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Title: Deep Bass
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, humor
Content Notes: Male/male sex, medical kink, crossdressing, deep throating
Pairing: Saga X Shou
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Nao is not happy that nobody in his band went to see Shou in the hospital, so he devises a scheme to have one of them end up as his nurse. When Saga gets the role, he balks at first – until he sees how he looks in his uniform, and starts performing some very pleasant examinations. Suddenly, life is a classic porn film.
Comments: Written for the Medical Kink square on my Kink Bingo card (though it could also apply to Crossdressing). The classic porno Saga is referring to in this story is Deep Throat, the movie that brought porn to the attention of the mainstream back in the early ‘70s – even though it was basically a silly sex comedy consisting mostly of South Park-like humor and a nurse performing the titular trick.

It was unusual to get called to a meeting at Nao's home, true. It had only happened a few times in the band's four-year history. And given the situation - they were still technically on break, at least until the doctors proclaimed Shou ready to sing again - it would stand to reason that they would meet away from PSC's office.

What was unusual was the fact that they'd all been informed of this not by Nao's usual cheerful phone call, but by a terse text message. And as they arrived, one by one, Nao said not a word to them - just held open the door and stood out of the way.

Now, they were all arranged on the couch like ducks in a shooting gallery - Hiroto fidgeting with his bracelet, Tora just sitting with his arms folded and head down, Saga staring out the window, and Nao . . . well, somewhere else in the apartment.

It was pretty obvious that Leader-san was not happy.

It became more obvious when Nao emerged from the rear bedroom bearing a facial expression like thunderclouds about to burst. On anyone else, it would be a bit disturbing. On the normally sunny Nao, it looked like a harbinger of doom.

He faced them all down with a glare so icy that the temperature in the room dropped about 30 degrees. Saga looked around for ice crystals forming on the furniture. At least they wouldn't have to worry about their drinks getting warm - if they had any.

"I suppose you wonder why you're all here tonight," Nao said in a far-too-even voice. "You all know our vocalist was in the hospital, right? Having his tonsils removed? Frightened that he'd never be able to sing again?"

Oh, they knew it, all right. It was the band's second major we-may-lose-a-member scare in the last year. First Tora rupturing a disc in his neck, now this. They all nodded their heads in the affirmative, looking like the first-ever collection of Alice Nine Bobblehead Dolls.

"Really? You all know it? Because not one of you visited him in the hospital."

Uh-oh. Saga cleared his throat. "You know how far away that hospital is from . . ."

"Not much further than the PSC office, is it?" Nao shot back. "You have no problem coming to meetings."

"I told you," Tora said, "I was busy with . . .

"Songwriting?" Nao replied. "But not too busy to play video games. I heard what was going on in the background when I called you. You didn't hit pause fast enough."

Hiroto just shook his head and looked at the floor. He wasn't even going to try to answer. He remembered Nao telling him that he'd had a fierce temper when he was younger, that he used to get in trouble for it. Usually, he held it in check. Now, it was coming out like a raging bull that had been cooped up inside a brick wall painted with smiley faces.

Besides, Hiroto didn't want to voice the real reason he didn't go to see Shou - he couldn't bear to see the vocalist in pain.

"Well, I'll tell you something," Nao said. "I went to see him. I brought him ice cream. And do you know what's remarkable about that? Do you know what I DON'T have in common with the three of you?"

Oh, no. Here it comes. The three of them exchanged hurried, worried looks. Hiroto's expression carried a mute prayer of please don't let him say it, please don't let him say it, please don't let him say it . . .

"I'm the only person in this room who isn't sleeping with him," Nao said.

Damn. He said it. Saga buried his face in his hands. Tora rubbed his temples. Hiroto just draped a hand over the lower part of his face. They would have been perfect models for a set of see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil monkeys.

What a coincidence, because Nao wasn't done speaking evil, and he was going to make sure they saw and heard him.

"You three will share his bed, but you won't go see him when he's in need. Do you know what that says to me?"

Whatever was coming next, it wasn't going to be good.

"That you need to prove to me that he's more than a casual fuck to you."

If the temperature in the room was icy before, it had now dropped to absolute zero. All motion had stopped. Three pairs of eyes bugged out so wide they threatened to crash into each other like bumper cars. (Which would have been a bad thing on several levels, because other than the obvious, it would have littered Nao's floor with contact lenses).

