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Title: The Camera Eye: Trophy Boys 3 – Happily Ever After-After? 2/2
Chapter: Forty-fourth in The Camera Eye series. Links to previous installments can be found here Split in two because of LJ’s post limits, part 1 is here.
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn industry AU, drama, smut, romance
Warnings: Male/male sex, polyamory, foursome, prostate play, frottage
Pairing: Tomoya x Subaru (Royz) Yo-ka (DIAURA) x Yuuki (Lycaon), MiA x Koichi (Mejibray), Kai x Uruha (GazettE), Junji x Mahiro (Kiryu), Byou x Jin (SCREW), aaaand . . . Mahiro x Subaru x Tomoya x Junji! (Plus mentions of Kouki (D=OUT) x Ryoga (BORN)
Disclaimer: Royz and Kiryu belong to BP Records, Mejibray belongs to White Side Group, Diaura belongs to AINS, the now-disbanded Lycaon belonged to Vogue Entertainment, D=OUT and GazettE belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: The JAVA Awards finally arrive, and Subaru is facing his first experience with the red carpet – and the prospect of the After-After Party, where anything goes and hookups are heavy. Meanwhile, Uruha faces a showdown with his rivals from Heavy Hitter Productions, and the arrival of Koichi’s fashion rival turns out to resonate strongly with PSC Productions – and Subaru.
Notes: Here’s the list of the outfits everyone is wearing: Subaru and Tomoya, S.I.V.A. (blue and silver edition); Yo-ka, white version of Incomplete (with the hair he had in the Triangle era); Yuuki, Gypsy (with the hair from the Gossip era); MiA, Secret No. 3 (with the hair from the Raven era); Koichi, the white version of The Theatrical Show dress (as seen on this Shoxx cover); Kiryu characters, Etsu to Utsu; GazettE characters, Red; Kouki, Kabuki Disco.

Subaru thought that he’d be going straight to the party. He was wrong. As soon as the lights came up, a staffer from the Association approached their table.

“Congratulations,” he said. “Would you and MiA please step into the next room?”

“Why?” Subaru said, baffled.

“Press conference. This is when all the major winners speak to the media. We need the two of you and the producers of the individual film category winners.”

Well, he wasn’t ready for that, either. “What are they going to ask me?” he whispered to MiA.

“I don’t know,” MiA whispered back. “When I won Star Vehicle last year, it wasn’t considered one of the major awards.”

They were escorted to a long table along with Uruha, Jin and representatives of Heavy Hitter and Adonis. Immediately, the press turned their attention to Subaru.

“How does it feel to be the first actor in twenty years to win Best Actor for his first starring role?” one blogger asked.

“I wasn’t aware of that,” Subaru said. “I’ll tell you when I think about it a little.” Everyone laughed.

“This question is for Uruha,” another blogger said. “Do you think Subaru has longevity? We know there’s been stars that came out the gate swinging in the past and disappeared instantly.”

“That isn’t going to happen in this case,” Uruha said. “We have a long-term career plan for him. We’re going to give him a balanced slate of roles, and we’re not going to burn him out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

And on it went from there. There were questions fired at MiA (many about the Avalon/Eros transition) and some at Heavy Hitter (who responded with their characteristic bluster, restating their desire to “superserve our core audience”), but a heavy portion were either for or about Subaru. Fortunately, most of the queries weren’t challenging (along the lines of “What did you think of filming in Okinawa?” and “Which porn stars of the past or present do you want to emulate?”)

The one answer that he wanted to take back, though, came when a blogger asked him, “Who in the industry haven’t you worked with yet that you’d like to?”

Before Subaru was even aware of what he was saying, he was replying, “Mahiro!” And then, he thought, oh, crap. “I mean, he seems like an interesting person!” he added, quickly.

He could just imagine the next day’s headlines on the industry news sites: “GOLDEN BOY SUBARU SAYS HE WANTS TO GET IN MAHIRO’S FUNDOSHI.”

“You might get your chance, you know,” Uruha said. “He’s part of our company now.”

Subaru just gave him a little smile. Crap again, he thought. What if Mahiro sees that I said that?

But it occurred to him he’d be seeing Mahiro before that. He’d be at the afterparty, and the after-after party, and . . .

Subaru swallowed hard. The after-after party. Oh, crap. When he first thought about it, he imagined it would be just him and Tomoya, and they’d stick together all night and avoid temptation, but . . .

He was going to have temptation staring him right in the face - in one pretty, compact, purple-wrapped package.

* * *

If Subaru thought he was going to catch a breath at the afterparty, he was very much mistaken.

No sooner had he walked in the room and was reunited with Tomoya – who had been hanging out with Koichi while MiA and Subaru were getting grilled by the press – than he was surrounded by people back-slapping and congratulating him, photographers wanting a picture of him holding his two awards and vloggers shoving their cameras (or in a couple of cases, just phones) in his face, wanting a quote.

