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Fic: Beautiful [Shou X Kai, NC-17]

Title: Beautiful
Chapter: Standalone for now – but it looks like it’ll end up being the first chapter in a Shou X Kai/Kai X Shou continuity (completely AU from my Stargazer: universe, of course)
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, romance
Warning: Male/male sex
Pairing: Shou X Kai
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Kai finds his attention drawn to Shou at a party, and Aoi suggests that Kai hit on the vocalist – to Kai’s horror. But fate just might hand Kai an opportunity to get a little bit closer to Shou.
Comments: This fic resulted from a post on kai_pleasure involving pictures of Kai with members of other bands. I dug out a gif I had of Kai and Shou on Photobucket, and was reminded of how cute and hot they could be together. This looks like the start of a universe I’ll play with from time to time. (By the way, the friend-who’s-more-than-a-friend of Hiroto mentioned here is supposed to be K – my second choice of person-to-ship-Hiroto-with after Shou.)

Nobody quite knew whose idea it was to marathon an entire season of Gundam – which one, Kai wasn’t sure, because they all seemed kind of alike. But here they were, sprawled around Ruki’s living room amongst a minefield of various junk foods and sugary drinks (and some booze here and there.)

Kai’s current position was lying with his head on Aoi’s lap, half-dozing. The sleepiness was because they were coming off an intense period of work – DIM was in the can at last, and they had a brief respite before the rounds of publicity and the inevitable tour.

The position was for a twofold reason. One, because Aoi was propped up in a way that was convenient and comfortable for Kai to lie across. Two, because the guitarist had been sending him signals all evening - a touch here, a whispered comment there - that he intended Kai to be his company for the evening. Just part of the game of musical beds that was par for the course for this band right now

Not that he minded warming Aoi’s bed, mind you. His friend was quite the attentive and imaginative lover – although he did have a tendency to brag about his performance afterward.

It was just that Kai’s eyes kept being drawn to the middle of the floor, where Ruki was lying curled up with someone else. Curled up might not be an accurate word – it was more like snuggling, his head on the other man’s chest, their hands clasped, an arm wrapped around Ruki’s small body.

Aoi couldn’t help but notice Kai’s expression. “What do you think of him?” he said.

“Hmm?” Kai raised his head and looked back at Aoi – who looked just a tiny bit, well, smirky.

“You know – of Shou. The person Ruki’s using for a pillow right now.”

Kai turned his eyes back to the cozy looking duo. He hadn’t been particularly looking at Shou, really. He’d been looking at the two of them together, and wondering what their relationship was. Ruki hadn’t asked if Kai would come home with him after studio sessions for the last couple of weeks. Of course, that could be because of the intensity of the work they were doing – DIM was, after all, a very dark album, and Ruki was its emotional center.

Now, however, he got a good look at the other man, who right now seemed very serene and content. His gaze wandered over the wider-that-for-a-typical-Asian eyes, the pouting lips, the thick head of currently-dark-blond hair.

“He’s really beautiful,” he responded to Aoi.

Aoi’s smirk grew wider. “How about you have a go at him, then?”

“Aoi!” Kai whipped around so fast, he thought his head was going to just keep spinning. He’d be sitting there in front of Aoi with his skull going around and around like a top, and everyone else in the room would be too sated on pizza and Fanta and Gundam to notice.

“What?” Aoi said, looking all innocence.

“I don’t just hit on . . . well, on guys I barely know!”

“You slept with Ruki right after you joined the band.”

“That was different!” Kai said, feeling increasingly flustered, wondering if anyone was watching them. “Besides,” he added, much quieter, “he was the one who hit on me.”

“Send Shou signals you want him to hit on you, then.”

“I can’t do that!” He was teasing him, right? He had to be teasing him. He couldn’t be serious. “He’s . . .” He jerked his head toward the two on the floor. “You know.”

“You mean, with Ruki?” Aoi wrapped an arm around Kai and pulled him close. “Don’t worry about that. They’re just fuck buddies. They’re close, yeah, but they don’t have a ball and chain on each other.”

Kai was silent. “Fuck buddies” was the way of life in J-rock, wasn’t it? Okay, so Ruki and Shou were friends. No different than Kai himself with any of his bandmates. He shouldn’t be thinking so much about it, then.

“If you don’t want him,” Aoi said, teasingly, “maybe I’ll move in on him.”

“No!” Kai said, quickly – too quickly. “I mean, you can if you want, but . . .”

“Don’t worry, I’m just teasing,” Aoi said, pulling Kai closer. “You’re still mine tonight.”

Kai let out a sigh of relief. Teasing, of course. That happened to him all the time. There seemed to be a sign around his neck that said, “LEADER-SAN IS FAIR GAME.”

