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I just want to talk about how very, very much I love the uruai community. It is seriously one of the very best I have ever been in throughout all my time in fandom.

In just about every fandom I've ever been in, it's been my lot to ship a minority pairing. (ShouPon may be a fairly common pairing in the Alice Nine fandom, but it's not the most popular - that honor goes to Tora/Saga.) Usually, with these smaller pairing communities, you have a small group of devoted writers that circles the wagons and produces work among themselves. You then end up reading everything that results - regardless of quality - just because it's your pairing. Sometimes, you'll have a few discussions in the community, but mostly not.

Well, the GazettE fandom is no different, in that my OTP is in the minority. (Indeed, the Reituki and Aoi/Uruha pairings are so "default" that it's kind of a surprise to see ANY other pairings cross gazette_yaoi.) But there IS something very, very different about the community that sprang up around it.

uruai is full of amazing, incredible, imaginative writers, each of whom puts her own spin and her own stamp on the pairing. Seriously, I have yet to read a fic in that community that is a clunker, and I don't think I can say that about ANY pairing group I've ever been in. The creativity really comes out to play when there's a fic challenge involved, such as this past winter's Kai Vodka Challenge, and the most recent one, the Jessica Rabbit Hotel Challenge. The latter one involved each writer being assigned three possible prompts, and she was to pick one and run with it. This resulted in everything from a truly unique look at earth-dwelling angels to a story about an unsettlingly strange hotel. (I took the challenge a bit too literally and thought we actually had to have a Jessica Rabbit Hotel in the story. Oh, well, I'm happy with what resulted, anyway).

What's equally fun is what happens between the fanficcing - picspams that lead to freewheeling discussions full of fangirling, humor, squeeing and, yes, creative ideas. I come away from those things with inspirations for fanfics all the time. It's fandom as it ought to be - warm, friendly, welcoming, supportive and free of drama.

So I have to give a million thanks to the lovely cateris for modding the community and for her work in creating such a great challenge, and to the community members for just being who they are. I can't wait to see what's up next!


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Apr. 17th, 2012 02:08 pm (UTC)
A++++++ x 4ever
I agree with everything you say about uruai, adfdsfgdgs. ♥ I have so much silly love for that comm I want to friend all the users. XD Uruai is the GazettE at its best.

(Woaaah I don't know what voodoo magic you worked on Lj, but Lj notifies you when someone quotes you nowadays? I'm feel like I lack tech-savvy, lol.) THANK YOU FOR THE MENTION BTW. ♥

Pft, dude, I thought I took the prompt and challenge WAY too literally too, but it seems our audiences have liked them so far, no? :) I find you kept your's nice and simple, because I got that prompt too and didn't know what to do with it, haha~

Hurrhurr, this entry makes me feel all fuzzy. :3
Now excuse me, I'll go reply to your comment while asdfdfgsdfg;ing over it. o/
Apr. 17th, 2012 09:41 pm (UTC)
<3 <3 <3

So much yes to all of this! I love that community as well, and it really does feel like a *community*, not just a place where people post about the same pairing.

I've mostly fallen for minority or even rare pairings most of my fandom life (my first fanfic featured the Balrog of Moria/the Witch-King of Angmar, for example LOL), a small period in Bleach was the only time I loved a more common ship, but it's somehow more satisfying in a weird way, more room for one's own interpretation/extrapolation. And with guys as awesome and inspirational as Kai and Uruha, it is definitely my happy place!
Apr. 17th, 2012 11:02 pm (UTC)
It really is a fantastic comm - I don't think I'd have been half as productive as I am right now without the challenges and discussions that happen on there. Plus it's fun, which isn't something you can say about a lot of comms at the mo.

Also, I'm really glad you recced those fics, because they were so amazing! :D I do so love the stories that are produced for these challenges, and I think it's partly because the prompts really make you think. :)
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