Is this what it’s like for all award winners? Or am I some kind of special case because I’m a newbie? he thought.

And out of the corner of his eye, he could see a figure in purple, standing there with his award in one hand, his fan in the other, talking casually to one of the press people, seeming to handle this whole thing with grace . . .

“Subaru-san?” the vlogger was saying. “You okay? I asked you what your next video is, and you kind of trailed off.”

“Sorry!” Subaru said, bowing quickly. “Long day. My next project hasn’t officially been announced yet. As soon as it is, we’ll be putting it out on Twitter. I can tell you, though, that whatever it is, I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

“Thank you,” the vlogger said, shutting off his camera – just as Subaru’s arm was grabbed and he was yanked away from the press.

“Sorry,” Yuuki said, “but we’re stealing him for a few minutes’ peace and a drink. He’s earned it.”

“Thank you,” Subaru whispered.

“You know I’m always looking out for you,” Yuuki said as he led Subaru to a table at the side of the room. “And there comes a time when you just have to tell the press to fuck off, in the nicest way possible.”

Yo-ka, MiA, Koichi and Tomoya were already at the table. Subaru sank down next to his lover, exhaling a long breath and plunking the awards down – making sure they didn’t hit the beer in front of him.

“I ordered what you like,” Tomoya said. “I hope it’s okay.”

“Of course it is, baby,” Subaru said – then let out another long breath and dropped his head onto Tomoya’s shoulder. “What a day,” he said.

“It’s not over yet, you know,” Yo-ka said. “Remember, this party goes on for a few hours, and then everyone moves on to . . .”

“Everyone who WANTS to moves on to the after-after party,” Yuuki said.

“Face it, almost everyone goes,” Yo-ka said.

“I only went for a few minutes last year,” Koichi said. “I was tired from working on my outfit.”

“Subaru might be overwhelmed,” Yuuki said.

“I’m pretty tired myself,” said MiA, before taking a big swallow of his own drink.

“Your headpiece really looks good, MiA,” Tomoya said.

“I found that in a theatrical store,” Koichi said. “MiA needs to be wearing proper headgear to show he’s a winner. He had a traditional tiara before, but he . . .”

Subaru found his attention drifting away again, his eyes moving across the room, looking at the brightly colored array of costumes, the Heavy Hitter lunkheads leaning against the bar and talking loudly while swigging whiskey, the guys from Hard Candy murmuring with their heads together, as if discussing some kind of conspiracy.

And then, across the room, a flash of purple . . . he was sitting at a table now, with Junji and his other co-stars around him, the award and fan both resting on the table. He was laughing at something one of the others said, and he did have an adorable laugh, lighting up his whole face . . .

Why am I staring at him across the room again like a teenager looking at his crush in a classroom? Subaru thought. I’m a grown man. I’m in love. He glanced over at Tomoya . . .

Tomoya, it seemed, was gazing in the same direction.

“And it’s better than the outfit he was wearing last year!” Koichi was saying. “MiA and I just stared at him then, and we looked at each other, and we stared some more – like, we just couldn’t believe he showed up to the awards in THAT!”

“I was such a nervous wreck last year, I barely remember anything about the awards,” MiA said. “It was my first time being nominated.”

“You were Performer of the Year!” Koichi said.

“Yes, but that’s different than being nominated for a JAVA!”

“Were you nervous at all tonight?” Yo-ka asked Subaru.

Subaru took a big swallow of his beer. “I was more nervous for MiA than myself,” he admitted. “That’s because I didn’t think I was going to win.”

Uruha and Kai walked over to their table, each with a drink in hand. “Are you having fun, guys?” Uruha said.

“We always do!” said Koichi.

“I have a surprise,” Uruha said. “It seems that the association booked two suites in this hotel for each company that had a nominee. They just handed the keys out to the producers and company chiefs and said you can give them to whoever. So . . . I thought I’d award the suites to my Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.”

“Uruha, you don’t have to do that!” Subaru said. “Keep one of them for you and Kai!”

“It’s okay,” Uruha said. “We’re just going to put in a token appearance at the after-after party and going home. We’re not staying out late and getting crazy.” He handed one hotel envelope to Subaru, the other to MiA.

“Koichi and I might just go straight up there and crash after this,” MiA said. “We’re both beat.”

“The after-after party is just a few miles away from here this year,” Uruha said. “It’s a short cab ride away – and it’s a lot shorter from there to here than it is from there to our building. Since it’s your first time at the awards, Subaru, I figured you and Tomoya would be going to all the parties.”

Subaru looked down at the envelope – and then up at the table across the room again, at the figure in purple who was sitting there.

An atmosphere full of drunken hookups, he thought. A night where anything goes . . . if I go to the after-after party, and Mahiro is there, and he talks to me . . .

