “I’ll be back.”

Uruha went back to his cameras, making a couple of last-minute adjustments. When you had a boy like Kai to work with, you had to make sure that he got shown at his best every moment. There would be no point to making this video otherwise.

The door opened, and Kai walked in, accompanied by two others. “We’re really ready this time?” Ruki said, eying the setup. They’d already had a couple of false starts, which was annoying as hell. Ruki just had to remember why he was doing this – there was a damn good reason, after all.

“Definitely ready,” Uruha said. “Come over here.” He pointed toward the bed. Kai sat down on the edge, gingerly, not wanting to mess up the set after Uruha’s work setting it up. Shou sat next to him, equally gingerly. Ruki just stood next to them.

“Now, here’s the setup,” the director said. “Remember, the scene before this is when you pick Kai up in the bar. The two of you hit on him, he turns you down, and then he gets jilted by the guy he had his eye on. He’s hurting. So when you two hit on him again, he gives in this time. He wants you to make him forget that guy.”

The setup scene hadn’t gone before the cameras, of course. Pornos were never shot in sequence. The most time and attention was lavished on the sex scenes – and the plot-what-plot that connected them was done almost as an afterthought.

“And I’ve never been with two men at once?” Kai said, looking up at his director.

Uruha nodded. “It’s a first for you. And remember – listen to me. I’ll be giving you direction the whole time.”

“Your talking is going to get on the video, you know,” Ruki said.

“And that’s why there’s sound editing programs,” Uruha retorted. The mikes were right by the bed, anyway, to pick up the sounds that mattered most – the lovely noises these boys would make in the heat of passion. “Okay, places. We’re going to fade in with the three of you standing by the bed. Shou, you’re kissing him. Ruki, you’re starting to undress him.” He moved behind the camera, watched as they got into place, and said, “And . . . action.”

He watched through the viewfinder as Shou put his fingers under Kai’s chin, tilting his head up. Oh, they looked lovely together – Shou tall, slender and blond, Kai dark and muscular. He’d chosen his cast well, all right.

A moment of gazing at each other, and then the boys’ lips came together, a soft kiss that got hot very quickly. “Good,” Uruha said, softly. “Open your lips, Kai . . . let his tongue in your mouth.”

Kai obeyed, and his eyes fluttered shut as Shou’s tongue began to probe, to sweep, to explore. He felt Ruki start to slide his jacket down his shoulders, and he let his arms go limp, letting the other man strip him.

“Ruki, lean over,” Uruha said. “Kiss his neck. Slide your hands under his shirt . . . touch him.”

Kai let out a little sound of pleasure as Ruki’s lips began to move over his pulse line, leaning back away from Shou’s kiss so he could stretch up and give the other man greater access. Shou took the opportunity to nibble Kai’s ear, flicking his tongue over it lightly.

Uruha watched, intently. Oh, this was gold. They were beautiful together, even more beautiful than he thought they were going to be, and the way Kai was responding to them . . . if this was the first stages of foreplay, he couldn’t wait to see what was coming.

“Take his shirt off,” he said. “I want to see his body.”

Kai felt two hands grab the bottom of the tee, and then it was pulled up and over his head, landing on the floor, never to be seen on camera again. He reached out and began to unbutton Shou’s shirt, not even waiting for the signal from his director, and behind him, Ruki was stripping off his own top.

“Fantastic,” Uruha said. “Kiss Ruki, Kai. Touch each other. Make each other feel good.”

Kai turned around and wrapped his arms around his smaller co-star, pulling him close, kissing him hard. Shou pressed against him from behind, naked chest to naked back, hands starting to roam over both men’s bodies, running his fingers up and down Kai’s sides, then Ruki’s.

The kiss broke, and Kai leaned back, moaning, Shou’s fingers moving down over his nipples. “God, yes,” Uruha said. “Keep going. . . make him quiver with need.”

Kai remembered to keep his body angled so the cameras could pick it up, could record every stroke as Shou’s fingers moved over his hard buds, circling them and squeezing them gently. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t lost in the pleasure as well. Oh, he was.

