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Title: The Camera Eye: Just a Number
Chapter: Installment 68 overall in The Camera Eye series, and the 20th story in Season 3. Links to previous installments can be found here. Cut in two because of LJ's post limits, there is a link to the second part at the bottom of the first.
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn industry AU, drama, smut, romance
Warnings: Male/male sex, polyamory, deep-throating
Pairing: Toya (Gotcharocka) x Subaru (Royz) (main), Yo-ka (DIAURA) x Yuuki (Lycaon/Initial'L), mentions of Jui x Jun x Toya (Gotcharocka) and Mahiro x Junji (both Kiryu) x Tomoya (Royz) x Subaru
Disclaimer: Royz and Kiryu belong to B.P. Records, Gotcharocka belongs to God Child Records, Initial’L is property of Battle Cry Sound Company, DIAURA belongs to Ains, I own the story only.
Summary: Subaru has a brand-new co-star for a video shoot in Hokkaido. Things are going wonderfully for them both off- and on-camera – until Subaru finds out something about him . . .
Notes: The Camera Eye returns after having been on hiatus for a few months while I wrote A Sort of Fairy Tale (and then took a hiatus from writing altogether for about a month after I finished that monster)! It seems that these two muses, the stars of Fairy Tale, aren't ready to let go of each other yet! Yes, Furano is a real ski resort in Hokkaido, it really has an ice bar and it's really served by Do Airlines, the official airline of Hokkaido!

Anyone, no matter how open and accepting they are, no matter how broad their usual choice of lovers, has certain people who are just “not my type.” If you ask them what they don't like, they will easily come up with a laundry list – sometimes, more easily than if you asked them what they like.

Subaru was most definitely no exception.

As a porn star, of course, he was a lot more open to the idea of taking someone as a lover than a lot of people. But that didn't mean he didn't have his preferences. It wasn't always easy to get him to talk about his anti-preferences, of course. He prided himself on being a very loving and positive person, and he really would rather talk about what he liked than what he disliked.

Finally, when pressed, he'd tell you – usually in a shy and quiet voice, as if not to offend anyone around him.

“Older guys. I . . . I really don't like older guys. I'd rather be with someone my own age. I don't know what it is, it's just that the idea of being with an older guy – you know, more than four or five years older than me – that really makes me uncomfortable.”

There wasn't any specific incident behind it, he'd tell you – just a general feeling of unease. “Uruha knows about it, of course – we've talked about it. But I don't tell a lot of people. I don't want them to be, you know, insulted.”

So fangirls who were left wondering why Subaru didn't do videos with Ruki or Aoi weren't going to get an answer – because no answer was forthcoming. It was just something he kept in his heart quietly – and nothing could ever make him change his mind about it . . . right?

* * *

Subaru peeked his head into Uruha's office. The director didn't notice him at first, he was busy with his computer, most likely answering an E-mail. When he sensed his star's presence, however, Uruha quickly turned his attention from the screen.

“Oh, hi, Subaru! Come on in. Did you just get back from Osaka?”

“Yes,” he said, entering the office and sitting down. “Tomoya and I were home late yesterday afternoon.”

This was the second year he and Tomoya had gone back home for New Year's as a couple. He just wished he could have taken his other two lovers with him – but his parents were definitely not ready for the news that their son was part of a foursome.

They'd spoken to his brother about it in private, though – and by now, Kento was so used to Subaru's unusual lifestyle that he didn't even question it. He just asked for an introduction to Mahiro and Junji when he visited Tokyo.

“Good,” Uruha said. “And you're ready to get back to work?”

“You bet!” Subaru said. “You said you had a new script for me?”

“Oh, yes,” Uruha said. “I've E-mailed it to you – Jin finished it when you were away. How do you feel about Hokkaido?”

“Hokkaido?” Subaru blinked. “It's . . . snowy?”

“Exactly,” Uruha said. “That's the idea. The screenplay is about a young man who finds love when he goes to Hokkaido to go snowboarding. See, here's the story – your character works for a boss who prides himself on being 'modern' and is bringing Western-style ideas into the Japanese workplace. In other words, letting employees go home right after work hours, and even encouraging vacation time if the employee looks tired.”

“That's modern, all right,” Subaru said. He remembered all too well friends whose fathers were barely home because they went straight from working late at the office to drinking with co-workers to coming home to starting all over again the next day.

“So the boss encourages your character to take a vacation and even arranges for him to go to Hokkaido. He hasn't taken a vacation for a long time, so he barely knows what to do with himself. Right away, he gets hit on by a swinging couple who are looking for a third guy to play with – admittedly, this is just so we can have a threesome scene in the video.”

“Understandable,” Subaru said. He knew that even in romance videos, the audience liked a little variety.

“He enjoys the encounter, but he's looking for something more than empty sex – and the next day on the slopes, he spots another snowboarder who's hot-looking, but sad. He talks to him and finds out the guy got away for a few days to think – he's on the verge of ending a relationship. So they're instantly attracted to each other, and they end up doing something about it – and they keep doing something about it. They get to know each other, they decide they like one another . . .”

“And let me guess. The guy's boyfriend shows up?”