Suddenly, he needed to be by himself for a few moments, to think. “I’m going to the men’s room,” he said. “I’ll be right back.”

He got up from the table quickly and rushed toward the back of the room, pushing past a couple of barely-legal glittery boys from one of the other indies, a couple of older guys who seemed to be boss-types, a guy he thought he recognized from Adonis . . .

And then, he bumped into a sparkly wall of silver. “Fancy running into you like this,” the wall said.

Subaru looked up at Kouki. “Oh, I’m sorry!” he said. “I didn’t mean to . . .”

“It’s okay,” Kouki said. “Things get crazy on a night like this. How are you holding up?”

“Yuuki literally had to drag me away from the press,” Subaru said. “They were driving me nuts.”

“That’s how it goes,” Kouki replied. “The night I won the reality show? They were literally following me to the bathroom. But you’re relaxed now, I hope!”

“Well . . . yes and no.”

“No? Don’t tell me someone’s giving you crap about winning!”

“It’s not that. It’s . . .” Subaru looked around and dropped his voice. “Kouki, what really goes on at the after-after party? Is it like what I’ve heard? Is it a bunch of sleazy hookups?”

“Now, we don’t use the word ‘sleazy’ in this industry. That’s something people from the outside use to refer to us. But, yeah, a lot of inhibitions drop. Hookups happen, there’s no regrets later. What happens at the after-after party stays at the after-after party.”

Subaru looked worried. “That’s what I was afraid of.”

“But hey – nobody says you HAVE to do anything, right? You can go to the party, and just say no if you don’t want to be with anyone other than your boyfriend.”

Well, that wasn’t exactly the problem. “Is . . . is everyone expected to go?”

“Most people at least drop in,” Kouki said. “Some of them leave before it starts getting crazy.” He patted Subaru’s back. “But you do what feels right for YOU, okay? In the end, nobody can make that decision but you. If I see you there, great. If I don’t? I’ll know you’re doing your own thing, and that’s great, too.”

“Thanks,” Subaru said. “Um . . . I was on my way to the men’s room, and . . .”

“Oh, sorry,” Kouki said. “Be careful in the stalls – make sure there’s no feet before you go in. Some hookups have started already.”

Subaru rushed into the bathroom – okay, at this point, he really did need to be in there. Kouki did make him feel a bit better – to go or not to go was, ultimately, his decision. Well, his and Tomoya’s – he’d respect what his lover wanted to do.

But he couldn’t tell Kouki his real worry – that if he went to the party, he might be the one losing his inhibitions, not other guys who might be hitting on him.

* * *

About an hour and a half later, Subaru and Tomoya found themselves alone at their table.

Yuuki and Yo-ka had left to go home and get ready for the after-after party – Yuuki wanted to dump the boots, and Yo-ka didn’t feel comfortable wearing white in an atmosphere that could involve a lot of drink-spilling.

Shortly afterward, Koichi and MiA made good on their promise to go straight up to their suite. That took the form of Koichi literally falling asleep with his head on MiA’s shoulder. “Koichi, love,” MiA said, prodding him gently.

Koichi suddenly woke up with a start. “What? What is it?”

“You fell asleep. We need to get you upstairs and into bed.”

“Need to take my makeup off first,” he mumbled. “There’s remover in the bunny bag.”

“You travel with makeup remover?” Subaru said.

“Need it for touch-ups,” Koichi mumbled. “Some makeup needs to be removed and reapplied.”

So MiA helped Koichi to his feet, they said their goodnights and headed out of the bar toward the elevator, Koichi’s head still on MiA’s shoulder.

“Wow,” Tomoya said. “He crashed fast.”

“Really fast,” Subaru replied. “Well, MiA said he works on his look for two days.”

“No way!” Tomoya said. Then, after a pause – “Subaru, what are we going to do now?”

“Well, that’s something I wanted to talk to you about. We could . . .”

And then, a voice next to their table said, “Oh, there you two are! We were afraid you’d left with your friends.”

Another voice said, “Our friends just left, too. We’re not quite ready to. Can we sit down?”

Subaru looked up and found himself confronted with a sea of purple and blue. It was Mahiro and Junji. Oh, God.

At least, he thought, we’re not at the after-after party.

“Sure,” he said. “Come sit.”

The two slid into the seats opposite them. “We were hoping we’d get a chance to talk to the two of you,” Mahiro said. “But the awards were crazy!”

“Congratulations, by the way,” Junji added. “Two awards on your first try?”

“I still can’t believe it,” Subaru said.

“He earned those awards,” Tomoya said. “I remember him going over and over and over his script before he left for Okinawa. We were living with a bunch of other friends then.”

“I wanted to have it perfect,” Subaru said. “It was my first starring part.”

“I remember doing that,” Mahiro said. “Or at least my first starring part in porn, anyway.”

