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So, I've now posted two fics in the last seven days, whee!

The first one is the second chapter of Shou-chan in Wonderland, my collaboration with aleksiina_26.


The premise of the fic is a dream in which Shou - at the period of his life when he's still in denial of his true feelings about Hiroto - ends up in a version of Wonderland in which almost all the characters are people he know. Much sex ensues.

My chapter involved Shou's encounters with Humpty Dumpty (Nao) and the Mad Hatter (Ruki). One thing I've kept in mind throughout the writing of this fic is that it's all taking place in Shou's head, so everyone he encounters is going to be the people as Shou perceives them. Humpty Dumpty - Nao - does not ask Shou for sex (unlike most of the people he meets) because Nao is the one bandmate with which Shou doesn't have a sexual relationship when the story takes place. Instead, he asks Shou for two things that just about anyone would associate with him - Starbucks and ramen. I also got in a little about Nao's interest in plants (he laments that cacti seem like nice guys at first, but then they turn out to be "so prickly.")

He then directs Shou to the Mad Hatter by following a mouse on a motorcycle - who morphs into Reita. (One thing I wanted to do with this story is give a little spotlight time to the members of each band I tend to neglect - Nao and Reita). In trying to do a version of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party here, one thing I came up against is I had four party guests to fit in, but the Hatter only had two in the book - the Dormouse and the March Hare. So I split each character in two, with Reita and Aoi being the mice and Kai and Uruha the hares.

One of the things that inspired the series as a whole is that I have wanted a reason to write Ruki as the Mad Hatter ever since I first saw a picture of the Cockroach PV outfit (even before I saw the full PV). And here, I got to do it. He hits on Shou throughout the party - during which I tried to capture the spirit of Lewis Carroll's original scene (which is really just a bunch of random nonsense) while staying true to the people I'm basing these characters on. So I threw in a few song lyrics and a nod to Aoi's Twitter addiction (literally, him chasing a bird) - plus, a random reference to another fish-out-of-water story, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

And finally, the Big Scene of the fic - Ruki dragging Shou into a back room to extract his price for information. Here, I wanted their scene to reflect Shou's impressions of his relationship with Ruki in the real world. The Hatter is dominant, but ultimately caring. He uses Stargazer!Ruki's favorite sexual weapon - sex toys (the toy in question here fits into a base which suggests the shape of a teapot) - and he has Shou put on a performance for him (which, yes, was directly inspired by My Devil On The Bed - the whole "masturbation" thing). Later, however, he begs Shou to stay, saying he'd "fit in well with our group."

The relationship between Ruki and Shou in Stargazer is long and complex - they're close friends with benefits (at least when this story takes place), mentor and protegee. At one point, each has wondered if the other is his destined soulmate. (Ruki also went through periods of wondering if Kai was his destined soulmate as well - just adding to his confusion). But here, Shou - at least in his subconscious - finally realizes that his romantic destiny lies elsewhere, and he takes his leave of the Hatter - but not before we find out that Shou, at least on some level, knows where Ruki's heart truly lies as well.

(Random side note: Yes, I'm still going to do that Aoi/Ruki chapter of Movie Night - possibly as the next fic on my agenda.)

The second story - which is a lot less complex - is for the first writing challenge at kai_pleasure. I was given a prompt that seemed to be all about peace, tranquility and serenity. So, of course, the result included a striptease, lap dancing and thigh sex (well, it IS Uruha).


One thing I tried to get across was that the boys were turned on as much by the knowledge that they were living out fans' fantasies about them (since it involved Uruha's thighs and Kai's arms/hands) as they were by the actual activity. It's something I can definitely see happening. When you're with a guy like Uruha, you've got to be thinking, at least at some point, "Whoo, those thighs are mine!"


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