“Not only does the guy show up, but it turns out he's your character's boss. Which, of course, creates all kinds of awkwardness – especially when the boss finds out about the affair. Ultimately, he tells your character to choose his new lover or his job. And finally, your character's lover stands up for himself against this guy for the first time, and tells him their relationship is over. And, of course, the boss proceeds to fire your character. Re-enter the swinging couple. It turns out they're loaded and own several companies – and they hire both your character and his lover on the spot. So, they live happily ever after. What do you think?”

“Well, I don't snowboard . . .”

“You won't have to,” Uruha said. “We'll get a stunt performer.”

“But other than that? I like it,” Subaru said. “Who's playing my love interest?”

“I'm leaving that up to you,” Uruha said. “With one condition.”

“What's that?” Subaru said.

“If possible, I'd like to put you opposite someone who hasn't co-starred with you before. I mean, I'll cast someone like MiA or Mahiro opposite you if you insist, but I'd really like to use this video as a showcase for a new pairing – and if our fan feedback is anything to go by, they want to see you with a variety of guys, too.”

“Wow,” Subaru said. “I'll . . . I'll have to think about this for a bit. When do you need an answer?”

“Probably by the day after tomorrow,” Uruha said. “Are you going to the Ball Drop Ball?”

Subaru nodded. The Ball Drop Ball was a belated New Year's party – since a good deal of the performers were spending New Year's back in their hometowns – thrown by one of the porn bloggers. It was being held later that night.

“Maybe you'll run into someone there that you'll want to co-star with,” Uruha said. “Keep an open mind. And remember – it is YOUR choice. Pick someone you know you're going to be comfortable with.”

“I will,” Subaru said. “And Uruha? Thank you for casting me in the lead.”

“I wouldn't think of using anyone else,” Uruha said. “You had a fabulous year, and you're going to have another one.”

Subaru didn't think of it as fabulous – he just thought of it as busy. There had been the pirate video, and the genie video, and then his starring role in Codomo Dragon's debut feature. He'd been promoting the latter at the Expo, when he'd been, quite frankly, a bit scared at the amount of fangirls who had been clamoring to meet him.

He finished off the year by filming a segment for Uruha's “Real Lovers” anthology feature, featuring vignettes with real-life pairs – MiA and Koichi, Byou and Jin, Mahiro and Junji, Yo-ka and Yuuki, and, yes, Subaru and Tomoya – marking Tomoya's on-camera debut.

By the time New Year's had rolled around, Subaru had definitely been ready for the vacation.

“It's been my pleasure,” he said, standing up and bowing to Uruha. “I'll see you at the Ball Drop Ball tonight?”

“You bet,” Uruha said.

As he left the office, Subaru took a deep breath. Choosing his own co-star . . . and having it be someone he hadn't worked with before. It was a tall order, but he was up to it.

* * *

“You're allowed to pick anyone?” Junj said to Subaru as their cab headed for the Ball Drop Ball. “Really?”

“As long as I haven't worked with him before,” Subaru said. “That's what Uruha wants.”

“Well, that ought to be easy for you, right?” Tomoya said. “You always have your eye on someone.”

“Actually?” Subaru said. “There's not anyone I particularly want to work with at the moment. I mean, I always want to work with you guys, and Uruha said he'd cast someone I'm familiar with if I can't find someone, but that's not what he's looking for.”

“You haven't been on-camera with me yet, remember,” Junji said. “Not intimately.”

“I think Uruha wants to put Subaru with someone he's never been with, period,” Mahiro said. “Not onscreen, not off. He wants a first-time-together vibe.”

They pulled up in front of the hotel where the party is being held. “Not a mansion,” Tomoya said. “People are going to be disappointed that they have to pay for the rooms upstairs.”

“Damn, Tomo,” Junji said, wrapping an arm around him and hugging him. “You're an industry vet now if you can just say that casually.”

The party itself was being held in the main ballroom, which was festooned with decorations saying “HAPPY 2017” in glittery letters. A huge buffet table was at the front of the room, which also spotted a replica of the ball dropping in Times Square. Placed at random intervals around the room were sculptures of chickens, since the coming Lunar Year was going to be the Year of the Rooster – never mind that the Lunar Year didn't start for a few weeks. (Subaru was just waiting for the first person to loudly yell, “IT'S THE YEAR OF THE COCK!”)

“So . . . are we eating first, or drinking first?” Mahiro said.

“Drinking always wins!” Junji said. “How many bars do they have set up in here?”

Fortunately, there were four bars – one along each wall of the ballroom. They headed for the closest one. Typical industry gathering, Subaru thought. Everyone drinking early and often. Inhibitions are going to be shed very fast.

He glanced around the room. Look for someone who catches your interest, Uruha had said. So far, Subaru wasn't really seeing anyone that did.

I really don't know what I'm going to tell Uruha, he thought. I may have to resort to someone I know already if I can't . . .

A voice in front of him said, “Aren't you Subaru? I've been wanting to talk to you for awhile.”

Subaru swiveled his head in the direction of the voice. “Who is that?” he said. And then, his eyes fell on an adorable dark-haired man in front of him, wearing a gray jacket over a white shirt and black pants. He was stunning, indeed – especially when he flashed an ear-to-ear smile.

