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Fic: You Twit! 3-D [Shou X Hiroto, NC-17]

Title: You Twit! 3-D
Chapter: Number 22 in the Stargazer series, at least for now. Links to previous installments can be found here.
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, romance, some humor
Warning: Male/male sexual activity, including 69 and bukake.
Pairing: Shou X Hiroto
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Hiroto is excited as hell about attending an old friend’s live, and he tweets about it. Unfortunately, he does it first thing in the morning, before being fully awake, and it doesn’t exactly come out as planned . . .
Comments: Hiroto’s Twitter just hands me a fic on a silver platter – again. By the way, the Don Quixote mentioned in the story is a popular discount store chain in Japan – think Kmart or Wal-Mart, but a lot more chaotic. There’s no rhyme or reason to their organization, and stuff is kind of crammed everywhere. (I was able to find a flash drive there, though!)

One of the ground rules that Shou and Hiroto had set for their relationship in its earliest days was that they be allowed to do their own things and go their own way when they wanted, that “me time” was just as important as “us time.” It was a rule that had held up very well; there had been a few minor tussles when one of them wanted to be together and the other wanted to do something with an old friend, but they were the exception rather than the rule.

Tonight was going to be a “me time” night. Hiroto was going to MUCC's 15th anniversary show with a couple of his other Karasu bandmates. He was excited about it, too, the way he was bouncing around the apartment.

“I haven't seen Tatsuro-kun in way too long,” he told Shou as he rummaged through his closet, looking for something to wear. “I owe him so much. Working with him – it helped me become a really serious musician.” Hiroto knew they wouldn’t have been able to tackle something as ambitious as Gemini without the professional growth he’d achieved from the Karasu project.

He held a shirt in front of him, examined it, made a face and shoved it back on the rack. When one was a visual kei musician going to a visual kei event, clothing choice was essential. Stepping out in the wrong thing would get you gossiped about faster than an heiress climbing out of her limo without underwear.

“You want to work with them again, don't you?” Shou said, looking up from his MacBook. He was on the Diet Butcher Slim Skin web site; he was planning on hitting the sales there and at Julius while Hiroto went out.

“We're talking about an album.” Hiroto held another shirt in front of his chest, then pulled out a pair of pants, held them against the shirt, shook his head and reached for another. It was a Rubik's Cube of fashion, trial and error until you got the right combination. “Of course, it would depend on us all having enough downtime, but . . .” He frowned at the mirror.

“Those pants are fine.” Shou pushed his computer away for a moment. “Of course, you look gorgeous in anything.”

“I want this to be right, though,” Hiroto said. “You understand, right? This live is big, really big. I've been thinking about it all week.” Indeed, Hiroto loved going to other people's lives almost as much as he loved playing them himself – although he always found himself mentally on stage with the other musicians.

“I understand, love.” Shou wrapped his arms around Hiroto's waist and pulled him close. He looked at the reflection in front of them – Hiroto's hair a lot longer than it had been last summer, Shou's quite a bit shorter. The more things changed, though, the more things between them stayed the same.

“You go, and have a great time, and I'll be waiting for you here when you get back. And those pants do look right with that shirt. Trust me.” He kissed his lover's cheek – he'd aimed for the neck at first, but that would probably lead to other things.

He didn't want Hiroto to be late for his show – especially when he'd put so much effort into his wardrobe.

Hiroto leaned back into the embrace with a contented sigh. For a moment, he didn't want to leave, wanted to drag his lover back over to the bed and have his way with him. But there would be time for that after the show.

He was going to be experiencing live music from people he liked and respected, after all. And the thought of that made a fire run through his blood as strong as the intensity of passion.

“Just don't go too crazy on your shopping rampage, okay?” he said, turning his head to kiss Shou.

“I won't,” Shou said – though they both knew damn well he would. Hiroto had recognized the Demon King glint in his lover's eyes when looking at that web site. It was the kind of thing he normally saw only when Shou was onstage, or had a rock-paper-scissors hammer in his hand.