“But,” Aoi whispered, teasingly, “there’s always tomorrow.”

Kai found himself cringing a little, even as he leaned back against Aoi again.

* * *

The rain was coming down in sheets as Kai exited the PSC offices, umbrella in hand. He wondered why this hadn’t officially been declared a typhoon. It certainly had all the symptoms. Heavy-heavy rain, check. Howling wind, check. Feeling soaked to the skin two seconds after you stepped outside, double-check.

And, of course, he was parked halfway down the block – the garage was full. Every band on the roster must have been having a meeting today. He trudged along, holding the umbrella tightly, thinking he’d like to have a time machine right now so he could go back 24 hours to the Gundam party. Or a few hours after that, when Aoi was busy reducing him to a quivering, moaning heap.

Fuck buddies, he thought again. He really wondered, sometimes, if that was enough for him. He loved the physical pleasure he got from his friends, to be sure . . . but there were times when he wanted something, well, more than that.

His thoughts were interrupted by a particularly strong gust of wind rudely ripping the umbrella from his hand and flinging it down the street. Great. At least the thing didn’t turn inside-out – he was suddenly very glad he’d invested in an extra-strong model.

This didn’t save him from having to run after it, splashing through puddles like a kid on his way home from school, keeping his eye on the umbrella so it didn’t go halfway to . . .

A hand reached out and grabbed it before Kai could get to it. Approaching the hand, he saw it was connected to a very long arm. The arm was, in turn, connected to a tall, slender body.

“Hey,” said a familiar voice. “Is this yours?”

Kai blinked and looked at the voice’s owner. There was Shou, one hand holding an umbrella of his own, the other holding Kai’s. “Oh,” he said. “Yes. Yes, it is.”

“You’d better take it back, you’re drenched,” the other man said. “They’ve got a hell of a lot of nerve having meetings on a day like this, don’t they?”

Kai just nodded, taking the thing from the other man. His eyes ran over him again. Oh, yes, he was correct in his assessment of last night. Shou was a beauty – there was an innocence and elegance about him that put one in mind of a fairy tale prince. Well, a prince crossed with a gamer.

“Look, I’m going to go get coffee” – Shou jerked his head toward the Starbucks a couple of doors away – “and warm up a little. Want to join me? Looks like you need it.”

Coffee? Warmth and caffeine, yes, he could use that right now. Oh, and looking at that face a little more. Wait, where did that thought come from? “Oh, yes, I will,” he said. “Thanks.”

“All right, then!” Shou happily led the way through the rain and the gloom, seeming to carry his own personal ray of sunshine with him. Amazing, yes, but that’s what it looked like – wherever Shou moved, the clouds and wetness and general dreariness seemed to disspitate.

Kai followed him, one part of him not quite sure why, another thinking there was no other course of action in the world.

* * *

Cupping his second latte in his hand, blowing gently at the steam, Kai peered over the edge at Shou, watching as the other man talked in an animated manner, describing a funny incident that had happened on tour when Nao had accidentally locked himself in the bus bathroom.

Of course, Kai had done his share of talking, too – he was a natural talker. But he preferred to listen to Shou speak. There was something about it that was just plain fascinating.

He’d learned all about the other man’s bandmates in the last half-hour-to-an-hour, those people who until now had been mere acquaintances, people glimpsed in the halls and at meetings. (Aoi and Ruki were friends with members of other bands. Kai had tended to keep to his own).

He knew about Saga’s obsession with soccer, and Nao’s tendency to document every restaurant meal he had in photographs. He learned how Tora still skateboarded sometimes, and scared the crap out of all of them nearly rolling into traffic; and how Hiroto tried unsuccessfully to hide the fact that his relationship with his teenage best friend – another guitarist – was more than friendly.

Most of all, Kai was learning about Shou, just from observing him. The way his eyes lit up like a million firecrackers when he talked about performing live, like nothing else in the world mattered to him; the softness in his voice when discussing a lyric that had special meaning for him; a bit of ice in his tone when discussing the young women at a fanmeet who were rude to other fans.

It was fascinating, putting the pieces of a person together. The beautiful façade was turning into a three-dimensional picture. Here was a man who lived and breathed his art, fiercely loyal to his fans and his friends, but not tolerating pettiness or meanness, showing a slight dark streak amongst all the bright.

Just enough to make Kai intrigued, and fascinated.

He was talking about interviews now, and the ritual of being asked similar questions and coming up with different answers, and how the most difficult question to answer was always what you’d do if you weren’t a musician.

