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Title: The Camera Eye: Embracing Your Porn Side
Chapter: Fifty-sixth overall in The Camera Eye series, and the 10th story in Season 3. Links to previous installments can be found here
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn industry AU, drama, smut, romance
Warnings: Male/male sex, polyamory, deep-throating, frottage
Pairing: Mahiro (Kiryu) x Hayato (Codomo Dragon), mentions of Hayato x Subaru (Royz) and Junji x Tomoya x Subaru x Mahiro.
Disclaimer: Royz and Kiryu belong to BP Records, I own the story only.
Summary: Hayato is feeling a bit overwhelmed after being thrown headfirst into the porn industry after winning PSC Productions' contest. He's about to help someone who will help ease his transition into the industry – and the lifestyle that goes with it.
Notes: It probably helps to have read the previous Camera Eye story, Japan's Got Talent, before this one.

Since his group of friends had been declared the winners of the Aoi Presents competition, Hayato could only say that his life had gotten chaotic – in the best way possible.

Almost as soon as the ink had dried on all the contracts and release forms they were required to sign, the Codomo Dragon group had been dragged into the PSC Productions offices to talk about publicity for the Aoi Presents video. Which led to photoshoots, interviews, more photoshoots, and even an in-store appearance the day of the video's release, where they shook hands with the fujoshi. (Hayato had to wonder, though, how many were buying the DVD for Aoi's striptease segment, not their film.)

No sooner had they caught their breaths from that when they were dragged back to PSC for meetings on the full-length video they were to write, produce, direct and star in. Just the kind of thing they used to do in film school – but with a budget. And a lot more sex.

“Would it be possible for you to have a working script ready in a month?” Uruha said.

“We’ve done scripts in a week,” meN-meN replied.

“I’m going to need to know if you have any special requirements for sets as well, so I can set that up . . .”

“We can do that?” Hayato said.

“Well, yes,” said Uruha. “We don’t have access to as much as mainstream film firms have, but I can get you some pretty decent basic settings.”

“Wow. We’re used to walking into stores and filming while the clerks are looking the other way,” Chamu said.

“Um, well, sometimes we’ve done that, too,” Uruha said. “But that’s the exception rather than the rule.”

“We can shoot on a semi-flexible schedule, right?” Kana said. “Given that Yume and I are still in school?”

“They don’t know anything about this,” Yume added, quickly. “We’re just going to tell them we have a part-time job.”

“As long as you make the deadlines we set, you can shoot on whatever schedule you need,” Uruha said. “And I’m building a couple of extra weeks on the end of the schedule for reshoots if we need them.”

“Reshoots?” Hayato practically had stars in his eyes. This was unheard of! It really was like being, well, a REAL filmmaker! No more having to try to patch stuff together in editing and with effects software if they never got exactly the take they needed . . .

“I see you guys are going to like working with us,” Uruha said. “Let me know if I can offer any help. Oh, and I’m going to want to know which of our regular actors you want as special guests, we do want to have one or two to help sell the film.”

“Subaru!” Hayato said, quickly – and then, immediately regretted it. He saw meN-meN smirking and Yume giggling behind his hand. “Um, I mean, he volunteered to be in it!”

“Was that before or after you two disappeared together at the victory party?” meN-meN said.

“We were talking!” Hayato said. “Really!”

“It was his first day in the industry, and immediately, he was running a casting couch,” Chamu said, shaking his head.

“It’s not a casting couch!” said Hayato. “Really! We were talking with each other, and . . .”

“I’ll take your casting suggestion into account,” Uruha said, raising a hand to silence them. “Okay, guys, once I see the treatment, we’ll be able to figure out more about the budget and such. We’ll have another meeting then.”

The group left Uruha’s office and spilled out into the street. “Can you believe this?” meN-meN said. “A month to write a script? Time built into the end of the shoot for reshoots? Sets as we need them? This is like working for Hollywood!”

“I really hope the school doesn’t find out about this,” Yume said as they headed toward a combini. “We’re going to be in so much trouble . . .”