Nao had just said The F Word. That was it, the apocalypse was upon them. Fire and brimstone were going to start raining from the sky at any minute. Fish were going to pop out of the sea and start walking around on their rear fins. Their fellow visual kei artists were going to start wearing conservative suits and ties and swearing off hair dye.

"How are we supposed to do that?" Saga said, in a voice so squeaky he could have auditioned for Mickey Mouse.

"I'll tell you how," Nao said. "He's recuperating at home, and you're going to give him tender loving care. Two of you are going to cook him a soup buffet. Homemade, from scratch, no cans. And the third one . . ."

He paused for dramatic effect, his usual sunny smile on his face. Hiroto gulped. The presence of that smile was making what was to come seem all the worse.

"The third one is going to administer him a post-surgical checkup and some nursing. While wearing a nurse's uniform. Oh, and a very pretty women's wig, too. I picked it out myself."

The three looked at each other, then at Nao, then each other, then at Nao. "You can't be serious!" Tora spluttered.

"Oh, I am serious," Nao said. "And I'm going to take you all over to Shou's place and make sure every bit of it is done."

"Who's going to do what?" Saga said, eyes to the window. Maybe he could escape out of it. No, wait, Nao lived on the 15th floor. Shimmy down the drainpipe? Nope, that was on the other side of the wall. Hope for an airplane to be conveniently passing by and then grab its tail?

"I'm glad you asked," Nao said. "That's going to be decided the way we decide anything serious around here. Rock-paper-scissors. Hiroto, you'll play me. If you win, you get automatic immunity from wearing the nurse's uniform. If you lose, you have to play the winner of the match between Tora and Saga."

So, that was the game. Saga had a two-in-three chance of winning, right? Okay, he wasn't a cook, but he'd be able to come up with some kind of soup. It was just a matter of following a recipe book. Piece of cake, right?

* * *

Saga hated Tora and Hiroto right about now. He hated the original designer of nurses' uniforms and the inventor of rock-paper-scissors. He hated whoever had made this mess of long brown curls he now had on his head and the shoe company behind the high-heeled, thigh-high boots and whoever came up with the garterbelt and the makers of the . . . well, he couldn't hate the makeup company too much. It was the same brand he wore on stage, after all. But still.

The others were in the kitchen, assembling the soup ingredients to take over to Shou's, while Saga just hid in here. Nao had told him he was gorgeous (he'd put on the wig and makeup, after all). He was going to have to take his word for it. He wasn't going to look in that mirror. No way, no how.

He just sat on Nao's bed, glancing around at the figures of mecha and anime girls that covered every available surface, waiting for the word that they were going to leave and get this over with. Damn Nao. He really did have a legitimate reason for not visiting Shou! He really was too far from the hospital! He really was . . .

He sighed. He really was making up excuses, wasn't he? He hated hospitals, bottom line. How ironic that he was dressed as a freaking nurse now.

Saga jumped when he heard his phone go off. Great. Wonderful timing. Hi, no, I can't talk right now, I have to go play nurse with my laid-up bandmate. Yes, literally. Okay, he'd just see who it was and call them back.

The phone was, of course, on the other side of the room. He got up, started to walk - and crossed the mirror.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of himself. Whoa, who let a beautiful woman into Nao's place? She was right there, out in the . . .

No, that wasn't the hall, it was the mirror. And suddenly, the ringing phone was forgotten.

Saga turned to look at himself. What he saw was a tall, slender woman, brown curls falling past her shoulder, a little nurse's cap pinned on top. She wore a short, low-cut uniform, the skirt having almost a loli feel to it, puffed out and draped in folds, with red piping around the hemline, the neckline and the cap sleeves.

On her legs were the thigh-high white boots, with a generous glimpse of attractive thigh between them and the bottom of the skirt. Red garters, matching the piping, were visible along the thighs.

The whole ensemble suited him so perfectly that Saga wondered if Nao had gone out and bought three nurses' outfits - one for each of them.

He looked at the mirror and pushed some of the brown curls back. Damn, he looked . . . hot. He was used to looking hot, of course. It was part of the job when you were in visual kei. But this was a different kind of hot altogether.

Saga was, like many men in his profession, bisexual. And he suddenly found himself in the position of wanting to date himself.

He turned and looked at himself in the mirror from a side angle, then over his shoulder from the rear. The dress clung to his body in ways men's clothing never did, seeming to change the very shape of him, making him look . . . softer. It seemed to take his natural sensuality and enhance it, bring out sides of it that had never been seen before.