“It's me, Toya,” he said. “Remember, from The Diamond Mine? We met at my place the day your necklace was stolen?”

The memory came back to Subaru with clarity – the attacker trying to grab his necklace, Jui finding him on the street and bringing him back to his friends' “end of our careers” party after they'd lost their distribution deal with Heavy Hitter, Uruha coming to their rescue and picking up their distribution.

“I do remember!” he said. “I'm sorry I didn't connect with any of you guys afterward. Things got kind of nuts.”

“Things are nuts for all of us,” Toya said. “But that's why we have these parties, right? To slow down for awhile. Want to go somewhere and catch up?”

Subaru glanced back at his lovers. “Go on,” Tomoya said.

“You mean it?” Subaru said.

“Yes, I mean it,” Tomoya said. “Have I ever lied to you about anything like that, Subaru?”

“Okay!” Subaru turned back to Toya. “Let's get the drinks, and go over there . . .”

“You let him go awfully easily,” Mahiro said when the other two departed.

“So did you,” Tomoya said. “He's as much your boyfriend as mine, remember.”

“He needs to find a co-star, remember?” Mahiro said. “He's never worked with this guy. He might be the solution.”

“So we're thinking the same way,” Tomoya said. “Great minds!”

“I think it's more because we both know Subaru so well,” Mahiro said.

They got their drinks and went off to find a table. They figured they wouldn't be seeing Subaru for the rest of the evening.

* * *

Subaru and Toya settled at a corner table. “So, what have you been doing the last couple of months?” Subaru said.

“Well, the distribution deal has been good for us,” Toya said. “We made a video called Rainfall, and we promoted the hell out of it, and it's now the best-selling title The Diamond Mine has ever had. It's my personal all-time career best-seller, and it's matched some numbers Jui and Jun used to pull at Hard Candy.”

“That's terrific!” Subaru said. “See, it wasn't the end of your careers after all!”

“Do you know how grateful I am to the guy who tried to steal that necklace?” Toya said. “Hooking up with PSC was the best thing that ever happened to us. I mean, I was really worried when it looked like our deal was going to fall through. We'd just gotten to when we were happy – really happy.”

“You have a three-way partnership with Jui and Jun, don't you?” Subaru said.

“Well, we also collaborate with the other Diamond Mine guys – the ones that came from Fest Vainqueur Video – but yes, the heart of the partnership is the three of us. Professionally and personally. The personal is loose, though. We're all with each other, but at the same time? We can be with anyone else. It's the same arrangement you have with your boyfriends, right?”

“Yes,” Subaru said. “I have three. Well, it started out with just me and Tomoya, and then we met Mahiro and Junji, and we ended up as a foursome.”

“I saw the video you and Tomoya did together,” Toya said. “The couples one.”

“Really?” Subaru said. “That was his first time on camera.”

“You'd never know,” Toya said. “You two looked really natural and at-ease together.”

“We just kind of forgot the camera was there,” Subaru said.

“Isn't that the best kind of scene?” Toya said. “The kind where you lose yourself in it.”

“You've had scenes like that, too?” said Subaru.

“Plenty,” Toya said. “But it's not just the sex. Sometimes I lose myself in all of it, you know? I feel like I'm actually living whatever the video is supposed to be about – and then, the director yells 'Cut,' and I come back to reality.”

“You always wanted to be an actor?” Subaru said.

“Well, not quite really, Toya said. “I got into it the way most people do – I couldn't find work in the main part of the industry. I'm a cinematographer, primarily, though I haven't ruled out directing someday. I just found out that I really like being on the other side of the camera, too.”

“A lot of people get into the industry like that,” Subaru said. “I'm a game designer. I got into it because of someone I met in college.”

Before Subaru knew it, his whole story was spilling out – his training as a game designer, the friend in college who did porn on weekends and told Subaru about getting into the business, his hooking up with Uruha and meteor-like rise in the industry.

“I can't complain,” he said. “Though I was glad to have the break at New Year's.”

“And now your break is over?” Toya said.

“I'm going to start a new video,” Subaru said. “Except I need to find a co-star I haven't been with before. Someone who I could . . .”

And then, he realized that the person he was looking for was right in front of him. Toya was adorable. Gorgeous. Subaru felt comfortable with him. They'd never been in a video together. The setup was perfect.

Should I just come out and ask? Subaru thought. Is that too, well, forward, considering what kind of video it is?

“Someone you could . . . what?” Toya said.

Subaru looked at the other man. “Toya . . I . . . um . . . can I . . .” He was blushing redder than a tomato – one of those nobody-would -ever-know-he-was-a-porn-star moments.

“What is it?” Toya said.

And suddenly, Subaru was blurting it out. “Would you like to be my co-star in my new video?” He blushed again. He'd passed standard tomato and was headed for seriously overripe. “I mean . . . do you want to . . . are you available to . . .”

“When is the shooting?” Toya said.

“In . . . in the next couple of weeks, in Hokkaido . . .”

“I'm not busy in the next couple of weeks,” Toya said. “If you're asking me?”

“Um, well, I . . .”

“I accept,” Toya said. “I'd love to do a video with you.”