“Do you think ANY of our professors are into gay porn?” Chamu said. “Hosoke-san? The human pillar of dust? Masutaki-san? The pompous windbag?”

“You’re not going to be in trouble even if they find out,” meN-meN said, opening the door so that the others could enter. “They’ll just look the other way. How is this any different than holding any other part-time job?”

“They said there was a girl who once went to our college who was acting in pink films at the same time she was studying filmmaking,” Chamu added – and then looked over at the normally-most-boisterous member of their group, who was uncharacteristically silent. “Hey! Hayato! You’re not bothered by all that stuff we said about Subaru, are you? It was just a joke!”

“No, I’m not,” Hayato said. “It’s just . . . a lot to process.” He grabbed an onigiri off the shelf. “I still can’t believe this is all happening.”

“Hey, you’re the one who put us in the contest.” meN-meN draped an arm around his shoulders. “We’re here because of you!”

Because of him, yes. Well, he’d only thought as far as winning – he hadn’t thought about what their lives would be like after they won!

* * *

The group parted ways for the time being when they left the conbini – Yume and Kana were off to a late-afternoon class, Chamu and meN-meN went back to the apartment. Hayato said he had some shopping to do. Instead, he wanted to go sit in a park for a few minutes.

He wasn’t kidding when he said he had a lot to process. It was suddenly hitting him what an enormous lifestyle change this all was. Okay, he knew that graduating from school was going to be a change anyway. He was prepared for it. Hell, he’d been fully expecting to put in years as the lowliest gofer on low-budget movie sets before he got a real break.

Then, he’d had the idea to enter the PSC contest. They’d won. And suddenly . . . he was a real filmmaker. Just like that. Okay, it was porn, but porn was still film – and would probably lead to bigger and better things.

Not only that, there was the matter of being thrown into the whole lifestyle around porn right away. Like what had happened with Subaru at the party. Was he ready for that kind of unbridled hedonism? He sure as hell wasn’t opposed to it – as long as everyone was willing and disease-free, there should be no real barriers to fun, right?

It was just . . . so much all at once. It was like being fucking Cinderella and having the contest as his glass slipper. What the hell do you do after the ball?

He was sitting there, thoughtfully chewing on his onigiri, when a voice behind him said, “Well, hello. I’ve been wanting to meet up with you for a few weeks now.”

Hayato leapt into the air with surprise, the onigiri flying from his hand like a boomerang. He snatched it before it could hit the ground, because why waste a good riceball when someone scared the crap out of you, and whirled around. There was a small, dark-haired figure wearing a black T-shirt with the logo of a hip clothing boutique on it.

“Whoa!” he said. “Warn me first next time!”

“Sorry,” the other man said. “I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

“You’re the judge from the contest, aren’t you?” Hayato said. “The other judge.”

“You mean, the one Aoi didn’t acknowledge during the streaming? Yes. I’m Mahiro.”

“I have to thank you, then! We wouldn’t have won without you. Well, without both of you. And so far, it’s been . . . “

“Everything you hoped it would be?”

“Well, pretty chaotic,” Hayato said. “It’s everything I thought it would be, and also, everything is happening all at once.”

“What do you mean?” Mahiro sat beside him.

Hayato took a deep breath. “Well, first we had to do stuff for the release of the DVD. You know, the Aoi Presents one. That meant having our pictures taken, and filming an interview with Aoi for the disc, and getting interviewed by the press, and having more pictures taken, and then Uruha started talking to us about making our own video, but we weren’t finished publicizing the DVD yet. So finally, we have a meeting about our own video, and we have a month to write the screenplay, which is great, we’ve never had that long before, and we can put in requests for sets, which is also great, but now we have to figure out what’s in the screenplay and what’s on the sets and . . .” He ran a hand over his head. “It’s all happening at once, you know?”

Meanwhile, Mahiro sat there with his head spinning. All happening at once – like Hayato’s speech. He didn’t think he’d ever heard someone say so much so fast before.

“But this is what you wanted, isn’t it?” he said.

