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Title: A Sort-Of Fairy Tale, Chapter 9
Chapter: Chapter 9 of 10
Author: Boots
Rating: This chapter PG, eventual series rating NC-17
Genre: Fairy tale AU, romance, drama
Warning: For this chapter, just language
Pairing: Final pairings of the series confidential for now. The series started out with Yo-ka (DIAURA) with a harem of young men, which has now been narrowed down to Subaru (Royz) and Yuuki (Lycaon/Initial'L). The fic also contains Toya (Gotcharocka) x Subaru. Former members of the harem include MiA (Mejibray), Ruiza (D), Hiyori (Kiryu) and Hiro (Fest Vainqueur).
Disclaimer: DIAURA belongs to Ains, Royz and Kiryu belong to B.P. Records, Mejibray belongs to White Side Group, D and Gotcharocka belong to God Child Records, Fest Vainqueur belongs to PLUG RECORDS west, Initial’L is property of Battle Cry Sound Company. I own the story only.
Overall Story Summary: Once upon a time, there was a prince named Yo-ka whose father forced him to go through a Culling – a process by which a group of young men are gathered from each district of his kingdom and he eliminates them one by one until he finds his true love. There was another prince named Toya, who came along to offer his brother moral support, but planned to stay away from the fray. And there was a candidate named Subaru, who arrived from one of the country’s poorest districts with little more than a head full of dreams. All three were about to get more than they bargained for . . .
Chapter Summary: Yo-ka has successfully confronted his father about the country's future, but there's still one huge question remaining – is Subaru going to live happily ever after? If so, with whom?
Comments: The final three chapters – really one long chapter in three parts – are being posted on three consecutive days. The inspiration for the royal family's ceremonial outfits was Gotcharocka's Gekiai PV, during which they wore kimonos over WWII German-like uniforms – except the uniforms here are a lot more princely and a lot less Nazi. Subaru and Yuuki's final outfits are the ones from their most recent PV's as of the time of this writing – Royz' Antithesis and Initial'L's Moon Light Down.

Subaru was sitting in the back of the plane, still trying to convince himself that this mess wasn't his fault and failing, when the Earl opened the back door.

“Both of you, get into this car,” he said. “We're going to the palace.”

Subaru got out of his seat and moved toward the exit, as staff pushed a set of steps into place. “You heard from Yo-ka?” he said.

“Not yet,” said the Earl. “But His Highness the Prince of Charlotte has insisted you all go there.”

Subaru climbed down the stairs to the tarmac, followed by Yuuki, and there next to the car was the most gorgeous thing that Subaru had ever seen.

Toya's hair was styled the way it was the night they met – the longer part pulled to the back of his head in a knot, curled locks encircling his face. He was wearing his royal diadem – which had to have been put on before they made the knot – featuring the emblem of Charlotte, a cross with a crown around its stem, at the center of his brow. Like his brother, he wore the military uniform with the kimono-like garment over it.

Subaru spontaneously flung himself at the other man and hugged him. “Toya . . .”

“It's going to be all right,” Toya said, hugging back. “It is, I promise.”

“I had nothing to do with this, Toya. I didn't ask those people to . . .”

“I know, Subaru. I know.” He whispered to the candidate, “You look incredibly beautiful, by the way.”

“So do you,” Subaru replied.

They parted, and they got into the back of the car, Yuuki and the Earl sliding into the seats opposite them. Subaru kept his hands in his lap to avoid the temptation to reach for Toya's hand.

The driver had the radio on so he could monitor the situation as the car started to move through the back streets. A field announcer stationed outside the palace was saying, “. . . still have no idea what is going on. All we can tell you right now is the protest groups from Versailles and Royz seem to have combined efforts, and are all standing together. No response from the palace.”

“Morita-san, isn't that a bit unusual?” replied an announcer in the station's news studio. “Wouldn't the palace normally have responded with a show of force by now?”

“It is possible that they did not because of the presence of protesters from Versailles,” the field reporter replied. “Had it been just the Royz group, there would have been soldiers out there already.”

“Of course,” Toya mumbled. His father would think nothing of mowing down a bunch of “guttersnipes.”

“And no word from the officials within what the king is doing . . .” said the studio announcer.