“Yes,” he gasped, as he felt Ruki’s hand move to his other nipple, and then both men were pleasuring him at once, Shou’s long hand and Ruki’s smaller one moving over him, caressing and rubbing and exploring. He closed his eyes, arching toward his lovers, toward the camera, toward the gaze that was on him . . .

Oh, he loved being watched. It turned him on as much as the fingers on his skin, as much as the sound of his own zipper as Ruki pulled it down, making his erection feel less trapped.

“Pull his pants down slowly,” Uruha said. “I want that cock unveiled like a priceless work of art.”

And pull them down slowly they did, the fabric of his jeans and underwear slipping away by inches, until Kai’s erection came into view, the cameras capturing every luscious inch.

My God, Uruha thought, he’s a sight to behold. Flushed with genuine passion, no faking it here. Nipples hard, lips swollen with kisses, and that cock. That huge, hard, beautiful, glorious cock.

“Get on your knees and worship that thing,” Uruha told the other two. He watched through the camera as they rid themselves of their own pants and underwear, as if to be clothed in the presence of the phallic idol would defile it.

And then, they knelt before him, and began lavishing his hardness with kisses and licks, Shou slowly drawing his tongue from top to bottom of the left side, Ruki the right. They moved to the tip, tracing patterns there, and then Shou headed downward again, Ruki lingering at the top, teasing the opening . . .

Kai rested his hands on the heads of both of them, and leaned back, moaning, eyes tightly shut, swimming in passion, lost in the zone. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Oh, he was every inch the true star.

“Lick me,” he moaned. “Oh, yes, both of you . . . your mouths . . . ohh, you feel so good . . .”

Shou was running his tongue over Kai’s balls now, and then he licked up the shaft again, his tongue heading up as Ruki’s headed down, surrounding Kai with wet, hot sensation. Kai could only moan again, louder.

Uruha was near-breathless watching this. He just hoped this would look even half as good on video as it did live. He also knew that if he didn’t stop them from doing this pretty soon, he was going to have a premature money shot on his hands. This scene needed to be prolonged as long as possible.

However, seeing how eager those two were with their tongues was giving him an idea . . .

“Kai, on the bed,” he said. “Ass facing the cameras. Ruki and Shou, get the lube and dental dams . . .”

Kai obeyed his director, kneeling on the red cover and bending over, head resting on his folded arms, beautiful bottom on full display. He looked better from the rear than most guys in porn looked from the front. Uruha watched Shou grab the lube, Ruki the plastic.

“Lube him,” the director told the two co-stars. “Get him ready.”

Shou began to pour lube into the cleft of that marvelous rear, and Kai moaned and thrust his bottom backward, as if anticipating a nice, solid fucking. Instead, when Ruki smoothed the plastic over him, the star looked over his shoulder.

“Aren’t you going to . . .” he asked the other two.

Ruki leaned over and kissed him. “Since you like our tongues so much, we have something else for you.”

Uruha smiled to himself. Not bad for improvised porn dialogue. Not that anyone watched porn for dialogue, anyway.

“What are you going to . . .” All innocence. Oh, yes, the combination of sweet sexual cluelessness, and an ass offered up like a gift . . . it didn’t get more erotic than this.

Shou leaned over and kissed him. “Just relax,” he said. “You’ll love it, I promise.”

Uruha got up and grabbed one of the smaller cameras, walking over toward the bed. This was going to need a close-up.

Ruki waited until the camera was on him . . . and then he leaned over, pressing his tongue to Kai’s entrance. He began to lick around the edges of the tiny hole, pushing just the tip in, then wriggling it, making sure Kai could feel the softness, the strength, the motion.

Kai’s response was to snap his head up with a gasp. “Ruki!” he cried out. “Oh, my God!”

“That’s right,” Shou told him between kisses, as Ruki pushed his tongue in deeper, wriggling it around like the most wicked of serpents. “He’s fucking you with his tongue, Kai. Do you like it?”