“Well, yeah, but I never thought about what would happen when I got it!” Hayato said. “It’s like, one day, I’m a college student, and I’m writing and directing and shooting and starring in student films, and I get this brilliant idea to enter this contest, and suddenly, BAM, I’m a real filmmaker, and people are paying me money, and I’m in this glamorous porn world with these people who have been at it for years, and they’re telling me how great my video was, and, well . . .” He looked over at Mahiro. “It’s a lot. Yeah, really a lot.”

“I know what it’s like to suddenly make the transition from one lifestyle to another.” Mahiro stretched out his legs in front of him. “In fact, I know it very well.”

Hayato looked surprised. “You do?”

Mahiro nodded. “I didn’t start out in porn. I was a horror film actor . . .” He poured out the story of his time in the industry, how he found out the reason he wasn’t getting better roles was that he was “too short to be a hero,” and his decision to switch genres.

“It wasn’t sudden like you,” he said. “But yes, I made a decision to switch – and I found an entirely different environment than what I was used to. People in the horror industry tend to be, well, low-key. Most of them are very shy when they’re not scaring the pants off people. People in the porn industry? Just the opposite. It was a little, well . . . overwhelming.”

Just the word that Mahiro had used to describe his own feelings. “So how did you handle it?”

“I just took a deep breath and dove right in,” Mahiro said. “I embraced my porn side, so to speak. And it helped that I was working with a great group of people. We became like family very quickly. You’re lucky that you’re already going into this with a group of friends.”

“And I noticed neither one of us has mentioned the sex,” Hayato said with a crooked smile.

“No, neither of us has,” Mahiro said. “Well, I was sexually active before I got involved in the industry, sure. But there were things I found out about myself only afterward – like how open I could be, and how I could share my love with more than one person.” Pause. “In fact, I found that out thanks to you.”

“To me? How?”

“I found out I was in love with Subaru when I realized I was jealous because he went off with you at the party.”

Hayato suddenly felt panic. “I didn’t mean to!” he said. “I mean, it kind of just happened! We were together, and it felt right, and . . .” He nearly said “Before I knew it I had him on all fours with my tongue up his ass.” He didn’t imagine that would go over very well.

“It’s okay,” Mahiro said. “Really. I’m not angry about it. In fact, I’m glad it happened. He’s fully a part of my life now. All four of us spent last night together, in fact.”

Hayato’s eyes nearly bugged out. “FOUR?”

“Subaru’s boyfriend, Tomoya, has a relationship with my boyfriend, Junji. Plus Subaru and I have a relationship with each other. It’s a double threesome, really. But things might develop between Subaru and Junji, or myself and Tomoya in the future. I keep my options open.”

“WHOA.” Hayato still sat there looking like he’d been hit with a baseball bat. “I mean, I’ve been in group sex situations before . . .”

“I know,” Mahiro said. “I saw your video, remember?”

“But a full-blown RELATIONSHIP with FOUR GUYS?”

“It takes a lot of communication and a lot of trust,” Mahiro said. “It’s worth it, though. And it’s not like we all have locks and chains on each other – everyone is open to taking other lovers, as long as we don’t hide it from one another.”

“That’s . . .” Hayato didn’t know what to react. This was the polar opposite of the world he grew up in, where you were expected to find one woman and be committed to her. It was anything but the conventional Japanese approach to dating, love and sex. It was . . .

“The kind of thing I think I’ve waited for all my life.”

“Then you’ve landed in the right industry,” Mahiro said. “Because more than anything else? It’s supportive of unconventional attitudes toward love and sex.” He put a hand on the other man’s shoulder. “I know you feel overwhelmed right now. But help is available to you, believe me. These are genuinely nice people, they won’t ask too many questions. They just will help when you ask them for help.”

Hayato just watched the other man as he spoke. Mahiro was damn attractive – there was no getting around that. In fact, Hayato had seen a couple of his videos and envied the guy who was with him.

He's hot, he thought, and he's open to being with guys other than his three boyfriends. THREE. BOYFRIENDS. Three fucking boyfriends. It was still blowing Hayato's mind. And meanwhile, one part of his blown mind was saying, “Hey, you have this hot guy here, you're in the porn industry now . . . why not take advantage of it and see what goes?”

