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Title: A Whole New World, Part 2
Chapter: 2 of 3, Part 1 is here (Part 1 is split in half due to length, there's a link to the second half at the bottom of the first)
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Urban fantasy AU, romance, smut
Warnings: : FOR THIS CHAPTER: Male/male sex, rimming, FIC AS A WHOLE: Sex toys, magically enhanced sex
Pairing: Yo-ka (DIAURA) x MiA (Mejibray), MiA x Subaru (Royz), some Yo-ka x Yuuki (Lycaon)
Disclaimer: Mejibray belongs to White Side Group, DIAURA belongs to Ains, Royz belongs to B.P. Records, Lycaon belongs to Vogue Entertainment, I own the story only. This fic is partially based on elements from Walt Disney Pictures’ film Aladdin, which is property of Disney, and the TV series I Dream of Jeannie, which is property of the estate of Sidney Sheldon and Screen Gems/Columbia Pictures.
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a lowly photographer’s assistant who pined after Yo-ka, a gorgeous model – who, it was said, only dated other models. Then, one day, our hero happened upon a mysterious bottle on the beach. Enter Subaru, someone who could give him a whole new life – and you ain’t never had a friend like him.
Comments: The porn pool – featured, of course, in Mejibray’s Secret No 3 PV – is something I am never going to let slide or let die. XD

The week between the Black Moral and Moi-meme-Moittie shoots passed in a blur – mainly because MiA was busy. He got called on to pinch hit for another last-minute-dropout model – this shoot wasn’t as prestigious as Black Moral, but it definitely added to his portfolio.

He had dinner with Yo-ka, and then, two nights later, drinks again. He was finding out that his crush was a hell of a lot more than a pretty face. Yo-ka had ideas of his own regarding the fashion industry.

“I want my own boutique when I’m done with modeling,” he said. “Well, not so much a boutique as a brand. I want to hire the designers and the models and do all the marketing – you know, come up with all the concepts.”

“Sounds exciting,” said MiA.

“And I’d hire you as a model, of course.”

“If you’re retired from the industry, I’d probably be retired, too.”

“Then you’ll be my head photographer. And you’ll have input in choosing the models.”

With every meeting, the two got more comfortable with one another, talking more casually – and flirting more. At their last drinks date before the Mana shoot, Yo-ka leaned over to give MiA a small kiss as they left.

“Keep this up,” he whispered, “and you’ll get a private tour of my apartment next.”

MiA’s heart sped up. “I’d like that,” he whispered back.

“Call me when you’re done with the Moi-meme-Moittie shoot. I’ll come pick you up, we’ll have dinner, and . . . who knows?”

“I certainly hope to find out.” His head was spinning, swimming. Oh, God. He couldn’t dwell on this, he had to focus on the shoot, on being as good a model for Mana as he was for Ruki. But he’d just been invited to spend the night with the one man on the planet he most wanted to spend the night with.

Dream? This was more like an ecstatic reverie at this point.

* * *

The shoot had a very different rhythm than the first one. This was elegant Gothic aristocrat wear, as opposed to the funky casual of Black Moral. Which meant everything was, well, darker, slower, and more serious.

MiA adjusted to it very well. He just studied the clothes before he put them on, thought about what they were trying to convey, and then took that attitude while the cameras were clicking.

He’d gotten into this to impress Yo-ka, to be sure – but he was beginning to realize that he liked modeling. Liked it a lot. In fact, it was fairly accurate to say he was falling in love with his new career.

Did it have something to do with the magic? No, Subaru had said that nothing other than MiA’s outward appearance and his first assignment was his doing. And yet, he felt like something had changed in him, from the inside out.

When he was done, everyone rushed over to congratulate him – including the designer. “Wonderful,” Mana said. “I can see why Ruki spoke so highly of you.”

“I’m just trying my best,” MiA said with a bow.

“You’ll be working with us again,” the designer said. “I’ll promise you that.”

MiA rushed over to the dressing trailer afterward, nearly breathless with excitement. He pulled out his phone to call Yo-ka. “I’m done,” he said. “I’m getting changed now.”

“How did it go?”

“Fantastic. The clothes were kind of heavy and a bit hot under the lights, but overall? I enjoyed it. And the designer loved me!”

“Well, come over to my place and we’ll celebrate, then.”

Oh, God. MiA’s heart started fluttering in his chest. This was it. He was going to find out what Yo-ka was like in bed. It was what he’d hoped for, waited for, fantasized about. There was a small moment of panic – what if he was too nervous to, well, do anything? What if the damn magic did a Cinderella thing and melted away at the stroke of midnight and he turned back into frumpy Shouya again? What if . . .

