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Title: Shou-chan in Wonderland
Chapter: 4/4
Authors: aleksiina_26, puss_nd_boots (This chapter by puss_nd_boots)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: In this chapter, Shou X Hiroto and Kai X Uruha. Previous chapters in the series included Saga X Shou/Shou X Saga, Ruki X Shou and Tora X Shou.
Genre: Fantasy, smut, romance, some humour
Warning: Male x male sex (including voyeurism in this part), foul language, adult themes.
Disclaimer: We sadly don't own the boys…if only! The story is ours though…
Summary: After a long day of rehearsal the day before Alice Nine's famed Budokan show, all that Shou needs is a little sleep. Easier said than done when some fantasy characters are hell bent of preventing him from getting the rest he deserves…
Notes: And finally, the finale of our collaboration series inspired by Alice in Wonderland and, to at least some extent, Clamp’s Miyuki-chan in Wonderland. (And just in time for Shou’s birthday, YAY!) The series is set in the middle of my second Stargazer fic, Starlight: The Glittering Sea of the Night Sky, in which Shou is about to play Budokan with Alice Nine, but is in denial about his love for Hiroto – although that love is starting to get under his skin and invade his dreams . . . The end of this fic is adapted from that one. We have very much enjoyed collaborating on this series, and we just might be in the preliminary planning stages of another possible joint effort, which would involve a certain other Stargazer: character in denial of his true love and a dream about a very famous movie . . .

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful man who got a mysterious visit from a White Squirrel in the middle of the night. The Squirrel stole his phone and disappeared into the closet, and when our hero tried to follow him, he found himself in a very strange world. Seeking a way to get back to home – since he had something Very Important to do the next night – the young man found himself in a number of situations where he gave his body for information, only to be told to go see someone else – first, the Caterpillar, who turned into a Butterfly after their coupling; then the Mad Hatter, who insisted our hero attend his tea party (with no tea) before seducing him; and finally, the Cheshire Tiger, with whom our young man had a very rough – but very pleasant – interlude. As the Tiger slept, our hero encountered the Butterfly again, who set him on what he called “the right path,” insisting he’d find what he sought this time . . .

Shou was beginning to feel like he'd been walking for half his life. By the time he got to Budokan, if he ever got there, he probably would have lost 10 pounds. That sparkly white suit he'd been meticulously fitted for was going to hang on him like a potato sack.

He was now making his way through the forest, on what Saga assured him was "the right path." Of course, he didn't know if he could really trust the Butterfly, given the wild goose chase he'd led him on so far. Not that he'd exactly minded the detours with the Caterpillar/Butterfly, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Tiger. Not at all.

It was just that all this detouring was keeping him from where he was going. Or, rather, where he was meant to end up. Problem was, he had no idea where that was.

At least this forest looked relatively normal, compared to the rest of Wonderland. He saw no motorcycle mice or walking blobs or hungry egg-headed men on walls. Okay, so there was that large bird that just flew past him with the head of a small human, wings of a bat and feet of a dog - but compared to the other things he'd seen, that was as ordinary as your typical Toyko park pigeon.

"Right path," he murmured to himself. "Well, I'm not seeing any door out of here yet, am I?" He just hoped that getting out of here wasn't going to involve eating more cucumbers, the way getting in had. But then, there was that nagging feeling in the back of his head that it really wasn't a door he was looking for, was it?

And why was he suddenly having strange visions – like a movie playing in his head – of the Cheshire Tiger and Butterfly snuggled in bed together like a loving couple that was meant to be together all along? Where did that come from?

He was getting ready to ask the next BirdDogMan he saw how you could get the hell out of this place when he was nearly knocked off his feet by something furry racing past him. By the time he got his balance again, something else furry came charging by, and he resumed staggering. Apparently, there was a conspiracy to get him flat on his back and keep him there.

When his head stopped whirling, he realized the things that had played bowling balls to his pin were the same two rabbits that had been at the Mad Hatter's tea-party-where-there-was-never-any-tea. He knew for sure when they leapt into the air and began elongating, fur disappearing from their skin, front paws growing into human arms . . .

But the rabbit ears remained firmly perched atop their heads, Uruha-Rabbit's golden, Kai-Rabbit's black. Now that they weren't seated at a table, Shou could see that they also still had rabbit feet at the ends of their legs - well, at least Kai did. Uruha's feet were somehow crammed into a pair of just-over-the-knee boots, the better to show off the "absolute territory" between them and his short shorts.

He was going to step forward, to ask them how the heck did one get out of here, if this was really "the right path" and what the hell did that mean and what was he looking for anyway . . . when he saw them wrap their arms around each other and kiss. That was most definitely not rabbitlike. It was a full-blown, very human kiss, soft and hot and passionate.

Shou just stood there for a moment, baffled. Why were Kai and Uruha kissing? They weren't a couple back home, were they? Uruha was dating Aoi, Kai was single. But then, he remembered the same thought had popped into his head right before leaving the bar where the tea party was held, when Ruki-The-Mad-Hatter had asked Aoi-Mouse if he was jealous of Ruki's tryst with Shou . . .

"What the hell is it with this place?" Shou murmured out loud.

The other two were completely oblivious to him. They were too busy kissing passionately, mouths opening, tongues caressing each other. Uruha reached up and started to unbutton the shirt that had appeared on Kai's body during the morph.