Shou eased away so that Hiroto could start getting dressed. “Put something about this on your Twitter yet?” he said, going back to the computer.

“I tweeted something this morning, when I first got up,” Hiroto said. Actually, he couldn't remember it very clearly – he'd still been in a sleepy fog – but he remembered writing something like “Today is rock-out day! I'm excited!”

He hummed happily to himself as he began searching for the perfect jewelry to accessorize his outfit, automatically shifting his “wedding ring” to his right hand, as he usually did when he went out in public. This was going to be a night to remember, he could just feel it.

* * *

Shou heaved the last of the packages into his car and shut the door, puffing out a big breath. So, his purchases filled the entire back seat. Ooops. He thought his load felt a bit heavy when he was leaving the store.

Well, it wasn't as if the clothes would go to waste, right? He could wear them for photoshoots and public appearances. It was practically a business expense. He was Leader-san now, he had to cut an impressive figure in public, right?

Getting into the driver's seat, he pulled out his phone to run a quick check of his messages before taking off. He suddenly remembered he'd forgotten to wish Mao from Sadie a happy birthday, so he went immediately to Twitter and took care of that, then made quick posts about his birthday event and the shopping rampage.

A text broke through from Nao. “Shou-kun, do you think that I should use Scalp D on Tsuyoshi-kun? He looks like he has dandruff.”

Shou chuckled to himself. Nao was absolutely obsessed with his new hedgehog, to the point where he panicked if he perceived the least little thing wrong with the animal. It was adorable, in a way. “No, I don't think so,” he said. “Just give him some water to wash himself with.”

“Okay, I'll put it back, then,” came the reply. Shou could just imagine Nao standing in the middle of a drugstore or a Don Quixote, the shampoo bottle in his hand, before having second thoughts and asking for advice.

He went back to Twitter, and found a post from Mizuki of Sadie teasing him about the shopping rampage. He was starting to reply when another text came through, this time from Ruki.

“What the hell did that man of yours tweet this time?”

Now, the irony of Ruki saying that to someone else hit Shou like a ton of bricks, given that Ruki was dating Aoi, and everyone else on the planet could have said that to him a hundred times over. “I haven't looked at Hiroto's Twitter yet,” he typed back. “Why?”

“It looked like he was advertising your sex agenda for the night.”

Oh, crap. Shou quickly flipped back to Twitter and sought out Hiroto's account. There was a post where he was teasing his old friend K from BORN, something about marbled meat in response to an NHK producer's post about barbecues, and . . .

A post from first thing that morning saying “It's 69 day!!!! I'm excited!”

Shou facepalmed. Of course, Hiroto had typed this before he was fully awake. The number 69, in Japanese, could be read ro-ku – the English loan word for “rock.” Hiroto had probably thought he was writing “rock” in Romanji – but he used the English numbers instead.

He suddenly found himself laughing, hard and loud. Oh, God, poor Hiroto. This was far from the first Twitter mishap. He was amazed he hadn't heard from Saga 20 times over about this – though a quick check of Saga's Twitter revealed he'd been deeply engrossed in soccer all day.

He put the phone away and started his car, still laughing a bit. He'd have to break it to Hiroto when he got home – gently.

That was, unless Hiroto had heard about it from other people first.

• * *

Hiroto crept into the apartment, quietly. He figured Shou had probably gone to bed already. It was past last train – thank God he and Shou now both owned cars.

He was still flying high from the evening. It was incredible, everything he’d thought it would be and more. He always gained so much inspiration from Tatsuro, and the dynamic of the band was amazing. Fifteen years – a long, long time to be together, especially by visual kei standards.

He wondered what Alice Nine would be like when they made it to that milestone. There was no doubt in his mind at all that they would.

He plunked down on the couch and pulled out his phone, firing off a quick tweet about the show. No way was he going to sleep right now, he was still too wired from the evening. Following the show itself, he’d gone to the afterparty, where he saw some people he hadn’t run into in a long while and exchanged stories about what they’d been up to.