Okay, it was time to get hold of himself. He was being silly. “I’m coming,” he said – and then, quickly, he added, “I mean, I’ll be there.”

Yo-ka laughed. “You really are cute, aren’t you? Okay, just let me know where you are right now.”

By the time MiA hung up the phone and started getting dressed again, the fluttering heart was back. In fact, it was taking off from his chest cavity, diving down to his stomach, flying around in circles like it was on some out-of-control merry-go-round, and then going up to his head and making him dizzy.

He was just going to have to stay upright, wasn’t he? This was the moment he’d waited for.

* * *

Yo-ka came to the shoot in a cab, asked the driver to wait and then collected MiA. When you’d been a supermodel for as long as Yo-ka, MiA thought, you must have the money to do things like that.

“I figure we’ll go back to my apartment and order takeout,” said Yo-ka. “How does that sound?”

“It sounds . . . good. Yes, that’s good,” said MiA. And now the butterfly heart was in his throat, making it hard for him to talk.

Yo-ka squeezed his hand when the car started moving. “I thought about you all day,” he said.

“You did?”

“Yes. I had meetings with the people from Chrome Hearts, I’m going to be the exclusive model for their new campaign. Their stuff would look great on you.”

“Meetings are boring.” Well, that was a brilliant statement.

“They can be,” Yo-ka said. “But this one wasn’t.” He squeezed MiA’s hand harder and whispered, “Because I was thinking about tonight.”

“Yo-ka . . .” MiA squeezed his hand back.

“Were you thinking about it, too?”

“Y-yes . . .”

“Dinner can wait.” Yo-ka moved his hand to MiA’s thigh, rubbing a little . . .

And the cab came to a stop, breaking the mood.

“Oh, here we are.” Yo-ka paid the driver quickly. “Come on – I’m on the 10th floor.”

It was the biggest, most beautiful apartment building MiA had ever been in. A doorman who bowed and held the door open for them, a lobby that seemed carved out of a block of marble, a huge elevator with mirrored walls (MiA glanced into it to make sure he didn’t look too incredibly nervous . . .)

Finally, it pinged to a stop, and the two headed down the hall, Yo-ka pulling out a key. “Here we are,” he said, unlocking the door, pushing it open and turning on a light.

MiA stepped into a gorgeous, funky, yet tasteful living room – black walls, leather couches and chairs, a huge flat-screen TV against one wall, a gleaming glass table – and his whole apartment could fit in this one room three times over.

“Well?” said Yo-ka. “What do you think?”

“It’s beautiful,” MiA said. “I really like it.”

“It’s a good setting for you,” Yo-ka said, wrapping his arms around MiA’s waist. “All that pretty blond hair against the dark walls . . .”

“What if I wasn’t a blond?” said MiA, wrapping his own arms around Yo-ka, bringing his face close to the other man’s . . .

“Then I’d have to change my walls to fit your new hair, wouldn’t I?” said Yo-ka.

He closed the distance, slowly, and those butterflies inside MiA were beating their wings against his ribcage, furiously . . .

And then, they were kissing. Soft and tender at first, a gentle touch of lips on lips, MiA pressing his face closer against Yo-kas. Their mouths opened, and they pressed deeper, and harder, tongues reaching for each other.

MiA pressed his body against the other man’s, everything in the world seeming hot and wet right now as they explored each other’s mouths. Hands began to roam as well, moving over shoulders, backs, anywhere they could touch . . .

Yo-ka eased away from MiA, taking his hand and leading him down the hall, opening a door to reveal a huge bed covered in plush-looking red fabric, with pillar candles on the nighttable – which Yo-ka immediately went over to light.

Now MiA was frozen to the spot. He wasn’t a virgin – but it had been so long since he’d had a boyfriend that he’d forgotten how to do it. Did he get undressed? Did he wait for Yo-ka? Did he . . .

He decided to go on impulse. He shed his clothes quickly, dropping them on a nearby chair – and then had a last-second blast of self-consciousness. He pulled up the edge of the bedspread and ducked under it, so only his head was poking out.

Yo-ka turned around – to see MiA waiting for him, so inviting, and at the same time, so sweetly shy. “Well, hi,” he said. “Is this for me?”

“Yes.” But he didn’t push the bedspread back – yet.

“I’ll have to go get it, then,” Yo-ka said, stepping back from the bed and reaching for his own buttons. MiA raised his head, eyes opening wide as the other man started to undress . . .

He was even more gorgeous than he thought he’d be. His eyes ran over and over the sculpted torso with six-pack abs – it was obvious that Yo-ka had put in time at the gym. And then his pants were unzipped, and came down . . .