“Yes!” Kai gasped, holding onto the other man, burying his face in his shoulder. The tongue was pushed further into him, and it moved about, stroking, dancing. It curled upward, brushing against a sensitive bundle of nerves.

“That’s it,” Uruha murmured, nearly as breathless as the men on the other side of the camera. “Thrust it, let me see it. Let your audience see it.”

And thrust the tongue Ruki did, pulling it back and out, then plunging it back into Kai’s sweet ass, wriggling around, then pulling back. Oh, it made a gorgeous picture, so nasty and naughty, and performed so very, very well.

Ruki was your go-to man for any kind of tongue action.

But even though he was displaying stellar technique, Uruha just had to take the camera off him for a moment and pan over to Kai’s face, because that deserved a close-up in itself. He was clinging to Shou’s shoulders with both hands, face pressed against his chest, eyes closed, mouth open and panting, his whole body covered with sweat. He was the very picture of wild sexual abandon, of someone surrendering completely to his desires, to the tongue invading him, to the men pleasuring him.

“Suck his nipples,” Uruha told Kai. “Give Shou some of the pleasure Ruki is giving you.”

Kai moved his head so he could draw his tongue over one of the buds in front of him, licking it in a way that was visible to the camera, but still looked natural. He heard the other man’s moan of pleasure, and he wrapped his lips around it, sucking hard.

Uruha was just glad for the other cameras still pointed toward the whole bed, because they were grabbing a hot scene indeed – Ruki on all fours, pretty ass sticking out, his face buried in Kai as he tongue-fucked him, Kai moaning and sweaty and flushed, mouth working Shou’s nipple, Shou leaning back, swooning in pleasure, hands tangled in Kai’s hair.

“Shou, I want you to get Kai ready for your cock now,” Uruha told them. Ruki defied his director for a moment – he was reluctant to stop what he was doing, he was loving the tight heat of Kai clenching around his tongue, the way he was making the other man moan and writhe – but finally, he slid out, pulling the dental dam away and quickly tossing it into a bedside receptacle.

Uruha didn’t get that detail (some little bits of reality were too real for porn) – he was too busy focusing on Shou and Kai kissing hotly, then Shou shifting position to the rear of the bed, where Ruki was, coating his fingers with lube. Uruha moved in for a closeup to catch one of those long, slender digits – just made for this kind of thing – sliding into Kai’s body, disappearing into it.

Ruki, meanwhile, leaned over in front of Kai, kissing him, pushing that tongue that had just driven him nuts into his mouth (and Uruha was sure he wasn’t the first porn director to silently bless whoever came up with the dental dam). Kai paid it due reverence, caressing it with his own tongue, making sure his lips were open so the camera could catch the full glory of the kiss.

“You’re really eager,” Shou murmured as he slipped a second finger in – Kai was taking them easily, due to the tongue-fucking. “You want me to fuck you while you suck him, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Kai cried, and his fingers began to roam Ruki’s body, finding and squeezing a nipple, making the other man cry out.

Uruha plotted strategy now. He was going to need all his cameras for this. Kai’s oral technique was a wonder to behold, but the sight of Shou plunging his cock into that magnificent bottom was going to be a work of art in itself. Thank God for editing.

“You’re beautiful,” Kai murmured breathlessly as Shou pushed a third finger into him, as he brushed the side of his face against Ruki’s cock in reverence, mentally and physically preparing himself for pleasuring and being pleasured by both of them. “The two of you, so beautiful . . .”

“Not as beautiful as you,” Shou said, pulling out his fingers and reaching for the condom.

“Shift around,” Uruha told his performers. “Kai, turn your body 90 degrees . . . that’s it. I want to make sure we get everything.”

Kai wanted to smile at his director – but that would be breaking character. He wasn’t going to mess up this scene. Not after all the buildup they put into it, not after how eager he was to be filled at both ends, the eager, relentless eye of the camera devouring the scene.

Oh, God, eyes on him, eyes on him as he was sucking and being fucked . . . that turned Kai on as much as the two cocks in front of him.