There was one curious thing about the evening, though – a couple of people had made odd jokes to him, all having to do with his plans with Shou for later on. One guy had slapped Hiroto on the back, winked, and said, “We all know what you’re doing after this!”

Another had nudged him at the bar, and said, “Not drinking much? Well, that’s okay, we know you’re using your mouth for other things tonight, right?”

Hiroto shrugged. Boys would be boys, right? He didn’t go around broadcasting his relationship with Shou outside his circle of friends, but he didn’t deny it, either, and Visual Kei did have the fastest-moving grapevine in the world.

There was the sound of a door opening and closing, and Shou stepped out into the hall from the bedroom. “Hey,” he said. “How was the live?”

“Oh, Shou, you should have been there. It was amazing.” Hiroto started talking about it with high enthusiasm, eyes flashing, and Shou found himself wondering if he should just forget about telling him about the Twitter thing. After all, it wasn’t as if he’d been hearing about it all evening, right?

Until he started talking about the afterparty, and he mentioned those remarks people had made to him. “He said he knew I was going to use my mouth for other things. It kind of took me by surprise, but . . .”

Oh, hell. People had said things to him. Shou put a hand on his lover’s shoulder. “Hiroto, what did you write in those tweets? I mean, the one you posted when you first woke up?”

Okay, that was a strange question. “I said today was rock and roll day – I think. I haven’t looked at it since I did it.”

Shou quietly handed over his phone, displaying the timeline in question. “Hiroto, you said it was 69 day, and that you were excited about it.”

Hiroto frowned. That wasn’t what he wrote! He wrote it was roku – rock – day, didn’t he? He could have sworn he did . . .

But, no, there was the evidence right in front of him. He’d written exactly what Shou said he had. Oh, crap. By now, it had gone all over the world – in several languages, since there were regional translators in foreign countries.

“Oh, my God,” he groaned. He should know better than to Tweet first thing in the morning. This had happened a few weeks ago, when he went out to all-night karaoke with K, and they’d ended up stumbling back in here at dawn, literally passing out on opposite sides of the couch. Hiroto had tweeted, “I just woke up next to K.” Poor Shou had spent the next 24 hours getting bombarded with messages from friends saying, “Do you know your boyfriend is cheating on you?”

“It’s okay,” Shou said, putting the phone on the coffee table and taking Hiroto’s hands in his. “I haven’t gotten many messages about it this time.”

“Not . . . many?” Hiroto said.

“Well, a few,” Shou said. Indeed, there had been a couple of texts after Ruki’s – including one from a member of one of the kohei bands asking if they were going to take video. Shou had ignored that one.

“Crap,” Hiroto said, one hand dropping Shou’s in order to facepalm. He might as well have just put on his Twitter, “Woo hoo, hot sex tonight, everyone!”

Note to self, he thought: Quit Tweeting so early in the a.m. Don’t reach for the phone for anything but checking messages until you have breakfast in you.

“Did Saga say anything?”

“Not yet,” Shou said. Hiroto figured the operative word there was “yet.”

And then, Shou was sliding his fingers under Hiroto’s chin, tipping it upward gently, then slipping over to cup his cheek.

“Hey,” Shou said. “Ever hear the expression ‘If you’re going to have the blame, might as well have the game?’” Hiroto shook his head. “It means that if people think you’re doing something, you might as well just do it, and enjoy it. So if everyone thinks we’re going to 69 tonight . . .” He leaned closer to his lover, his lips mere inches from the other man’s. “We don’t want to make you a liar, do we?”

He leaned in and kissed Hiroto – but didn’t deepen it. It was meant to be a teaser kiss, a promise of things to come. He stood up, giving Hiroto a sultry glance over his shoulder – the type he usually reserved for the camera – and headed for the bedroom.

As he passed the dresser, Shou pulled his glasses off and dropped them on the top. He knew he wouldn’t need them much longer – he had confidence that Hiroto would follow him, and they’d end up on the bed. Sure enough, he was rewarded with the sound of footsteps, and he turned around and swiftly crossed the room over to his lover.