“You were in regular movies?” Subaru said.

Junji looked amused. “If you can call them regular movies,” he said.

“I was an actor in horror films,” Mahiro said. “I didn’t get any starring parts, though. I was, well . . .”

“He ended up bloody a lot,” Junji said.

“I was the guy who got victimized by demons and ended up dead in a horrible way,” Mahiro said. “The movie I was best-known for was called Kyuubi. In that one, a demon made me commit seppuku. Really, really messy seppuku.”

Subaru and Tomoya both winced. “I can see why you left,” Tomoya said.

“I went into it with big expectations,” Mahiro said. “Someone I knew in high school was doing bit parts in horror films. He set up an audition for me. I started getting parts, and things were looking great for awhile. And then . . . then my career stalled. I had hoped I’d be moving on to bigger parts, hero parts, and, well . . .”

He exchanged a glance with Junji. The taller man patted his shoulder.

“I decided I was going to talk to a director I’d worked with a lot – you know, to find out what was going on. And he told me that I was never going to get any leading roles. He said I was too short to be a hero.”

“Oh, no,” Subaru said. His heart broke for the other actor. That was not only disappointing, it was flat-out cruel.

“So, what did you do then?” Tomoya said.

“An assistant director on Kyuubi was setting up a porn company – that was Kiryu Video. His concept was he wanted to revive Isshi’s tradition of ‘kabuki porn.’”

Subaru nodded. He’d heard about Isshi from Yuuki and Yo-ka – he’d been a popular porn actor of the first decade of the 2000s, known for films in traditional Japanese settings – hence, the nickname “kabuki porn.” He’d passed away young, shortly after announcing his retirement from the business.

“He knew I was gay, knew I wanted to play leading roles, and knew I was willing to do just about anything on-camera. So, he invited me. I turned him down at first. And then, I thought about it a bit, and . . .”

“He reconsidered,” Junji said. “Much to my benefit.”

“When you think about it, horror and porn are just two sides of the same coin, aren’t they?” said Mahiro. “They’re both based on the thrill of seeing something you shouldn’t be seeing. They both rely on heightened audience emotions. And what’s the difference in the end between a knife penetrating an actor’s body and a penis?”

“You were never REALLY penetrated by a knife, babe,” Junji said.

“Well, no, but it LOOKED like it!”

“How did you get into the business, Junji?” Tomoya said.

“They hired me to be a set decorator,” Junji said. “That’s what I was studying in college at the time. Then, the director decided he liked the way I looked and asked me to read for a non-sexual part. And after that, I volunteered to do a sex scene. Things took off from there.”

“It’s amazing how these things happen, isn’t it?” Subaru said. “Tomoya became one of our writers because another writer left a half-finished script at his day job.”

“It was a treatment,” Tomoya said. “I turned it into a full script.”

“Hey, I’m going to order another round,” Mahiro said. “It’s on me.”

“Are you sure?” Subaru said.

“Of course I’m sure,” Mahiro said. “You can get the one after that, if you want.”

“All right!” Subaru said. He was suddenly in a very good mood. This was, well, a relaxed atmosphere, not a highly-charged one with hookups happening everywhere. They were getting to know the other two – and they were great people.

He wasn’t even thinking of his earlier nerves now.

* * *

Another hour later, they were just about the only people left in the bar.

Everyone else had long since cleared out, on their way to the after-after party, or just going home. But the four of them were still there, still laughing, drinking and talking.

They’d gone from sharing stories about their beginnings in the industry to talking about their friends, about the college Subaru and Tomoya had gone to, about their gaming business.

Subaru had compared Okinawa stories with Junji and Mahiro, since it turned out they had filmed there as well. And they all had a good laugh about the fury of the Heavy Hitter crew at the end of the awards, with Mahiro comparing the head of the company to a slowly inflating balloon about to pop.

After awhile, Subaru said, “Hey . . . weren’t we supposed to be at the after-after party right about now?”

“The hell with that,” Junji said. “We’re having too much fun here and now!”

“I second that,” said Mahiro.

“I third it!” Subaru raised his near-empty glass.

“It’s unanimous,” said Tomoya. “Can we get another round?”

The bar manager came over to them. “I’m sorry, sirs – but we’re closing this establishment for the night.”

“Really?” said Subaru.

“I’m afraid so,” said the manager. “We’ve already stayed open past our closing time, and I fear we’ll be shut down by the authorities if we stay open longer.”

“Can we get a bottle to go?” said Mahiro. To the others, he said, “We can sit in the lobby.”

“No need.” Subaru pulled out the hotel key card and held it up. “Tomoya and I have a suite upstairs!”

“We are not in the practice of selling package goods, sir,” the bar manager said. “But if you do have a suite, I can tell you there’s a complimentary bottle of wine in your room.”

“Good enough!” Junji said. “Come on, let’s go!”