Of course, there was the other, still sane and rational part of his mind, which was saying, “What the FUCK are you doing? This is the second time you've met this guy. You were just casually chatting with him. You're going to ask him to go to bed with you here and now?”

“Hayato?” Mahiro sounded concerned. Well, Hayato HAD fallen silent – which didn't happen very often. But how was Mahiro to know that he had two opposing voices duking it out in his head like a couple of Super Saiyan?

Hayato looked at Mahiro, opened his mouth . . . and the words that came out were, “So . . .you meant it when you said you’re open to other affairs?” Guess which voice in his head won the battle? Hint, NOT the voice of reason.

“That depends on who’s interested,” Mahiro said. “Are you?”

Well, there was no going back now. Might as well go with it. “Maybe. Are you?”

“What if I said that when you went off with Subaru, I was jealous of both of you?”

“I’d say there’s a love hotel right over at the edge of this park” – Hayato inclined his head toward it – “and I’ve always been curious as to what it’s like inside.” RIP voice of reason, nice knowin' ya.

“Well, then, I’d offer to let you find out,” Mahiro said.

Hayato suddenly felt his heart pounding. Okay, this wasn't just giving in to the voice of crazy impulse. He was going to have sex with another porn star. Oh, God. No, he had to stop thinking that way. These guys weren’t just porn stars – they were people. Nice, friendly, helpful people who were going to help with shoulder the burden of having his career explode all at once.

They just happened to be nice, friendly, helpful people who were very good at having sex on camera.

Besides, he thought, what do you think YOU are now? You're starting to think and act like them. You're fully embracing your new lifestyle, more so than your friends. Okay, so I'm a porn star. Which is why the voice of reason beat a retreat so fast. And . . . I'm okay with that. Really okay.

He was fully ready to, as Mahiro said, let his porn side out.

“Let’s go,” he said to Mahiro.

* * *

They arrived in the lobby and were greeted with the lit-up signboard of rooms available. Since it was late afternoon – the time of day when salarymen were just getting out of work and heading off for a couple of leisurely hours with their office ladies – there weren’t many available, and the ones that were left were rather “normal” looking. (Which, right now, suited Hayato just fine. He might normally like the unusual and the funky, but that didn’t mean he felt like having sex in a room decorated like the setting of an old Super Famicom game).

“Room three okay?” Mahiro said. Hayato just nodded. The room had all dark red décor – drapes, satin bedspread, pillows – and a round bed, but other than that, it was pretty modest and standard.

Mahiro put his money into the machine and got back a key. “How much do porn stars make, anyway?” Hayato suddenly blurted out.

“It varies,” Mahiro said, shrugging. “I can tell you that Junji and I live comfortably – but he gets extra for doing set design, and my fee went up once I won a JAVA Award. You’ll probably get extra royalties for writing your own screenplays. You also get money for magazine shoots, and there’s almost as much in gravure shoots – that’s clothed or semi-clothed – as there is in centerfolds.” He pushed the elevator button. “But we’re not going to talk about things like that right now, are we?”

They made their way to the second floor, and Mahiro unlocked the door. Hayato walked in, looking around slowly . . . there was a little chest of drawers that he assumed held packets of condoms and lube, and a couple of spotlight-style lamps, and a door leading to the bathroom . . .

“Actually a bit bigger than I thought,” Hayato said, wondering if he should just grab Mahiro and kiss him now, because it was pretty obvious what they were here for, wasn’t it, one did not go to a love hotel to discuss stock transactions . . .

Mahiro took care of that decision for him. He pulled Hayato into his arms, and suddenly their lips were coming together, hot and hard and fast. Hayato couldn’t remember ever having experienced a kiss that went from “first gentle touch” to “tongues everywhere” so fast.

Hayato grabbed the back of Mahiro's head, pulling him even closer, and they both knew they weren't going to stay dressed much longer. In fact, the faster they dropped all the fabric involved to the floor, the better. Mahiro reached down and unsnapped his new lover's pants, yanking the zipper down.

