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Title: Caught in the Moment
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, some humor
Warning: Male/male sex, including spanking and mirrors
Pairing: Kai X Uruha
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Kai gets a bit too carried away at the end of The Decade concert. How will Uruha react afterward?
Comments: The Decade butt-slapping incident just HAD to get its own fanfic. One report said that Kai smacked Ruki’s butt as well, but I’ve left that out of the story. (God, I can’t wait for the video of that concert).

It was one of those caught-up-in-the-moment occasions. You’re giddy with excitement, flying high, feeling yourself one with the music, your bandmates, the crowd. You know you’re part of a momentous occasion, a milestone for the group in every sense of the word. You know that your life’s purpose has been fulfilled, that you’ve reached a pinnacle few even dream of.

And before you know it, you’re doing something like smacking your lover’s butt right on stage in front of everyone.

It was only when Uruha turned to him with a “What the HELL are you doing?” look that Kai fully realized what he had done. And if he needed further confirmation, the tingling in his palm didn’t lie.

Oh, shit. This was NOT Leader-san behavior. He was going to owe Uruha a big apology backstage. Not to mention the rest of the band. For now, all he could do was flash his most winning smile and act like nothing was wrong.

Ruki was instructing the audience to do their traditional end-of-show group jump, and then it was over. They were making their way backstage, past applauding staff members and PSC officials and journalists. In a few minutes, friends would start arriving as well. (Alice Nine would not be among them - they were caught up in costume rehearsals for their upcoming tour. Shou had sent Ruki about 50 apologetic texts).

Kai watched the faces of the others. Was anyone going to say anything to him about it? No, they weren’t - not even Reita. Whew, did he get away with it? Did they really not see it?

Well, getting away with it was relative. There was still his lover to deal with. Uruha was acting very normal right now, talking to people, accepting congratulations, giving a quick newspaper interview . . .

And pointedly, not talking to Kai. Not that any of them exactly got a chance to have quiet moments together in this chaos, but still.

It was only once they’d all showered and changed and been bundled into the vans that were PSC’s usual method of band transport that Uruha said something. He and Kai were sharing a car - the company knew very well they’d want to. (One advantage about having so many musicians dating each other is they saved a mint on cars and hotel rooms).

“You were very demonstrative out there, weren’t you?” Uruha said as the driver pulled away from the arena and headed toward the swanky hotel where the after party was being held.

Oh, hell, Kai thought. Here it comes. He was going to be assaulted for what he’d done. Hell, Uruha was probably concealing a gun somewhere in his jacket. Wouldn’t the gossip rags have a field day with that one? “Fatal Gay Rock Star Lover’s Quarrell! The victim was found to have given his boyfriend’s bottom a firm smacking right in front of a mob of screaming fangirls, therefore, no court in the world would convict the shooter.” Hello, my dear, kill me gently . . .

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I got caught up in the moment out there. I mean, it was all so exciting, and momentous, and Ruki made me feel like I’ve been part of the band from the beginning, and . . .”

Uruha put his hand firmly on Kai’s arm. “Did I say I didn’t like it?” he said.

Whoa, what was that? He wasn’t dead? Uruha wasn’t packing a gun? Well, PSC would be happy to hear that. They’d invested a hell of a lot into planning the band’s anniversary, they wouldn’t be happy about having to plan a funeral right afterward.

“You . . . You didn’t?” Kai said, blinking. Only Uruha could make the band’s spokeperson sound like a blithering idiot.

“I was shocked as hell, yes,” Uruha said. “You don’t normally do things like that. Hugging people, holding hands, yes. Ass-smacking? No.” He ran his fingertips down Kai’s arm. “The fans seemed to like it, at least.”

Oh, God, the fans. He’d just given them entirely the right idea about their relationship. Forget about Uruha, it was PSC that was going to shoot him. That would be an even better set of rag headlines. “Well-Known Music Company Offs Bandleader For Stage Grabbiness, “ At the very least, he was probably going to have to go before the top brass and bow so low that his forehead would fuse to the floor.

“What about the others?” Kai said. “You think they saw?”

“Who cares if they did?” Uruha said. The car was pulling up in front of their destination. “Not like they don’t know about us anyway.”

The driver opened the door, and Uruha hopped out, gracefully - and then gave Kai a teasing look over his shoulder. “So . . . what did you really want to do with my ass?”

