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Two days before Christmas and I'm, well .  . . at least somewhat ready? About 90% of my gifts for people are in bags. Yes, I use bags, not paper, because 1) They're recyclable and reusable and 2) My wrapping skills suck epic. My brother has promised an epic Christmas Eve dinner (rib roast, potatoes, shrimp, vegetables . . .) Of course, before he does that, he has to help me put up the Christmas tree. Yes, my mother has zero in the way of tree-age in the living room. This is going to be called "How to put Christmas together in record time."

I'll be posting the Year-End Writers' Meme over the next week or so (before the New Year, at least). Started looking over what I did and found out 1) I'd written about as much as I thought I did, I posted something about 63% of the weeks of the year (yes, I figured out the percentages) and 2) Much, much more Camera Eye than any other year. In fact, I only had a couple of fics set in a real-world, characters-are-visual-kei-artists setting overall - the rest was either Camera Eye or supernatural AU.

Also, saw the new Star Wars the other night and it was beyond awesome. Not going to drop any spoilers, just urge you to go see the thing if you have even a mild interest in the franchise. It's like the producers actually LISTENED to the fans' lists of "Here's everything that we liked about the previous films" and "Here's everything that went wrong with the previous films." See it in 3-D IMAX if you can, because they really use the technology well without going too far over-the-top with it.

As for the rumors about GazettE performing in California . . .as of this writing, I haven't seen anything concrete, so I'm considering it just that - a rumor. If something does materialize? Well, I have a friend who lives in the neck of the woods where they're supposed to be performing, may be time for a visit . . .

Merry and Happy Whatever It Is You Celebrate This Time Of Year!


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Dec. 24th, 2015 04:32 am (UTC)
Wow, best of luck with the whirlwind Christmas! Decorating and cooking and the rest of the "wrapping" is a lot to get done in a day.

I'm looking forward to the Year End review. It seems like you've written quite a lot this year, so the final numbers should be quite interesting.

As to the GazettE coming to CA rumours...I hope it's true. There would be SO many people who would be thrilled to see them. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.
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