Turning full-face to the mirror again, he wet his lips and fluffed his hair. No, her hair. He looked and felt like a porn star in this outfit. A female porn star. An out-and-out triple-X diva. Porn was a subject Saga was well-acquainted with, of course, so it was something he could relate to.

He remembered one film in particular with naughty nurses - something vintage, shot on actual film, seeming to date from the so-called "golden age." He smiled to himself.

Give Shou a medical exam and some tender loving care? He knew exactly what form that tender loving care was going to take.

He was still studying himself in the mirror when the knock came on the door to announce that they were going.

* * *

Shou lay on his bed, looking at the message on his phone. Well, that was cryptic. Nao said he was coming over with some surprises, and he hoped he was both hungry and well-rested. Whatever did that mean?

He put the phone on the nighttable and lay back, gently rubbing his throat. He was still pretty sore, but the swelling was going down now, thank God. He had the doctor's assurance he'd be able to sing again, which was an enormous load off his mind.

Other than his sister and Nao, the other visitor he'd had in the hospital had been Ruki. Shou hadn't been able to talk at the time, and he'd filled a pad with scrawled lettering proclaiming over and over how terrified he was that his career was through, that he'd never do the one thing he lived for ever again. Ruki had held his hand and reassured him over and over that the doctors knew what they were doing (and if they'd screwed up, he'd break their fucking necks). Only another vocalist would have been able to understand his pain and worry at that moment.

The worst was over - hopefully. Of course, there was still the nagging question of why his other bandmates - his friends-with-benefits - hadn't come to see him. He wanted to talk to them - when he could talk better.

He'd told Nao that he'd leave the door unlocked for him and that he should just come in, and soon, he heard familiar, hushed voices in the living room. Nao, and Tora, and . . . Hiroto. A small smile involuntarily crossed his face at that. And then, banging in his kitchen, the sounds of pots and pans. That explained the "hungry" part. He just hoped they remembered he still couldn't eat anything too solid.

The door to his bedroom opened, and there stood . . . well, the last thing in the world he expected to see. He was beginning to wonder if he was hallucinating, if he was having some kind of flashbacks from the heavy-duty painkillers he'd had during surgery.

There was a gorgeous nurse, a slender woman in . . . okay, that didn't exactly look like an official issue uniform. She looked familiar, in a way - but in another way, he knew he hadn't seen her before. He'd remember someone like that.

"Well, hello," she said in a husky contralto voice, stepping into the room and shutting the door. "I hear you need a post-surgical exam."

Exam? Exam? Right now, Shou was beginning to wonder if he needed a heart specialist, not a nurse. She was making him question his leaning-heavily-towards-men-bisexuality. She was stunning, the way she moved toward the bed with utmost grace, opening the little black bag she'd brought with her and reaching in for a stethoscope.

"You know the rules for this kind of thing," she said. "Take off your clothes. I need everything off to get a proper exam."

Take . . . off . . . his . . . clothes? Oh, this was a hallucination. This wasn't happening. He was in wacky la-la land. The beautiful nurse was going to be followed by an apparition of Doraemon flying across the room wearing a sumo wrestler's topknot and fundoshi.

"I . . . I . . ." he said, paralyzed, unable to move.

And then, the nurse said, in an all-too-familiar voice, "Oh, come on, Shou, I've seen you naked hundreds of times!" She caught herself, coughed, and said, a bit too daintily, "Come on, now, rules are rules."

Shou blinked. Saga? SAGA? It sounded like Saga. Either that, or he was gaga. He shook his head and looked at her again. Now he could see the eyes, that distinctive not-quite-straight nose. Good Lord, it WAS him. Either that, or the drugs. Nope, no flying fundoshi Doraemon. That meant it was really Saga.

And suddenly, Shou smiled to himself. Well, damn. Saga was making it up to him for not coming to see him in the hospital by playing out a kinky fantasy. Now, that was one hell of a get-well-soon present. One would think that after being poked and prodded in not-so-pleasant ways in the hospital for a seeming eternity, playing doctor would be the last thing he'd want to do.

But Saga was offering him the promise of poking and prodding him in pleasant ways - while dressed as a hot nurse to boot.

He quickly rid himself of his ratty T-shirt and sweatpants, tossing them in the corner. "All right, then, nurse," he said in his raspy post-surgical voice. "What do you need me to do?"

Saga put the stethoscope on his/her ears, and said, "I'm going to listen to your heart." (Was it Shou's imagination, or was he checking his fabulous female self out in the mirror as he did so?)