“We know that the elder son arrived some time ago,” Morita replied. “He has been sequestered with the king since . . .” There was a moment of silence – or, rather, the announcer ceasing to speak, during which chants of “Power to the People!” could be heard in the background. “I have just been handed a bulletin that the king, the queen and the prince are going to address the public from the main balcony, under which the majority of the protesters are gathered.”

Subaru and Toya glanced at each other. The Earl said, “Oh, my God. He's going to invalidate this entire Culling, isn't he?”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the royal family is coming onto the balcony,” Morita said. “Their microphones are being activated . . . Ladies and gentlemen, the voice of your king.”

“My subjects,” the king said, “I ask that your protests cease immediately – because your voices HAVE been heard. I have come to tell you of a coming change.”

The crowd stopped chanting – and there was a roar of applause instead. The Earl looked baffled. Toya leaned forward in nervous anticipation.

“After discussion with my son, our crown prince, who is a champion of the common man and woman, I have decided that the voices of all districts have not been adequately represented in our government.”

“Oh, my God,” Toya said. “He did it! He really did it!”

“And so,” the king continued, “It is my pleasure to announce the impending foundation of the first Parliament of the Great Nation of Veekay. The Parliament will consist of all of the current district governors, and will be responsible for formulating rules and regulations that will affect all people. So now, you in Royz will have as much representation as everyone else.”

The cheers outside the palace grew deafening, to the point where the king's next words were barely heard.

“I must stress,” the king said, “that our current system of royalty and nobility is not changing. So you in Versailles, you will lose nothing. In fact, you will gain an extra voice.”

Of course he would have to add that, Toya thought. And he had a feeling that if all the current governors had to be replaced, since they would become the country's Parliament, Teru's father would be elected the new governor of his district. He'd lost the chance to put his son on the throne, but would gain a new personal power.

At least it will shut him up, Toya thought.

“Further details about the Parliament will be released later,” the king said. “And as to my son's Culling . . .”

Now everyone in the car was holding their breath.

“His Royal Highness the Prince of Valluna will make the announcement himself later today,” said the king. “We are foregoing the traditional ceremony in the throne room due to today's events.”

“A Parliament,” the Earl said, looking baffled. “A Parliament?”

“Well, we knew Yo-ka wasn't going to be able to sell the idea of a full constitutional monarchy,” Toya said. “So we figured this would be sufficient – for now.”

“You knew he was going to do this?” the Earl said.

“Yo-ka and I talked about him going to Father about it after the Culling ceremony,” Toya said. “We didn't think things were going to end up like this. But it still worked out. In fact? It probably worked out better than we thought it would.”

The car approached the same back entrance through which Yo-ka had gotten into the palace. A guard opened the doors, and the Earl got out. “Inform His Majesty that I have arrived with . . .”

“Tell him that Yuuki and the Earl have arrived, and Subaru and I are en route,” Toya said.

The Earl looked surprised. “Sir . . .”

“I have business to discuss with the Duke here,” Toya said. He took Subaru's hand. “Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Subaru said.

“You'll see.”

Subaru suddenly felt his heart pounding. Was this good . . . or bad? Was Toya going to confess . . . or was this goodbye before he was chosen by Yo-ka?

The group moved through the kitchens and into the back halls. The Earl and Yuuki turned one way, Subaru and Toya another.

Subaru held his breath. Here we go, he thought. What's going to happen now may determine the rest of my life.

* * *

Outside the palace, Subaru's friends were among the cheering throngs that heard the Earl's speech.

“I don't believe it!” one of the men behind them yelled. “I don't fucking believe it!”

“Don't use that language in front of the people from Versailles!” another protester said.

“I don't care! We WON! We're going to have a voice in government!”

Tomoya looked at the other two. “Does this mean we're all going home?” he said.

“No way,” said Koudai. “They said they're still making an announcement about the Culling. We came here for Subaru, and we're staying here for Subaru, whether the others stay or not!”

“I still can't believe that THEY are here,” Kuina said, pointing to some of the delegates from Versailles.

“We should be glad they were,” Tomoya said. “They're what saved us from being shot up!”