“I say an engineer – I’d wanted to go to engineering school at one point – or maybe a graphic artist. But in reality? I have no idea. I can’t imagine my life without this band.” He looked over at Kai. “What about you? What would you do if you hadn’t become a musician?”

Kai just shook his head. “I can’t even think of it. Music was a part of my life from the time I was tiny – my parents were taking me to jazz clubs with them when I could barely walk. Maybe I would have been a chef – I like to cook. But it’s not like . . .” He shook his head. “Music is my soul. That’s all there is to it.”

“And without the music . . . there’s no you, right?” Shou said, quietly.

Kai nodded. Shou understood completely.

Shou gave him a bright smile. “Nice to know we’re on the same page,” he said.

Kai smiled back at him. God, this man was beautiful. Not just the physical appearance. That image he’d had of him on the street, radiating light, was back, only now, Kai could perceive it as a warm glow at the very bottom of Shou’s soul, beaming outward and being transmitted through that smile. (And people told Kai he had a gorgeous smile? Shou’s smile would light up the darkest corner of hell. Sailors could use it as a lighthouse beacon. He could illuminate an entire stadium for the length of a whole sporting event.)

Shou finished the last of his coffee and peered outside. “The rain’s letting up a little,” he said. Which meant he was probably going home.

Kai was feeling the loss already. But he said, “Maybe we should be going,” anyway. Because, well, it was expected right now.

Shou looked at the rain again – and then turned another smile on Kai. “Hey. There’s a ramen place I like a few doors down from here, and I’m hungry now. Want to stick with me for dinner?”

At this point, Kai would have followed him to the ends of the earth. Dear God, was he crushing on this guy? He was too old for crushes. But how else would you explain the feeling in his stomach, like being on top of a roller coaster, right before the highest drop . . .

Great, he was a grown man, a responsible bandleader, morphing into a teenage girl. He might as well put on the little fuku now. Wait a second, Shou might find that kinky.

“Yes,” he said. “I’d be glad to.”

Shou gave him another smile, and Kai melted, like chocolate in the sunlight. His fate for the evening was sealed, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

* * *

Kai decided that his theory that he was developing a full-blown crush on Shou was definitely borne out by the fact that he was enjoying watching the man eat.

Looking at other people having their dinner usually wasn’t a fun activity – especially when it came to ramen, an ungraceful food to say the very least. In fact, the spectacle of people slurping up noodles and drinking broth from the bowl usually bordered on flat-out gross.

But then, there was Shou, sort of holding the noodles in front of himself as if he were contemplating them, then ducking his head down, putting the chopsticks between his lips and inhaling their burden rapidly.

Which, of course, only made Kai think of other things Shou could do with his mouth. Which made him lean over his own bowl so far he nearly ducked himself in it.

“So, do you have everything done for the album yet?” Shou said. “I know you finished recording.”

“Almost,” Kai said. “Everyone’s still going back and forth on the cover for the normal edition. That’s what the meeting today was about.” He scooped up noodles and tried to be as delicate as Shou when he swallowed them.

“I hate that stage of things,” Shou said. “Going back and forth, arguing. I just want it to be over with so we can go do lives.” He picked up another stickful of noodles. “Tora’s not going to be happy when you guys go out on the road this time.”

Kai raised his head. He knew what Shou meant. He knew very well that Tora had been seeing one of Shou’s bandmates. “Uruha?” he said.

Shou nodded. “You know as well as I do that they can’t keep their hands off each other.”

Oh, Kai knew that very well. They all knew something was up when Uruha abruptly stopped participating in the GazettE Game of Musical Beds – and Kai knew exactly what was up when he walked in on the two making out in the studio.

“I’ll make sure he has a room to himself, then,” Kai said, “in case Tora wants to visit.”

“You handle the rooming arrangements?” Shou said.

Kai nodded. “I help with them, at least. One of my leader duties.”

“I thought we were the only band where the leader did that,” Shou said. “Of course, Nao wants to do the arrangements so he can make sure he and Saga are together. Nobody argues with that.”

Kai nodded again. It was one of PSC’s best-kept secrets – well, best-kept outside the industry, worst-kept within it – that Saga and Nao had been a couple since Alice Nine was founded.

“I’m the only single guy in my band now,” Shou added, a bit wistfully, picking up his glass and sloshing the liquid around a little. “I told you about Hiroto and his friend, right? And now that Tora’s with Uruha . . .” He trailed off.

Kai found himself wondering if Shou and Tora had ever been a couple. He knew they’d been in a band together before Alice Nine. Of course, that meant nothing – but there was a rather melancholy look in Shou’s eyes right now . . .