“You move fast,” Hayato said, breathlessly, kissing his way along Mahiro's jaw.

“Only with a guy I can't wait to get naked,” Mahiro replied.

“I can take care of that.” Hayato pulled away from him, pulling off his T-shirt and tossing it to the floor, followed by pants, underwear and socks. “There,” he said. “So how's that?”

Mahiro looked Hayato up and down, thinking, fuck, he looked even better than he had in the video. Mahiro responded by yanking his own clothes off as fast as he could, then pulling Hayato in again. “Much better,” he said.

They fell down to the bed, and neither one of them was thinking about how many other couples had been in this room before them – all they were thinking about was how each other felt.

Hayato rolled on top of Mahiro, running a hand down his chest, wondering if these porn guys all used the same kind of body lotion, because Mahiro had the same kind of insanely velvety skin as Subaru.

“You're really gorgeous,” Hayato said, breathlessly, before leaning over to nibble at Mahiro's neck, stroking his tongue along it, thinking that he tasted so good, too . .

Mahiro grabbed the back of Hayato's head, pulling him close, tipping his head back. This guy was a natural – he knew just where to flick his tongue, where to nip lightly, to get the most response. When Hayato sucked hard at one particularly sensitive spot on his throat, Mahiro let out a small moan.

“I want to feel that mouth on my cock,” he murmured.

“Only if you promise you'll return the favor,” Hayato replied. God, he was going nuts right now. He wished he had multiple cocks, because he wanted to suck Mahiro, and have Mahiro suck him, and fuck him, and just rub himself all over every part of that hot body . . .

Mahiro got at the edge of the bed, spreading his legs wide, and Hayato knelt in front of him, kissing along his new lover's inner thigh, nipping at it, running his tongue along it. He brushed the side of his face along Mahiro's hardness, careful the piercings under his mouth didn't scratch it, then ran his tongue from bottom to top, slowly.

It was an act of worship, adoring every inch of the thing, thoroughly making love to it. And that was only compounded when Hayato opened his lips and started to move down on the cock, memorizing how it felt as it slipped over his lips and tongue.

Mahiro let out a groan – fuck, this guy was GOOD. A natural, indeed – he was sucking just hard enough, moving slowly at first, then getting faster . . . he closed his eyes and remembered their contest video, how Hayato had looked in that, sucking off a lucky guy . . . and now, that lucky guy was him.

“Yes,” he moaned. “Give me more, suck it, suck it hard . . .”

Hayato sucked harder, moving his head faster, thinking that the sound of Mahiro's moans was the most inspirational sound in the world, driving him on to a near-frenzy of passion, moving fast and hard and deep, deeper with every thrust downward.

He felt Mahiro's hands pull lightly at his hair, heard those moans get louder, and Hayato reached down, grabbing his own cock and stroking it, he couldn't help it, he was so damn turned on, so hot all over, so relaxed and horny and . . .

He surprised the hell out of himself when he felt cock touching the back of his throat. Did he . . . oh, yes, he did. He was deep-throating. Porn star achievement unlocked, one thousand bonus points.

Hayato moved back, and down again, repeating the deep-throating, then did it a third time . . . he heard Mahiro's breathing get ragged, heard the moan become a strangled cry.

Mahiro quickly let go of Hayato's head. “Not yet,” he gaped. “Can't come yet . . .”

Hayato pulled back, quickly. He moved up to kiss Mahiro, tipping him back on the mattress. Mahiro moved backward, so he was laying full-length on the bed, and Hayato moved along with him, not breaking the kiss.

Then, Hayato pulled back, straddling Mahiro's torso, and leaned over, rubbing his cock against his lover's skin – over his stomach, back and forth over his chest . . . when he brushed it over a nipple, both men moaned, both from the contact and the outrageousness of doing such a thing.

Hayato moved up further, until he was straddling Mahiro's shoulders, Mahiro raised his head, mouth open, and Hayato thrust forward, his cock sliding into those lips. As Mahiro began to suck, he began to pump his hips, moving in and out, fucking that gorgeous face. And God, Mahiro was good, that mouth felt even better than he thought it would . . .