When the group from Versailles had first approached the group from Royz, both sides had thought it was trouble – especially when the Versailles people had demanded to know why the Royz people were there. Fortunately, Ohbuchi had stated their case in a way that convinced the nobles that their cause was genuine – and both sides felt that they'd been shafted by the palace in their own way. That's when they combined forces.

“Hey,” Koudai said, “do you think that this announcement – the fact that the king is willing to listen to everyone now – is good news for Subaru? His Majesty said he came up with the idea after talking to Prince Yo-ka. Maybe that means the prince has chosen the common person as his consort?”

“It better be,” Tomoya said. “After all this?”

“Even if it isn't – Subaru still had a good ride, right?” Kuina said. “I mean, he got all the way to the end. And Yo-ka may have even come up with this Parliament idea because of him.”

“I just hope he isn't about to have his heart broken,” Kodai said, quietly.

The others were silent. Because they were thinking exactly the same thing.

* * *

Toya led Subaru through the back corridors of the palace – out a side door from the kitchen, down one passageway, around a right turn, then another hall. Subaru was thoroughly confused as to where they were going – other than a random door here or there, he saw absolutely no landmarks.

“Toya,” he said, “where are we?”

“You'll see,” the prince said. “You'll know in a minute.”

Around another corner, and suddenly, Subaru saw an archway in front of him, with a soft glow seeming to come from it – a glow very much like light reflecting off polished metal and stone.

Suddenly, a memory came into his mind, of his very first night in the palace, a forbidden excursion he'd taken with MiA that nearly ended his adventure before it began.

“Is this the royal treasure room?” Subaru said, quietly.

Toya took his hand and squeezed it. “Yes, it is,” he said. “This is where we first met. Imagine what my life would have been like if you and MiA hadn't decided you wanted a look at these jewels.”

“Why are we here?” Subaru said.

But Toya didn't say anything. He just led Subaru past the now-empty space that normally held the ceremonial crowns of the king and queen (since they were wearing them), past the staff the king used for official pronouncements . . .

He stopped in front of the row of Pledge collars. He turned toward Subaru, raised the blond's hand to his mouth and kissed it.

And then, the prince dropped down to one knee before the startled boy.

“Subaru,” he said, “I can't offer you the throne of this country like my brother can. But I can offer you a life where you'll be able to travel to your heart's content, and you'll never be far from an ocean. I can offer you a home in a palace. And more than anything else, I can offer you my arms and my heart. I'm falling very much in love with you, Subaru, and I want the chance to see where we can take it from here. What I'm asking is . . . will you be my Pledged?”

Subaru just stared at him, mouth open. Am I hearing this? He thought. Am I really hearing this? Is this happening? Am I going to wake up in my bed at Ekkusu . . . or worse, in my bed home at Royz . . .

“Toya,” he said, breathlessly, “can you do this? I'm one of your brother's final two candidates . . .”

“He and I talked last night,” Toya said. “He overheard your conversation with Yuuki.”

Subaru looked thunderstruck. “He . . . he did? I never intended for him to . . .”

“Don't worry – he was a bit startled and confused at first, but he wasn't hurt. He said it made him realize what was in the back of his heart and head all along – that it was Yuuki he really wanted in his life. And we talked about how I felt about you, and he said I should go to you and be happy. He said that nobody in the world deserves you more than I do.”

“Oh, my God . . .” Subaru said. He knew he'd had feelings for Yo-ka through this whole process – but they were nowhere near as strong as his feelings for Toya. He looked down at the prince who was still kneeling in front of him, so gorgeous, so shining with love . . .

“Yes,” Subaru said. “Yes, Toya, I'll be your Pledged. I've never wanted anything more in my life!”

Toya stood up, Subaru wrapped his arms around him, and their mouths came together in a kiss both of them had eagerly awaited with every fiber of their hearts. It was warm and breathless and filled with emotion. It was the most intense kiss Subaru had ever experienced.

When they eased apart, Subaru said, “I still can't believe this is happening.”

“It is,” Toya said. “It's happening, and it's going to keep happening every single day from now on.” He stepped over toward the collars, and removed the red-and-blue collar of Charlotte. “Normally I would be putting this on you in a formal ceremony in front of my parents, but I think it's more meaningful with just you and me, isn't it?”