His cock was magnificent. Not massively huge, but just big enough, and beautifully shaped. MiA felt hot all over just from the sight of it. His ass pushed forward slightly as he imagined that thing inside him, plundering him . . .

Yo-ka moved over to the side of the bed, grabbed the bedspread and pulled it back with one swift yank. MiA was exposed to his new lover’s gaze, and at first he wanted to shrink from it.

Then, Yo-ka’s hand moved down his body, slowly, the fingers barely skimming the skin, passing over his torso, then down to his thigh, which he squeezed and caressed. “Oh, MiA,” Yo-ka said, breathlessly. “MiA, you’re amazing.”

MiA shifted, and then Yo-ka was on the bed next to him, and then they were in each other’s arms, kissing hard and wet, pressing naked flesh on naked flesh. MiA opened his lips, pushing his tongue against Yo-ka’s, running his hand down his side.

They rolled over together so Yo-ka was on top of MiA, writhing against each other, rubbing their bodies against one another, the friction seeming to strike sparks everywhere.

MiA shuddered, his body feeling like it was on fire, tingling, every nerve ending standing on edge. He was so turned on that his nipples were standing out from his chest as little points that rubbed against Yo-ka’s flesh, just sending another wave of pleasure through the blond model.

Yo-ka suddenly pulled back, propping himself up on his arms, looking down at MiA, breathing heavily, and reaching up to brush hair out of his face. “I can’t believe it,” he said in a husky voice. “I can’t believe how perfect you are.”

And then he leaned over, his tongue touching MiA’s neck, sweeping in a long, wet line down his torso, pausing to circle a nipple, then kiss it. MiA gasped, reaching for the other man’s head.

This just encouraged Yo-ka, who began to suck on the hard bud, mouth encircling it and drawing hard, making MiA groan and shudder. He raised his head, licking slowly over the peak, stroking his tongue back and forth, before sucking again.

He began to move lower, leaving a hot, wet trail over the other man’s increasingly heated flesh, licking down over his stomach, then down to his legs . . .

There, Yo-ka paused, his hands caressing MiA’s thighs, kneading them, tracing patterns on the flesh. “You have the most gorgeous legs I’ve ever seen,” he murmured. And then he was paying homage, kissing his way down a thigh, licking it, nibbling it.

He rubbed the side of his face against the skin, an intimate caress, an act of worship, before tracing circles over it with his tongue, swirling, moving up and down.

“Oh, yes,” MiA breathed, spreading his legs a little, giving Yo-ka access to the sensitive inner part of his thigh – and Yo-ka took full advantage, nipping sharply at a spot that made MiA jump and yelp a little.

“Did I hurt you?” Yo-ka suddenly said, raising his head.

“A little, but . . . it was, well, exciting.”

“I’ll kiss it better,” Yo-ka said, breathlessly, leaning over and doing just that, kissing over and over the spot, brushing it with his tongue . . .

And then, without warning, the tongue swept upward rapidly, until it was rubbing lightly over MiA’s balls. He arched forward with a gasp. “Oh! Oh, Yo-ka . . .”

Yo-ka ran the tip of his tongue upward, until it was touching the base of MiA’s cock, oh, yes, it was moving along the shaft, so hot and wet and wicked, so incredibly delicious. It slid up further still, until it was swirling along the tip.

MiA raised his head and looked down. This wasn’t a dream or a fantasy, that was Yo-ka between his legs, Yo-ka pleasuring him, Yo-ka’s tongue sliding back and forth over the head of his erection. Oh, God.

Yo-ka raised his head, and moved back up, laying full-length atop MiA again. They kissed fiercely, MiA wrapping one leg around Yo-ka’s hip, shifting his hips so their cocks would rub together.

When they did, they began to grind against one another, hard, both sets of hips churning, their shafts sliding against one another, both men moaning at the feel of something so delicious and hard and wonderfully MALE.

They rolled over again, so MiA was on top this time, and he shifted so that he could reach Yo-ka’s chest with his mouth, tracing the defined muscles with his tongue, memorizing the shape of his new lover’s torso, the smoothness of his skin, the salty tang of his taste.

He slid upward, hitting a nipple, and he circled it over and over, rubbing against it, feeling how hard the peak was, putting his lips around it and sucking, feeling Yo-ka shudder beneath him.

“Your body is so beautiful,” MiA murmured. “Every bit of it.” He moved down further, over the flat belly, caressing it with hands and tongue . . . until he came to that gorgeous cock.