"See?" he murmured between kisses. "It's much nicer in this form."

Kai's only answer was to pull the other rabbit-human back into his embrace, their tongues meeting before their lips did this time. His hand grasped at Uruha's shirt, tugging at it, trying to pull it over his head.

Shou ducked behind a tree, and realized he was breathing hard. Yes, he was feeling the familiar warm tingles of desire all over his body. How the hell could that possibly be? He'd just had wild, dangerous sex with Tora-the-Cheshire-Tiger. (Hell, he was surprised he wasn't fainting all over the place from the blood loss. Did the Tiger magically replenish that when he healed Shou's wounds?) He'd had two other mad, passionate encounters before that. There shouldn't be anything left in him at all.

And yet, watching the two of them was making him feel, well, hot all over.

Shou remained behind the tree, but peeked around its trunk. Kai and Uruha were on the ground now, naked. He could see the legs more fully now - they were human until the knee, at which point they grew more rabbitlike, covered with fur that matched their ears. The feet were fully those of a rabbit, making Shou wonder if Uruha employed some magical means to get them into those human-looking boots.

But there was little reason to contemplate their feet and legs now. Not when they were laughing softly, kissing, then laughing again.

“I’ve waited to be alone with you for a long time,” Kai said, looking down and blushing a little. “It feels like forever.”

"We had the tea party date, remember?" Uruha said, reaching out and tickling the other man's ears, making him chuckle. "We couldn't miss it."

"But aren’t there more important things than tea?" Kai said, taking Uruha's hand in his and kissing it.

"There wasn't any tea," Uruha said.

There was a pause, and then both men chorused, "There never is." They laughed, and kissed again, soft, gentle and tender, then growing more passionate, arms starting to wrap around each other, mouths opening again. Uruha let out a deep sigh as his tongue played with Kai's.

Their watcher felt his breath catch in his throat, his heart pound faster. There was just something about what he was watching, about the way they were interacting. It wasn't just that they were naked and beautiful, that they were kissing and touching each other. It was, well . . .

The way they looked into each other's eyes. The softness of their voices. Their eagerness to be with each other. There was sex in front of him, yes . . . but there was also a lot more than that.

He watched as Uruha was rolled onto his back, still laughing, and Kai drew a long line down his chest and stomach with his tongue. "Aahh, yes," the golden rabbit sighed, reaching down and stroking his fingers over his lover's ears - which Kai then used to tickle him, brushing them up and down his belly as Uruha grasped the back of his head.

"No fair, no fair!" Uruha said, gasping a little, he was laughing so hard.

"No?" Kai said, raising his head.

"No," Uruha replied. "You know what I'd like better, don't you?"

Kai responded by lowering his head, drawing his tongue slowly up the underside of the other rabbit-man's cock - which was, Shou noticed, rather normal-looking, if a bit larger than usual. Uruha gasped in pleasure, murmuring, "You know. You always do."

Kai took the other man's erection in his hand, kissing it tenderly, and then lowering his head to brush the soft ears over it, earning a keening moan from his lover. He brushed his cheek against it, then kissed it again, murmuring, "Every part of you is beautiful."

"Even in this form?" Uruha said, lifting his head.

"Especially in this form," his lover replied, slowly licking bottom to top of the organ in front of him. Uruha leaned up toward him, moaning again.

The observer behind the tree found himself wondering what that tongue felt like (velvety soft? Or textured like the Cheshire Tiger's?), and what those ears felt like on bare skin. They were soft, weren't they? Oh, from the way Uruha was reacting, they had to be.

But Shou wasn't thinking in terms of feeling them against himself. He wouldn't dream of coming between the two of them. They belonged to each other completely, didn't they? (Kai and Uruha? Kai and Uruha? And why was that idea becoming less nutty and more welcome the more he watched them?)

Kai-Rabbit moved down further now, kissing his lover's gorgeous, shapely thighs, and then rubbed his ears over them again. Uruha let out a sharp "Aaah!" and raised his head, saying, "I know what you like."

"Oh?" Kai said, raising his head.

"You're going to have to sit down," Uruha replied. Kai sat back on his haunches, and Uruha stood up. Shou could now see there was a white cottontail attached to the base of his spine, just at the top of the tailbone. Tailbone, place to attach a tail. Ha, ha, funny. Nice to see there was at least a tiny bit of logic in this insane place.

Kai sat on the ground, legs in front of him now, hands braced behind him, erection proudly on display, totally unaware they were being watched. He turned an angelic smile up at Uruha, who smiled back at him.

Then, Uruha settled into Kai's lap, pushing his bottom forward slowly, so that cottontail was brushing right against his lover's cock.

Shou didn't need to see the actual tail-on-erection contact. He could tell by the way Kai threw his head back, eyes shut, hands reaching out to grasp Uruha's hips as the golden rabbit-man began to grind against him in a sort of lap dance.

"Oh, yes," he moaned. "Yes, Uruha . . ."

"Tell me how it feels," Uruha murmured.

"Soft . . . so soft and so good . . ."

"Then I'll give you more." Uruha began to grind faster, harder, and Shou gripped the tree bark as he imagined that cottony sensation brushing against hot, hard flesh. He couldn't tear his eyes away from them if the damn sky was falling in. He watched the intense look of concentration on Uruha's face, the sweet bliss on Kai's, the way their hips moved together as one, intensifying their pleasure.