“Really?” Subaru said.

“Really,” said Toya. “That . . . is what you were asking, right?”

“Yes!” Subaru said. “Yes, definitely! Okay, we need to find Uruha and tell him.”

The evening was a success. He'd found his co-star – easily. And said co-star was one he was very much looking forward to working with – on all levels. Someone that beautiful and alluring would be hard to resist under any circumstances.

It seems, Subaru thought, I'm starting this year off right.

* * *

You know you’re successful in the adult video industry when you actually fly to your shooting destination.

Subaru had been shocked as hell when Uruha informed him that they would be taking a flight from Haneda to Asahikawa Airport in Hokkaido, which was near Furano, the ski resort town where they would be shooting.

“Don’t we normally go in trains to these things?” Subaru said.

“Well, yes,” Uruha replied. “And we will be taking a train from Asahikawa to Furano. But that’s an awful long way to go by train – especially since the Shinkansen doesn’t go that far up. And besides, we were able to get a dirt-cheap snow season deal on the air.”

So there he and Toya were at the airport, with Uruha and some of the crew. The other cast members that would be appearing in Hokkaido scenes – Yuuki and Yo-ka, who were playing the swinging couple, and Jui, who would be Subaru’s boss – would be coming up later.

“This is a first for me,” Subaru said as they pulled their carry-ons through the terminal between security and their gate.

“Me, too,” Toya said. “I’ve only shot outside Tokyo once or twice. I’m looking forward to seeing a different part of the country for once!”

“Yuuki told me he’s been there,” Subaru said as they sat down at their gate. “And there isn’t much up there besides snow. Well, that’s what we’re going for, right? The name of the video is The Burning Snow.”

“Hey, it's a change of scenery from Tokyo, anyway,” Toya said.

“Are you from Tokyo, Toya?” Subaru said. “Originally, I mean. Your voice sounds like you’re from Kanto.”

“As opposed to your cute Kansai accent?” Toya said.

Subaru blushed. “I never really thought of it as cute. It was just sort of . . . there.”

“You make it sound cuter than most guys do,” Toya replied. “In answer to your question? I’m from Yokohama. I came to Tokyo when I was 19 with a bunch of other guys who wanted to get into filmmaking. They gave up and went home and most of them went into their family businesses. I didn’t want to give up, though. So . . . I ended up in the porn industry. Started out working behind the camera, then went in front of the camera. I probably would have gone back behind the camera for good, but, well . . .”

“You met Jui and Jun?” Subaru said.

“Jun first,” Toya said. “I was crazy-mad-in love with him. We did one video together and I wanted to co-star with him over and over for the rest of my life. Then I found out that he and Jui were together, and it broke my heart – I thought I’d never be more than second-best to him. Except he introduced me to Jui, and, well, the rest is history. We’ve been together ever since.”

“That's really nice,” Subaru said. “When something like that works out? It's . . .” He thought of his own relationship with Tomoya, Mahiro and Junji. “Wonderful. It takes work and patience and understanding, but it's worth it.”

“It's definitely worth it,” Toya said. “They don't mind me having other boyfriends, and they're supportive of my wanting to work behind the camera someday. They just asked that I cast them if I ever do become a director.”

“I need to introduce you to my friend Hayato,” Subaru said. “He’s part of the Codomo Dragon collective – they write, direct, film and act in videos. I was in their debut with PSC . . .”

“Sodom,” Toya said. “I saw that.”

“It just came out, though,” Subaru said.

“We got a pre-release copy,” Toya said. “Jui and Jun teased me about how many times I watched it. Your friends do incredible work – and you were amazing in it. Really, really good acting, and really hot.”

Subaru blushed again. Even after more than a year in the industry, it still made him a bit uncomfortable to hear people praising how he looked having sex on camera. “If you were directing a video,” he said, “would you cast me?”

“In a heartbeat,” Toya replied. “You’re everything an adult performer should be. Gorgeous, charismatic, sexy and talented.”

Subaru found himself feeling warm as Toya spoke. “What would you cast me as, then?” he said.

At that moment, the gate announcer spoke over the microphone: “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, Do Airlines welcomes you aboard flight 54 with nonstop service to Asahikawa . . .”

“I’ll tell you later,” Toya said.

As Subaru stood to line up at the gate, he realized he was wobbly-kneed and breathless. Getting crushes on co-stars was something that happened to him all the time, of course – to the point where friends and lovers teased him about it. Junji had even joked once that Subaru was followed around by a constant cloud of tiny cupids the way cattle were followed by constant clouds of flies. (“It’s because you were born on Valentine’s Day, you know,” Junji added.)

But this . . . this felt teenage-boy intense. Subaru knew this didn’t feel like a typical co-star crush. And he found himself wondering just what Toya was thinking about him.

* * *

They flew coach, so they sat three across with one of the crew members next to them. The flight was quiet – Toya dozed through most of it, Subaru worked on memorizing his lines. They reached the airport, collected their bags and then took a cab to the train station.

We’re ticking off every mode of transportation one by one, Subaru thought. There's got to be a boat involved somewhere.