He got onto all fours, felt Shou grip his hips, pressed his lips to Ruki’s shaft, kissing his way upward. There was hardness pressing on his entrance, hardness pressing on his lips.

Barely, he heard Uruha saying, “Do it.” And then, he was sliding down on Ruki, feeling him glide over lips and tongue, as Shou pushed into him, little by little, the familiar pain of initial entry filling him – and he ignored it. Pleasure was coming.

He heard both of his lovers moan his name as he was filled, and filled more, front and back. He knew his position didn’t allow for a true deep throat, but he could take as much of Ruki in as he could and put on the show his director was expecting.

“Good,” Uruha murmured at the hot scene in front of him, Kai stretched between the two men, an intense look of concentration on Shou’s face as he filled his lover slowly, trying not to rush things. Kai had to be comfortable as possible for this to work.

The three men paused, Shou buried within Kai, getting him used to the feeling, Kai pulling back, his lips at the tip of Ruki’s cock again, kissing softly.

“Thrust,” Uruha directed his actors, and Shou began to push forward, slowly, then pull back, as Kai moved down on Ruki, sliding his cock in, thinking it felt, tasted so very nice, just as nice as the hardness moving through his passage, finding and caressing sensitive places.

“Oh, you feel good,” Shou moaned as he started to pick up the pace a little, his hips snapping forward as Uruha moved in for a closeup of that big cock (not as huge as Kai, but definitely no pipsqueak) pistoning in and out of that lovely ass, filling and possessing him.

But then, there was what was going on at the other end . . .

Uruha slid quietly to the other end of the bed, and his viewfinder was filled with an image of Kai, eyes closed in concentration, lips wrapped around the hard thing in front of him, taking it in, seeming to devour it. Every bit the porn superstar. Men and women alike could watch the way Kai sucked cock and be in awe.

And, oh, he loved it, loved every bit of it. You could tell by the way he pushed his bottom back against Shou, meeting his thrusts, in the way he licked the tip of Ruki’s erection hungrily on an outstroke. This wasn’t just a performance for Kai. It was a hard, intense fuck from two gorgeous guys, with cameras watching and recording every second, and he was loving it with every ounce of his body.

“Oh, yes, you’re turned on by this, aren’t you?” Uruha murmured to his star, looking at the hair tumbling wildly in his eyes, the sheen of sweat covering his trembling body. “You dirty, dirty boy.”

The other two were goddamn gorgeous right now, too, all panting and moaning and sweating, thrusting their hips, plundering Kai from either end as thoroughly as they could – but it seemed like they were mere slaves in thrall to the star, there to satisfy his insatiable lusts.

He watched Ruki reach out and pull Kai’s hair as he sucked, and Kai moaning around his cock in response, the bit of pain just spiking the pleasure, just driving him that much closer to orgasm . . .

“Oh,” Ruki moaned as he pushed forward, thrusting his cock into that endlessly hungry mouth. “Kai . . . Kai, I’m close . . .”

Oh, boy. Uruha positioned himself for a closeup, waiting with bated breath. This was the be-all and end-all of porn, the money shot.

Ruki cried out, and pulled out of Kai’s lips, and there was a look of bliss on the star’s face as it was splattered with white, as Ruki came all over him, like an acolyte offering sacrifice to his god.

The sight of Kai’s face with come running down it, his tongue coming out to eagerly lick at a few drops, might have been the most erotic thing Uruha had ever seen in his life. Dear Lord, what this would look like on video . . .

And he just lost mental focus. Dammit, a director couldn’t do that. Shou was moaning louder and harder, just about pounding into Kai, and he was in danger of losing another money shot . . .

Fortunately, Kai was alert, and all pro. He backed off of Shou slightly, telling his partner to stop. When he did, Kai pulled off entirely, nimbly flipped himself around so he was kneeling in front of Shou, yanked the condom off and took his cock in his hand. It took only a few practiced strokes before Shou let out a yell, and Uruha got another lovely shot of Kai’s gorgeous face being bathed in come, Kai’s eyes closed, his blissful expression saying he loved this almost as much as being fucked.