Shou didn't waste any time in pulling Hiroto into a close embrace, their mouths coming together in a long, hot kiss. His hands began making short work of the finery that had been so carefully chosen earlier that evening, unbuttoning the shirt rapidly and unzipping the pants.

Hiroto stepped back just long enough to rid himself of all the clothes – and, while he was at it, switch the ring back to his left hand. He reached toward Shou, but his lover was already way ahead of him, having shed his own clothes before Hiroto had his pants fully down.

“You're too fast for me,” Hiroto said, wrapping his arms around Shou.

“That's what happens when you're with a guy as hot as you,” Shou replied, tumbling them both toward the bed. Hiroto laughed as he found himself rolled onto his back, Shou nipping playfully at his neck.

“You do like to do that, don't you?” Hiroto said, as Shou nibbled one sensitive spot, then licked at it, then nibbled again.

“Yes,” Shou said. “But I like doing this more.” He took one of Hiroto's hands in his and brought it to his mouth, lips wrapping around the first two fingers, tongue stroking them lightly. He felt Hiroto shudder and moan – he knew very well by now that his lover's hands were an erogenous zone.

He sucked the fingers, moving his head back, then down, giving him a little tease as to what was coming later. Shou's hand, meanwhile, was moving over his lover's belly, tracing little circles, tickling his navel. The more response he could get, the better.

“Aahh,” Hiroto gasped. “So . . . good . . .”

Shou slid the fingers out of his mouth, kissing the tips. “Do you want it to get even better?”

“Yes . . .”

“Do you want to feel my mouth on your cock?” A slight lick.

“Oh, my God, yes. And I want my mouth on yours.”

“Kiss me, then.” Shou brought his lips back to Hiroto's, and the younger man pulled him down, mouth devouring Shou's with a fierce hunger. His fingers slid to Shou's nipple, gently rubbing it as their tongues rubbed against each other.

Shou could feel the other man's erection pressing against him in a way that it would take just a slight shift of the hips to bring their cocks into alignment, letting them rub up against each other.. He didn't do that, though. It would be too big a temptation for them to just grind together, lose themselves in heat and friction, and forget all about what they'd planned to do.

Shou eased his lips from Hiroto's and began to kiss his way down his lover's neck again, this time, moving lower. He paused at a nipple, licking around it slowly, waiting to hear the other man's groan of lust and pleasure.

“Keep going,” Hiroto gasped. “Please, Shou . . .”

Shou worked his way down, kissing the firm flesh of his stomach, stopping to nip here, to trace the muscles with his tongue. God, what a hot body his beloved had – one could be mistaken in thinking he was an athlete or a dancer instead of a guitarist.

He remembered seeing that Rock and Read layout last year, all those pictures of Hiroto in half-naked glory, and how he'd thought about how many people looked at those images longingly – but only he could touch. It made his heart swell with love, and pride, and even a bit of humility – Hiroto had chosen him, even after he'd been an ass and slept with other men for so long.

He nipped at the skin again, a bit harder this time, unconsciously marking his territory. And then, he reached his ultimate goal.

His fingers stroked the hard length in front of him with utmost tenderness before he reverently kissed the tip, tracing it with his tongue. He licked down the shaft, feeling and tasting now-familiar territory – the ridges, the veins, the less-than-smooth places.

“Aaah,” Hiroto gasped. “Yes, please, suck me . . .”

Shou raised his head. “You're going to have to suck me too, you know.”

“Please . . . I want to . . .”

Shou rolled over on his back, holding his arms out to the other man. “It's probably easier with you on top,” he said. “Go on, you first. . . .”

Hiroto straddled his lover's head and leaned over, kissing the tip of Shou's cock the way Shou had done to him, running his tongue along the head, and then starting to slide down. He actually liked this position, because it allowed him to take Shou deep, to swallow as much of him as he possibly could.

Some people just could not appreciate how very intimate this act could be, taking your lover in your lips, surrounding his most intimate flesh with a hot, wet, caressing mouth, being in complete control of his pleasure.