“I can’t imagine a guy like you would stay single,” Kai said, before he knew it. Oh, hell, Why don’t you just announce, “By the way, I’m crushing on you big-time,” Kai? And then back it up with writing it out on the napkins in kanji, hiragana, katakana, romanji, and take a stab at Korean while you’re at it?

Shou turned one of those smiles that would light up the dark side of the moon on him. “You’re flattering me,” he said. “Are you single, too?”

“Yes,” Kai said. Having a crew of fuck buddies most definitely did not could as “in a relationship.”

“Well, I can’t imagine a guy like you would stay single, either.”

They just sat there for a moment, and Kai found himself returning Shou’s smile, feeling wrapped in that light the other man seemed to radiate. The sadness from before was gone from Shou’s eyes – in fact, he seemed to be looking at Kai with sweetness, and warmth, and . . .

As if knowing they were on dangerous territory, Shou quickly put down the glass and turned his attention back to the last few noodles in his bowl. “You know, Nao wants me to take over as leader someday. He keeps telling me I’m perfect for it, and I keep telling him I’m not ready.”

“If that ever happens,” Kai said, “if you ever do take over, I’ll help you.”

“Really?” Shou looked up with that smile again.

“I swear and I promise,” Kai said, holding his hand straight up and down, palm turned toward Shou, the position he’d seen people take when swearing oaths in Western courtroom dramas.

Shou suddenly leaned over and pressed his own palm against Kai’s. Kai looked at their two hands together. Shou’s fingers were long, tapering, graceful, like the rest of him. Kai’s were more big and manly – fitting for someone who made his living bashing the hell out of things.

They made a beautiful contrast. They looked like they belonged together.

“I accept,” Shou said. “And anything else you have to offer.”

There was another of those suspended-in-time moments when they just looked at each other, exchanging smiles, Then, the two hands began to turn, Shou’s to the left, Kai’s to the right, the fingers moving until they could interlace.

There was a moment’s pause, as if they both knew this was the point of no turning back – that if they moved forward, they were heading into something that could be, well, more than a one-night stand.

The fingers laced, the hands clasping each other, The two men looked down for a moment, blushing a bit, laughing softly.

They both knew something had begun.

* * *

Kai was the one who’d driven that day, so they took his car to his place. In the end, it didn’t end up where they ended up, and how they got there. They both knew what the end was going to be.

He was fully expecting to be pushed against the living room wall as soon as the door closed behind them, Shou’s hands clutching Kai’s shirtfront as their mouths came together. Kai closed his eyes and opened his lips, feeling the welcome probing by something soft and strong. He tasted ramen and latte and a faint hint of soymilk.

Fingers tangled in hair, hips pushed against one another, grinding ever so slightly, just enough to create a maddening desire for more. Tongues brushed together, dancing and stroking and exciting.

They broke apart, breathless, panting, and Shou uttered a single word – “Where?” Kai inclined his head to the left – he didn’t need to hear more.

By the time they crossed the living room and entered Kai’s bedroom, they already had buttons unfastened, zippers undone. They couldn’t get to each other fast enough. Kai tossed his shirt to the ground, pants, underwear – and then reached for the light switch.

Shou caught his hand. “No,” he said.


“Leave it on,” Shou said. “Please.”

Kai eased his hand away. Well, okay. It had always been dark or dimly lit in the room when he’d been with other lovers, but if that was what Shou wanted . . .

When the vocalist dropped the last garment to the floor, he pulled Kai into another kiss, and now it was skin to skin, body to body. Kai rubbed himself against his new lover, feeling the texture of his skin – soft, so soft and smooth. Oh, God, he wanted to memorize every detail of this man, every taste and texture and scent. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt like he was flat-out drowning in desire like this.

He felt himself being gently guided backward, and he let Shou walk him over to the bed, guiding him to lie flat on his back. Shou sat on the edge, looking down at him, and Kai tensed, expecting to feel the other man’s hands and mouth on his cock, or his nipples, or teasingly nipping at his thighs . . .

Instead, Shou took Kai’s hand and guided it to his mouth, kissing the fingertips. “Beautiful,” he murmured. “You’re just gorgeous. Even more than I thought you’d be. Your face, your body . . . you’re perfect.”

Kai suddenly felt the blood rush to his face, his breathing become a bit heavier. He was used to being told during sex that he was hot, and sensual, and had a killer body and huge cock. But the way Shou was talking . . .

It was almost reverent. Worshipful. So was the way his eyes were wandering over Kai’s body, taking in each detail, bit by bit.

“I want to look at you,” Shou said. “I want to look at you, and touch you . . .”

He brought those long, delicate fingers to Kai’s neck, and began moving down the column, a light, gentle touch. He slid down to his shoulders, tracing the shapes of the collarbones, then moved down his arms, fingers caressing the muscles developed from long hours of drumming.