Uruha moved slower now, and pressed his hips down harder, an intense grind, and Kai cried out, gripping his lover's hips harder. "Oh, baby, much more of that and I'm going to . . ."

The golden rabbit suddenly lifted himself off his lover's lap and leaned forward, so his bottom was in the air and hands pressed to the ground - looking not unlike a rabbit-in-its-natural-state ready to hop. "You know what we have to do in this form to get ready," he panted.

Shou knew what was coming - fucking like rabbits. Literally. He found himself wondering if they carried lube with them. He got his answer pretty quickly when Kai leaned over and grabbed a handful of leaves off a nearby plant. He squeezed them in his hand, closing his eyes and seeming to concentrate . . .

A shimmer appeared around his hand, and when he opened his fist, his palm was coated with a lube-like gel. Well, that was a convenient trick. Too bad one couldn't do that at home when one had unexpected company.

He dipped the fingers of his other hand in the lube, and Shou watched Uruha's expression of pleasure as he was carefully penetrated and stretched and prepared by his lover's fingers. They obviously knew the ins and outs of human male-to-male sex - so to speak.

"I'm ready," Uruha panted. "Please, Kai, I'm so ready . . ."

Kai coated his own erection, and leaned over Uruha, hands at his sides, pushing forward slowly and gently. "Tell me if I'm hurting you at all," he said, softly.

"No," Uruha replied. "It's all good, Kai, so good . . ."

Shou watched them, breathlessly, feeling as if his own body was experiencing what they both were - the sensation of pushing into tight heat, of being enveloped (which he'd experienced with Saga only - hours ago, maybe? It seemed more like days); the feeling of being penetrated, filled bit by bit. (And Lord knew he'd had that . . . dear God, Ruki and his outrageous toy, Tora's hugeness . . .)

He watched Kai start to move, very slowly, and as he did, his hands began to roam along his lover's back . . . caressing the skin, stroking his hair, moving up to caress the long ears, working from bottom to top. Uruha responded with a purr of pleasure, leaning back against the other man, murmuring "Kai . . ."

And then, they were starting to move faster, Kai's hips pushing forward and pulling back, Uruha moving along with him, their breathing coming faster, harder. Droplets of sweat were rolling down Kai's perfectly muscled arms and chest (he must do an awful lot of hopping, Shou thought), his hands continuing to roam all over Uruha, touching everything he could, as if every inch of that other creature was a priceless treasure waiting to be discovered.

"Oh, yes," Uruha murmured. "So good to me . . . you're always so good to me, baby . . ."

At the endearment, Kai moved faster and harder, his hips fairly snapping as he nearly pounded into Uruha's body, the two of them moaning loudly together. He wrapped an arm around Uruha's torso and pulled him upward, so they were back to chest, thrusting together, Uruha reaching back and up to stroke Kai's ears, Kai reaching down to grasp his lover's erection, running his fingers over it as he licked the side of Uruha's face . . .

"Kai . . ." Uruha panted. "Baby . . . I'm going to . . . going to . . ."

And he let out a loud cry, come shooting out of him in a long stream, running over his lover's fingers, leaning forward as Kai continued to thrust deep into his body . . . He finally leaned over Uruha, moaning and gasping as he spilled himself into the other.

They fell down to the ground, still entwined, kissing softly. "I love you so much," Uruha panted. "So much, I can hardly believe it."

"I love you, too," Kai replied. Another kiss, then a long moment of them just snuggling, running fingers over each other, enjoying the contact, the nearness of the other.

Finally, Kai said, "Now, I see why you like this so much."

"It's much nicer this way," Uruha said, snuggling against him. "Don't you think so?"

Shou looked at the two of them, cuddling and sweaty and sated and kissing. They were beautiful. Not just because they had the faces and (mostly) bodies of the Kai and Uruha back home, not from the graceful way the ears and tails and feet blended into and enhanced the rest of them . . .

They were beautiful together. Just looking at them, they gave off a vibe of being meant to be, two halves of a whole. Lyrics Shou had recorded very recently for their new album ran through his head . . . One is two, in Gemini of Eternity . . .

And a tiny voice whispered, at the bottom of his soul, "I want this. I want this for myself. I want this with . . ."

With . . . with . . . who?

Suddenly, the two on the ground raised their heads and looked around. "Did you hear that?" Uruha said.

"Hear what?" Kai replied.

"He's coming," Uruha said. "We'd better get out of here. When he puts on a burst of speed . . ."

Shou didn't have time to wonder about who this mysterious "he" was. The two leapt into the air, still naked, the clothes on the ground disappearing as they flipped over, shrinking, morphing back into their full animal forms (Shou assumed the clothes would be on them again next time they turned human). They began to hop away, rapidly, heading off the path into a wooded part of the forest.

Shou wanted to call out to them, "Wait! You need to tell me if I'm really on the right path!" But before another thought crossed his mind, something white came streaking past him, nearly knocking him off his feet again. It ran up a tree, paused for less than a second, then leapt to another tree.

This time, when it paused to look around, Shou got a good look at what it was. Black eyes, bushy tail, white fur, little paws . . .

