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Okay, I WAS just going to do a ShouPon fic this weekend. And then, someone on uruai issued a fanfic challenge that I just couldn't pass up. And so, I've written two fics over two days. Wheee!

The ShouPon fic is actually the first in a "remix" series. I came up with the idea of Ruki hosting a movie night which takes an unexpected turn (my dear Ruki-muse, you should SCREEN the films you're going to show to your friends before unleashing them on the whole room). The only thing is, I couldn't decide which couple or couples I wanted to feature in the story. There were four possibilities, and I didn't want to do one fic with four sex scenes - that would be a bit much. So, I decided to do one fic focusing on each couple.

I chose grindhouse cinema, by the way, because it seemed like something the people involved would enjoy - it's a little bit dangerous, a lot cheesy and liable to have anything happen (like the unexpected scene that plays a big part in the fic!)

As for the UruKai fic, it came from one of the lovely posts on that community where someone just posts a few pictures and it leads to all kinds of discussion. In this case, the pictures were in celebration of the band's 10th anniversary. As J-rock boys do, they used the anniversary as an excuse for a new makeover, resulting in lovely, mostly-blond hair for Uruha - his best look in a long time, IMHO. And someone suggested a fic where Kai pulls Uruha's hair during sex and Uruha loves it. And so, I just had to take that ball and run with it. (Have I mentioned how much I love that community?)

And now . . . I'm just going to relax, thanks.


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