Finally, they arrived at an inn at the foot of a mountain. “Welcome to the Kitanomine Zone of the Furano Ski Resort,” Uruha said. “This is our home away from home for the shoot.”

“We’re shooting everything here?” Toya said. “EVERYTHING?”

“Well, everything but the flashback scenes in Tokyo,” Uruha said. “And, yes, we’re going to be shooting THOSE scenes in the inn. The manager of this particular place is a young hipster – he doesn’t object. He said he’s not going to let the guys above him know what we're doing, though. Oh, and Toya? You and Subaru are rooming together. We did this with Subaru and Yo-ka when we were filming Heart of the Ocean. It’s a good way to build chemistry between the leads of a romance.”

Toya gave Subaru a big smile. “I don’t mind if he doesn’t,” he said.

“I don’t mind,” Subaru said. “Not at all.” Quite the opposite, in fact – his heart was beating like the taiko drums at a matsuri.

“And another thing,” Uruha said. “We’re going to be giving you two cameras to film each other around the resort. In addition to the ski and snowboard area, there’s a snow dome with an ice bar – they literally serve drinks in glasses made with ice. And there’s a course where you can go snow tubing, which is a little safer than snowboarding. We figured it would make a nice DVD extra.”

“You think of everything, don’t you?” Toya said.

“We try,” Uruha said. “All right, go upstairs and settle in, then we’ll meet in the lounge in an hour to go over the shooting schedule.”

Toya gave Subaru’s hand a squeeze as they stood up to collect their bags. “No wonder you’re so successful working with these guys,” he said. “They really do think about every detail.”

Subaru squeezed that hand back. Oh, God, he thought, what’s going to happen when we’re alone in that room, and we don’t have somewhere we have to be in an hour? His mind was already going wild with possibilities.

But is Toya thinking the same thing? he thought.

* * *

The rest of the day passed in a breathless rush. They got their things put away in their room, headed down for the meeting, then had dinner in the inn’s restaurant – where Subaru discovered that Hokkaido’s reputation for delicious crab was well-deserved.

Afterward, they toured the resort via a bus that ran around the property – Subaru was actually surprised by how big the place was. It was divided into two sections – the Funaro Zone and Kitanomine Zone – each with its own hotels, lifts and accommodations. The Furano Zone actually included a rather swanky ski-in, ski-out facility, where people could literally go straight from the slopes to their hotel.

“All right,” Uruha said when they got back to their inn. “Remember, tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be nice, so we'll shoot outdoor scenes in the morning – we’ll meet by the lifts at 9.”

Which meant getting up even earlier, as breakfast and makeup would have to be attended to before they went up the mountain. “We’ll see you then!” Subaru said, waving to Uruha as he and Toya headed for the elevator.

“What a day, huh?” Toya said when they were on their way up. “I haven’t done that much in 24 hours in eons!”

“Me, either,” Subaru said “Well, at least since we did the pirate video. That shoot was crazy, too, because we did some of it on a boat and some of it in Okinawa.”

“You do get around don’t you?” Toya said as the elevator arrived and they headed for their room.

“It’s part of the job,” Subaru said, getting out their room key. “I'm used to it by now.

“I didn’t get a chance to answer that question from earlier, did I?” Toya said as they entered.

“What question?” Subaru said, pulling off his coat and hanging it on the back of a chair.

“The one about what I’d cast you as if I directed you in a video,” Toya said, pulling off his own coat and walking over to Subaru. “Can you guess?”

“N-no,” Subaru said. “I’ve played a lot of roles . . .”

Toya leaned over toward him and said, flirtatiously, “I’d cast you as . . . my co-star.”

Subaru just stood there, breathlessly, feeling his heart pound . . . and then, he leaned over toward Toya, their lips coming closer together . . .

When the kiss happened, it was explosive. They were suddenly wrapping their arms around each other, opening their lips, pushing tongues together, rubbing and brushing.

They’d wanted this from the moment they saw each other at the airport that morning. Maybe since the moment they first saw each other at the party.

They broke apart just long enough to pull off shirts and throw them on the floor, then kissed fiercely again while fumbling with belts. Pants and underwear his the floor, and they clumsily stepped out of piles of unwanted fabric, stumbling toward the bed together.

When they reached it, Subaru fell on his back on the mattress with a thud, Toya landing next to him, kneeling above him, kissing and licking his way down the other man’s neck.

“Do you know what I’ve wondered since I saw Sodom?” Toya said, breathlessly.

“No.” Subaru just lay there, a quivering heap, staring up at the other man, his new co-star, his new lover, thinking that he was so gorgeous the human mind could barely comprehend it.

“I’ve wondered . . .” Toya leaned over, his head near Subaru’s chest. “ . . . what your nipples taste like.”

“Oh, my God . . .” Subaru gasped . . . and then cried out as Toya began licking his nipple slowly, rubbing his tongue back and forth over it, then kissing, pulling his head back, then licking again. He brushed his cheek over it, leaned back, and paused for a moment.

Then he lowered his head and started sucking hard, and Subaru cried out. “Toya . . . oh, my GOD, Toya . . .”

The other man pulled back again, looked up and Subaru, and said, “Delicious. Just as delicious as I'd hoped.” He brought his mouth to the other one, slowly dragging his tongue over the hard bud, as Subaru gasped, grabbing the back of his head.