Oh, Kai, Kai, Uruha thought. You wonderful, naughty, dirty, miraculous boy.

“Get him off,” he told the others. “Sit him on the edge, facing the camera. And don’t let anything obscure the sight of him coming, no matter what you do.”

Kai sat at the foot of the bed, legs spread, leaning back on his hands, giving the camera an unobstructed view of his huge hardness. The two men with him began to stroke it, each kissing and licking a side of his neck, their fingers running along the shaft, drawing loud moans from Kai.

“Shou . . . Ruki . . . oh, yes, oh, God, yes . . .”

“Come for us,” Shou murmured as their hands sped up, Shou rubbing the sensitive flesh under the head, Ruki stroking up and down the shaft. “You want to do that, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Kai cried. “Oh, oh, I’m so close . . .” His hips were rising up, thrusting toward the two men who were pleasuring him, needing more, needing it all . . .

“Then don’t hold back.” And Ruki reached up with the hand that wasn’t on Kai’s cock, finding and pinching a nipple. “Let go.”

Kai did just that, thrusting his hips forward, throwing his head back, letting out a wild near-scream, and the come shot from him, pouring and pouring over the two men’s hands, until Kai fell back on the bed, gasping and spent.

He felt his head turned gently one way, felt Shou’s lips on his, then the other way for a kiss from Ruki. He barely heard Uruha say, “And . . . cut.”

The three actors were huddled together, breathless, sated. Oh, it had been a good scene for everyone involved.

Uruha put down his camera and approached the bed. “Good job, everyone,” he said. And then, he noticed his three actors looking at him, then looking at each other and laughing. “What?”

“Looks like we need to take care of you before we do anything else,” Ruki said.

“What do you . . .” And then, Uruha looked down, and saw he had a huge erection. Oh. Yes, he was caught up in the process of making his own video.

Shou grabbed Uruha’s hand and pulled him down on the bed with them. “Come on, Director-san,” he said.

And before Uruha knew it, there were hands on his belt, and his pants sliding down his legs, and . . . oh, God, not one, not two, but three practiced tongues on him. Kai licked around the tip, slow and easy, just how he liked it. Ruki ran along the shaft, slowly, intently. Shou was focusing on Uruha’s balls, tracing their outline gently with the tip of his tongue.

Uruha could only writhe on the coverlet, clutching at it, lost in sensation. Oh, yes, yes, so wet and hot, it felt endless, like every bit of sensitive flesh was being licked and stroked and pleasured . . .

“Oh, don’t stop,” he cried. “Please, please don’t stop.”

And they didn’t, Kai brushing back and forth over the slit at the tip, Ruki teasing the place where the head joined the shaft, Shou bringing his lips into play, kissing and sucking . . .

Uruha suddenly let go, letting out a yell, come pouring from him, hitting all three of them, he was sure – and he wanted to. God, he’d bathe all these men head to toe in come if he could.

He finally fell to the mattress, spent, gasping, panting, and then he felt Kai’s lips on his in a tender kiss.

“Happy Birthday, my love,” he said, softly. “Did you enjoy your fantasy?”

Uruha blinked, reorienting himself to reality. My God, they’d gone through with it, hadn’t they?

It had been a few weeks since Kai had asked him what his secret fantasy was. He told him that he liked to think about being a porn director, with Kai as his star. He could watch his love with other gorgeous men, but be in control of the action – knowing all along that Kai was still his at the end of the shoot.

The fantasy was rooted in their actual everyday desires, of course. Kai had an exhibitionist streak – he and Uruha had made private sex videos before. And Uruha did like to watch his boyfriend.

Kai had decided to make it real. He had secretly done the legwork beforehand – using Leader-san pull to borrow a professional camera setup from PSC, contacting the other couple – and told Uruha about his surprise that morning.

Uruha wrapped his arms around Kai, pulling him closer. “I loved it,” he said. “Thank you.” He looked at the other two. “Thank all of you.”