White Squirrel. It was smaller than the one he'd seen in his room, to be sure - but that one had been in mostly-human form. This one was fully animal.

"Hey!" he called out. "Are you the White Squirrel who stole my phone?"

The animal just glanced at him, then leapt to the ground, running away in another white streak. Oh, no. He wasn't getting away that easily. Shou started to run after him.

Pretty soon, he found out that this made the frantic run he'd done after the motorcycle mouse look like a leisurely stroll in the park. The rabbits weren't kidding about the squirrel's speed. He ran down the path, he scurried up trees, he leapt from branch to branch. Every once in awhile, he'd glance at Shou, to make sure the vocalist was still following him - and then he'd jump down to the path again, taking off like a guided missile, making Shou run all the faster, all the harder.

Right path? He wasn't even sure they were on the same path anymore. Hell, he wasn't even sure if they were in the same forest. They could have run back to Tokyo and he wouldn't even know it. He could be running in circles around Budokan. (Ten pounds? Make that losing 20 pounds. Hell, Saga's stage costume would probably hang on him like a sack now.)

Finally, they reached a huge tree stuck in the middle of a clearing. Its white trunk was so wide you could hide a small fleet of 18-wheelers behind it. Gnarled roots extended from the bottom of it, winding and twisting and burrowing into the earth in all directions, and huge branches reached out and up, bursting with large, dark green leaves shaped similar to those of momiji trees back home. The thing looked like the Tree of Life itself.

Halfway up the trunk, there was a squirrel hole. And sticking out of that hole, surrounded by scarves and paper and bits of shiny stuff, was Shou's phone.

The squirrel ran halfway up the trunk, paused, and turned toward Shou. It just looked at him, eyes boring into him with curiosity.

"Well?" Shou said. "Are you going to give me back my phone?"

Silence, and the squirrel just staring at him some more.

"Look," Shou said. "You stole that. It's mine. I only gave it to you so you could see what time it was. Now please, give it back, and show me how to get out of here. I have somewhere important I have to go to."

The squirrel just tilted its head. Did it not understand Japanese? It had to! It was the same squirrel that was in his bedroom, he knew it! The squirrel led him here! The squirrel was . . .

right path, you're on the right path . . .

you're looking for something, what is it, what is it . . .

one is two, in gemini of eternity . . .

"Hiroto!" Shou said. "Please! I need . . . I need . . . " The words "the phone, and to go back" were sticking in his throat. They wouldn't come out. And instead, before he knew it, he was saying, "You're the reason I'm here! You're the reason I came here! I've been trying and trying to go somewhere, and I didn't know where it was, and I lost my way . . ."

Saga, The Caterpillar . . . Ruki, The Mad Hatter . . . Tora, The Cheshire Tiger . . .

"I lost my way several times. I'm sorry. It was you I was looking for all along. It's always been you."

and losing my way kept saga from tora and is keeping ruki from aoi which is keeping uruha from kai

"Hiroto . . . I'm here now. I'm here for you. And I won't stray from the right path, ever, ever again."

There was a pause. And then, the animal tumbled down from the tree, turning in a graceful somersault. As he descended, his body elongated in the now-familiar way, the front paws becoming arms tipped with squirrel-like claws, the legs becoming human at the top, staying squirrel-like at the bottom - much like the rabbits' legs. When he landed, he was the same Hiroto-the-White-Squirrel Shou had seen in his bedroom.

However, there was one major difference. Before, he had been clothed. Now, he was naked.

"You finally realized," he said, softly.

"Realized?" Shou's eyes traveled over him, slowly. He remembered the first glimpse of Hiroto-The-White-Squirrel in his bedroom, how he'd been baffled at why his bandmate had ears and a tail, and then figured it was a clever costume. There was nothing clever or costumelike about how he looked now.

The tail was attached at the base of his spine, like that of the two rabbits, and it rose up behind his body in a graceful arc, the white fur gleaming in the sunlight. There were two round ears with matching fur on top of his head, and his legs had the same fur below the knee, ending in animal paws at the end.

The rest of him was beautifully, gloriously human, looking like the Hiroto he knew at home - save for the eyes, with the larger, darker pupils, and the long nails on his fingers.

"That you were looking for me all this time," he said.

"Then why did you make me chase you?" Shou said. "Why didn't you just tell me when we were in my room, instead of putting me through . . ."

Hiroto shook his head. "Your eyes were closed," he said. "And in order to open them . . ." His gaze traveled back up to the tree hollow. "I had to steal time from you."

Literally, and figuratively. Hiroto had stolen time from him, all right. And most of what he'd done here?

most of what he'd done back home with other men

Wasted time.

wasted time that he could have spent with hiroto and tora could have spent with saga and ruki could have spent with aoi and uruha could have spent with kai

He walked toward Hiroto, reached out and took his hand, feeling the claws scrape gently across his skin.

"I'm not going to waste any more time, Hiroto," he said. "From now on, my time is yours."

What was this euphoria suddenly rising up inside him, this feeling of having come home, of accomplishing something momentous?

Hiroto reached up and put his hand on the back of Shou's neck, gently tilting his head downward, looking for a kiss.

"No," he said. "The time is ours."

Shou leaned forward, and gave Hiroto the kiss he sought eagerly, their lips coming together softly and gently. He wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer, feeling skin against fabric, the softness of the tail brushing over his arm, the touch of Hiroto's tongue brushing against his.