MiA opened his lips, sliding the head in, running his tongue around it. Yo-ka let out a delicious moan that was the sweetest music MiA ever heard. He opened wider, slid down further . . .

Oh, he felt even better than he thought he would. So hard, so nicely shaped – almost as if made to fit MiA’s mouth. It glided through his lips and tongue, filling and filling him, overwhelming him with musky scent and taste.

MiA raised his head, kissing the tip. “I want this in me,” he said.

“Tell me how,” Yo-ka murmured.

“Deep in my ass.” In the heat of passion, MiA felt bold, much bolder than he did in everyday life. “With you behind me, and . . .”

He raised his head. He saw his own reflection looking back at him. There was a mirror on the wall opposite the bed. “And me on my hands and knees so we can see the mirror,” MiA said. “I want to watch you fucking me.”

“Oh, yes,” Yo-ka breathed. “Get on your hands and knees, baby.”

MiA was reluctant to roll off Yo-ka, but he did, positioning himself on all fours in front of the mirror, moving his legs apart, opening his ass for this man, offering himself completely. He looked over his shoulder to see his new lover rummaging in the nighttable drawer, coming up with a bottle of lube and package of condoms. Yo-ka poured lube over his fingers, bringing one to MiA’s entrance.

MiA gasped as he felt the penetration. God, even his fingers felt good, tapering and long, sliding in and out of him, moving and wriggling around, stimulating different pleasure spots.

He found himself pushing backward against the invasion, trying to push it in deeper, Yo-ka murmuring, “Look at how eager you are, God, you can’t wait to be fucked, can you?”

“No,” MiA moaned. “Please, give me more . . .”

Yo-ka slid the second finger in. “That’s it,” he said as he moved the fingers in and out. “Relax and open up for me. I’m going to give you everything you want.”

MiA thrust against the fingers again, moaning as they moved inside him, stretching him, stimulating him. There was a little pain as the third one entered, but he just breathed deeply, willing himself to open up faster, wanting to be ready for that cock.

The fingers slid out, and MiA watched Yo-ka tear the condom packet, rolling it on and lubing it quickly. He felt more of the lube poured into his own cleft.

And then, he watched as Yo-ka knelt behind him, that perfect torso on full display in the mirror, the solidness of his erection pressing against MiA’s entrance.

“Ready?” said Yo-ka.

“More than I’ve ever been,” MiA said.

Yo-ka pushed forward, and MiA felt himself being filled, that glorious thing pushing into his ass, and he gripped the bed under him . . . oh, God, it was intense, pain and pleasure and fullness and the sensation of Yo-ka’s strong hands gripping his hips.

“Oh, you feel good,” Yo-ka moaned. “You’re so damn tight.”

MiA could only moan. He opened his eyes, looking at the sight in front of him . . . there was himself, flushed with pleasure, on all fours, offering himself up like a gift, and there was Yo-ka, sculpted torso streaked with sweat as he started a slow, gentle thrust.

It seemed to be caressing him from within, creating a slow, tingling warmth that radiated from his core through his whole body. “Yes,” MiA moaned. “Oh, Yo-ka, it’s so good . . .”

“Mmmm . . .” Yo-ka began to speed up, thrusting faster, harder, deeper. “Oh, fuck, look at you, look at how gorgeous . . .”

MiA’s eyes were glued to the mirror, watching Yo-ka’s hips pump as he felt the thrusting inside, looking at glistening beads of sweat running down that chest, and his face, oh, yes, Yo-ka’s beautiful face, wearing an expression of total bliss, the eyes at half-mast, the lips parted, his tongue coming out to lick at them.

“More,” MiA whispered. “Please . . .”

And then Yo-ka was thrusting hard and fast, pumping in and out of MiA, who gripped the bed beneath him, moaning and moaning . . . it was good, almost too good, the tingling sensations inside him now hot waves that threatened to set the bed on fire. He thrust back against his lover to the same rhythm, watching and watching them in the glass.

Yo-ka’s hand reached down and around, and suddenly, he was grabbing MiA’s cock, stroking him quickly, and MiA moaned louder, thinking that he was going to explode, the pleasure and the heat were overwhelming him, he was nothing but a ball of pure sensation now . . .

A stroke of his lover’s thumb over the tip sent him over the edge. MiA let out a cry that was nearly a scream. He thrust back, then forward, his body shuddering as the pleasure shot through him in long, long waves, as hot wetness poured over Yo-ka’s fingers.

MiA sank to the bed, a trembling mass of emotion, feeling Yo-ka grip his hips again, and thrust harder, faster, until he let out his own loud cry, pushing hard into MiA one last time as he let himself go.