Kai was breathless. This wasn’t like any touch he’d ever experienced before. It was like Shou was trying to learn him, to explore every part of him thoroughly, to worship every inch of Kai.

The hands moved back up his arms and down his chest, avoiding the nipples, but following the path of the muscles, tracing patterns on the skin here and there. They slipped down to his belly, pressing gently on the firm flesh, teasing his “outie” navel. All the way, Shou’s eyes followed the path of his hands, a glance that caressed, not devoured.

Kai lay there luxuriating like an animal being petted, feeling like a god on a pedestal, worshipped and adored. It was making him feel beautiful and sexy in a way the adoration of fangirls, the naughty murmurs of most lovers never could.

It was also making him feel hot as hell. The gentle hands slid to his hips, and then his legs – moving down the outside of the thighs, avoiding the sensitive inner part – and, especially, his cock. And that organ was against Kai’s stomach, hard as hell and completely neglected. His nipples were like small rocks on his chest, pointed toward the ceiling.

Kai was flat-our moaning as Shou’s hands made their way down his calves, caressing, kneading the muscles. How could he feel so tight as a bowstring, so much like bursting into flame, when Shou was flat-out avoiding the sexual parts of him?

When he finally reached Kai’s feet, Shou ran his fingers over the insteps, then the toes – then suddenly paused. Kai lifted his head, panting, wondering what his new lover was going to do next . . .

Shou moved up again, and this time, he brought those fingers to Kai’s aching, neglected nipples. Just a faint touch, the slightest caress, but it made Kai arch off the bed, letting out a small cry.

“Oh,” he panted. “Oh, Shou, more, please . . .”

The vocalist began to caress the buds with a circular motion, and Kai raised his hips, moaning, panting, one hand clutching at the bedding, feeling his skin breaking out in a sweat. He wondered how he must look right now – needy and flushed, hair in disarray. From the way Shou was still looking at him, his appearance was appreciated.

Kai found himself parting his legs, raising his hips more in mute appeal. And then Shou was leaning over, and his hot tongue was flicking over Kai’s nipple while his fingers brushed the other man’s cock – the slightest touch, again – and Kai could stay mute no longer.

“Fuck me,” me moaned. “Please, Shou, please . . . “

Shou bent over, and his lips claimed Kai’s again. Kai thrust his tongue forward, in and out of Shou’s lips, in and out, demonstrating what he wanted, what he needed like never before.

His new lover moved away from him and went right for the nighttable drawer – Kai didn’t need to tell him he’d find the condoms and lube there. Kai leaned back, closing his eyes for the first time since the lovemaking began, waiting to feel that same caressing touch inside him.

When the first lubed finger pushed in, he nearly lost it. Oh, dear God, it felt so good! It was like Shou’s hands were made for Kai’s body, the finger opening him up gently, gradually, stroking sensitive nerve endings that made him moan and moan again . . .

The second finger slid in, and Kai bucked against the welcome intrusion, wanting more and more of that touch. By the time the third pushed in, Kai was flat-out fucking Shou’s fingers, impaling himself on them.

“Oh, Kai,” Shou murmured. “You’re so damn sensual . . . you love everything about this so much. . . .”

Kai wanted to say it was because of him, that it was because of Shou’s adoration of his body that he was now ready to burst into flame, but he was beyond doing anything but moaning at this point. He moaned as the fingers slid out of him, making him feel flat-out empty. He moaned again, in anticipation, as he watched Shou roll on the condom and slick himself.

Shou moved atop Kai, and Kai was drowning in body heat, and the kiss his new lover gave him was returned with fierce hunger. He felt the tip of the other man’s cock press against his entrance, and in a strange way, he felt virginal – whole body trembling with excitement and the thrill of the unknown – even though he’d been with Aoi just the night before. (Which now felt like several eternities ago. Another lifetime. Another reality.)

“Ready?” Shou said, and Kai gave a nod. And then the other man was filling him, bit by bit, and there was stretching and some pain, but Kai ignored them. They didn’t matter. All that mattered now was Shou, filling him and filling him some more.

The vocalist paused for a moment, panting, saying, “Oh, yes . . . you feel so damn good, Kai . . .”

Kai raised his head, gently kissing Shou’s cheeks, his nose, his eyelids. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured. “So beautiful. Shou . . .”

“Kai . . .” Shou reached for the other man’s hand, and they laced their fingers together, like they had in the restaurant. They paused a moment longer, looking into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily.