When Toya started to move down on him, kissing over his stomach, nipping at the skin, Subaru found himself panting in anticipation. He wanted this man, oh, God, did he want him, he felt like he was going to burn up as he lifted his head, watching Toya leave a wet trail down over his lower stomach.

Toya paused just before he reached his ultimate destination, reaching up to lightly run his fingers over the shaft, the slightest of brushes that made Subaru quiver. He paused, caressing the head slowly . . .

Then, he touched his tongue to Subaru's balls, and started to lick upward, the hot, wet flesh moving slowly toward his shaft, flicking around the base a little, then working his way upward, sliding bit by bit, just driving his lover flat-out wild . . .

He came to the head, which he caressed with the soft underside of his tongue, slowly moving back and forth, as Subaru moaned, grabbing the back of Toya's head again, pulling his hair lightly. Toya responded by opening his lips, wrapping them around the tip, and . . .

Subaru felt himself slide into the other man's mouth, so hot and wet and soft, and right away Toya began to suck – slow and hard and enough to drive a guy out of his mind. He began to move downward, then pull back, seeming to devour his lover in the best possible way.

The sensations were running through Subaru's body like a rampaging inferno. His hips moved, trying hard not to thrust hard into Toya's mouth, but he couldn't get enough of it, he needed more, that mouth seemed to be sucking every bit of him in . . .

And then Toya just had to use his hands, too, his fingers rubbing up and down along the base of Subaru's erection, driving him closer and closer to the edge. . . when the fingers slipped even lower, pressing against the flesh between Subaru's balls and his entrance, it caused a wave of heat like a shower of sparks. Subaru arched forward, crying out.

“Toya! Toya, I'm going to come, I'm . . .” And then Subaru let out a yell as an intense climax seized him, making his entire body shudder over and over as he writhed and lifted his hips off the bed and cried out again.

Toya moved upward, kissing Subaru's lips, and Subaru delved his tongue into his mouth eagerly, trying to taste himself.

God, he had to give back to him for that. He had to make sure Toya felt as good as he did right now.
He rolled Toya over on his back, kissing down his chest right away, tonguing the nipple as Toya had done to him, reaching down to find his new lover's hardness.

It felt good in his hand as he started to stroke, so incredibly good, he had such a beautiful cock, it was going to feel amazing inside him . . . His mouth continued to explore the nipple, licking and kissing and sucking, as his hand moved faster, finger wrapping around the shaft, stroking it bottom to top.

He felt Toya start to writhe beneath him, heard his moans, and it made his heart pound, knowing he could bring this wonderful, gorgeous creature such pleasure. And he wanted to bring him more . . .

Subaru moved downward, so he could take the head of Toya's erection in his lips, tonguing it as he started to suck gently, moving down on him little by little . . . and he moved down more, and more, and more . . .

His mouth was completely filled with Toya now, he felt like he was breathing in his very essence, taking him into the deepest core of himself. He sucked, moving his head back and forth faster, feeling the wonderful cock slide through his lips, hearing Toya's moans get deeper and louder and more intense . . .

He felt a hand grip the back of his head, and Toya's movements below him get jerkier and more erratic. Subaru knew he had him on the verge of climax, and he sucked harder, moving faster . . .

Toya let out a loud cry, and Subaru, ever the porn star, pulled back automatically, wanting to catch the pop shot in the face – but this wasn't about looking good on camera. He wanted to feel the hot wetness splattering on his flesh, to lick at it, feeling and smelling and tasting the essence of their passion.

He fell down on top of Toya and they kissed, fiercely. “That was incredible,” Subaru murmured. “You're so good, Toya . . .”

“Not as good as you,” Toya said, holding Subaru tightly. “This is going to be an amazing shoot, Subaru – for both of us.” He kissed the other man's nose, gently. “I'm now really glad I came up here.”

“So am I,” Subaru murmured, snuggling against him. “I really, really am.”

He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, feeling happy and sated and so, so glad that their time together was just beginning.

* * *

The next day was a brisk-paced shoot on the mountain, during which Subaru filmed dialogue with Toya and images of him gazing out at the snowscapes and reacting to other snowboarders. Uruha also got shots of him pushing off on a snowboard that would be intercut with shots of his stunt double actually performing tricks.

“Who is my double, anyway?” Subaru said.

Uruha pointed to a young woman of a rather boyish build, who was currently strapping her feet to her board. “She is.”

“Really?” Subaru tried to conceal his surprise that his double was female.

“The jackets and such will conceal her gender,” Uruha said. “And we're shooting her at a distance and from the rear, so people won't be able to see it's not you. Her boyfriend is our snowboarding double for Toya.”

“How did you find them, anyway?” Subaru said.

“The film council recommended them when we talked to them about shooting here. They told us those two have been in plenty of movies and commercials.”

“Um, Uruha . . . do they know what kind of . . .”

“They weren't as young and hip as the inn owner,” Uruha said. “We told them we were shooting a romantic drama in Japanese for the Japanese-speaking market in America. They didn't question it.”