Hiroto could certainly appreciate it. He sucked firmly, moving down on Shou, feeling the hard flesh slide over soft, wet lips and tongue.

Shou raised his head, moaning – oh, God, Hiroto was good at this, a natural talent who just got better and better through experience. He reached out with his tongue again, circling the tip of the erection in front of him.

He didn't have the maneuverability that Hiroto did, being the one on the bottom, which meant he had to get creative. He took as much as he could in his mouth, sucking it, tonguing it, and let his fingers wander along the rest of his length, caressing and exploring.

Hiroto moaned, the sound sending vibrations through Shou's cock as he started to suck harder, move his head faster. He was starting to mirror what Shou was doing – a lick around the base of the head brought the same thing from Hiroto, a series of fast, hard sucks right at the tip brought an echo of the same, both mean moaning as they did so.

Shou's fingers were on Hiroto's balls now, rubbing them gently, tracing the ridges, while his other hand was on the younger man's ass, squeezing the firm flesh, running over the perfectly formed curve. The more pleasure he gave the other man, the more Hiroto moaned, making vibrations pulse through Shou's body, intensifying the pleasure he felt from thrusting into that wet heat.

And thrust he did, raising his hips in time with Hiroto's sucking, mouth and fingers working faster now, and Hiroto was bucking as well, pushing himself further into Shou's mouth. The air was filled with the sound of their muffled moans, growing louder and more intense now as both men were oblivious to nothing but the feel of hard against soft, the bitter taste of precome, the heat coiling and coiling in their bellies like tight springs . . .

When Hiroto stroked his tongue back and forth across the slit on the tip, Shou felt the pleasure in him burst, and he cried out around Hiroto's cock . . . and Hiroto was suddenly inspired to do something he hadn't before, pulling back so that Shou's come poured onto his face.

Shou felt his lover's mouth leave him, knew what he was doing, and his head was filled with a vision of that gorgeous face with white splattered across it . . . which only intensified his orgasm, making it last and last, leaning back off Hiroto's erection so he could cry out.

When it was over, he lifted his head, taking his lover in his lips again, determined to bring him the same pleasure. His tongue worked him, flicking back and forth over the tip, teasing the slit. He heard Hiroto moan, felt him thrust into his mouth over and over . . .

And finally, the younger man cried out, the pleasure coiled within him bursting through his body. Shou pulled back, letting Hiroto come on his face like Hiroto had done to him, and, oh, God, it felt good. He'd had lovers come on him before, but then, it was just kinky. With Hiroto, it felt more like a blessing.

Hiroto turned around, and they kissed, wrapping their arms around each other, feeling the come on their faces smear and mingle. “That was . . . intense,” Hiroto sighed.

“When you pulled back,” Shou said, “that surprised the hell out of me. You've never done that before.”

“I know.” Hiroto snuggled against Shou. “And that's just why I did it. I wanted to know what it felt like.”

“And did you like it?” Shou's fingers trailed over the other man's hair.

“I loved it,” Hiroto said. “And when you did the same thing, I loved it even more.”

“There's just one thing,” Shou said. “Next time you do that, can it be when you're on your knees, in front of me? Because I want to watch it.”

Hiroto shivered a little. The idea of Shou watching himself come all over Hiroto's face, and getting even more pleasure from it . . .

“Yes,” he said, leaning over to kiss Shou. “Yes . . . you can watch as much as you want.”

Shou reached over to grab a tissue, reluctantly wiping both their faces off at last. “Now, aren't you glad you made that Twitter mistake?”

Hiroto nodded, snuggling against Shou, burying his face in the crook of his neck and shoulder and letting out a deep sigh. The thrilling experience of the live, the embarrassment of finding out about his tweet, but then the wild and intense 69 . . .

It had been one hell of a day, all right.

* * *

Hiroto was awakened the next morning by the sound of his phone pinging with a message. He yawned, stretching out a hand to grab it, head not moving from Shou's chest until it had to. He brought the device to his face, blinking.