Dammit, he had to do that right before they had to plunge back into the public eye again. Kai took a deep breath and exited the van.

At least he wasn’t thinking so much about guns or his forehead fusing to the floor anymore.

* * *

Kai was very much doing the Leader-san thing at this party. He was making the rounds of everyone he knew was anyone in the music industry - writers, radio station and cable channel executives, key disc jockeys, even heads of CD distribution companies - and bowing politely, thanking them very much for being a part of the band’s very special occasion.

Everyone else was drinking and having a good time. Reita was at the other end of the room with a pretty European model on each arm. Ruki was with a bunch of other musicians, loudly comparing outrageous road stories and laughing. Aoi was just sitting at the bar with an old friend, catching up.

Kai suddenly realized why Nao had been so willing to surrender leadership of Alice Nine.

And then, there was Uruha, who was at a table with a few friends. He was consuming drinks at his usual pace - Kai counted four empty glasses, and he’d just started on a fifth. And he kept making a point of catching Kai’s eyes and sending smoldering glances across the room.

It was unnerving, all right. He’d be calmly talking to a DJ about the upcoming album, and then Uruha would spot him and slowly turn his head, his eyes filled with a million pornographic promises.

As a result, Kai’s train of thought would not only derail, it would jump off the tracks entirely, roll down the side of a mountain and explode in flames at the bottom. He’d end up standing there, blinking, with the person he was talking to saying, “Kai-san? Kai-san? Are you tired? Maybe you should call it an evening.”

Tired? Oh, no. Just filled with a hunger that would only be satisfied once he got his hands on that man. Sort of like a candy bar commercial - only with a lot more sex.

Once he was certain he’d said the necessary hellos to everyone who was everyone, he rushed over toward Uruha’s table. His lover politely excused himself to the people he was talking to and stood up, smiling.

“Can you spare a few minutes?” Uruha said, words laden with meaning.

“I can spare more than that,” Kai said, grabbing his hand and leading him out into the hall. At this point, he could spare whatever it was Uruha wanted or needed him to spare.

One definite advantage to reaching the level they had was their afterparties were held in nice, big places, where there were such big crowds that it was easy to overlook something like, say, the bandleader suddenly slipping out of the room, holding his significant other by the hand.

They’d been in this place enough times that they knew it by heart. Like, for instance, the small bathroom just off the main ballroom, overlooked by the majority of event attendees, who opted instead for the larger facility down the hall with the large, showy signs.

They ducked in, and Uruha flipped the lock, then reached for Kai, pulling him into his arms. No question of warming up with small kisses – they knew what they’d come in this room for, and their lips parted right away, tongues pushing toward each other.

Uruha’s hand tangled in Kai’s hair as they stroked and explored, covering familiar ground that was all the more tantalizing and exciting each time they rediscovered it. He gave a slight tug, sending a quick shock of almost-pain through Kai’s body that made him jump and gasp a little.

Finally, Uruha eased away, a sly smile on his face, starting to unfasten his pants, slowly.

“You were so quick and eager to get your hand on my ass when we were onstage,” he said. “Well, then, what do you want to do with it now?”

He turned around, pushing his pants and underwear down, and Kai watched, heart thumping, as beautiful, naked flesh was revealed to him bit by bit. The curve of that bottom he’d slapped right in front of the crowds, firm and tantalizing. The shapely, toned thighs that made fangirls wriggle with lust. He was pretty damn close to wriggling himself at this point.

The guitarist gracefully stepped out of the pile of discarded clothing, and then, almost as an afterthought, pulled his shirt off as well – because why have anything distract from the view of that world-class posterior?

Kai’s eyes followed said posterior as it moved gently across the floor, stopping at the sink. Of all things, he suddenly found himself very glad that this was a classy joint, that the walls were wood paneling and the mirrors above the sinks sparkling clean, because your standard industrial bathroom would be no setting for the vision presented to him now.

Uruha was bent over the sink, holding on with his hands, looking at Kai over his shoulder with a heated glance, that ass offered up to him like the most beautiful and welcome gift he’d ever received.

“Do you want to smack it again now?” he said.

Oh, hell. Kai felt his knees go weak. Literally. It was as if the joints in them had suddenly given way, like some kind of pin within them had been pulled out, and he sagged like a marionette whose strings had been cut.