Then, Shou moved, and Kai felt that wonderful cock start to slide in and out of him, and he closed his eyes and surrendered to the bliss. Shou was big, yet he fit Kai perfectly, rubbing against sensitive nerve endings with every thrust, finding every bit of Kai that craved attention as if drawn there by magic.

Kai writhed, and moaned, and moved his hips with Shou’s, the two of them in a heated dance, punctuated by the sound of their ragged breathing and groans and murmurs of each other’s names. His hands slid down sweat-slicked skin, following the curve of Shou’s back down to his ass, and he grasped the firm flesh, caressing it tenderly.

“Kai,” Shou moaned, which made Kai caress him more, making Shou thrust harder, and faster, and reach for his cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts . . .

Oh, Kai was close, so close. He needed just a little more, just a little more . . . and then Shou thrust hard against that spot that made stars explode behind Kai’s eyes, and he arched all the way off the bed, letting out a sound between a yell and a scream, the come pouring and pouring from him.

He sagged to the bed, weightless, boneless, feeling Shou thrust hard into him again and again, and then hearing the other man’s ecstatic cry, then a low, satisfied moan as Shou gently pulled himself out, flopping to the bed beside Kai.

The men snuggled together and kissed, soft and tender, parted, then kissed again. Kai lay his head on Shou’s chest, closing his eyes and letting out a deep sigh. Oh, he was going to back in this, in these sweet, soft, mellow emotions. He didn’t think he’d ever felt so fully sated in his life.

Shou’s fingers moved over his hair, tenderly stroking. “I want to stay the night,” he said, softly.

“I was already planning to make you pancakes in the morning,” Kai said, not moving.

“Pancakes?” Shou kissed Kai’s temple. “I’d like that.”

There was a sudden loss of warmth as Shou moved away, dealing with the condom and reaching for the container of wipes on the nighttable, cleaning both of them up. When he was done, they snuggled together again.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?” Shou said.

Kai raised his head, surprised. “You have?”

“Well, I mean go on a date with you, but . . . yeah, the rest of it, too. I’ve, well, had my eye on you for awhile – almost as long as we’ve been at PSC.”

Was he hearing this? Shou had been crushing on him? For a long time? And there was that high school girl-like thrill again. Pass the fuku, please. “Why didn’t you say anything?” he said, trying to conceal the surprise in his voice.

“I thought you and Aoi were together. Ruki set me straight about that last night.”

Oh, God. Just like Kai’s own conversation with Aoi. “No, we’re not. We were friends with benefits.” And it wasn’t lost on either of them that Kai was using past tense.

“Just like me and Ruki,” Shou said. He leaned in for another kiss, then yawned. “I think I need a nap now.”

Kai had to admit he had a point – he was just now noticing how tired he was, how much their lovemaking had taken out of him. Before he could reply, though, his phone rudely interrupted with the pinging of a text message. He was going to ignore it – but it pinged again. Oh, God, Aoi. If you didn’t answer his messages right away, he kept trying until you did.

“I’ll be right back,” he told Shou. He crossed the room to his discarded pants, fished out the phone, opened the messages, and typed, “Busy. Have company. Talk to you tomorrow.”

Shou sat up. “Something wrong?”

“Not at all,” Kai said, putting the phone on silent and shutting it in the nighttable drawer. He crawled back in bed and cuddled against Shou again. Mmm, this was more like it. Cozy. Comfortable. It felt like where he belonged.

“Good,” Shou said. “How about that nap? We’re going to need energy later.”

“Oh?” Kai said, raising his head.

“Yes,” Shou said. “I intend to taste you before I taste your pancakes.”

Kai laughed, softly, and snuggled against Shou. Oh, yes, he felt like he belonged here.

This was the start of something, yes. And he couldn’t wait to see where it went.

* * *

Aoi dropped the phone on the nighttable and climbed back into bed beside Ruki. “It worked,” he said.

Ruki yawned. He was still trying to recover from the workout the guitarist had given him before. “What did?”

“You know what. Our little project. I saw them going to Starbucks together after the meeting. And Kai just texted me to say he had ‘company.’” Of course, Aoi had sent the texts in the first place to test his theory that Kai wasn’t alone.

“Good,” Ruki said. “Now, can I get some rest?”

“Huh,” Aoi said. “I’d expect you to be happier. It was your idea, after all.”

Ruki had to admit Aoi had a point there. He’d been concerned about his protégée ever since Tora had taken up with Uruha, leaving Shou the sole single member of their band. He could sense that the other vocalist was lonely sometimes – and he’d already picked up on the fact he was carrying a torch for Kai. It was just a matter of convincing Aoi to work on the other end, and get Kai to notice Shou.

“I’ll be happier once I’ve had some sleep,” he mumbled.