Subaru quietly hoped that all these people who Uruha had been not-quite-honest to about their various shooting locations didn't watch gay porn, or they'd get a surprise when they saw their location featured.

He did get a chance to see his double perform for the camera, though – and she was outstanding. She performed sharp turns and caught big air – complete with mid-air spins – like it was nothing. Are my fans going to think I can really do that? Subaru thought.

When they were done for the day, Uruha put one hand on Subaru's shoulder, the other on Toya's. “Great job today,” he said. “Tomorrow, it's supposed to be colder, so we'll be doing interiors.”

“By interiors,” Subaru said, “do you mean . . .”

“Yes, I do,” Uruha said. “I'm thinking two scenes. And in addition to that, we'll be shooting dialogue in the bar – during the daytime, when most of the people are out on the slopes.”

“I think I like the sound of the bedroom scenes better,” Toya said.

“Most people do,” Uruha replied. “Okay, you two – you've got another big day tomorrow, so don't tire yourselves out too much.”

“We'll try not to,” Toya said.

When they got back to the resort, Subaru said, “I actually had a lot of fun today. It was cold, but still fun.”

“Same here,” Toya said. “I'm really enjoying working with you, you know that? You're a really good actor.”

“I try,” Subaru said. They headed for the elevator. “Um, about tomorrow . . .”

“If last night is any indication, we're going to have one hell of a scene,” Toya said.

“I think we should . . . well, I've always saved my first all-the-way time with a new co-star until we were in front of the cameras. Well, we can do other things, but not . . . penetration.”

“That's all right with me,” Toya said, as they headed for their room. “Just as long as I can still touch you.”

“Yes,” Subaru said. “I want you to touch me . . . and I want to touch you.”

Toya put an arm around Subaru and hugged him when the door was shut behind him. “It's funny,” he said, “I feel like we were meant to be co-stars. Like this was going to happen sooner or later.”

“Maybe we were,” Subaru said. “There's film teams in other genres. Why can't there be teams in this?”

Later on, after dinner, they ended up naked on the bed together again, this time stroking each other to ecstasy, speeding up and slowing down so that they didn't finish each other off too quickly, snuggling and basking in the afterglow when they were finished.

Tomorrow, Subaru thought, is going to be just amazing.

* * *

The room that they were using for the bedroom set was one that was rented just for the purpose, since it was always filled with cameras and lights. Subaru and Toya were already in makeup by the time they got there, since they had already been filming in the hallway – the dialogue leading up to the sex scene, when their characters exchanged awkward goodnights – because they both knew they really wanted to be in that room together.

Uruha watched the two co-stars as they stood in the corner, talking quietly together. He could already see a growing chemistry between them. There were sparks flying in the non-sexual scenes they'd done together already – what would happen once they hit that bed together?

He approached the two. “We're just about ready,” he said. “Now, remember, this scene picks up right from the one in the hall – you realize you're attracted to each other, you're going to do something about it.”

“I wonder what that could be?” Toya said. “Hmm.” He adopted a mock-thoughtful pose, and Subaru started laughing.

“I just want to go over a few basics,” Uruha said. “I don't like to tell my actors what to do in scenes like this, but we're going to go over camera angles and such.”

By the time they were ready to actually shoot, anticipation in the room was high – both for the men themselves and for their director. Subaru waited for Uruha's cue, thinking, it's going to happen, we're going to have actual, all-the-way sex together in front of the camera . . .

He gazed over at Toya. He had enjoyed every moment with this man so far – the conversations, the fooling around, even sleeping in the same bed as him. What would this scene be like . . .

As soon as Uruha called “Action!” it became obvious that Toya was just as eager to do this as he was – he grabbed Subaru in his arms, and right away, they were kissing hotly, tongues pressing against each other right away, hands tugging at clothing, undressing each other rapidly, Subaru nearly tearing Toya's shirt in his eagerness to get it off him.

They tumbled to the bed, making sure they were in full camera range, mouths still exploring each other, hands running over one another's bodies . . .

Toya lifted his head, making sure the camera could get a good view as he bent to Subaru's nipple, licking over it slowly, like he did when they were alone . . . and drawing a long, low moan. The camera moved in for a closeup, recording the sight of the tongue dancing along the hardened bud, tracing patterns over it.

When Toya's fingers slid down over Subaru's body, finding his cock and wrapping around it, the unflinching lens shifted its attention, moving down to capture a closeup of Toya beginning to stroke the organ, caressing it slowly, moving around and around as he slid from the base to the very tip, which he teased gently, rubbing back and forth over it.

Subaru moaned loudly, thrusting into Toya's hand, and the moans got louder as the fingers of the other hand slipped downward, teasing his opening. “Oh!” Subaru cried. “Oh, yes, please, please . . .”

He knew what was expected of him at this point – a full display of his ass. When Toya's hands pulled away, Subaru sat up, knowing he was supposed to get up on all fours . . .

Except he leaned forward, bringing his mouth to Toya's chest, his tongue sliding right to a nipple, licking it over and over. He couldn't help himself. Even with the cameras rolling, he had to touch, taste this man as much as possible. He drew the bud in his mouth, sucking it . . .