He fastened it around Subaru's shoulders, so it draped over his outfit, and then they kissed again, more passionately this time, Toya's mouth opening just enough for Subaru to slip his tongue in, a thrill running through his body as he felt soft wetness.

Toya eased away, softly. “We should watch it,” he said with a shuddering breath. “I don't think either one of us wants our first time together to be on a cold stone floor.”

Subaru buried his face in the other man's neck, wrapping his arms tighter around him. “I just want to hold you,” he said. “I want to hold you, and never have you let me go.”

“I'll hold you as long as you want,” Toya said, nestling his cheek against Subaru's hair. “Because I don't want to let go of you, either.”

They stayed that way for a long moment, just feeling each other's warmth, slowly getting used to the idea of them being together, a couple at long last.

Finally, Toya said, “We need to go upstairs, Subaru. We need to see my brother, and my parents . . .”

Subaru's stomach twisted a little at the thought of the king's possible reaction to this. “I just hope you're not going to get in any trouble.”

“Nothing to worry about,” Toya said. “Besides, I promised Yo-ka I'd bring him this.” He reached over and grabbed the collar of Valluna.

“It wasn't upstairs?” Subaru said.

“The collar isn't brought up until the prince and the candidates have arrived at the palace,” Toya said. “And things got a little crazy today – as you saw.”

“Toya,” Subaru said, “if this hadn't happened . . . you know, the craziness with the protesters . . . would you have asked me the same way?”

“You mean, would I have brought you down here?” Toya said. “Actually, yes. I would have waited until after the formal ceremony . . . and then, when my parents were busy giving Yuuki and Yo-ka the formal blessing, I would have snuck you out of there. But I think the way it happened worked out much better – don't you? Hey, we not only got each other, the country got a Parliament!”

Subaru laughed. “All right,” he said. “Let's bring Yo-ka that collar. And then . . .”

“We're going to go to my parents for the formal blessing – they'll at least do that part,” Toya said. “They'll probably introduce us to the public from the balcony. And then . . .” He kissed Subaru's neck. “We'll be free to go off on our post-Pledge retreat. Oh, yeah, we do have to stop in Royz at some point for me to meet your family, too.”

But other than that, Subaru thought, I'm really never going back to Royz. I will never, ever be a tugboat clerk again. I'm going to live in the palace at Charlotte, and if things continue to work out with Toya and I, I'm going to be his Prince-Consort.

It was a dream come true. A fairy tale – sort of. The beginning of a Happily Ever After.

* * *

They made their way upstairs to the king's office, where the family was waiting – the king behind his desk, on the phone with one of his advisors about setting up the Parliament, the queen off in a corner, talking quietly with the Earl about the Culling, and Yo-ka and Yuuki seated on the sofa at the side of the room.

All eyes turned to the couple as they entered, however . . . and went straight to the glittering silver, red and blue around his neck.

The king said, “I'll call you back,” and hung up. He stood up and walked toward Toya, slowly. “And just what do you think you're doing?” he said.

“What you wanted me to do, Father,” Toya said. “You said you wanted both of us to find someone. So I did.”

“This was not YOUR Culling! You're not supposed to go around poaching your brother's . . .”

“We already talked about this, Father, remember? I thought you didn't want Subaru on the Royal Consort's throne,” Yo-ka said, standing up. “He won't be. If this continues to work out, he'll be on the Consort's throne in Charlotte.”

“You told me that Toya had found someone to keep company with during your Culling! You didn't tell me it was one of YOUR candidates!”

“Who else would it be?” Yo-ka said, walking toward his father. “Certainly not the Earl.”

“Thanks for that,” the Earl grumbled, sarcastically.

“What happened,” Yo-ka said, “was that I had to go on a very formal program of structured dates with these men. There wasn't enough time to get to know anyone, really – not to the point where I was ready to make a major commitment. But Toya? He had no formal schedule, so every day I wasn't with Subaru, the two of them were meeting up for surfing lessons. And guess what? Feelings grew, naturally. That's what I meant, Father, when I said I still think a Culling is a lousy way to find a mate.”

Subaru glanced over at Yuuki – who was looking none too pleased at what he was hearing. He was folding his arms across his chest, tapping his foot, glaring at Yo-ka. . .