He tumbled to the bed next to MiA and they wrapped their arms around each other, kissing passionately. MiA snuggled against Yo-ka, breathing deeply. He couldn’t remember ever feeling like this before, after sex or anytime else. It was just so peaceful, and warm, and totally relaxed.

“Mmm,” Yo-ka said, holding him tighter. “You’re just incredible.”

“So are you,” MiA murmured.

“I’m definitely glad you came over tonight,” Yo-ka said. “And you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, you know that? We’re not moving from this bedroom.”

MiA raised his head. “We may have to go into the bathroom sometimes.”

“Well, yes. But then, right back to bed.” He kissed MiA’s neck. “God, it’s almost a shame you have to wear clothes, you’re so gorgeous like this.”

“I can’t be a model naked,” MiA laughed. “That would defeat the purpose.”

“Well, then, I’ll just have to see you like this when you’re with me, won’t I?”

“I could say the same for you,” said MiA.

They laughed and kissed. And for the rest of the night, they did, indeed, not stray far from the bedroom. MiA got the tour of the rest of the apartment, to be sure, and they finally got the takeout – Yo-ka put on a yukata just long enough to pay for it, then they ate it naked together on the living room floor. At one point, there was a shared shower.

But for the rest of the time, they were on that bed, exploring each other, bringing each other to peaks of ecstasy, sleeping when they finally reached exhaustion – and even then, they were clinging tightly to one another.

MiA’s official wish might have been to become a model – but he’d finally gotten what he’d really wished for.

* * *

The next few weeks passed like a magic carpet ride – constantly moving at breakneck speed, and always exhilarating.

MiA was in demand after the Ruki and Mana shoots. The Swan Agency soon became the most-frequently-used contact on his phone, as they would call him when he was shooting or otherwise occupied and he’d have to call back. Sexpot Revenge, h. Naoto, Civarize, they all wanted him, and he slotted them all in.

When he wasn’t before the cameras, and their schedules both allowed it, he was with Yo-ka. Usually it was a post-shoot dinner, followed by making love. Once, when they were able to get together in the late afternoon, they explored Harajuku together and had crepes. Another time, they went to a club – even though MiA insisted that he wasn’t much of a dancer.

There was one other thing that MiA always made sure he fit in his schedule, though, no matter how busy he was – he spent quality time with Subaru.

It wasn’t just out of gratitude for doing all this for him – even though he was definitely grateful. It was that he genuinely liked the genie. There was just something about his constant sunniness – despite the circumstances of his life.

“You just have to deal with whatever fate gives you, you know?” Subaru said as the two of them walked through Shinjuku. “What happened to me was terrible – but I deal with it the best I can. That’s why I go around and explore whenever my master isn’t around.”

“Have you always been able to do that?” MiA said.

“When I’ve been given permission to do so – like you did. And it’s always with the understanding that I will come as soon as the master needs me – no questions asked. Bottle slaves can usually sense when we’re needed. Especially if it’s a wish.”

“I haven’t even thought about my second wish yet,” MiA said. “I haven’t had time.”

“Take your time,” said Subaru. “You don’t have an expiration date on them – and you only get three, remember.”

“Yes, I know,” MiA said. And he knew full well what happened after the third wish – Subaru would get sucked back into his bottle, the bottle would vanish, and he’d never see him again. He didn’t want that to happen.

Of course, he could use the third wish to free him, right? But . . . then Subaru would probably go back to the world of the Djinn, and he’d never see him again then, either.

The two of them paused in front of a shop where an artisan was displaying traditional crafts – beautifully carved and decorated wooden boxes, sake bottles and cups made from wood.

“Look at this stuff,” said Subaru, his eyes darting over the items. “Just look at it! People made this with their own hands. No magic at all! It’s amazing!” He leaned closer. “I know my people don’t like humans, think they’re selfish jerks, but . . . if people can make things like this, and create buildings, and make cars run – they really can’t be all bad, right?” He looked at MiA, smiling brightly. “Well, okay, most of the masters I’ve had until now have been selfish jerks. But not the people who made this stuff!”

Yes, Subaru was a ray of sunshine in MiA’s life, and he was going to keep that sunshine around for quite awhile longer. He was in no rush to make that second wish.

* * *

As it so happened, when the second wish came, it was pretty much by accident.

MiA was making money now – more than double than what he’d been getting as a photographer’s assistant. He just kept putting it in the bank – he knew he should be house-hunting, but he didn’t have time. What time didn’t go to modeling went to Yo-ka and Subaru.

That didn’t mean he wasn’t buying things, though – mostly clothes and shoes. And he was rapidly running out of space to put it.