He pulled back so he was almost all the way out, and Mahiro ran his tongue around the tip, caressing every bit of it a little at a time, before Hayato thrust in again, feeling that hot velvet envelop him again.

God, he could feel this all day, that mouth, those lips . . . but the more Mahiro sucked, the more Hayato felt like he wasn't going to hold on, he was going to come . . .

“Not yet.” He pulled out of his lover's mouth, panting. “We come together.”

He leaned over to Mahiro's chest, kissing a nipple, tonguing it, sucking it hard, then moving his mouth to the other side, doing the same thing to the other bud.

Mahiro closed his eyes, feeling the piercings scratch his skin, the little bit of pain a sharp contrast to the pleasure from his nipple, just making him shudder all over . . .

When Hayato pulled back, Mahiro flipped him over and did the same, his mouth closing over a hard nub, sucking and licking and kissing and blowing on it, pleasuring it any way he could. Hayato's moans made him feel all the harder, he needed to come, needed it badly, but he wanted this to go on and on.

Mahiro raised his head and shifted his body so their cocks were brushing against each other, and Hayato raised a leg, hooking it over Mahiro's hip, holding them both in place. They began to thrust, to grind, to move against one another.

The two men moaned deeply, moving faster, their lips finding one another, tongues pushing forward, rubbing together. Hayato's leg tightened on Mahiro as they moved faster, rubbing hardness on hardness.

“So good,” Hayato murmured between kisses. “You feel so fucking good . . .” He ground hard against the other man, hips rising in sharp thrusts, each brush against Mahiro unleashing a torrent of hot, tingling sensation through his whole body, from fingertips to toes.

Mahiro's breathing was getting harder, more ragged, as he writhed on top of his lover, cock sliding against cock, drops of precome running everywhere, slicking them, making the friction easier, and just making them both hotter.

“Hayato,” Mahiro moaned, “I'm so close, I'm . . .”

But it was Hayato who came first, arching forward hard and fast, letting out a long cry, pouring come all over Mahiro . . . and Mahiro came moments later, his own cry joining Hayato's, shuddering with heat over and over, until he collapsed on top of him.

They lay in a panting heap, Hayato unwilling to let go of Mahiro at all. “Wow,” he managed to say.

“I was about to say the same thing,” Mahiro said, softly, lips tracing the other man’s temple. “You’re going to be just fine in front of the cameras.”

“Can I have you as a co-star?” Hayato said. Great, as soon as the words were out of his mouth he realized he’d have to justify casting both him AND Subaru to his friends. They were going to start getting testy pretty soon since he’d been with TWO porn stars now, and none of them had been with any. (That he knew of.)

“Of course you can,” Mahiro said. “I’ll tell the powers that be I want to co-star with you.”

“Um . . . in your film? Not ours? Is that allowed?” Oh, yeah, this would go over even BETTER than putting both Mahiro and Subaru in one of their videos, him being cast without them being involved . . .

“Yes. You’re with our company now.”

“Can we put my friends in the video, too?” Hayato said. “I mean, because I don’t want them to feel slighted . . .”

“I’ll ask,” Mahiro said. “But you know what I’d really like?”

“What’s that?”

“For both of us to co-star with Subaru.”

“You don’t necessarily mean onscreen, do you?”


Hayato just leaned over and gave Mahiro a kiss. So this was his first experience in a love hotel. With a porn star, yet. And it was pretty damn good.

He was now very glad, once again, he’d entered that contest. He was fully one with his porn side, and the warring voices in his head were silent for good.

* * *

As it turned out, he didn’t have to worry about his friends being left out of a video involving him, Mahiro and Subaru. When he got back to the apartment, he saw everyone sprawled across the living room – without the TV on. Ooops. Bad sign.

“Um, hi?” he said.

“Hey,” Yume said, waving at him from his position lying on some cushions. “Where’d you go?”

“I ran into someone,” Hayato said, smoothly. “Friend from high school. We were chatting.”