Spanking wasn’t a kink they’d explored before. But there was, as the saying goes, no time like the present.

He drew his hand back and let it connect with Uruha’s bottom with a firm slapping sound – not overly hard, but definitely enough that Uruha gave a small cry, jumping a little. He wondered if he’d hit too hard (and also wondered if they should have discussed a safe word before this) – except Uruha looked back over his shoulder at him and said, “Do it again.”

So Kai smacked again, this time on the opposite cheek, feeling the impact, the flash of heat as it connected, the slight jerk of Uruha’s body. This time, his lover let out a small moan, a sound definitely indicative of pleasure.

It all made a rush of heat flood Kai’s body. This was naughty, and forbidden, and dangerous – hell, he was not only spanking his lover, he was doing it in a public bathroom. (Good Lord, this was their Filth in the Beauty video, wasn’t it? Kinky activity in the men’s room.)

Which just made him spank Uruha again, and again, seeing the skin flush pink, feeling him jerk and quiver, hearing him cry out and moan. With every impact of his hand, he felt his own breathing come a little harder, his heart beat a little faster.

Finally, he fell on his knees behind Uruha, cheek pressed against the bottom he’d just been spanking, feeling the increased heat, opening his eyes to see the change in color. He’d done this. His fingers reached up, caressing the skin gently, and he felt Uruha shudder again.

Of course. His skin was over-sensitive to all kinds of sensation now, wasn’t it? The spanking had awakened all sorts of nerve endings.

He turned his head so he could kiss the curved flesh, a tender caress of his lips. Sighing, he rubbed his cheek over it again, soft against firm, then kissed again. He moved his head, kissing all over the curve, lavishing the skin he had just been abusing with love.

Sighing a little, he turned so he could rub his hair over it, a brush of silk against the sensitive area, and Uruha let out a moan – Kai even felt him sag a little. Encouraged, he rubbed his hair over him again, slower this time, murmuring, “Does this feel good?” Another groan was his only answer.

He began to kiss his bottom again, and brought his hands into play, fingers tracing patterns over the curve, then squeezing very gently, kneading and massaging. This was full-blown ass worship, giving this very beautiful part of his lover all that it deserved.

Kai found himself fumbling in his pocket (he was still wearing pants? Oh, he was going to have to remedy that very soon) for the small bottle of lube he kept with him. He got it out, got it undone, poured it over his fingers . . .

Uruha heard the squish of the bottle, and shifted, moving his legs apart wider, leaning over more. Kai parted his bottom, starting to push one finger in . . .

But as he thrust it in and out, opening his lover up, he moved his head downward, kissing down toward those incredible thighs. He brushed his cheek against one, and my God, did it feel amazing. So firm, so taught, and yet, the skin was so smooth and soft . . .

He almost lost focus on what he was supposed to be doing, but he went back to thrusting his finger in and out of Uruha, then slipping the second one in, gently opening him up, looking to finish what they started before.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t continuing the thigh worship at the same time. He kissed along the skin, flicked it with his tongue – and because he hadn’t been slapping this part, he even nipped a little.

No wonder they were such objects of fangirl lust. When they were home, on the bed, with a lot more room to work with, he was going to have Uruha open his legs, and spread lube all over those thighs, and then have him close them around Kai’s cock so he could slide himself between them . . .

The thought of fucking Uruha’s thighs was just making him all the hotter. He scissored those fingers, trying to open him up faster, because all he wanted now was to be enclosed in tight heat, to feel Uruha all around him.

“Kai . . .” Uruha moaned, the tone of his voice indicating he was no less eager.

Kai pushed in the third finger, struggling not to rush things, but dear Lord, how he needed it. Finally, he felt his lover was ready, and he stood up, finally shedding his pants and shirt, then leaning over Uruha, gripping his hips.

“Took you long enough,” Uruha said in a teasing voice, panting.

Kai leaned over more, so he could bring their lips together. “It’ll be worth the wait,” he murmured after the kiss.

And then, he was pressing forward, and that tight heat he’d been fantasizing about was surrounding him, encasing him, pulling him in. “Oh, you feel good,” he moaned, sinking in little by little, feeling like he was falling forever.

“So do you,” Uruha murmured. “You’re so big . . .”