When they parted, Shou yanked off the ratty T-shirt and sweatpants, tossing them aside, and pulled Hiroto toward him again, the second kiss hotter and more urgent than the first. Shou's hand moved up over the other man's hair, to the ears - and yes, they were as soft as they looked.

He felt himself being eased downward, and he fell to his knees, pulling Hiroto with him, still kissing him, running his tongue over his lips and into his mouth. Did Hiroto taste extra-sweet, or was that just him? It didn't matter.

Shou let himself be guided backward, until he felt soft grass against his naked back and legs, his head resting on a natural pillow of moss. Hell, it was as if this crazy land itself had prepared for this coming-together. He wouldn't doubt it in the slightest.

Hiroto knelt next to him, leaned over to kiss Shou's lips tenderly, and then moved his head downward, until he was literally nuzzling his neck. The fur of his ears brushed over the sensitive flesh, and Shou closed his eyes, tipping his head back, indulging himself in the softness. He'd wondered how the rabbits' ears felt? Well, here was his answer.

Noticing how much Shou liked what he was doing, Hiroto moved further down, nuzzling his chest, rubbing the softness here and there. When he brushed a nipple, Shou leaned back, gasping, "Yes!"

A smile crossed the White Squirrel's face. And then, he turned his head so he could take the nipple in his mouth, pleasuring it with long strokes of his tongue, making Shou moan again. He turned again, rubbing his ears against the now-sensitive-and-wet bud, and Shou flat-out arched off the ground, grabbing his head, letting out a keening cry.

"Hiroto . . . Hiroto, so soft, so good . . ."

Hiroto began to rub his ears slowly down Shou's stomach now, then up again, softness caressing him in a way that was driving him slowly mad. Hair didn't feel quite like this. He suddenly found himself very glad, and very lucky, that his one true love . . .

his what yes one true love it's true it's true one is two in gemini of eternity

. . . was in this form, and not something like, say, a lizard. Because that wouldn't be sexy at all.

Hiroto raised his head and looked at Shou, lying on the ground panting and sweating, a blissful expression on his face . . . and suddenly, the White Squirrel looked very, very pleased indeed. He must have known that what he was doing was successful, because the next thing Shou felt was his sensitive inner thighs being tickled and stroked by even more soft, silky fur, thicker than before.

He raised his head and saw that what was rubbing against him was Hiroto's tail.

"Oh, my GOD," he moaned. Well, after experiencing a caterpillar's forked tongue and getting pleasurably mauled by a tiger's claws, being pleasured by a squirrel's fuzzy tail was just par for the course, right?

Except there was nothing par for the course about how Hiroto brushed the thing back and forth - the rest of him kneeling there, immobile, watching, only the long tail moving - along his legs, tickling the sensitive inner flesh, and then moved upward, teasing his balls, the brush of softness making Shou jump and groan.

There was a small pause. And then, the tail brushed upward.

When the fur stroked over Shou's cock, he jumped and grabbed the grass with both hands. Oh, holy FUCK. He'd been touched with gloves before (when you slept with Ruki, that was to be expected), and silk, and even a feather duster, and nothing in the world had prepared him for what he was feeling.

To say he was being smothered in softness and sensation and pleasure would be an understatement. The tail moved over him, stroking him, awakening nerve endings he didn't even know were there. It brushed back and forth, and swirled around, and swept up and down, and Shou thought his whole body was going to catch on fire.

It curved a little, half-wrapping him, and then moved up and down, soft brushing hard, a caress more intimate, in a way, than a blow job.

The deity that designed this place and its creatures must have been a massive pervert, or a couple of massive perverts, and Shou was ready to worship him-or-them for the rest of his life.

He wanted to return the pleasure. He wanted to make Hiroto come, hard. He wanted to make love to him . . .

make love to him not fuck him make love to him

. . . but he had no lube. He couldn't very well do that leaf-squashing trick the rabbits had pulled off; he didn't have any magic powers. At least, he didn't the last time he looked.

His head turned, rolling toward his discarded pants, and he saw something sticking out of the pocket. A bottle top? He wasn't carrying anything with him - that he knew of.

Reaching out, he was able to grasp the cap in his fingers, and slide it out. Sure enough, there was a little bottle of liquid lube, gleaming in the sunlight like crystal, bearing writing that said, "USE ME."

He had to laugh. Saga must have stuck it in there without his knowledge before setting him on "the right path." Or maybe the rabbits made it appear with their leaf-squashing magic. Or maybe the place itself conjured it up. Who knew?

The wonderful tail drew away. How was Shou going to manage penetrating him, with that thing in the way? He'd figure it out. Where there was a will, there was a . . .

Before he knew it, he was being pulled up gently, and he sat up, kissing Hiroto hard, their tongues tangling. They were being rolled over, so the squirrel-man was on the bottom.

Shou pulled back, and Hiroto drew himself up on all fours, raising his tail to expose his perfect bottom - again, very much human under the wonderful, erotic, furry tail. (And why was he finding the combination of human and animal so very arousing?)

"I'm waiting," Hiroto said, looking over his shoulder with a sweet smile.

Shou leaned over to kiss him as he coated his fingers with the lube. "You won't have to wait anymore," he said. "Ever."