The four of them headed for the elevators, laughing – and then Subaru dashed back into the bar. “Sorry,” he told the manager. “Forgot my awards!”

They were all laughing even more when they got into the elevator and pressed the button for the appropriate floor. “You forgot what you came here tonight for!” Mahiro said.

“There’s more important things than awards, you know,” Subaru said.

“Oh?” Mahiro leaned toward him. “Like what?”

“Like that bottle in our room,” said Subaru.

They laughed and fairly sprinted off the elevator as it pinged to a stop.

* * *

They managed to find the bottle (on ice in a bucket), the corkscrew (next to the bottle) and two glasses (also next to the bottle).

“What are we going to do for the other two?” said Tomoya. “Share?”

“We’ll go in the bathroom and see if there’s any.” Mahiro walked into the next room, coming out with two small, squat plastic glasses. “There!”

“How do we decide who gets what, though?” Subaru said.

Junji came up behind Subaru, putting one hand on his shoulder, the other on Mahiro’s. “You two get the classy glasses,” he said. “You’re both multi-award winners.”

“I just won one tonight,” Mahiro said. “The same one you did.”

“You have one from before,” Junji said.

“Oh, yeah . . . that.” Mahiro’s expression darkened.

Subaru wondered why someone wouldn’t be happy about the memory of winning a Best Supporting Actor award – wasn’t that one of the highest awards in the industry? He decided now was not the time to pry, though. Instead, he opened the bottle and poured out the glasses.

“A toast,” he said. “To the best thing that’s happened all night. Not the awards – meeting the two of you.”

“Damn, you’re cute,” Junji said. To Tomoya, he added, “You have good taste. But then again, you’re cute, too. So he also has good taste.”

“Hey!” said Mahiro as he sat on the couch. “What about me?”

“You’re cute, too,” Subaru said. Glancing over at Junji, he said, “And you have good taste.”

“We’re only going to get two drinks each out of this bottle, aren’t we?” Tomoya said as he sat on the floor next to the table, Subaru sitting next to him. The table was rather crowded – bottle, glasses and all four JAVA Awards.

“We’ll have had enough at that point,” said Subaru. “I may have had enough now.”

“Sometimes, too much is never enough,” said Mahiro, taking a drink.

“You’re philosophical,” said Junji.

“Maybe,” Mahiro said. “Or maybe I really have had too much.”

“We’ll just have to come up with something fun to do with the bottle when it’s empty,” said Subaru.

“Yes!” said Mahiro. “Spin the Bottle!”

The others blinked at him, looking confused. “What’s that?” said Subaru.

“It’s a game they play in old American movies,” Mahiro said. “You all sit around a bottle, and you spin it, and you have to kiss whoever the bottle is pointing to.”

“Seriously?” said Junji. He started to laugh.

“What’s funny about that?” said Mahiro before taking another drink.

“It sounds to me like you just want an excuse to kiss Subaru.”

Subaru choked on his drink. Tomoya pounded him on the back.

“What about you?” said Mahiro.

“What about me?” Junji responded.

“You’d be willing to play, too, wouldn’t you?”

“Meaning, do I want to kiss one of them?”

Subaru and Tomoya exchanged looks. The evening was taking a very, very strange turn.

“Ask them if they’re willing to be kissed,” Mahiro said.

“Um, well . . .” Subaru blushed, leaned over and squeezed Tomoya’s hand.

“I am . . . if he is,” Tomoya said. “That is, if he’s willing to let me be kissed.”

“Yes,” Subaru said . . . and felt his heart start to pound. His head was filled with an image of Tomoya and Junji kissing . . . rapidly progressing to open mouths and tongues . . . and it was making him feel damn hot.

“And I’m willing to let him be kissed,” Tomoya said.

“Tomoya . . .” Subaru squeezed his hand again – and then felt someone settle onto the floor next to him. Not just someone – he knew who it was.

Mahiro put his fingers under Subaru’s chin and turned his face toward his, gently. The two men just looked at each other for a long moment, Subaru thinking, he really is beautiful . . .

They leaned in to each other, and their lips met. His mouth is soft, Subaru thought, so soft . . .

He found himself opening his lips, pushing his tongue forward, reaching up to put his arms around Mahiro’s shoulders . . . and felt the other man press his body against his own.

Mahiro felt like warmth and silk, smelled like wine and musk. His hands were moving over Subaru’s shoulders and down his arms as their tongues slid against one another. Before he knew it, they were tumbling backward, Subaru landing on the floor, Mahiro on top of him.

The kiss broke, and Subaru tipped his head backward, panting, Mahiro licking his way down his neck – and reality hit him all of a sudden. We’re in a room with Tomoya and Junji, he thought. We have to stop before . . .

He turned his head and looked next to him – to see Tomoya and Junji just as entangled in each other, their tongues visible as they moved in and out of each other’s mouths, their hands running over one another’s bodies.