It was late in the evening, right before his bedtime. He was tired – he’d been shooting all day, into the night. And he was trying to rearrange his closet yet again. Subaru was sitting on the table, cross-legged, looking at the iPad that was another of MiA’s recent purchases.

“This is getting annoying as hell,” MiA murmured. “I wish I had a bigger apartment.”

And then, the air suddenly got very still. Subaru suddenly dropped the iPad and sprang to his feet. The genie felt a surge through his whole body – he was at full power again.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, MiA came fully awake. Oh, no, he thought. He’d been so careful not to pronounce things like that, to never say “I wish” even in the most casual of situations. And because he was half-asleep, he’d blown it.

“No,” he said. “No, wait . . .”

“You made a wish,” Subaru said.

“I didn’t mean to!”

“As soon as you say it like that? It’s a wish. And I have to fulfill it. Your wish is my command.”

“But . . . but . . .” Oh, no. He was panicking now. He’d blown the second wish. He had wished for something . . . trivial, in the long run. And . . . and he was one step closer to losing Subaru, one way or the other.

“It’s a good thing I was looking at architectural magazines the other day,” said Subaru. He raised his hand, and snapped his fingers . . .

The entire world whirled around MiA. No, he didn’t want this, not really! Okay, he wanted more space to live, sure, but not at the expense of a wish, not at the expense of more time with Subaru . . .

Everything settled down. He blinked. He was in . . .

A palace. That’s the only way it could be described. He was standing in a living room with beautiful, elegant furniture, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a curving staircase leading to a second floor.

He whirled around. Subaru was standing in the corner, smiling. “Welcome home,” he said.

“Subaru, what is this place?”

“It’s a building in Roppongi that had some unused apartments. I just joined them together and made them one unit.”

“How did you . . .”

“As soon as you make a wish? I can find out these things. Quickly. Go ahead – take a look around. It’s a replica of a famous apartment. There’s even an indoor pool.”

Slowly, MiA began to walk through the apartment. There was a hall from the living room that led to a series of other rooms. A gorgeous kitchen, all gleaming metal and state-of-the-art appliances . . . a den, with a flat-screen TV so huge it took up nearly the entire wall and a theater-quality sound system . . . a couple of bedrooms, one of which had Subaru’s bottle sitting on the dresser . . .

“I’m going to be staying in that room,” Subaru said.

“Is the other one mine?” MiA said.

Subaru shook his head. “Yours is upstairs – that’s where the staircase is going to. It’s the master bedroom.”

MiA went up the stairs, to find a set of double doors. He paused, pushed on them – and beheld the most gorgeous room he’d ever seen in his life.

The walls were a dark red, the furniture mahogany. The windows were floor-to-ceiling, with white curtains. And the bed was massive, covered in elegant black silk, with a big mirror on the wall opposite it – reminding him of the mirror in Yo-ka’s place.

There was even a fireplace. A FIREPLACE. It was a room designed for romance on every level.

One door revealed a massive walk-in closet – with the clothes he couldn’t fit into his old place neatly on racks. There was a ton of room left over. Another led to a bathroom just about as big as his whole old place – gleaming gold fixtures, marble walls and sink. . . . at one end, a round, sunken tub that looked like it had Jacuzzi jets, at the other, a massive shower that could easily accommodate two – or more.

Subaru appeared in the doorway. “Well?”

MiA turned around, slowly. “Subaru . . . I’m speechless.”

“You wished for it,” Subaru said. “And it’s the kind of place where you can be comfortable – and happy.”

“But how is this legally mine?”

“Mind tricks. The same way I got you your modeling contract, remember? The landlord thinks this complex was here all along, and you bought it fair and square. There’s even a deed with your name on it in the bureau drawer over there.”

MiA walked to the bureau – and sure enough, Subaru was right. There was his name on the legal deed to this place. “Oh . . . my . . . God . . .”

“All your stuff that was in the old place is here,” said Subaru. “Your pots and pans, clothes, toothbrush, everything. You’ll find it all.” He hugged him. “And I hope you’re happy – this is exactly the kind of place I see you in.”

“It’s beautiful, Subaru.” MiA hugged him back. “It really is.”

And it was beautiful, all right. It was . . . all he could wish for, and more, really. But what good would it do him in the long run if it cost him time with Subaru?

* * *

He still hadn’t explored all of his own place fully when he got a call from Yo-ka as he was getting in from work – a meeting with a company that wanted him to do a billboard ad. Him – on a billboard ad.

“Hi,” Yo-ka said. “Are you free tonight?”

“Yes. I just got back from a meeting,” MiA said. “What about you?”