Shou lay back, arms over his head, watching Saga lean over, poking the cosplay medical instrument on his chest. Well, it may be a prop, but it felt as cold as the real thing, all right. Lord knew he'd experienced enough of those in the past week - among other things.

"Hmm," Saga said. "I'm going to need a closer listen." And he/she bent over, resting the head with the luxurious curls - and the wig felt nice and soft - on Shou's chest. "May have to feel the pulse, close-up . . ."

And he brought his fingers to Shou's nipples, starting to gently stroke them, rubbing them, teasing them into points. A brush of his cheek sent the silky curls brushing over one peak, and Shou leaned up, moaning.

Saga's lips closing over one bud brought about more moaning, especially when he/she started to suck, tongue flicking out, teasing, brushing, then pulling away, then stroking again. A light nip brought about the loudest groan yet.

The hot-nurse-who-was-formerly-known-as-Saga raised her head. "Oh? What's that noise? Are you in pain?"

"Maybe," Shou said, raising his head, smiling at his caregiver.

"Well, then, this is going to have to require further examination, isn't it? Turn over."

Shou gave Saga a seductive little smile. "You're not going to have to prick my finger, are you?"

"Oh, no," Saga said, reaching into the cosplay bag. "But I have an entirely different kind of prick in mind."

Shou flipped on his stomach, watching intently as the naughty nurse reached into the cosplay bag again, this time withdrawing a pair of rubber gloves, and began making a big show of putting them on. How fascinating that what would have been cause for dread when he was in the hospital - a nurse putting on rubber gloves meant a blood test at best, getting poked and prodded at worst - was suddenly very exciting.

"Now, I need to examine your bottom. Closely," Nurse Saga said (with another glance in the mirror), before placing his/her gloved hands on Shou's ass. He felt a gentle squeeze, a release, a firmer one, then fingers running over sensitive flesh, rubbing, pressing, brushing, pausing in one spot to give it special attention. The barrier of the rubber was just increasing the excitement, keeping Saga's warmth just far enough away to be teasing, tantalizing . . .

He was getting examined, all right, the way those fingers kept slipping into the cleft, just long enough to feel it, then darting away, leaving him wanting more, then squeezing both sides of his ass . . .

Shou resisted the urge to close his eyes, as much as he was relaxing. He wanted to look over and see the vision that was administering him a poking and prodding of the very best kind. He wouldn't mind it if Nurse Saga brought out the needles at this point. Hell, that might be kinky fun, a little bit of pain spicing the pleasure.

Amazing, when you thought about it, how many things that were done to you in the hospital could be metaphors for sensuality. The finger sticking he talked about before? Penetration with a bit of blood, like the loss of virginity. Full-blown needles? An injection resulting in a release of fluid. Listening to the heart, of course, feeling your lover's heartbeat. Palpitating and prodding, no other explanation needed. Oh, and taking your temperature? Putting a cylindrical object in one's mouth or ass, of course.

And the more he thought like this, the hotter his nurse was getting. He had to restrain himself from pulling him/her down to the bed and administering, well, an internal checkup.

"I'm sorry," Saga said. "I think I'm going to have to give you a full probe." And into the bag again, this time for lube.

"Be gentle," Shou said, looking mock-worried.

"I always am." Saga lubed a finger and pressed it gently at Shou's entrance. "Unless, of course, you like it rough."

The finger slid into him, pushing past the ring of muscle, over sensitive nerve endings, the rubber gliding easily through the lube, crooking a little as he felt around, trying to find the moan zones . . .

He found one quickly. Shou let out a noise of pleasure, hand clutching at the sheets. Saga was always good at this, but now? That finger was fairly dancing inside him. Wriggling, pushing, pulling, going in a little further, then a little further still . . . He didn't think it was possible, but something was making Saga bolder, wilder, hotter than ever.

"How is that?" Nurse Saga said. "Are you comfortable?"

"More than comfortable," Shou said. Oh, was that an understatement. As far as he was concerned, that finger could stay in him forever, if it wouldn't create an awkward as hell situation. It wouldn't look good to have Saga walking around behind him all the time, finger firmly planted in Shou's behind. Not to mention it would make it kind of hard for him to play bass.

The finger pushed in a little more, and hooked a certain way, and Shou suddenly felt pleasure shoot through his body like fireworks, grabbing the bed again and moaning, feeling the area where he'd had the surgery aching in response to the exertion of his voice - but it was the loveliest kind of pain imaginable.