He sure as hell wasn't going to open Twitter before he was fully awake. He'd learned his lesson about that.

This didn't need Twitter, though. It was a regular text message from Saga. “Just now catching up on your tweets. Watching soccer all day yesterday. Want me to send over a supply of mouthwash?”


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Jun. 10th, 2012 07:16 am (UTC)
-wibbles- That was defs needed after studying for three hours straight XD Job well done as always! :D

Are you planning on finishing the Movienight story? I don't recall Aoi and Ruki getting any love on that one. Although, if they did, I must have missed it XD
Jun. 10th, 2012 02:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm so glad I could relieve the pain of studying! And, no, the Aoi/Ruki Movie Night hasn't been written yet - I actually had every intention of starting it this weekend, and then Hiroto lobbed this bomb into the Twittersphere. But it IS coming!
Jun. 10th, 2012 09:33 am (UTC)
Lol at saga XD and at the whole thing
Really liked it~!
Jun. 10th, 2012 02:36 pm (UTC)
I just had to let Saga put his two cents in, even though he doesn't appear in person in this one! (You'd think he'd come to expect Hiroto's Twitter foot-in-mouth disease by now . . .) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Jun. 10th, 2012 04:39 pm (UTC)
Guhh...hot! I think 69/bukake is your new rimming XD I'm not complaining at all, I'd loved your Tora x Saga version, and this ShouPon iteration is just as pleasing...unf! Its amazing how Hiroto always manages to give you fic material XD There's something carefree about him that is so charming...one day he's really gonna spill something major on there, I'm eagerly waiting...

I'm all up for another piece where Shou comes on his face, seriously, you can't put it out there and not expect me to want some of that too XD Awesome work as usual ;) xoxo

ps. Shou-chan is coming up, if all goes well I'll be posting it tonight or tomorrow during the day. You'll be pleased...;)
Jun. 11th, 2012 12:14 am (UTC)
There originally wasn't going to be bukake in that scene - but the muses had other ideas! Oh, the boys will get another go-around with that, to be sure! (Have to do the next chapter of Movie Night first, though, I'm getting requests for it!)

I actually think Hiroto let something big slip already - IMHO, that post about waking up next to K wasn't innocent. (I made it innocent for this fic, though, since Stargazer!Shou and Hiroto are monogamous.)
Jun. 13th, 2012 01:52 am (UTC)
Guh...imagining him with K...*foams at mouth* Can you blame him for being proud of his catch? XD K is one fine piece of ass...
Jun. 13th, 2012 03:22 am (UTC)
I've already decided that in my universe where Shou and Kai are together, Hiroto is definitely with K. Tora is with Uruha (borrowed from your universe, of course!), Saga and Nao have been a couple since Alice Nine was formed . . . and I'm not quite sure what to do with the others. (Ruki would probably end with with Ryoga, since it's a similar sempai/kouhei dynamic that he has with Shou, just with more edge).
Jun. 13th, 2012 01:00 pm (UTC)
Unfunfunf! Agreed with all these pairings 100%, you need to write more in that ShouKai verse. And ToRuha is starting to grow on me quite a bit, I might give them another oneshot, although you will definitely get some in your gift-fic, I couldn't resist XD
Jun. 13th, 2012 04:45 pm (UTC)
Oooh, I'm not going to complain about that! (The gift fic sounds like it's shaping up to be VERY interesting!) And I do want to do more ShouKai - and more RukiShou and KaiRuki as well. (I got a comment on the second part of Shou-chan from someone who was just thrilled to death that someone was writing affectionate RukiShou, and she was more thrilled when I gave her the link to my previous story).

Ha, one ShouKai idea I had was one where the two of them are trying to have a sweet, romantic evening together - but they keep getting interrupted by calls from the "traditional" GazettE pairings - Reituki and Aoiha - who are fighting like cats and dogs. Sort of an inversion of your typical GazettE fic, where those two couples are blissful, and Kai is alone (I saw a fic this week, no joke, that was labeled "Reita X Ruki, Aoi X Uruha, Kai X cooking." My head X the desk), or the villain trying to break up one of the couples, or with an ill-defined OFC, or with Miyavi. (I still can't understand that last one.) What's keeping me from writing it (besides my backlog of other ideas) is the fear it would end up a lightning rod for wank.