“It’s our gift to you, too,” Shou said, reaching out and running his fingers lightly over Uruha’s hair. “And you have a permanent reminder of it, too.” He nodded toward the cameras.

“I couldn’t imagine anyone else being his costars,” Uruha said. And that was the truth. Shou and Ruki had been a very loving couple for a long time – almost as long as Shou had been at PSC – but they were also polyamorous, allowing each other to take lovers and sharing fun times with other couples.

They’d never been in this bed until now, though. And Uruha knew it wouldn’t be the last time. He wanted to see Kai bring those two under his thrall again.

“Just one thing,” Ruki said. “You’re never directing one of our PVs, Uruha. Ever.”

“Why?” Uruha said, snuggling closer to Kai, wrapping his arms around him. Watching his love with these men made him feel closer to him than ever, for some strange, wonderful reason.

“You kept getting in the fucking shot,” Ruki said. “When we watch that footage” – he nodded toward the tripods – “we’re going to see you and your handheld next to the bed the whole time. Kind of ruins the illusion.”

“We weren’t trying to make a professional porno.” Kai wrapped one arm around each of his costars and drew them in, sort of an erotic parody of the group huddles their bands did before lives. “We were just trying to document Uruha’s fantasy coming true.”

“I want to do it again,” Uruha said. “I want to get practice. Hey, maybe I’ll end up good at it.”

Ruki snorted. “You mean, if this rock and roll thing suddenly goes bust on you, you’re going to start a new career as a porn director?”

Uruha gave him a sly smile. “Something like that.”

The four of them snuggled together, feeling sleepy and sated. Right now, a nap. After that, Kai was going to make a birthday dinner for Uruha that all of them were going to enjoy. And then . . . maybe some four-way fun to cap off the evening, only this time, without cameras.

As he drifted off to sleep, Uruha murmured, “Maybe next time, we can add Aoi to your co-star list.”


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Aug. 5th, 2012 01:06 am (UTC)
OMG THIS, THIIIIIIIIIS. Are you trying to kill me ? I don't know if I wanna scream or cry or what from all the feeeeeels.

Awesome. Truly awesome. And hot.
Aug. 5th, 2012 02:44 am (UTC)
Thank you! If the story is HOT, I did my job. XD (It's porn about porn, after all!)
Aug. 6th, 2012 10:32 am (UTC)
Gosh..this is...this is...and the solution.
It makes me crazy, really.
Somehow I would really like to watch Uruhas Porns....well well...
But I hope Aoi won't be his next co-star...this can't get well I think. *laugh*
Anyway, it was awesome. Brilliantly. I had so much fun reading it. Thank you.
Aug. 6th, 2012 11:12 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to hide what was really going on until the end, so I'm especially glad you liked the ending! (And, hey, you have to admit that adding Aoi to the video will produce a lot of interesting footage - although it might be more than Uruha was bargaining for! ~_^)
Aug. 6th, 2012 02:19 pm (UTC)
Ahh I'm afraid of adding Aoi.
Just imagine he has his famous 5 minutes during filming...it would be awful.
Well, also I'm not that a big fan of aoi.

But anyway a sequel would be nice.
Aug. 7th, 2012 02:35 pm (UTC)
asdakjfakjflflsdhlh *dead*

I really thought this was AU at first but then I remembered, this is kink bingo lol XD What can I say, four of my favourite men acting out voyeur/sex-work kinks is definitely right up my alley.

I just loved how Uruha got so into it, into guiding their every move, getting turned on by the sight of his lover getting fucked. And by your emphasis that despite the fact that Kai is getting double-penetrated, and filmed, and very much objectified in a sense, that they are actually labouring to please him. That their act is an act of worship towards him rather than having him be a glorified come-bucket like we too often see in porn. Not that I mind those objectifications in a pinch (I mean, that is 100% what I did in my orgy fic where Saga is completely objectified) but it added this extra layer of complexity to the scene that made it about much more than the sex. Beautifully done, and so very hot too!