There was a moment when they paused, letting Uruha get used to being filled, Kai leaning against his lover’s back, both of them breathing raggedly. And then Kai happened to catch a glimpse of the mirror. Oh, yes, this was another advantage to their location, and position. They could watch themselves.

“Look,” Kai murmured. Uruha raised his head, and their eyes locked through the glass. Kai started to move his hips, a slow thrust, pulling almost out of Uruha, then pushing in.

And their eyes were locked on the spectacle in the glass before them, the sight of the beautiful man with the half blond, half black hair bent over, his lover behind him, strong and muscled arms braced on either side of their entwined bodies, his hips pushing forward in a steady rhythm.

As they watched themselves, the couple began to thrust together, one moving forward while the other moved backward. Their skin began to glisten with sweat, and the sounds of moans and panting started to reverberate off the walls.

Kai watched, in fascination, as his hands began to roam over Uruha’s body, seeing his own fingers brush over Uruha’s nipples, circle them, then seeing Uruha’s reaction – his body shuddering, his lips opening in a near-“o” as he gasped – as well as feeling it. It was like starring in a porno and watching it at the same time.

He thrust faster and harder, eyes still glued to the mirror, feeling that delicious sheath grip him harder with every plunge into that body, seeing that beautiful body shining with sweat now, a light flush all over his skin, his nipples taut peaks, his hair wild and unkept . . .

“Close,” Uruha murmured. “Kai . . . oh, Kai, I’m so close . . .”

Kai responded by wrapping his fingers around his lover’s erection, stroking him quickly, looking into the mirror to see Uruha’s eyes shut tight, his body tremble a bit, his teeth bite at his lower lip . . .

And then, he cried out, “Oh! Oh, Kai “ . . . He thrust his hips back hard, and then he let another, louder, wordless cry, his come running over Kai’s fingers.

The sight of the ecstatic look on his lover’s face and the feel of that sheath gripping him harder sent Kai tumbling over the edge at last, thrusting hard into Uruha’s body one last time, letting go with everything he had, pouring and pouring himself into the other man.

They tumbled to the floor , Kai holding Uruha tightly in his arms, and kissed, softly. Uruha nestled against Kai, leaning his head on his shoulder, and Kai leaned his own head against it, sighing contently.

They stayed like that for a long moment, before Uruha said, “I know we have to go back, but like hell I want to.”

“I don’t want to, either,” Kai said. “I don’t want to move.” He didn’t. He felt drained and sated and boneless and weightless. And happy. Oh, so happy. Between the live and this, this was the best night he’d had in a long time.

Uruha kissed him again, and said, “You can treat my ass like that any time you want, you know.”

If Kai wasn’t so utterly spent right now, that alone would almost make him hard again. “The spanking, or the kissing?”

“Both,” Uruha said before pressing his lips to Kai’s jaw.

Oh, that opened up all kinds of vistas. More experiments with spanking and ass-worship, maybe combined with the thigh-fucking Kai was fantasizing about before . . . damn, he couldn’t wait to get home.

“You’re smiling,” Uruha said. “What are you thinking about?”

Kai held him closer. Yes, they were going to stay here as long as they could get away with. And then, they were going to go home, and light the candles in the bedroom, and make love again, long and slow and hot.

“I’m thinking that I love you,” he said. “And that I’m very happy the live turned out like it did.”

“Even the butt-slapping?” Uruha said, nuzzling against Kai. He didn’t answer the “I love you” – he didn’t have to. Besides, he’d be answering it with his body later on.

Kai nuzzled back. “I think I’m more glad of that than anything.”


Mar. 24th, 2012 11:01 pm (UTC)
Are you TRYING to kill me?! If you are then it's working *smacks Uru's ass then runs away giggling*

*dies from blodloss at the thought of Kai fucking Uru's thighs*
Have I told you how much I love you yet?
Mar. 27th, 2012 01:57 am (UTC)
*gives you a blood transfusion*

Hee, hee, I'm not trying to kill anyone, but you might definitely say that Uruha is an homme fatale. And those thighs just invite all kinds of ideas, don't they? (I just may have to have Kai follow through on his fantasy one of these days!)
Mar. 27th, 2012 03:43 pm (UTC)
XD Thankies ~ Haha are you sure? Cause it seems to me like your trying to muder me with porn. Death by Uru thighs XD What anice way to go. I wonder if Kai would mind sharing him with me X3


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