Aoi turned off the nighttable light and rolled over, closer to Ruki, wrapping an arm around him. Now that Shou had found happiness, maybe it was about time that he and Ruki see where their own relationship was going to go. Because it was clear that Kai being "fuck buddies" with both Aoi and Ruki was no longer a factor.

Friends with benefits was a nice thing, yes. But sometimes, there were things that were nicer.


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Jun. 23rd, 2012 08:22 am (UTC)
This made my morning :D</p>

I love ShouxKai <3

They have the most beautiful smiles *A*

Aww this was so cute a really awesome work :DDD

Hehe you don't wanna write a one shot about Aoi and Ruki's relationship? ^_^

Jun. 24th, 2012 04:37 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Oh, they do both have the most adorable smiles. They really do have a lot in common - they're both bandleaders (well, Shou became one earlier this year, at least), they've both written exactly one song for their respective bands, neither one plays in session groups, they're both known for being nice guys but they have a hidden dark side (Shou has confessed to being a latent sadist, and it's been said that GazettE's staff is scared of Kai). Quite frankly, I'm shocked that nobody seems to have thought of shipping them before.

I actually did an AoiRuki just last weekend for my Stargazer: series, but AoiRuki in this universe is also a possibility in the future. (I originally wasn't going to have them as a couple in this series, but the muses had other ideas!)

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
Jun. 23rd, 2012 10:42 am (UTC)
Ah, this was so lovely~ No one ever writes ShouxKai, and I've always wanted to read something about them ever since I saw the photo of them smiling together from that one interview.

I'd love it if this was the first chapter in a series, but it's great as a oneshot as well!
Jun. 24th, 2012 04:43 pm (UTC)
Oh, you mean this one?


That gif definitely inspired this fic. They just look so damn adorable together that they're almost crying out to be shipped. (I wish I could get hold of a sub of that show!)

It depends on the muses how much I'm going to do in this universe - my main continuity is still Stargazer (Shou X Hiroto, Kai X Uruha), and I also have a Ruki X Kai X Uruha universe (and also, possibly, a Ruki X Kai). But this pairing is definitely worth returning to!
Jun. 24th, 2012 07:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's the one!

I'm still working on catching up with Stargazer (I'm only on part 3 so far~), but I'm looking forward to anything you'll be writing in the future. : )
Jun. 24th, 2012 07:53 am (UTC)
Awww this is kinda cute [not the smut of course...cute smut just sounds...wrong.] That pairing is just adorable!...They could melt me into useless goo if they smiled at me together. Tsk tsk dangerous....

I'm all curious now by the way...this is the second time I've seen someone mention about Hiroto and his 'friend'. Mind telling me what that's about? I seem to have missed something.
Jun. 24th, 2012 04:49 pm (UTC)
Hiroto's "friend" in this fic is K, the guitarist from BORN, who's his longtime real-life best friend. Hiroto had a tweet a few weeks ago where the two of them had gone to all-night karaoke together, and he said, "I just woke up next to K." Now, that could be innocent (they just passed out on opposite ends of Hiroto's couch) . . . or Hiroto accidentally letting slip that the two of them are more than friends. I used interpretation #1 for my ShouPon universe, and interpretation #2 for this one.

And Shou and Kai are WAY adorable together, which is why I had to ship them. Cute smut? If anyone could make smut seem cute, it would be these two! ~_^

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
Jun. 24th, 2012 08:24 pm (UTC)
Awww thanks so much for explaining :D its just too cute.
Jun. 24th, 2012 05:10 pm (UTC)
This was lovely. I love ShouxKai/KaixShou but it's really hard to find. You did it just perfect :)
Good job ♥.
Jun. 24th, 2012 08:51 pm (UTC)
If anyone else has ever done this pairing, I'd love to know about it. It seems that it's a natural - they look adorable together and are alike in many ways - but I don't think I've seen fics shipping Kai with anyone but his bandmates or Miyavi. Kai X Shou/Shou X Kai needs more love!

Thanks so much for commenting!
Jun. 24th, 2012 11:04 pm (UTC)
I know I've read one fic with this pairing before! But I don't remember where xD I'll let you know if I find it :P
But, yes, indeed, it needs more love, they are amazing together.
Jun. 25th, 2012 12:53 am (UTC)
Ha, that might have been me, too. I did another Shou X Kai called "Stolen Moments" under another journal name:

Jun. 25th, 2012 02:19 am (UTC)
No, the one I read wasn't that...
ksmdindjasdn OMG, I'm going to read your fic XD. You're making me super happy right now xD.
Jun. 24th, 2012 10:16 pm (UTC)
Aaawww ... So adoreable those first lover get together ... *drools* ... How cute they appear at starbucks and later interlacing their fingers so innocently at the restaurant ... Sooo sweet ... And even at home still overwhelming gentle touching and tender kissing ... Very lovely ... Nearly like an adoreable high school romance ... I love it somehow ... Keep on going with your sweetness ... *getting heartshaped eyes* ...
Jun. 25th, 2012 12:59 am (UTC)
Hee, there is kind of a high school romance feel between these two (Kai even thinks in a couple of places that he feels like he should be wearing a schoolgirl fuku). The direction I wanted to go with these two is "cute, but steamy" - which is how I ultimately view any relationship they'd have - so I'm glad it came across that way! Thanks for reading and commenting!
Jun. 25th, 2012 11:40 pm (UTC)
This was both really sweet and really hot at the same time. ♥ I really liked it. :)
Jun. 28th, 2012 10:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Sweet and hot is exactly the kind of thing you want to convey with a couple like this one, so I'm glad it came across that way! (And there will be more of these two, believe me!)
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 4th, 2012 06:01 am (UTC)
Actually, half the reason I started this Shou/Kai series is because poor Kai gets left out of the shipping so often. Ficcers like to put Ruki with Reita, Aoi with Uruha . . . and poor Kai is left alone, or dating some offscreen original female character, or pushed off on Miyavi just for the sake of having someone to ship him with. My usual choice of person to pair Kai with is Uruha (or sometimes Ruki, or sometimes a Kai/Uruha/Ruki threesome), but I wanted to give him a nice relationship for those times when he's the "leftover." So, I thought about who might be a good match for him, and the answer came up - Shou! They're both sweet on the surface with a hidden dark side, they're both bandleaders now, neither one participates in session bands . . . well, they just genuinely have a lot in common. (Plus, I love them both. XD)

Thank you for commenting - and I will definitely be doing more with these two in the future!

Jul. 4th, 2012 09:23 pm (UTC)
Euuurgh so late to the party -___- but oh my...

Do you know what really struck me in this? The sheer romance of it all. Not that you don't write romantic stuff, but your fics (this is by no means negative, of course ^_^) tend to be a build up to smut, with focus on the smut, but this time I really felt like the build up was given the same kind of focus as the sex. It was really quite lovely actually, I really appreciated that a lot. The scene where their hands touch...*mad flailing* you know how beautiful and intimate hand touching is in my opinion, guh! I love how you worked that in there, loooove it. I really appreciated how you made Shou top as well, it really felt right in this particular instance...And can I say ToRuha? Guuuuh! You have to write them too, you have to XD

All in all, gorgeous work very worthy of this lovely pairing. Well done! *runs off to pancakes* xoxo
Jul. 7th, 2012 03:49 pm (UTC)
It doesn't matter that you're late to the party, I'm just glad you enjoyed it! You picked up on the fact that I put a lot of emphasis on the emotional buildup here. That was because I wanted to establish this as a real love connection, not just a hot encounter - and because I was dealing with a pairing that has little backup in real life (I don't think they've even been photographed together, other than that one TV show that gif came from), I had to work a little harder than for a couple that's actually seen interacting affectionately in public (Shou/Hiroto, Ruki/Shou, Tora/Saga, Kai/Uruha).

The hand-touching was a BIG thing. (Notice that in Pancakes, that's the one moment Shou keeps flashing back to the day after). When they went from just pressing their palms together to interlaced fingers, that was them acknowledging that something was happening, that a spark had started and was rapidly moving toward becoming a fire. (Interlaced-fingers-hand-holding is a BIG thing among UruKai fans. The fact that they do that on stage is taken as a sign that there's more affection there than just casual bandmates - which then, of course, can then be taken to the NEXT stage of affection by fangirls. ~_^)

Shou topping here, and Kai topping in the next story, was a way of establishing equal balance. Both is very capable of being a seme (even though Shou isn't a leader at this point, he has the potential to be - notice he says that Nao has already picked him as his successor). They will switch back and forth throughout their relationship (as well as having plenty of instances where they have non-penetrative sex where neither is seme/uke).

And you very well might see ToRuha in this universe get their own stories - especially if voyeurism action happens along the lines of the ShouPon/UruKai Christmas story. ~_^
Jul. 8th, 2012 03:43 am (UTC)
Oh I enjoyed every word of this...unf!

Its funny how we share views on so many levels with certain physical aspects of relationships, aka the handholding. That moment in S&C when Tora and Saga's hands touch in the café is a huge, determining moment and I loved to get the same feeling of intimacy and romantic build up from your scene. I think that's why we work so well together XD

If you write some ShouKai/TorUha voyeurism...guh! I'll die of nosebleed I think XD
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