He pressed the first finger in, and damn, it felt better than anyone ever had before, so very tight and hot. As he moved it in and out, gently, he leaned over, kissing the man's neck, nuzzling his cheek against those wonderful ears.

Hiroto let out a sigh as the second finger entered, or maybe it was Shou, or maybe it was both of them. Shou didn't know, he didn't care. This was what people meant when they spoke about utterly surrendering to bliss, about being truly one with your lover. He was lost in the moment, no longer caring about his surroundings or his phone or Budokan. There was nothing in the world but him and the White Squirrel.

The third finger entered, and Shou stretched gently, wanting Hiroto to be completely ready, wanting this experience to be nothing but pure pleasure for them both. And when the other man said, softly, "Shou, I'm ready," he felt a warm glow over every part of him.

He pulled out his fingers, hastily wiping them on a nearby large leaf, and grasped the lube, liberally coating himself. When he brought the tip of his hardness to Hiroto's entrance, he leaned over so they could kiss, gently.

And then, he pushed forward, and it was like nothing he never experienced before. He was being pulled into heat, enveloped, embraced, welcomed where he should have been all along. It was hot and crazy and so, so damn good.

"Shou," Hiroto sighed, and he felt that tail wrapping around his body, drawing them together, the softness against his skin just adding another layer of sensation to his already overloaded senses.

When sheathed within him, he paused, breathing heavily, This was perfect, so damn perfect, the way he was being caressed from within, how their hearts seemed to be beating in the same rhythm.

"Move," Hiroto said, and Shou did, pulling back, feeling himself slide through that tight heat, nearly dizzy from the delicious sensation running through his body like a fire through a wood. The tail slid up and down, still encasing Shou as Shou's erection was encased by Hiroto.

He thrust forward, moaning, thinking no sex before was ever, ever like this. One hand reached up to stroke and caress those wonderfully soft ears, the other wrapped around his body, echoing what was being done with that maddening tail that slid up and down his torso, caressing and stroking every inch as he went.

Shou pumped his hips harder, faster, not being able to get enough of Hiroto, filling him over and over, moaning and sighing and murmuring. The sunlight filtered through the trees, hitting their sweaty bodies, making them give off an unearthly glow that seemed to match the heavenly bliss flooding Shou's entire being.

He heard Hiroto calling his name, softly, and it made him drive into the other man's body all the more, moving, seeking, trying to find that one spot that would make him cry out. His hand moved down, finding Hiroto's erection, stroking it tenderly, coaxing him toward blissful oblivion.

"Come on," Shou panted. "Come on, Hiroto, I want to hear you come, I want to feel it . . ."

There was a loud cry from the White Squirrel, and his sheath suddenly gripped at Shou, and the tail tightened around him, possessively. He found himself hurled into a blinding white ecstasy, screaming in bliss as his body shook, and shook again, the warm sensation of Hiroto's come flowing over his fingers only making him shudder all the harder.

The two of them tumbled to the bed of moss, Hiroto turning in Shou's arms so they could kiss, and kiss again, snuggling together like two pieces of a puzzle destined to fit.

"I love you," Shou said. And with every ounce of his heart, he meant it.

"I love you, too," Hiroto said. "I always have."

I've always loved him, too, from the day we met . . .

Shou's eyes drifted closed, and he started to fall asleep, the most blissful rest he'd ever had, thinking he could stay here forever, wrapped up in Hiroto, close to him. This wood would be his home for eternity, and he didn’t care.

Then, he saw a near-blinding flash behind his eyelids. He woke up, startled, wondering if something had gone wrong to wreck this moment of moments. He lifted his head and looked at his companion.

The man in his arms had become human, fully human. The furry ears were gone, the tail had vanished. His legs were normal, top to bottom, his hands now bore the short nails of a guitarist.

It was like the end of the story of Beauty and the Beast, where love broke the spell and turned the Beast into a prince. Well, what do you know. He’d moved from one fairy story to another.

He felt himself being drawn into blissful sleep again, holding Hiroto-No-Longer-The-White-Squirrel closer, resting his cheek against his hair . . .

* * *

Shou woke up, gasping, and sat bolt upright, hands behind him on the bed. His bed.

He glanced over at the nighttable, where he'd left his phone. There it was, the date and time announcing it was eight in the morning, Budokan day.

He blinked, shaking his head. His T-shirt and sweatpants were stuck to his body with sweat and he had an epic case of morning wood. Good Lord. That was one hell of a . . .

He frowned. He knew he'd just had a long and complex and intense dream. But what was it? The details were fading. He knew there was something in that dream that he needed to know, something he needed to remember, something of utmost, critical importance . . .

But it was eluding him. And the more he tried to think of it, the more it wouldn’t come.

Shou stood up on wobbly legs. Shower. He needed a shower, right now. And then, he needed to call the office, and find out what time the van was coming for him.

He turned on the water, thinking again that there was something he needed to remember, something from that dream . . . what dream?

Shou sighed. He'd figure it out later. Because, after all, it was Budokan Day. The thing they'd waited for their entire careers. Nothing was more important than that . . . right?


Later that night, backstage at Budokan. Saga has exited a shower room in the backstage area after giving Shou a good talking-to. Hiroto comes in, convinced by Saga and Tora that Shou wants to see him.