"Oh, you respond well to this, do you?" Nurse Saga said, and the finger pressed against that spot again, rubbing, stroking, and Shou writhed, moaning, pushing his hips back. Oh, good, so, so good, molten ecstasy running slowly through his veins, starting to drive him slightly mad . . .

But then, the finger withdrew. Shou paused, waiting for a second to push in as well . . . but it didn't. What? What was Saga doing?

He looked back at his "caregiver." "Aren't you going to give me a full probe?" he said.

Saga shook his head. "I've decided what your final course of treatment is. Turn over."

Shou flipped on his back - was Saga going to ride him? Well, that would be a nice visual, especially if he left the uniform on. "What are you going to do?"

"What's needed," Saga said, "is a tonsillectomy."

Shou raised his head. "But I already had one of them."

"No," Saga said. "I mean, you're going to give me a tonsillectomy. Of a sort."

And with that, Saga got up on the bed and knelt astride Shou's head. Oh, the "nurse" had been planning the grand finale all along - inspired by that old porn film he'd seen. It was something that was a sexual talent of his to begin with, but he was going to put on some extra oomph, really go for the gusto.

The secret to this, he knew, was keeping a straight line between one's head and neck. (Thank you, Internet. But no thank you for the rather nasty spam and pop-ups that resulted from the research. Time to get a Mac.) And so, he intended to lean waaay over, almost as if he were doing a 69 with him . . .

Shou felt a hand grasping his erection . . . and then a warm mouth sliding down. And down. And down. Wait, Saga was going to stop, wasn't . . . oh, no, he wasn't. He was still sliding down. Holy hell. Shou felt like he was being engulfed, swallowed whole, in a way he never had before - not even by Saga.

Saga, meanwhile, was surprising even himself. He'd never been able to do this before. Okay, he'd achieved what could be considered deep throat, but . . . not this deep. Good. Lord. He knew it was well past his previous record.

A personal best. Gold Medal for Nurse Saga. Strike up the Japanese national anthem.

He began to pull back, slowly, sucking as he went, wondering if this was a one-time-only thing, if he was going to be able to do it again on the next downstroke. It would ruin everything if he choked. But, no, he was going deep-deeper-deepest yet again, and dear God, was it wonderful.

Shou just lay under Saga, unable to believe what he was feeling. It was total immersion in hot and soft and wet, completely being engulfed in a sea of sex. It was a throat probe far nicer than those sticks they continually pushed into his mouth, a poking and prodding of the most delightful sort, and Lord knew his temperature and blood pressure were on the rise. Not to mention his heart rate.

Saga moved down on him, then slid up, and Shou luxuriated in the feeling of silky wet flesh all over him as he opened his eyes and got a lovely view of his lover's ass in red panties and matching garterbelt, clearly visible under the uniform. The slow heat that hat started in his body with the pleasant anal probe was becoming a slow-building fire, and he moaned, murmuring, "Don't stop. Don't ever stop . . ."

The nurse wasn't going to stop if the fate of the entire damn world depended on it. This was the most wild, outrageous blow job ever. Saga was feeling high on his ability to control Shou, his own sexual power, the fact that he just KNEW he looked beautiful doing this (even though he couldn't see the mirror for once, dammit). He loved the feel of the cock moving deeper than a cock should, the air of the forbidden, of the slightly dangerous.

And, God, it was making him feel hot all over. The more he moved down on Shou's hardness, the more he heard the other man moan and felt him grab his ass, the more he felt his own cock hardening, straining at the fabric that covered it.

Shou reached up, squeezing Saga's bottom, moaning and moaning and writhing and feeling like he was going to burst, going to explode, and it didn't matter, he was going to love every second of it, any second now, any . . .

A hard downstroke did the trick, and Shou let out a hoarse cry, arching upward, pouring his come down Saga's throat, feeling like it was never going to end, that his orgasm was as deep and hard and outrageous as Saga's incredible ministrations.

No nurse had ever administered a more effective treatment.

Saga finally pulled away, and turned over, gasping and panting and grabbing at his throat. Damn, now that it was over, he felt like he was the one who'd just had the tonsillectomy. But, God, was it worth it. And if he woke up tomorrow with a killer sore throat? It would still be worth it.

He felt hands reaching under the nurse's uniform, grabbing the panties, yanking them down. "You were so good to me," Shou said. "it's about time you got some tender loving care of your own."