“Did he get a word in edgewise?” said meN-meN.

“We've been having a meeting,” Chamu said. “And we were talking about how Uruha said we could have guest stars. Since we want this video to sell, we figured we’d ask for two. You already picked Subaru – so we picked the second one.”

“Which is?” Hayato said. (Please, not Aoi, he thought. He’d seen plenty of that man’s ego during the webcast, and heard horror stories on top of that).

“Mahiro,” said meN-meN. “He’s hot, he’s popular, and he obviously likes what we do.”

“In fact, we were wondering if you’d want to do a scene with both of them,” said Kana. “We figure if one of us did a scene with two stars, well . . .”

“It would make all of us look good,” meN-meN said. “And we all decided you perform the best on-camera out of all of us.”

“I do?” said Hayato, blinking in surprise.

“Look, do we have to show you your own video?” said Chamu.

“Fuck, no, I looked at that thing enough when we were editing it,” Hayato said. “You really are willing to write a script that has me getting with Mahiro AND Subaru?”

“You don’t want it?” meN-meN said. “Because if you don’t, I sure as hell . . .”

“I want it, I want it!” Hayato said. “Yes! Let’s do this thing! Let’s put them both in our DVD and sell a bazillion copies!”

He couldn’t believe it. He was being handed exactly what he wanted on a silver platter – by his own friends. He couldn’t wait to tell Mahiro about it – and Subaru.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, rushing off to the bathroom, phone in hand.

Once he was gone, Chamu said, “You sure it was him?”

“Of course it was,” meN-meN said. “How many guys do you know who have hair that color? And that was definitely Mahiro he went into the love hotel with. Hey, as long as he’s sleeping with both of them, might as well get it on camera, right?”

“You just want Mahiro to hook you up with Junji,” Kana said.

“Damn right I do!” meN-meN said. “He was looking at me during the party, did you notice?”

“We noticed,” Chamu said. “And you never stopped talking about it afterward.”

“So, if I reap the benefits from this, too . . . so much the better, right?” said meN-meN.

Of course, meN-meN had no way of knowing that Junji had aready had thoughts in that direction – just like Hayato wasn’t aware of the true reason behind the sudden casting decision. But that was okay. In the long run, everyone was happy.
Whether Hayato knew it or not, his friends were embracing their porn side, too.


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Jun. 12th, 2016 01:34 pm (UTC)
OMG Hayato is such a spazz; I love it! Not that I can blame him for being totally overwhelmed by everything happening so fast. He's definitely a full-fledged member of the porn community: from meeting to bedroom within a couple of hours with two of the industry's hottest stars. Lucky guy! (And I LOVE the hint at the mutual interest between Junji and meN-meN. But I'm sure you predicted that already.) ^_^
Jun. 15th, 2016 08:02 pm (UTC)
Hayato is a terrible spazz. Fortunately, he's in an industry where a lot of excess energy is an asset. It's also a good thing that he's easily adaptable! (And, yep, I figured you's like that hint. ~_^)
Jun. 15th, 2016 12:04 am (UTC)
I read this when it first came out (It was such a lovely wakeup!) and meant to comment once my brain was more awake then forgot. Oops.

Perfect how ex-horror actor Mahiro nearly gives Hayato a heart attack. That boy is such an adorable spazz. It's good that he ran into Mahiro today because Mahiro got the chance to experience him and Hayato was able to learn more about his new line of work as well as accept the entire porn package. It was sweet that he was worried about his friends and if they'd be upset that he's already bagged two gorgeous porn stars--only for them to have plotted out a threesome scene for him already. I'm not sure which boy will be happier about that threesome lol. Can easily see that continuing at home.
Jun. 15th, 2016 08:06 pm (UTC)
Hayato is definitely going to worry about him getting everything, co-star wise, and his friends not having gotten anything yet! Those boys have done everything as equals and mutuals, and he isn't going to stand for the industry trying to make one of them a star and ignoring the others! And you can bet that the threesome is going to be an EVENT - all three muses are excited about it!
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