(The end of the fic would have Shou and Kai both turning off their phones and burying them in the bottom of a drawer so they can enjoy the rest of their evening uninterrupted, by the way.)
Jun. 15th, 2012 12:54 pm (UTC)
You'll be getting quite a bit of everything you desire my dear...The KaiShou parts are...unf! I won't give you too many details but it might be the beginning of an arrangement similar to the one between Tora and Yuki (If you remember from my v-day fic in that verse, Tora and Yuki agreed to have one on one trysts once in a while, with the blessing of his boys, but I'll go in detail in the new fic). This verse is like an outlet for all my turn-ons XD

And please do write! Unf! It would be amazing *___* I really love KaiShou big time...I agree that he's definitely not getting the love he deserves in fic, its frustrating really because he's incredibly sweet and so very good looking *Q* he deserves plenty of attention (I don't get the KaiMiyavi stuff out there either. They acted really friendly to each other once on cam in frickin 2005, please -___-) You'll probably get crap for writing it, we have to keep it real, but it might be worth it. I will enjoy reading it trust me XD xoxo
Jun. 16th, 2012 06:59 am (UTC)
I might write the fic and just put it on my journal, and possibly kai_pleasure, rather than putting it out there in front of the fandom as a whole. (Inight on the whole Kaiyavi thing: One reason Kai hasn't been shipped a lot with people outside the band, as revealed on kai_pleasure today,is he hasn't interacted a lot with other musicians in public - unlike the ever-Twittering Ruki and Aoi. Thus, the Reituki/Aoiha shippers can't come up with someone else to put Kai with, and they end up focusing on that one Kai/Miyavi thing from 2005).

Oh, I would SO love to see Shou and Kai have an outside-their-relationships arrangement. Go for it. (Of course, I'm never going to discourage the idea of those two being together in any circumstances. ~_^) The threesome verses are nice on several levels - not only are they an outlet for all sorts of fantasies and turn-ons, but it's a setting where nobody is left out. In both our universes, the three guys are together, and then the other two in the band are with each other. Everyone wins.
Jun. 17th, 2012 04:03 pm (UTC)
Yeah, save it for people who will appreciate (aka ME!) ;) I know that Kai is a bit less social because of his heavy load of responsibilities, but if anything that broadens his pairing options in my opinion. You can just pair him with anyone you want to imagine then, there's no supplied, bona fide pairing to stick him in. But that's just me being an opportunist pervert XD I just like imagining him with a bunch of different people...wait til you get your present...XD

I definitely might write a side-story where Saga kicks both his lovers out to have some peace and quiet to compose, ensuing with Tora x Yuki and Kai x Shou porn ;) Maybe when I'm done with S&C...

I hadn't noticed that you paired Aoi with Reita in your threesome verse, but somehow I can picture it happening. It has to get written! I have to write some NaoPon as well ;)
Jun. 18th, 2012 11:49 am (UTC)
I'm going to definitely encourage the "extracurricular activities" fic! I can just see Saga saying, "I can't work with you two around! Go out and play with your other playmates!" And Shou and Tora will be all too glad to obey.

I've actually thought about suggesting a fuh_q writing challenge to the mod of kai_pleasure. That's something where you pick a "victim of the month" and then try to pair them with as many people as possible - in animanga fandoms, the goal was to get the "victim" paired with every single character in his or her canon. In this challege, the goal would be to pair Kai with a variety of people both inside and outside his own band. You'd sign up, and then you'd be the only person allowed to write Kai with that person during the challenge. So, you'd have one person doing Kai X Ruki,one Kai X Shou, one Kai X Byou etc. Well, I imagine you could have one person sign up to write more than one pairing - just not too people working on the same pairing! (And I'd make using Miyavi illegal for the challenge. The idea is to give the poor boy some variety).