His hand wrapped around the very male part of his sexy nurse, beginning a gentle, firm stroke, leaning over to bring his lips to Saga's. They kissed, tongues teasing each other, Shou tasting the results of Saga's incredible performance, as fingers moved along hot, hard skin, caressing and teasing.

Saga lay back and enjoyed the fruits of his efforts, the way Shou was rubbing his palm over the tip, then twisting his hand a bid as he stroked downward, caressing the base, then stroking up, their lips still joined in a hot kiss. Oh, this wasn't going to take long, he could feel the heat gathering in his belly, swelling, getting ready to explode . . .

A little tickle at the juncture of head and shaft pushed him over the edge, and he pushed his hips toward Shou, yelling in bliss, come flowing over the other man's fingers. The orgasm went on, and on, and . . .

And as Saga lay basking in the afterglow, panting, nurse's uniform and wig stuck to him with sweat, he decided that he loved Tora and Hiroto, and the original designer of nurses' uniforms and the inventor of rock-paper-scissors, the wigmaker and shoemaker and inventor of the garterbelt, the makers of that old porno movie and whoever the hell first decided nurses were sexy, anyway.

Most of all, he loved Nao for setting this up, and Shou for, dammit, being more than just a casual fuck.

* * *

They were curled together in the middle of the bed, still recovering, a sheet pulled over their lower halves even though Saga was still wearing the nurse's costume.

"I'm sorry I didn't come see you," Saga murmured. "In the hospital, I mean."

Shou opened his eyes and turned his head toward his friend and lover. Damn, he still looked beautiful as a she, even with messed-up hair and makeup.

"It's all right," he said.

"No, it's not," Saga said. "I made excuses. I just wanted to avoid being in a hospital. And I should have thought of . . ."

Shou put his fingers under Saga's chin and gently turned his head to face him. "Saga, I mean it. It's all right. I wasn't very talkative, anyway." He leaned over and kissed him, softly. "You're here now, aren't you? And you did all this for me. The costume, the nurse act, and the . . ."

"Deep throat?" Saga said. He chuckled. "Don't get used to it. I don't know if I'll be able to do it again." He didn't have the heart to tell Shou he hadn't originally chosen to do this. But given the opportunity to do it again? He'd do it in a heartbeat.

"The deep throating?" Shou said. "Okay - I admit, that was hard. What about the costume?"

Saga paused, closing his eyes, a mental image of himself in the mirror filling his mind's eye. Beautiful, sensual and powerful, in a whole different way than his onstage self. Wear the costume again? Hell to the yes.

He gave Shou a sly smile, and said, in a casual voice, "Maybe."

And so, our little medical drama comes to a close. Oh, as for the soup buffet? It was less of a success. After the second boiled-over pot, Tora and Hiroto snuck out to a gourmet food store and bought three quart containers of nice soups. Nao pretended not to notice. His point had been made, and he was his sunny self after that.

Good thing they took awhile getting it, because Saga and Shou needed the extra private time. Every good nurse has to perform a followup exam.

The End. And Deep Throat to you all.


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Jul. 14th, 2012 04:39 am (UTC)
I loved it!
Jul. 14th, 2012 04:47 am (UTC)
Ugh sorry, what the fuck. I'm on someone else's laptop and I just tapped on something that sent the message unfinished.

I meant to say that I've been reading your fanfiction for a while now, and you're probably one of my favorite writers right now. There's so little worth the time in the A9 fic fandom and it's such a breath of fresh air to find works such as yours. Seriously. I really, REALLY missed good Alice Nine fanfiction.

About this oneshot in particular... Saga being a lady is SUCH A TURN ON! Amazing work there, I loved everyone's characterization (special mention for Nao - because sadgasjdgdsah!!!!), but gorgeous, sexy, vain Nurse Saga gets the cake this time.

I'll try to leave as many comments as I can from now on, although I'm not very eloquent and my english is sort of... limited, haha. I hope you don't mind and forgive me if I've made many mistakes ;A;

Also, you'll notice that I've added you to my friends list, because I would very much like to keep updated on your wonderful writing.

Thanks for sharing with us! :)
Jul. 15th, 2012 01:58 am (UTC)
Thank you! *blush* That is a HUGE compliment, I hope to be worthy of praise like that in the future! *bows* (And I see no problem with your English at all!)

