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WOOH, ALL HAIL KINK BINGO! Two fics written over three days! And even though it wasn't intentional, it turned out they have a running theme - dual male-female identity explored through the prism of '70s trash cinema (hardcore porn and softcore porn/grindhouse, respectively). I really, really like how this challenge makes you push yourself, think out of the box and tackle subject matter you would never have thought of before. Medical Kink, the prompt for the first fic, was originally on my "no" list - until my brain simultaneously linked it to the "naughty nurse" pornos of the past and an actual incident in Alice Nine's history. And then, tada, fic! (Well, once I got a muse to agree to wear the nurse's outfit).

(By the way, for the Alice Nine uninitiated, Shou really did have his tonsils removed in 2008 - the band's landmark Rainbows single was recorded only a few weeks afterward. Furthermore, the other band members, save for Nao, really didn't visit him in the hospital. Nao's revenge and Ruki's status as Shou's other hospital visitor are purely from my imagination. ~_^)

For the other prompt, Mirrors/Doubles, I originally had something much more conventional planned, until a combination of a discussion on ldybastet's journal about the topic and aleksiina_26's extraordinary fic for the Crossdressing prompt made my mind grab a minor aspect of the Movie Night series like a football player seizing a dropped ball and run with it all the way to the end zone. I went really out of my usual box with this one (for one thing, it contains scenes of het, yaoi and yuri sexuality, either in the real world, in fantasy or on video), and I'm pleased with how it came out. (Unfortunately, the het-yaoi-yuri aspect is making me reluctant to put it on the Gazette yaoi communities, even though I posted it to uruai and kai_pleasure. I can just see some people saying, "EWW, GIRL COOTIES YUCK YUCK YUCK!")

Furthermore, I have two of the five fics needed for a bingo in one direction now! YAY! (And one of the spaces to fill in for that bingo is my Wild Card!)


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Jul. 16th, 2012 08:50 am (UTC)
I am so glad to see that you're enjoying Kink Bingo, since I persuaded you to join. *g* It really is fun to get completely different ideas and try out new POVs and other things, isn't it? :)

And I think it's awesome that the discussion sprouted some ideas too! \o/ Heeeeh. I'll have another soonish. Um, that is, I maybe be a little busy the next two weeks because of Uru/Kai-shipping visitors, but. *g* (Best kind of busy in the world, next after sex.)

But saying that, I also have to admit I haven't yet read the resulting fic... Because. Not that there are "cooties" in it. But... I have issues. :(

** This is definitely going into TMI-area and is probably tl;dr too **

There's a reason I am a strictly slash/yaoi-only fangirl. I've never liked my genitals, not since I got actually aware of them, and at age 8, when I realised I was going to grow up to be a woman I was completely freaked out and cried a whole night, horrified at the realization. That feeling has never really gone away, to be honest. It's just that after doing research (several times over the years), I decided the result of a bottom surgery was just as bad as having the genitals I do have. At least they are functional. *sigh* And then my abusive ex forced me to have sex with women, despite my protests... and having had my mouth and tongue forced into places I really didn't want them to go, reading descriptions of lesbian sex just sends me running for the hills, and descriptions of female genitals gives me a physical reaction of nausea and often triggers anxiety. So... yeah. (Strangely, written descriptions are much worse for me than seeing a picture. My brain, I don't understand it.) Not the cooties, but just that it's there and it's incompatible with my damages. People have snarkily asked me (when I've said I'm a slash-only fangirl) how I deal with having sex myself, and man... that is seriously making me sad, because I find myself wanting to tell them that it's actually really hard sometimes, and masturbating even more difficult since I can't focus on any male genitals present. It's a good thing I have a very good imagination. *g*

But yeah, then there *are* people who just go ew girl cooties just on principle.

Oooh! Almost halfway done on the bingo line!!! :D That is brilliant!
Jul. 17th, 2012 02:11 am (UTC)
Your story absolutely broke my heart on several levels. Growing up uncomfortable with your own body is tragic enough, but then, putting on top of that what your bastard ex did to you . . . that is beyond unforgiveable. Seriously, people like that make me hope with all my might that the las of karma is real, just so every damn thing they did to other people would come back and bite them someday.

By all means, I more than understand you giving my story a pass. And I admire you for being strong enough to survive all that.

And I'm definitely loving the ideas coming out all over the place. (Unfortunately, the muses are so busy with kink, they haven't given me a single thing for the Uruai challenge, and my fic is due Sunday! Maybe I can trick them by telling them the fic is for KB, it just has a picture for a prompt?)

Have a great time with your visitors! I envy you guys, because few things are more fun than a drama-free fangirl get-together!
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