Shou gives him a sheepish smile. "Hell of a show tonight, wasn't it?" Hiroto gives him a sheepish smile in return, and suddenly, the world-class tease is feeling like an awkward high school boy again. "Hiroto, I . . ." A deep breath, a hand rubbing the red hair. The hair he dyed because Hiroto wanted it that color.

"I've been thinking for a long time, or rather . . . Not thinking. Which was my mistake. You see, a guy like you deserves . . ." The words aren't coming to the band's wordsmith. Wonderful.

And then, there's a prickle at the back of his head, as if he's remembering the echo of a dream . . .

He grasps Hiroto by the collar, pushes him against the wall and kisses him hard, letting out everything he'd been damming up, holding back. Pulling away, he says, breathlessly, "I love you. I've always loved you, Hiroto. Ever since we met . . ."

Hiroto can scarcely believe his ears. Suddenly, things are surreal. Has this whole evening been some sort of alternate reality? Is he going to wake up tomorrow and find out that he dreamt everything over the last year or so, and that playing Budokan and having Shou confess his love are both elusive fantasies that can never become reality?

Is he going to find out he's fallen down the Rabbit Hole, and this is Wonderland?

But no, it's real. Those are Shou's arms around him and Shou's lips on his cheek and ear and Shou's voice telling him that just about every song he's written and sung has something of Hiroto in it. The sad songs, those were the ache over not being able to confess his love. Kiss Twice Kiss Me Deadly, that was about the passion they'd shared. Songs that express romance, the feelings he couldn't tell him directly. And then, there was Stargazer:, inspired by him directly . . .

And all Hiroto can do is hug back, and kiss back, and whisper "I love you too, I love you too." He does. With everything in his body, heart and soul. He can forgive him everything that's happened - the not telling him, the dalliances with other men. That slate's been wiped clean now.

Shou and Hiroto have found their Happily Ever After, as have the Tiger and Butterfly. The Hatter and Mouse will, too, in due time, and so will the two Rabbits.

But that last one? That, my friends, is another story.


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Jul. 4th, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)
That was really good! I'm going to miss this fic, it was amazing ^-^
Jul. 5th, 2012 02:24 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the series. We both had a lot of fun working on it - and we may be collaborating again in the future!
Jul. 5th, 2012 02:21 am (UTC)
So goood ♥ .
I lol'd at "The deity that designed this place and its creatures must have been a massive pervert, or a couple of massive perverts, and Shou was ready to worship him-or-them for the rest of his life." xDDD
Awesome line ♥
Im gonna go and start reading Stargazer again... I need it >_<.
Jul. 5th, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
LOL, thanks! Well, hey, Shou has had more wild, varied and awesome sex within the space of . . . three hours, maybe? . . . than most people have had in their entire lives. He's definitely ready to fall down on his knees before the perverted gods of Wonderland. (Ha, and the two writers who designed the creatures are most definitely a couple of perverts! ~_^)

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the series - and all of Stargazer to boot!
Jul. 5th, 2012 06:09 am (UTC)
Oh. I think I might love bunny!Kai, the idea's just so cute! :D And ridiculously hot, but that's pretty much a given from you.

(And yes, I'm pretty sure this does count as furry porn, but it works so well! :P)
Jul. 5th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
When I was figuring out how to handle the Mad Tea Party scene in chapter 2 of this series, I was faced with the concept that Lewis Carroll only had two participants other than the Mad Hatter - the March Hare and the Dormouse - and I had four people to work with. So I decided on two rabbits and two mice, and it was a given what Kai was going to end up as. The idea of him with the bunny ears and tail is just so cute! (Plus, it allowed me to use the "fucking like rabbits" pun for their sex scene in the last chapter!)

Ha, it's funny that I didn't even consider that it might be furry until I was halfway through. When we were doing this series, I was just thinking in terms of, "Okay, this is Alice Nine and GazettE in the form of Wonderland characters" (even with aleksiina_26's Cheshire Tiger maintaining a lot of tiger characteristics and behavior in human form). And then, it was, "Hey, wait a minute . . ."
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 6th, 2012 11:28 am (UTC)
Thank you! Admittedly, when we decided to do this, we were thinking of it as an excuse for porny porn XD. But the plot ended up being a big part of it - quite frankly, I enjoyed writing the Humpty Dumpty and Mad Tea Party scenes, and Shou's final realization of his feelings in front of Hiroto's squirrel tree, as much as the sex!

Thanks so much for reading!
Jul. 5th, 2012 01:06 pm (UTC)
Okay I just read all four chapters in one go. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
From the mind blowing porn to the brilliant humor, I loved every bit of it. I've seen many fics based on Alice in Wonderland, but none of them were even close to being as good as this fic. Shou and Pon are my otp, and I absolutely adore the way Shou realized his feelings by being fucked by everyone. (that Shou slut XD)
Kai and uruha as rabbits? The cutest pairing ever omg. I would like to cuddle with them. :3 I had a wonderful time reading these for chapters. Thank you for sharing~
( now I'm gonna stalk both of your archives >:)
Jul. 6th, 2012 11:34 am (UTC)
WOW. That is an INCREDIBLY huge compliment, considering how many fanfic versions of Alice in Wonderland there have been. (I swear, it must been one of the most adapted and parodied stories ever. Yes, there have even been other porn versions before ours - officially released, not fan).