Saga was a lot of fun to work with on this one. I came up with the idea, and then had trouble figuring out who was going to be in the nurse's uniform (more like, the muses were fighting me tooth and nail XD) until I asked myself, who is most likely to see his reflection in the mirror dressed like that and find himself hot? Answer: Saga. And into the fic it went. ~_^ Furthermore, you might see more of Nurse Saga in the future - stay tuned!
Jul. 14th, 2012 07:15 am (UTC)
THAT WAS AMAZING xD Humorous and hot, girl you always have the way to acomplish a great result xD

Jul. 15th, 2012 02:00 am (UTC)
Thank you! I've already got a second Kink Bingo fic up, though it's very different from this one! I'm so glad you liked it - believe me, I'm having fun with the prompts. Kink Bingo eats your soul.
Jul. 15th, 2012 02:36 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, I can believe that... I likve the prompts too and the work i've been reading from people here based on this xD I wish I had the guts to try writing NC-17 again, but I am not that much descriptive i think for a work llike this... So i'll leave this for more experts... I'll go find the other one :3
Jul. 14th, 2012 11:30 am (UTC)
Screaming because this was by far the most amazing smut one shot that I've read in a super long time. I just love the little bits of humor that you snuck in. \(//∇//)\
-throws cookies at you-
Jul. 15th, 2012 02:09 am (UTC)
*catches the cookies and eats them*

WOW. Thank you, that's HUGE praise! When I set out to write this, my goal was "humorous smut," and it sounds like I succeeded! This was definitely fun to write, especially Saga's transformation from "I HATE EVERYTHING!" to "I LOVE EVERYTHING!" (And we may not have seen the last of Nurse Saga!) Thank you so much again!
Jul. 14th, 2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
This fanfiction was.............I need Saga nurse here to stop my nose from bleeding!
Your writing is stunning (*,,*) <3
Jul. 15th, 2012 02:25 am (UTC)
*gives you a towel for the nosebleed*

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it, because it's a first for me on a couple of levels (never wrote crossdressing before, never wrote Shou/Saga). I hope you enjoy my other Kink Bingo fics as well!
Jul. 15th, 2012 10:00 am (UTC)
A towel is not ENOUGH!
This was really sexy and I looooved the way you described the nurse outfit, somehow cute and sexy <3
Aw I love crossdressing (*O*)
I have just noticed that I think I have read some of your stories before! But I am not sure if I commented or not.
Also I have read the Hiroto and Shou 69 day fic some days ago and almost died too. You are amazing (;_;)
Jul. 15th, 2012 12:34 pm (UTC)
*g* Yay for Kink Bingo!!!

I'm not one for crossdressing usually, but naughty nurses (and medical kink)? Oh yes! :D I do like how you set it up, with the shamefaced boys knowing they had been wrong. The bit with hating everyone and everything responsible for his predicament made me laugh, and I loved that you circled back to that with loving them. And deep-throating is something that I always find hot when well-written! :D (I have tried that "keep a straight line" trick, but it didn't help me much, sadly. *g*)

I think I've said it before, but I love seeing true happenings and facts woven into the fictional. :D
Jul. 15th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)
I like to ground my fics in actual incidents - it makes the story seem more "real" (even though we all know it's coming from my overactive imagination)! In this case, I'd wanted to use this particular incident in some way ever since I read about it - they really didn't visit Shou in the hospital, save for Nao, and the excuses they gave for not visiting really were pretty lame. (Saga's was the same as in the fic, that he lived too far away. He said he was mastering a new game during the band's break. Shou replied with a sunny, "Well, that seems like a really productive way to pass the time!" - but you could sense the sarcasm behind it.)

I had originally intended this fic to encompass both the "crossdressing" and "medical kink" squares, but finding out it was one one square to a fic killed that. I figured they went together well - especially since acting out the porn film naughty nurse is right up Saga's alley, especially since he watches the stuff a lot. (Just about every episode of Alice Nine Channel, he will say something reminds him of something in an "AV." XD)

I just had to bring Saga's initial feelings full-circle. The boy learned his lesson about shirking a friend/lover who's in need, but he also learned he looks damn pretty in a nurse's uniform. ~_^ (And there just might be a sequel to this. Have to fill that extra square, after all).