The sight was even hotter than he thought it would be.

Mahiro moved up and lightly kissed Subaru’s lips. “We’re getting our nice costumes messed up,” Subaru said, breathlessly.

“Maybe we should get rid of them, then,” Mahiro whispered.

Subaru glanced over at the others again. Tomoya was pushing his hand into Junji’s outfit, trying to feel his body underneath. They’re as into this as we are, he thought.

Mahiro sat up, removing his body from Subaru’s. The decision was in Subaru’s hands now – he could say something and stop this whole thing, or he could get up and go into the bedroom next door . . .

He sprung to his feet and walked into the next room, unfastening the sparkly blue-and-silver outfit, stripping it off and draping it over the back of a chair, removing his headpiece and laying it on top.

“Wow,” Mahiro said. “You’re even more gorgeous than you look on video.” He began to pull off the purple outfit, stripping off the long, fingerless gloves, the outer drapery, the inner kimono . . .

Subaru was surprised when he got down to the skin, and saw he was wearing a regular pair of black bikini briefs. “You’re not wearing a fundoshi,” he said.

“They’re too hard to get out of,” Mahiro said. He approached the bed, brushing Subaru’s hair out of his face, and they tumbled to the king-sized bed together, kissing hard, reaching for each other’s underwear and starting to push it down.

When both were fully naked, they flipped over so that Subaru was on top, and Subaru began to kiss his way down Mahiro’s neck, very slowly, barely noticing when there was the feeling of weight on the other side of the bed . . . yes, Tomoya and Junji had come in here, it was only right that they all be here together, wasn’t it?

He moved down further, nipping at his new lover’s collarbone, working his way down to the nipple . . . the bud was hardening already, standing out against Mahiro’s skin like an open invitation.

Subaru ran his tongue back and forth over it, feeling it harden even more, and then lowered his head, sucking, feeling Mahiro arch under him and grab the back of his head. “Subaru . . .” he gasped.

From the other side of the bed, he heard Tomoya moan, and that familiar sound, combined with the noises Mahiro was making, filled Subaru with a burning heat. He moved his head to the other side of Mahiro’s chest, sucking at the other nipple, reaching down to run his fingers over his cock.

Oh, he had a nice one. Much bigger than one would expect for a man of his height, hardening nicely under Subaru’s touch . . . He stroked upward to the head, caressing it, feeling its graceful shape.

Subaru raised his head, looking down to the other side of the bed, watching as Junji moved downward, then ran his tongue slowly along Tomoya’s length, from the bottom to the top and back again. Tomoya moaned loudly, grabbing the back of Junji’s head, pulling him down.

Junji looked up, glancing over to Subaru, and Subaru moved down, wanting to do the same thing to Mahiro that Junji had done to Tomoya and put on a show for the other man. He licked slowly up the side of the Mahiro’s erection, savoring how different he felt from Tomoya or Yo-ka or MiA or any other guy he’d been with.

He heard Mahiro’s moans and heard Junji groan a bit in appreciation – “You’re a hot little thing, aren’t you?”

Subaru responded by taking the head of Mahiro’s cock in his mouth and sucking – while glancing up, locking eyes with Junji, letting him know that what he was doing was as much for his pleasure as Mahiro’s.

He moved down a little further, feeling the familiar, wonderful sensation of hard flesh sliding in and out of soft lips, over an eager tongue – the most intimate caress he could give another person.

“Turn over,” Junji said. “Let me see you.”

Subaru reluctantly raised his head from Mahiro, rolling over on his back, putting his nipples and cock on display to all the other men, feeling their eyes moving over him, drinking him in, appreciating him.

Mahiro bent over, taking Subaru’s nipple in his mouth like Subaru had done to him, sucking gently, then gradually starting to get harder . . . as Junji wrapped his hand around Subaru’s erection, stroking it rapidly, running his fingers back and forth over the head.

Subaru arched upward, letting out a cry, grabbing Mahiro’s head, looking over to see Tomoya reaching around Junji’s body, stroking his cock like Junji was doing to Subaru.

It was bliss, the way the four of them were wrapped up in each other, seeming to be one continuous chain of pleasure at the moment.

When they shifted, it was so Tomoya could move close enough to Mahiro to kiss his lips hard and run his fingers over his cock, and then Subaru found himself rolled over on his back, Junji kissing his lips, reaching down, and down . . . but bypassing Subaru’s cock entirely, his fingers pressing instead on the mound of flesh between his balls and his entrance.

“Trust me,” Junji murmured, and he began to massage the spot . . . and Subaru felt an intense jolt of pleasure shoot from his prostate, through his whole body, making him let out a long, low moan.

“Good,” he moaned. “So good . . .” He heard Mahiro moaning from what Tomoya was doing, and yes, he knew how that felt, he’d experienced that touch so many times . . .