The thing with Aoi and Reita is mentioned at the very beginning of the first threesome story, where they're sitting around the bar being awkward - Kai is thinking he's alone with these two because Aoi took off with Reita, and he knew exactly where they were going. It's not something I ever intended on writing a specific fic about, per se - just a nice thing to have in the background, that everyone has someone here.
Jun. 19th, 2012 05:39 pm (UTC)
I'm definitely writing that at some point, especially when we get some kind of confirmation that they are working on something new...which I have the nagging feeling that they might be right now.

Do you know what, if you do put up the challenge, I will definitely sign up! I have an idea for some Tora/Kai that would melt your brain...I can't help it, he's not my bias for nothing, I just want to whore him out to every guy in PSC XD

I just re-read and noticed, it would be interesting to have them appear again I think ;)
Jun. 11th, 2012 02:29 am (UTC)
Hiroto is just so precious, and he's such a considerate person. I wish someone could hand me fics on a silver platter without jumbling up the ideas. @.@

And I don't blame Shou. I filled up my entire backseat today, too, but maybe it's because the bags were just a little too big... Takes a shopaholic to understand a shopaholic! XD

Plus, the two of them together just spells out hot sex. (I do astrology when I'm bored.) You did a great job at showing that. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Jun. 16th, 2012 06:22 am (UTC)
Oh, they spell out hot sex, all right. (You do astrology? That's cool! So, you did the charts for the two of them to see how compatible they are?)

Hiroto has been doing that a lot lately - it seems he just keeps putting things on his Twitter that could have a double meaning. I very nearly got a whole fic out of his proclamation that he'd woken up next to K, but just made that a line in this one instead.

Oh, the Shou shopaholic thing had to be included in the fic. When he said his bags literally filled the back seat of his car, it was too good to pass up. LOL, so you can understand his shopping mania firsthand! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
Jun. 22nd, 2012 07:50 am (UTC)
When I'm bored, I sit down with my friends and do astrology, yeah. It's pretty amusing since they've found someone to fangirl about. (Something I've been lacking, strangely, unless OTPs count. XD) I did Shou and Hiroto's compatibility once, and that ultimately locked them as my OTP. You can't take back what you've seen. XD

I'm hardly on Twitter anymore, sadly. Just to respond to some of my cousin's ridiculousness and the rest to promote my band or someone else's. I did catch that one time Shou tweeted that he wanted to try Hiroto's cooking on Hiroto's birthday celebration after wishing Hiroto himself a happy birthday. XD

I feel like I take after Shou sometimes, or at least relate to him. We're Final Fantasy addicts, shoppaholics, and dislike cucumbers. If I had to say there's a big difference between us, it'd be the fact that I'm going to be five feet even for the rest of my life in comparison to his height. XD
Jun. 16th, 2012 01:57 am (UTC)
Ruki is such a timeline police XDDDD

nyaaa I love this! it's been a while since I read shoupon ~___~
Jun. 16th, 2012 06:30 am (UTC)
Ruki does always seem to be the one informing Shou that his lover is posting bizarre things to Twitter in my fics! (He has to monitor Twitter closely in my ficverse. He's dating Aoi. He needs to know what outrageous things have been said before he starts getting comments from friends.) And I'm so glad you read it, thanks for commenting!
Jun. 19th, 2012 12:49 am (UTC)
I am speechless! So fraking hot!
Jun. 19th, 2012 02:02 am (UTC)
Thanks! Whee, rendering you speechless? That means I did a good job with the smut, so I'll consider it a huge compliment!
Jan. 18th, 2013 06:04 pm (UTC)
*late to the comment party*

“There's just one thing,” Shou said. “Next time you do that, can it be when you're on your knees, in front of me? Because I want to watch it.”

Hiroto shivered a little. The idea of Shou watching himself come all over Hiroto's face, and getting even more pleasure from it . . .


Freaking love ShouPon and NOT enough people write it
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