“But you indicated to me that you DID choose one of your candidates,” Yo-ka's father said.

Yo-ka didn't respond to his father directly. He turned to Yuuki. “Yuuki . . . we started something when we were on this Culling, but because of the fact that I also, well . . .”

“Was dating a harem of other guys?” Yuuki said.

“Well, yes,” Yo-ka said. “But you're the one who always had the biggest share of my attention. You were always the one I wanted to get to know better. And I want that chance now. I want us to date, like two normal people. No formal settings, no schedule, just being together when we want to be together. And . . .”

Yo-ka turned his gaze back to his father. “No rigid six-month deadline on an engagement. He will formally be my Pledged, but we will take things at our own pace. We will move on to the next stage of our relationship if and when we decide it's time.”

“Wait a minute,” Yuuki said. “You . . . you're serious? I'm your full-blown Pledged now?”

“I guess I need to do this formally,” Yo-ka said. “Did you guys bring the collar?”

“Right here,” Toya said, holding it out.

Yo-ka took it, and dropped down on one knee. “Yuuki,” he said, “will you be my Pledged?”

Yuuki looked down at him, took a deep breath, and said, “You idiot – you know I could never say no to you.”

Yo-ka stood up, put the collar around Yuuki's neck, and they kissed, while Subaru and Toya applauded – and the king facepalmed in the background.

“Wait a minute,” Yuuki said. “What do I tell my band? They've been waiting to get back to work!”

“You tell them that you're going to have a year-long residency at the Regency Room,” Yo-ka said.

Yuuki looked shocked. “The . . . the REGENCY ROOM? Isn't that, like . . . one of the swankiest places in the capital?”

“Yes, and I know the owner,” Yo-ka said. “Besides, I'm the prince, aren't I? I can pull a few strings.”

“Oh, my God!” Yuuki hugged him, tightly. “I am so glad I met you!”

The queen looked over at her husband. “Well? We didn't have most of the formal Pledging ceremony, but we can still salvage the last part. Come over here and give these couples your blessing! And if you don't? I will!”

Her eyes carried a distinct hint of I've-still-got-secrets-of-yours-these-boys-would-love-to-know-about. And so, the king got up, with a sigh, and walked over to the four young people.

“Kneel before me,” he said. They all did, and he put one hand on Yo-ka's shoulder, the other on Yuuki's. “His Royal Highness Yo-ka, Prince of Valluna and Yuuki, Grand Archduke of Lycaon, I bless your relationship and pray that you have many happy days to come. May you grow stronger in your love for one another day by day. Go now, and build a life together.”

Yo-ka gave the formal reply, “God save you and bless you forever, Your Royal Majesty.”

The king moved to the other couple and repeated the blessing – though Subaru noticed he seemed to choke a little when he said, “Subaru, Duke of Royz.” What his hopefully-future-father-in-law thought didn't matter anymore, though. All that mattered was they were together, it was final, he and Toya belonged to each other.

It was the happiest day of Subaru's life – and then some.

When the two couples rose, Yo-ka said, “Earl, I want you to go to the radio office. Inform all the news departments that the Crown Prince is going to break into programming with a special announcement. There's still a microphone for going live on the balcony, right?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” the Earl sighed.

“Oh, and Earl?” Yo-ka said. “You're due for a promotion. From now on, you're a Marquis.”

“There's already a Marquis in my district, Your Highness,” the other man said.

“Make it a Grand Marquis,” Yo-ka said. “Add in an Arch if necessary.”

“Son, only I can . . .” said the king.

“I can grant titles as long as the Culling is still active,” Yo-ka said. “The Culling isn't over until I formally introduce my Pledged to the people.” He glanced over at Subaru and Toya. “And my brother introduces his Pledged, as well.”

The Earl-who-was-now-a-Grand-Marquis left the room, and returned a few minutes later with the news that Yo-ka could go live in sixty seconds.

“All right,” Yo-ka said. “Let me go out there first.”

He walked over to the doors of the grand balcony, where all announcements were made, and threw them open. It was time for the Culling to come to an end.