Uruha didn't yell “Cut,” so he kept going. Of course, he would have even if the director had stopped it. He raised his head, licking again, then sucking, hearing Toya's moans, feeling his lover's body writhe. When Subaru finally sat up, their lips came together in another fierce, hot kiss, tongues rubbing against one another.

Finally, Subaru pulled away and got on all fours, leaning over so his ass was in the air and properly pointed toward the camera. Toya grabbed the lube, and soon Subaru felt a finger gently probing him, pushing in bit by bit.

“Yes,” he gasped. “That's so good . . .” It was. The feel of the finger slipping in and out of him, gently opening him, was just building anticipation for what was coming next. He wanted that cock in him so, so much . . .

The second finger pushing into him, then the third, just served to increase the heat in his body. Subaru pumped his hips, thrusting backward, trying to open himself up faster. He wasn't even thinking about cameras anymore.

Finally, the fingers slid out of him, and Toya reached for a tissue. There was a pause as the cameras shifted, so they could get a shot of Toya behind him, fucking him. He felt hands on his hips, gently parting him.

“Are you ready?” Toya said.

“Yes,” Subaru gasped. “Please, I need it, please . . .”

And then, it was happening. That cock was sliding into him, bit by bit, and Subaru just bit his lip when the inevitable pain came. The pleasure was just behind it, he knew . . . Toya started to move within him, slowly, and Subaru let out a loud moan. Sensation was blooming within him bit by delicious bit, seeming to envelop his entire body, and it just got more intense as the other man started to move faster, harder . . .

Before long, Subaru was thrusting back against him, trying to get that cock in him hard and deep, feeling Toya fill him and fill him more. They picked up speed, little by little, Subaru hearing Toya moaning behind him, feeling hands moving over his body, stroking him.

“More,” he gasped. “Please, more . . .”

Toya was shifting this way and that, his cock stroking different places within Subaru with seemingly every thrust, and Subaru moaned louder and louder, thinking the pleasure couldn't possibly get more intense, but it did, until he thought he was going to burst into flames. He had sweat pouring down his flesh, his hair was clinging to his face and forehead . . . and to the camera, he was indescribably beautiful.

Then, Toya's fingers wrapped around him, stroking him, just as a deep thrust hit an extra-sweet spot inside him. It touched off an explosion of pleasure so intense Subaru thought he was going to fly apart. He let out a near-scream, the come pouring from his body, the camera catching it running over Toya's hands.

He sagged to the bed, feeling Toya's last few hard thrusts, then hearing his orgasmic cry, feeling the hot wetness pour all over his ass. He just hoped Toya had come as hard as he had . . . he deserved it.

Toya fell down next to Subaru, and they kissed, tenderly, the camera panning away from them . . . as Uruha shouted, “CUT! Wow! Just WOW! You two were AMAZING! So incredibly intense together . . .”

“Mmmm,” Subaru said. He just snuggled against Toya, holding onto him. He was half-listening to his director – if that. He was just basking in an incredible afterglow.

I want more scenes like that, he thought. More, and more, until both of us are utterly exhausted and unable to move.

This was already one of the most incredible shooting experiences of his life.

* * *

Another scene, same room. A nap and a shower later, Toya was in an easy chair, leaning back, legs spread, hands clutching the arms.

Subaru was kneeling in front of him, mouth wrapped around Toya's cock, sliding down on it. It was so good, just like when he'd sucked him in their room . . . Toya felt and tasted amazing, he filled Subaru's mouth so completely . . .

The blond began to move faster. He wanted him deeper, and deeper still. He was savoring the sensation of hardness sliding through the soft wetness of his mouth, the way it utterly filled him . . . he'd heard the term “mouth-fucking” in the industry before, but this was a case where the words were literally true.

He shifted his position, moving his body upward a little, wanting to get as much of Toya in his mouth as he could. He moved down hard, and fast, feeling Toya slide through his lips, and slide, and slide . . .

It wasn't until he felt it bump his throat that he realized how deep he'd taken it – and adrenaline shot through him. He'd never deep-throated anyone before. Toya arched up, gasping, grabbing Subaru's hair . . .

And suddenly, it was easy to move down on him again and again, letting Toya fuck him in the throat, taking him in so deep he seemed to fill his whole body . . . and it was easy, wasn't it, much easier than he'd thought, because it was Toya, and everything was so intense with him . . .

Toya's moans got louder, his breathing got heavier, and his hand clutched Subaru's hair tighter. “Coming,” he gasped. “I'm . . “

Subaru didn't pull away fast enough to catch the whole thing in his face – but he did get some of it, and he licked at the droplets before leaning over to kiss Toya, smearing it over both their faces. When Uruha yelled “CUT,” everyone flat-out applauded.

“Outstanding,” Uruha said. “Subaru, you've never . . .”

“I know,” Subaru said, softly, still snuggled against Toya.

Toya looked down at him. “You've never deep-throated before?”

“No,” Subaru said. “Not onscreen, not off.”

“Wow,” Toya said, hugging him closer. “I feel honored. That makes this scene something special.”

You're what's special, Subaru thought. He leaned his head on Toya's shoulder, still holding onto him. Oh, yes, Toya was special – on a whole lot of levels.

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