Thanks so much for commenting! (It always means a lot when you read and comment on my Alice Nine stuff, since I know that's not your fandom!)
Jul. 15th, 2012 10:53 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna sound like a terrible slut, but the straight-line thing only works if you're really, really relaxed lol XD The actual trick is to combine straight-line with relaxing the jaw, pushing out your tongue and breathing very, very slowly through the nose...you so did not hear that from me...ahem as if y'all didn't know I was a slut already... XD
Jul. 15th, 2012 11:07 pm (UTC)
No no no! Doesn't sound like a slut at all!!! I am so used to openly discussing all things regarding sex in my family that I don't much reflect over it. Haha, um, we sometimes discuss sex over the dinner table at my parents'. :D I love getting tips like these because really!!!! I'm pretty good at sucking and usually send guys to heaven *g*, but I have to use other tricks than taking them deeply because my gag reflex is so bad! I have talked to ppl (okay, I've asked my mum, hush) I know can do it, and they just say that they do it and have always been able to and have no tricks. Why didn't I get *that* gene, huh?
Jul. 16th, 2012 02:15 am (UTC)
Lol I like sex, what can I say XD although I do talk about sex with my mom now that i'm older, I really don't know if I'd ask her for blowjob advice XD Apparently I give really good head (from what I've heard...and seen...and...um, swallowed XD) I used to have issues with my gag reflex too but I swear to god, slow, controlled breathing through the nose is key, as well as going very slowly, at a rhythm you're comfortable with. It solved most of my issues. That and, um, lots of practice with a nice guy who won't get too excited and shove everything in at once -__- those guys...I think I'm biting the next one who tries that while I'm deep throating -___-
Jul. 15th, 2012 11:17 pm (UTC)
This was...AWESOME!

I was entertained from start to finish, and I just LOVED how you made Saga completely vain with this XD I could very easily imagine him in that outfit thinking that he'd love fucking himself XD Oh and the fact that Nao orchestrated the whole thing somewhat makes it fall within the realm of "humiliation" and that makes it pretty hot I have to say. That and the fact that he picked up the costume himself…Is that a hint of kinky Nao? XD

I really appreciated the fact that they both got into the roleplay spontaneously, that Shou just went along with it and got turned on by it. And of course the actual sex was just...unf! What can I say, I get turned on by medical stuff in general, and when Saga put on the gloves, my brain just went "oh yes, fucking showtime baby!" I appreciated the parallels that Shou was making with sexual and medical acts too, it made Saga's actions all the hotter. The fact that Saga gets turned on and more adventurous by the knowledge that his outfit is making him look fuckable…also fucking hot! The deep throating, panty-garter-belt-clad ass groping and subsequent orgasm…unf! Hot from start to finish.

That's the kind of fic that could've easily ended up being a garish cliché in less skilled hands, but of course with your inherent talent, it became a goddamn masterpiece. Awesome and well done my dear, I did not expect any less from you ;)
All hail Kink Bingo for getting all that pervy stuff to happen ;D
Jul. 16th, 2012 12:39 am (UTC)
Yay, I am so glad that you enjoyed it! Saga's vanity was a HUGE part of the story. The moment he realized he'd do himself, that's when he started going from "Oh, hell no" to "Oh, hell yes!" when it came to the costume. And his enthusiasm for the whole thing was contagious and helped Shou get into it.

I actually left Nao's true intentions with this up to the reader (Is he being kinky? Is he acting out of jealousy? Does he just know his band members a little too well?) But one thing is for sure - he knew exactly what he was doing. Shou has just been through medical hell, and this takes that hell and transforms it into a little bit of heaven - as Nao himself says, "Turning a negative into a positive." And who better to do the administering than one of the boys who refused to see him in the hospital? (And Nao was counting on it being Saga, too. He knew his bandmate's lack of luck with rock-paper-scissors).

I wanted Shou's observations on the similarities between sex and medical procedures to enhance the moment, so I'm glad that worked! I also kind of intended the deep throating to be an inversion of what had just happened to Shou - he'd just had his throat invaded by medicine in an unpleasant way, and now he's invading Saga's throat in a pleasant one. (It also shows how relaxed and uninhibited Saga is in look-at-me-I'm-a-porn-girl mode!)

I'm so glad you think that my Kink Bingo is off to a good start - and believe me, there's a lot more to come! XD
Jul. 16th, 2012 02:22 am (UTC)
I personally like to think that Nao might have been a bit of a kinky boy in this XD it makes it even more amusing to me XD

It was a success all around imho, Saga's vanity, Shou's excitement, the medical talk and of course the parallel about pleasant and unpleasant throat invasions...it was perfect! If that isn't a good start, I don't know what is XD
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