* * *

Most of the crowd from the demonstration was still milling around the palace. Well, “milling” wasn't quite accurate – it was more like they were celebrating their victory, their new Parliament, their voice in government. A beer vendor nearby found himself doing very good business, as the celebrants kept buying kegs and the cups to drink the stuff out of.

Subaru's friends were also there – but for a different reason. “I wonder if we're going to see him?” Tomoya said, glancing up at the palace.

“Yo-ka said there would be an announcement about the Culling,” Koudai said. “Though I think that's the last thing on everyone's mind right now.”

Just then, the doors flew open, and Crown Prince Yo-ka came out, striding up to the microphone that was used for announcements to both the crowd and the broadcast audience. “My fellow citizens of Veekay,” he said, “I rejoice with you in the formation of our Parliament. It is a happy day for all of us, a day when all of us are finally equal.”

“HELLZ YEAH!” shouted one of the more inebriated celebrants below, as everyone laughed.

“It is a happy day for me on another level, too,” Yo-ka said. “As you know, I have completed my Culling, and I am pleased to announce that it was successful.” The crowd cheered.

“Oh, crap,” Kuina said. “Here it comes. We're going to find out it if it's him.”

“Come on, Subaru,” Koudai said, softly. “I have faith in you.”

“But it gives me even greater pleasure to announce that it wasn't just successful for me,” Yo-ka said. “My brother has become Pledged as a result of this process as well.”

The crowd gasped. Well, this was a first – two princes had never been Pledged in a single Culling before! “A TWOFER!” another drunken celebrant shouted.

“And now, without further ado,” Yo-ka said, “let me introduce to you my Pledged, a wonderful human being who I am so glad that I met . . . Yuuki, the Grand Archduke of Lycaon.”

Yuuki stepped out on the balcony at Yo-ka's side, as the crowd cheered – except for the three young men who were looking very down at the moment.

“He didn't make it,” Tomoya said. “So close, so goddamn close . . .”

“It's a really good thing we're here now, isn't it?” Koudai said. “We'll be escorting him home.”

“And now, I'm turning things over to my brother, His Highness Prince Toya of Charlotte,” Yo-ka said. The younger prince walked onto the balcony, waving to the crowd.

“Thank you,” Toya said. “You know, when I went along on my brother's Culling, it was as an observer. I didn't expect to meet someone who would turn my life around. But I did – among my brother's candidates. And with his blessing, I was able to ask him to be my Pledged. And so, I would like to introduce to you all . . .”

He paused, took a deep breath, and said, “Subaru, the Duke of Royz!”

The three men on the ground all gaped. Birds could have flown into their mouths and they wouldn't notice. They all looked at one another, looked at the balcony, then looked at one another again.

“DUKE?” Kuina shouted. “HOLY SHIT!”

And that was indeed their friend walking out there, dressed in fancier clothes than anyone from Royz had ever worn, the collar glittering around his shoulders, smiling and waving to the crowd.

“OH, YEAH!” Tomoya shouted. “Oh, HELL yeah! Subaru bagged himself a prince! Not the one we thought at first – but he bagged himself a prince!”

“He's going to live in a palace from now on!” Koudai shouted. “He . . .”

They all looked at each other. They knew what that meant – their friend was never coming home to Royz. His success was bittersweet – at least for them.

Meanwhile, on the balcony, Subaru was waving, hearing the cheers of the crowd – and feeling, again, like he was in a dream. I'm going to wake up in my bed back home any second, he thought. I'm going to wake up and go outside and I'll be on the way to work and I'll be seeing Kuina and Koudai and Tomoya . . .

Except he WAS seeing them. They were below him, in the crowd. He blinked. No, it couldn't be – could it?

He grabbed Toya's shoulder. “We have to go down there,” he said. “There's friends of mine from home in that crowd!”

“Are you sure?” Toya said.

“I'm positive!” Subaru said. “I'd know them anywhere!”

“Let's go, then!” Toya said. He looked over at his brother. “We'll be back.”

Yo-ka put his hand on Toya's shoulder. “Toya,” he said. “About tonight . . .”

“Um, yeah, well, since you'll be at the Pavilion, I thought we'd go back to . . .”

“You can have the Pavilion tonight, Toya,” Yo-ka said.