Subaru spread his legs wider, raising his hips, and Junji stroked faster, making Subaru give out a moan that seemed to bounce off the walls. Fuck, oh, fuck, he could come just from this, from what that wicked hand was doing to him alone.

But before he could go too far, Junji’s fingers slid away. Subaru reached up, grabbed his shoulders and rolled him over on his back, moving down, taking him in his mouth and sucking, marveling at yet another unique feel and taste, another cock with a unique shape.

If only they had lube. He’d want this thing inside him. He’d want Mahiro inside him, too. He’d want all three to take turns with him, fucking him one after the other . . .

Subaru raised his head to see Mahiro sitting up, holding his arms out to him, and Subaru went to him, kissing him, feeling their cocks rub together.

Oh, yes, the cocks, it felt so very, very delicious. They fell to the mattress again, Mahiro lying on top, shifting their hips until their erections were rubbing together full-length. Subaru leaned his head back, moaning, his hands moving down Mahiro’s body, finding his ass – which he squeezed.

What a gorgeous ass he had, so firm and shapely . . . Subaru’s fingers moved over it, exploring it, as the two men’s hips moved, rubbing their cocks together. He looked over to see Junji on top of Tomoya, the two of them moving together the same way, Tomoya grabbing Junji’s ass – which looked every bit as beautiful as Mahiro’s.

Mahiro’s lips brushed against Subaru’s, and the two men kissed slowly as they thrust against each other, hips grinding, cock sliding against cock. Their tongues rubbed against one another, hot and wet, the two completely lost in each other’s sensation . . .

But not enough that they both didn’t glance over, looking at Junji and Tomoya thrusting against one another harder, faster, sweat starting to glisten on their bodies, making Subaru and Mahiro speed up as well, grinding hard against one another, their breathing and moans getting heavier and louder and more intense.

Subaru just writhed under Mahiro, moaning, feeling his body getting hotter and hotter, not knowing how much longer he was going to hold on . . .

As it turned out, it was Tomoya who cried out first, arching up hard against Junji, and the sound of his ecstasy set Subaru off. He thrust upward, letting out a wail, his body trembling and trembling with hot ecstasy, the come pouring onto Mahiro . . . who suddenly let out his own shout, thrusting down hard against Subaru, pouring himself out until he fell down on top of the blond, panting hard.

Finally, Junji reached his own peak, crying out as he thrust hard against Tomoya’s body one more time, his final shudder of ecstasy accompanied by a long breath as he collapsed atop the other man.

Subaru and Mahiro kissed, softly, as Junji and Tomoya did – and then, the two couples moved toward each other so Subaru could kiss Junji and Tomoya could do the same with Mahiro. Finally, they each kissed their significant other.

The four of them just lay intertwined on the bed, not quite noticing or caring where one of them ended and the other began. “Oh, my God,” Subaru murmured.

“That was unbelievable,” Mahiro said. “Really.”

“I’m not going to move for a long time,” Junji said.

Tomoya wasn’t talking – he was just snuggling, and basking in an afterglow like none other. He’d never been in bed with more than one person before – and it was an experience he’d be all too eager to repeat.

He’d tasted blood – and he wanted more.

“We’ll have to do this again,” Mahiro murmured. “In our place. With candles, and incense, and lube. Lots of lube.”

“I’d like that,” Subaru replied.

“So would I,” said Tomoya.

“You sold me on the first word,” Junji said.

Subaru yawned, feeling warm and content. After all that hemming and hawing about the after-after party, he didn’t go – and, ironically, he and Tomoya ended up sharing a wild erotic experience with another couple anyway.

It had been a beautiful event for all involved, too – not the sleazy hookup he’d envisioned. Almost like the bonding of a new friendship.

His first experience with the JAVAs was drawing to a close – and it was memorable, indeed. He might have gotten two awards – but the real two best things to happen to him that day were right on that bed with him and Tomoya.

* * *

“So what happened the next morning?” Kouki asked Subaru in Pornbucks the next day. Both of them were sitting there in dark glasses, drinking straightahead strong coffees – their hangovers wouldn’t allow for anything else.

“We woke up really, really hung over,” Subaru said. “We managed to put our numbers in each other’s phones, though. And then we got cabs back to our own places, and Tomoya and I went to bed and slept until you called me.”

“So you’re all going to be friends from now on,” Kouki said. “That’s grea!”

“And what did I miss at the after-after party?” Subaru said.

“Not much,” said Kouki. “A lot of people didn’t show up, or were just there for a little while. Uruha and Kai were there and gone. Same thing for Ruki and Shou. Your friends Yuuki and Yo-ka went, but they disappeared upstairs with other people right away.”

“What about you?” Subaru said. “What kind of evening did you have?”