“I just had a quick shoot in the morning, so I’m free right now. And hey, don’t take this the wrong way, but . . .well, I haven’t seen your place yet.”

“You . . . you want me to invite you over?” A small moment of panic – he didn’t even know the address of this place!

“If that’s okay with you,” said Yo-ka. “If not, we could always go to my . . .”

Subaru suddenly appeared in the doorway – and snapped his fingers. Glowing words suddenly appeared in the air, spelling out the address of the building and the floor number.

“N-no, here’s my address.” MiA read off the glowing letters.

“Wow, nice neighborhood,” said Yo-ka. “Okay, I’ll be there in a few.”

MiA hung up the phone, looking rather dazed. “He’s coming here,” he said.

“Wonderful!” said Subaru. “I’ll go back in the bottle while he’s . . .”

“No, Subaru. You don’t have to do that. Really.”

“I shouldn’t be in the way while you’re having a romantic evening, should I?”

“But . . . but I don’t want you to be in there,” MiA said. “You spent too much time in that bottle.”

“It’s what bottle slaves do when their masters need them to get scarce.”

“Subaru . . .” MiA shot out an arm and grabbed the genie’s wrist. “You’re not a slave to me. You’re . . . you’re my friend.”

“I am?” Subaru looked momentarily stunned.

“Yes, you are. Look – if you insist on staying out of the way, maybe you can go in your room instead? I’ll just keep Yo-ka away from the back of the apartment.”

“You can always show him the pool, you know.”

“The pool?” MiA had forgotten the place even had one. “Oh, God, I haven’t even seen the pool!”

“Second door off the living room,” Subaru said. “Right across from the den.”

MiA went to the door Subaru indicated, opened it . . . and gasped.

His eyes had to be deceiving him. He wasn’t seeing . . . what he thought he was seeing, was he? No, he was. He was looking straight at THAT POOL. There was no mistaking the sloping, windowed ceiling.

Subaru had given him a duplicate of the most notorious pool in Japan, one that had been used in innumerable porn shoots.

MiA whirled around. “Subaru, this is . . .”

“Isn’t it great? I saw it in a book – I was sitting on the floor of Book-Off just looking through one book after another. They had pictures of the layout of the whole apartment. The book said the pool was famous for something – I didn’t get to see what, because a salesguy came along and asked me very politely to get off the floor.”

“But Subaru, what this pool is famous for is . . .”

At that moment, the doorbell rang. MiA froze. Oh, no, Yo-ka was here – no time to ask Subaru to change it. “He’s . . .”

“Yes, he’s here. Go answer the door!” Subaru leaned over and gave MiA a kiss on the cheek. “Have fun!” He snapped his fingers and vanished.

Subaru made his way to the door, slowly. He opened it – and there stood Yo-ka, looking as breathtaking as ever, dressed in jeans, a black shirt and a leather jacket. “Hi,” he said, bending over to give MiA a kiss and then stepped into the foyer, taking off his shoes. “You’re really living in a nice . . .”

He stepped into the living room proper, and MiA watched Yo-ka’s eyes grow huge as he turned around, slowly, trying to take everything in.

“My God,” he said. “MiA . . . this place is amazing! How did you . . .”

“Um, a lucky inheritance?” Well, he couldn’t very well tell him “accidental second wish from a genie,” could he?

“It’s gorgeous. Simply amazing!” He gave the blond a sly smile. “You should have invited me here before!”

“I just got done moving in,” MiA said.

“You didn’t tell me you were moving.” Yo-ka wandered toward the hallway.

“I wanted to surprise you with this place when I was done,” MiA said. “Only you asked me to invite you before I could.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Yo-ka said – and then spotted the still-open door in the hallway. “Oh, my God, does this go to a POOL?”

MiA felt a small panic rising up in him. “You really shouldn’t go in . . .”

Too late – Yo-ka was in the room, and looking at it. Oh, no, MiA thought. Now I won’t be able to have it changed – he’s seen it.

“Um, this isn’t THAT apartment! Really!” MiA said, rushing into the room behind him. “It’s just, well, it was designed by the same architect, and . . .”

Yo-ka turned toward him, a wide smile on his face. “You know how to make a man’s fantasies come true, don’t you. Do you know how hot it would be . . .” He approached MiA, slowly. “You and me . . .” He put his fingers under MiA’s chin and tipped it upward. “Starring in our own private porno?”

“I . . .” He reached out and clung to Yo-ka’s arms, and suddenly his lover was closing the distance between them, and they were kissing – softly and gently, then with more heat. MiA wrapped his arms around Yo-ka, pulling him closer, pushing his tongue toward the other man’s.