Toya looked startled. “Really? But you're the Crown Prince.”

“And as Crown Prince, I decide where I'm spending the first night with my Pledged. Yuuki hasn't seen Valluna yet – we didn't go there during the Culling. I'm taking him there.”

“So . . . that means we get it for more than one night, right? Because it's not exactly a hop-skip-and-jump from Valluna to Ekkisu.”

“For as long as the two of you want to stay there,” Yo-ka said.

Toya hugged him. “You're the best brother ever, you know that?”

“No, you are. I told you that nobody deserves Subaru more than you, and I meant it.”

The two brothers parted, and Toya waved as he took Subaru's hand and they headed downstairs. “So, your friends – do they do the same kind of work you used to do?”

“Um, more or less,” Subaru said.

“We have some openings in the marine department at Charlotte,” Toya said. “I could hire them all. That way, they'd all be living and working near you – and it would be a better paying job.”

“You'd do that?” Subaru said. “Toya . . .”

Toya put an arm around Subaru and hugged him. “For you,” he said, “I'd do just about anything.”

Subaru felt pure joy rising up inside him again. This really did feel like a happily ever after – although there was still one part of it to come.

They were going to consummate their relationship tonight. And that, he was really looking forward to.

Coming up next, in our final installment – the NC-17 rating finally kicks in!


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Dec. 13th, 2016 11:26 pm (UTC)
OMG, they're officially together finally, and I'm so happy I could explode!!!! When Bar-chan ran over and threw himself at Toya... yeah, everyone knew at that point. No denying it any longer, you're head over heels in love with him.

I have to say, I really thought the king would put up more of a fuss than he did; but he probably doesn't even know up from down at this point with all the drama of the day.

And Toya offering to find jobs for Baru's friends so that they can live near him in Charlotte was just... *flails*
Dec. 14th, 2016 02:29 am (UTC)
Yo-ka and Toya's father was utterly shell shocked at that point. His wife had broken years of silence and had revealed his affair to his older son - and there's a possibility that she very nearly revealed something else. His son and a mob of protesters had just somehow convinced him to share his power with a Parliament. By that point, having his younger son end up with the "guttersnipe" was just par for the course.

I think life on other planets knew about Subaru's feelings for Toya when he threw himself at him on the runway - even the incredibly dense Earl, who didn't even catch on when Subaru was begging to see Toya on the plane, had to have figured it out at that point. (And I'm sure if one were to quiz the other Culling boys, they'd say, "Oh, yeah, we knew all along.")

Toya proved himself to be a true sweetie with the gesture of hiring all Subaru's friends. He wants Baru to be happy - and, hey, he wants Subaru's friends to be happy, too, just because they're Subaru's friends.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 14th, 2016 02:49 am (UTC)
There's really only one chapter left - their first night together as a couple and the epilogue. But I have a feeling there very well might be more coming from this royal family! (After all, there's one unanswered question - did the queen hold back any information when talking about the king's affair?)

Believe me, I was just as happy to write Subaru and Toya finally getting together as you were to read it! I had been waiting and waiting for that moment, knowing how it was going to work out, but knowing I had to avoid spoilers. So they're together, yaaay!
Dec. 14th, 2016 03:58 pm (UTC)
you are very talented for writing this long, long story so quickly!
Dec. 14th, 2016 08:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you! It was actually a lot longer than I thought it was going to be - I started working on it in late October. By the time I got done with the first chapter, I thought, "Oh, wow, this is going to be a multi-week, multi-chapter thing, isn't it?" I didn't realize it would take nearly two months to do the whole thing!
Dec. 14th, 2016 06:20 pm (UTC)
Sorry I didn't comment on yesterdays chapter, I never got chance. This has actually turned out a lot like I expected it to, which is for the best. I worry about Yuuki though. I hope he understands that Yo-ka does have real feelings towards him, and he's not just what was left over at the end of the culling.
Dec. 14th, 2016 08:51 pm (UTC)
Not a problem! The last three installments (the last one just went up) are really one big chapter broken into three parts anyway. (Damn you, LJ post limits!) As for Yuuki, no need to worry about him - see the the epilogue of the last chapter for how things worked out for him and Yo-ka!
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