“Well, Ryoga . . .” Kouki swirled the coffee in his cup. “He met one of the Avalon Video guys – Tsuzuku – on the red carpet, and they hit it off right away. They were hanging out together all through the afterparty, so, of course, as soon as they got to the after-after . . .”

Subaru suddenly felt a pang of guilt for not going. “You were alone all evening?” he said.

“Oh, no, I wasn’t,” Kouki said. “I found someone to keep company with, too.”

“I’m not asking details,” Subaru said. He hadn’t actually given details of the foursome, either – just that they’d ended up in the hotel room, and “things happened – with everyone.”

“Well, I’ll just tell you that he was a sweetie,” Kouki said. “And we’ll probably be seeing each other again – especially if Ryoga really has something going with this Tsuzuku.” He paused. “It’s been a long time since either of us was involved with anyone outside our relationship. Off-camera, that is.”

“Do I know him?” Subaru said.

“You probably do,” said Kouki. “It’s one of the Screw Crew – Manabu, the cute, little one.”

“I do know him,” said Subaru. “Jin keeps saying he’s going to write a screenplay for the two of us because we’re both cute and innocent guys from Osaka – but he keeps getting sidetracked by other projects.”

“You’d be cute together, all right,” Kouki said. “Well, I’m so glad your awards experience was a good one, Subaru.”

“Other than this hangover,” Subaru said, with a smile that was more of a wince.

So that was that – his first JAVA Awards was in the books. It was time to move on to other projects, new things. Not to mention developing the new friendship with the other couple.

It had been a hell of a year for him – and the next one looked just as interesting, if not even more.

* * *

Uruha was sitting at his computer at home, looking through the E-mails that had come in after the awards. Most of them were congratulatory. A few cautioned him to be careful in his handling of Subaru’s career, since the boy had the potential to be one of those “fast fame, faster fadeout” stories.

As if he didn’t know that. He’d meant it when he said he had a plan in mind already.

His phone pinged with a message from Sparxxx. “So how was the mood after Heavy Hitter’s scheme failed?”

“They were quiet for the rest of the evening,” Uruha said. “They put on a blustery show at the press conference, but afterward? They were flat-out sulking.”

“Word has it they’re considering going back to the Association and asking that the awards be split into ‘Male-Appeal Awards’ and ‘Female-Appeal Awards’” – as opposed to their current practice of having one set of awards for gay porn and another for straight and lesbian porn. “That would put their brand of gay porn back into the straight awards show. JAVA will never go for it.”

“They’re really getting desperate,” Uruha said. “Good.”

“So what’s next?” said Sparxxx. “You have these awards, Subaru has officially been anointed as the new king of the industry and you’ve got Kiryu Video under your umbrella now.”

“We go on like we always have,” Uruha said. “We’re not messing with success, we’re just building on it. I have a very big epic that I have to get going on now. I’ve decided on casting, and I’m going to send the list to my writers.”

It was an interesting list, indeed. He’d spotted Subaru and Tomoya talking at the table with Mahiro and Junji before he’d left the afterparty. Mahiro was definitely going into the pirate video – and he’d be sure he’d have a scene with Subaru.

There would be the Avalon Video crew, of course, and Kouki – he knew Subaru wanted to do a video with his friend. Plus, if Kouki was in it, it was only natural that Ryoga come along for the ride, too.

Uruha took a deep breath and looked at the new awards glittering on the table next to him. He’d bring them into the office the next day. With the JAVAs, another year in the industry was drawing to a close.

Onward and upward. On to new things. There was always another video, another new star for PSC, another brilliant idea. It was why he loved this industry so much.

He stood up, yawning. Tomorrow was another day – and the start of a new year of challenges.


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Feb. 29th, 2016 04:14 pm (UTC)
"Golden Boy wants in Geisha Boy's fundoshi...Fujoshi rejoice" Subaru's trepidation about a quick, sleazy hookup proved totally unfounded, since both couples were so into each other. It's probably good that they stayed behind at the hotel to chat rather than going to the after-after party. (Meanwhile, cuddly sleepy Koi is just too cute for words!)

I love the nod to the Aien Kien PV in Mahiro's backstory. How cruel to be told he's too short to ever be a hero! As if height has anything to do with bravery. (And as if mentioning Yoshiki wasn't enough, you had to throw Isshi in there too. So sweet and sad!!! ㅠ_ㅠ)

The two couples swapping off was great to see. I particularly like watching Junji and Tomoya together from Subaru's perspective. (Wouldn't that be a crack pairing for me to start shipping!) I'm guessing we might get more of what happened between Kouki and Baru-chan and/or Tsu and Ryoga in a side story?

I look forward to seeing what Director-san's plan is for both Subaru and the company as a whole.
Mar. 1st, 2016 08:58 pm (UTC)
I love this :) Uruha always ends up being the real winner doesn't he?
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