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Okay, I'm debating whether to download those copies of Nine that have appeared online tonight or be a good girl and wait for my copy to arrive from CD Japan. It's on the way anyway; I got the shipping notice this morning. I'll have it in a couple of days. (Can't wait to see what my label is on the limited edition. I'm kind of hoping for a Hiroto, so it will compliment the Shou copy of Gemini I have!)

And I seem to have inspired Kra fanfic! http://xyzzka.livejournal.com/7005.html I remember mentioning wanting to put the couple here in Stargazer a long time ago, but it never happened and KaiXUruha ate my soul. xyzzka made it happen - thank you! She did it as a birthday fic for me, many thanks! Only thing is . . .

The date that was listed as my birthday originally on this LJ really isn't my birthday. You see, this journal began life as a roleplay journal, back from when I was active in the D. Gray-Man Dressing Room. (For those unfamiliar with the term - a Dressing Room is an informal RP where you play alternate universe versions of the characters from a particular series, and you can have as many as you want, without apping, and have them come and go as they please). A friend of mine was playing a catboy version of Kanda, and she was trying to recruit people to play cat-person versions of the other characters. So I agreed to be her Lenalee and created this journal. (Lenalee's weapon is the Dark Boots, which quite literally allow her to kick enemy butt. Since she was a catgirl . . . puss_nd_boots, get it? Oh, and puss_in_boots and puss_and_boots were already taken, hence the unusual spelling.)

Whenever I created a character roleplay journal, I always used the character's canon birthdate as the journal birthday. Lenalee's canon birthday is February 20, so that became the journal birthday.

I only used the RP journal a few times, then moved on to other characters. The journal sat around, unused . . . until years later, when I was writing for a new fandom for the first time and realized I wanted a new writing journal. Rather than create a new one from scratch, I thought, "I know, I'll dust off one of my unused RP journals and convert it into a writing journal." And so, the catgirl Lenalee icons went out and the ShouPon icons went in - but the birthday remained. I only realized it when people started wishing me a happy birthday. D'OH!!!!! Sorry for the confusion, everyone! (For the record, my actual birthday is May 23 - and that's reflected on the journal now).

But, xyzzka, the birthday gesture is very much appreciated - I know you posted that fic on what the journal said was my birthday - and I will consider it an early one!


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Feb. 21st, 2012 04:11 am (UTC)
My logic is, you already paid (a hefty price) for it, the japanese fangirls already have their pre-ordered copies, so no one is gonna die if you download while you wait for your copy. Which is what I did, also got my shipping notice today, but I just couldn't stand waiting
-___- I have no self-control, at all. lol. And just because I'm mean like that, "Hello, World" is like an ode to Saga's very sexy voice, composed by Tora, go figure...XD
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