LOL, Shou had quite the slutty road to travel before being united with his one true love, didn't he? Good thing that he enjoyed it immensely! (And I'm glad you did, too!)

The Kai and Uruha rabbits seem to be going over very well! Who knows, I many bring them back someday - I know this story was supposed to be a dream of Shou's, but I could always do an AU to the AU!

Thanks so much again for reading and commenting! The compliments mean a LOT!
Jul. 5th, 2012 06:48 pm (UTC)
fuuuU!!what can i say?!teh stargazer series is one of my favorite, and this side story written by you two (two of my fav fanfic writters) it´s perfect!!i love all the struggle inside and the las qoute "But that last one? That, my friends, is another story", it look like a really fairytale.loL!!keep on the good works...me wants more storys...onegaiiiI!
Jul. 6th, 2012 11:38 am (UTC)
Thank you! Yes, we wanted to give it the feel of a real fairy tale (note the chapter introductions), from "Once upon a time" to "Happily ever after."

I'm glad that my efforts to convey Shou's inner struggle as his feelings were starting to break through worked! The boy had to travel a long and porny road to come to that realization, but it was a big one - in the end, he knew that he was not only keeping himself from his one true love, but his fooling around with his friends-with-benefits was keeping them from finding their happiness, too.

Thanks again for reading and commenting!
Jul. 5th, 2012 08:28 pm (UTC)

Mind. Fucking. Blown.

Although I wished it could have been a little bit longer (I was kind of hoping for an appearance of Tweedledum and Tweedledee to drive Shou insane), every bit of every chapter was amazing! Even better, the entire story ended marvelously! I loved how Shou kept fading in and out of remembering his purpose and only remembered at the end of, what I can only call, his adventure (since I'm not 100% positive it was really a dream because it was more like a precognition). It reminded me of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in that aspect, and from Carroll's novel, I was kind of expecting Shou to intrude whitesquirrel!Hiroto's home and grow to a monstrous size... That...would've been interesting in your story, considering how things ended for Alice and the White Rabbit.

Anyways, sorry for the rambling, all in all, I liked Hiroto's scheme. It was rather adorable how he had thought of "stealing time." I was seriously dismayed when Shou woke up and forgot everything though. (I had a "Nooo! Don't be like me!" kind of moment.) It kind of felt like whitesquirrel!Hiroto's plans went to waste, but hey! - what d'ya know? - happy ending!
Jul. 7th, 2012 03:07 pm (UTC)
Whoo, thank you! Blowing someone's mind means we did the job we set out to do. ~_^ You're right in that it was a precognition Shou was having - his subconscious was picking up on sube signals passing between his friends and spelling out for him who was going to end up with who - or, rather, who SHOULD end up with who, once Shou got his head out of his nether regions and realized he was meant to be with Hiroto. (His stubbornness ultimately created a domino effect - it not only kept him and Hiroto apart, it kept Tora and Saga from committing to each other and Aoi from realizing he should be with Ruki, not Uruha - which, in turn, kept Uruha from realizing he should be with Kai).

Hiroto was being a very clever squirrel with the stealing time thing. Literally and figuratively. And it worked. After all, a modern Japanese boy with a Twitter account can't be separated from his phone for very long. Shou would have followed Hiroto anywhere to get it back. ~_^

I actually considered having a Tweedledum and Tweedledee - one of my early concepts was twin Naos, but that became Humpty Dumpty instead.

Shou consciously forgot the dream, true, but the fact that he remembered it on some level was what caused him to listen to Saga and finally commit to Hiroto. So the White Squirrel's scheming came to final fruition after all! (In future Stargazer: stories, he many see or hear things that bring echoes of the dream back - like hearing GazettE perform Cockroach, since Ruki was dressed as the Mad Hatter in that PV.) And, ha, I'd forgotten the part about Alice growing huge in the White Rabbit's house! Probably better for Squirrel!Hiroto's cute little butt that I did. ~_^

Thanks for reading and commenting!
Jul. 5th, 2012 09:57 pm (UTC)
this so good, thanks for writing and sharing this!
Jul. 7th, 2012 03:08 pm (UTC)
Thank you! We had a LOT of fun working on this, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!
Jul. 6th, 2012 09:19 am (UTC)
Omg I loved this so much ;~; Im gonna miss this fic but Ill probably go back and read it again and again. Its so wonderfully written I adore it :) Alice in Wonderland was always my favorite as a kid and bringing Alice Nine and the Gazette just... akajdsfasdf Im dying here. I loved it so :)
Jul. 7th, 2012 03:12 pm (UTC)
Whoa, thank you! HUGE compliment! We're going to miss working on this fic, too, we had a lot of fun with it! It's wonderfully written because I had a great collaborator. ~_^ aleskiina_26 brought a lot of fantastic ideas to the table, and her chapters gave me tough acts to follow! I'm glad we could put a new twist on one of your favorite old stories (involving manporn, of course!) Thanks for reading and commenting!
Jul. 9th, 2012 01:02 am (UTC)
Welcomesss <3 Thats the best part of writing when you have fun writing it ne? Yeah xD it was great the only way to make Alice in Wonderland better is to add sexy man sexings. Welcomesss <3 and Thank you for writing
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