The actual sex was just...guhhhhh *drools* Cock worship: check. Rimming: check. Double penetration: unf, check. Bukake: oh lord check and fucking check! Unf! Your master skills at work, as usual. That was goddamn hot and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more of these four. And if you want to throw Aoi in the mix...unf Gods I am not stopping you XD

Gorgeous work my dear, I'm always eager for more, as usual. xoxo
Aug. 8th, 2012 12:43 am (UTC)
Hee, I wanted people to think it was an AU at first . . . but I did plant subtle clues as to what was really going on, such as the fact that there were no other camera operators present (even a porno would have at least a few people on the film crew). Uruha did break "character" in the middle, too, when he murmured to Kai that he was a "dirty, dirty boy."

Thank you for picking up on the tone of the "porno" - the fact that Kai was being appreciated and worshiped by his two costars. Most of the fic is us seeing Kai through Uruha's loving, worshipful eyes, and his attitude carries over to Shou and Ruki. A lot of the women who work in porn have described the experience as liberating and empowering, not degrading - because the star really is an object of worship here, being appreciated by both her onscreen partner(s) and the audience watching her. Here, Kai is very much the star - and he revels in both the sex and the attention, too. He's absolutely in his glory when he's being filled from both ends, knowing his lover is getting off on it.

There very well could be more of this foursome, and/or more of Kai and Uruha taking their voyeurism/exhibitionism act to other partners/couples! (I might be requesting another Kink Bingo card after my bingo, after all!)
Aug. 7th, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
fucking HOT!!!
Just a compatible couple, a voyeur and an exhibist,,
deaddddd (X_X)
Aug. 8th, 2012 01:06 am (UTC)
*revives you*

Thank you! I'm so glad you found it hot! (It was porn about porn, after all!)
Aug. 9th, 2012 08:08 am (UTC)
As he drifted off to sleep, Uruha murmured, “Maybe next time, we can add Aoi to your co-star list.”

oh oh, i AGREE with dis :DDDD
Aug. 9th, 2012 11:34 am (UTC)
There's always the possibility of a sequel. I have a lot of Kink Bingo squares on my card. ~_^

Thanks for reading (and for giving me the green light to put it on uruai!)
Aug. 10th, 2012 01:21 am (UTC)
Yes, add Aoi! *____*

*cough* I mean... This was really good! And very hot. I don't know why it took me this long to read it. XD
Aug. 15th, 2012 11:29 am (UTC)
That's okay, it's taking me a long time to reply. ~_^ There just might be a sequel to this (I still need to do my bingo, and I plan to ask for another card after I do!) Thanks for reading and commenting!
Aug. 10th, 2012 03:58 am (UTC)
Uruaha the porn director... I like the sound of that. LOL. This was pretty hot and sweet at the same time. The birthday porn was very hot and entertaining to say the least.

Thank you for writing the awesome. :)
Aug. 15th, 2012 11:30 am (UTC)
My pleasure! I would say that these boys gave Uruha one hell of a birthday present - and it seems that he did pick up a liking for directing porn in the end! XD Thanks so much for reading!
Aug. 13th, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
This is fucking hot! :D Threesomes are wonderful to read, especially in the hands of someone who can show their differences and can keep tabs on all hands and cocks! LOL Love how turned on Uruha gets from this, without really realising it, and the double licking/sucking of his cock! Oh yeah, baby! :D I love Kink Bingo this year!
Aug. 15th, 2012 11:34 am (UTC)
Threesomes can be difficult to write (having to keep track of who's where and doing what to whom at all times!) - but they can be a hell of a lot of fun, too, especially when you have the added layer of a fantasy scenario like this fic! Yes, Uruha was getting very much turned on by this - one reason why he couldn't be a porn director in the real world! (I do wonder how those people do it sometimes - direct that stuff without getting *cough* personally involved).

Dear God, I'm loving Kink Bingo, too! The ideas I'm getting from this I never would have gotten otherwise, and I love what other people have been coming up with!
Sep. 8th, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)

actually I don't really like threesome (or even foursome? xD) for this UruKai pairing but this fic made me speechless. I like this PWP plot xD *eh?*
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