Yo-ka eased back, took off his jacket and tossed it on one of the poolside chairs. “Or, we could just go skinny dipping,” he said. “Which sounds like a fun idea.”

“Um . . .” MiA was going to reply, but Yo-ka was already half undressed, his shirt landing on the chair next to his shirt, his pants coming down next. Well, the best thing to do was play along, right? MiA quickly began to strip off his own clothes – then moved over to close the door. He knew the only other person in there was Subaru, and the genie was well-concealed – but it made him feel better anyway.

“Race you to the water!” Yo-ka said, and splashed in – so MiA tumbled in right after, the two of them swimming toward each other, laughing. Yo-ka splashed MiA, and MiA splashed back, then swam away from Yo-ka playfully.

“Oh, no, you’re not going to get away from me that easily!” Yo-ka swam after MiA, MiA laughing and putting on a burst of speed – until Yo-ka tackled him, grabbing him around the waist and yelling, “Gotcha!” Both men tumbled under the surface of the water, and came back up, still laughing.

They leaned toward each other – they were in the shallow end now, so they could stand up – and kept leaning until their lips were mere centimeters apart. They remained that way for a long moment, breathing in each other, each daring the other to make the first move.

MiA finally closed the distance, and suddenly their mouths were pressed together, their lips parting almost instantly, tongues sliding against one another, then pulling back, rubbing just the tips against one another, as if reluctant to break apart completely.

The two clung to each other, kissing hotly, and Yo-ka pushed MiA against the wall of the pool, rubbing against him, their cocks pressing together. MiA leaned his head back, gasping, Yo-ka starting to nibble his way down his neck . . .

And then, Yo-ka saw something out of the corner of his eye. He raised his head. “Well, what’s this?” he said in a teasing tone.

MiA looked puzzled. “What’s . . . what?”

“Seems you anticipated us using the room for . . .” He leaned his head against MiA’s. “Its most famous purpose. Or, rather, its lookalike’s most famous purpose.”

MiA slowly shifted his eyes to the foot of the pool, where Yo-ka had been looking, and let out a small gasp. There was a basket – the type that usually held toiletries in nicer hotels – sitting on top of a chaise lounge. Sticking out of it were a couple of bottles of liquid lube, a box of condoms, and what looked like wrapped sheets of latex. Dental dams, he thought.

“I . . . I . . .” Oh, God – he didn’t put them there! He couldn’t have! Which meant only one thing – Subaru did it.

“Well, if those things are there, we’ll just have to use them, won’t we?” Yo-ka pulled himself over to the steps in one graceful motion, started to climb out, and held out his hand to MiA.

MiA took it, letting himself be guided out of the water, onto the lounge, still not quite believing what was happening. First the porn pool, now this. His “whole new world” was starting to become a surprise-behind-every-door Wonderland.

Yo-ka pulled him into his arms, and they were kissing hard again, MiA’s hand sliding down his lover’s body. He couldn’t get enough of how he felt, the sensation of hard, taut muscle under smooth skin, punctuated by the stiff peaks of his nipples. His fingers flicked over one, rubbing back and forth until Yo-ka let out a moan.

“You love sex so much,” Yo-ka murmured. “You’re so hot in every way . . .” He began to run a hand along MiA’s thigh, caressing the sensitive flesh. “Were you this way with all your boyfriends?”

The truth was that MiA hadn’t had many boyfriends before – frumpy Shouya hadn’t exactly been a man magnet. But he couldn’t tell Yo-ka that. So instead, he whispered, “No – because I’ve never met a man like you before,” and punctuated it with a gentle squeeze of his nipple.

Yo-ka let out a loud moan – and suddenly, MiA found himself rolled over onto his stomach on the chaise. He pulled his knees up so his ass was sticking up in the air, and Yo-ka lowered his head to it, kissing the curve, running his hands over it, then up MiA’s back to his shoulders, then back down again. MiA arched his back upward, like a cat being petted.

“I know what you want,” Yo-ka murmured. “I could tell from what you put in that basket.” He swatted MiA’s ass lightly, and MiA let out a small yelp. “And I’m going to give it to you. Just relax, it’s going to feel so good . . .”

MiA relaxed – but he was curious. What was in that basket that might indicate there was something specific that he wanted? He heard Yo-ka opening a bottle, and suddenly felt lube being poured into his cleft.

What was this? MiA arched upward. He couldn’t be taking him right away – could he? Not without the proper preparation! A shiver of nerves passed through him . . .

Only to quickly go away when he felt what seemed to be a piece of plastic being spread over his bottom. Yo-ka’s hands gently parted his cheeks, and MiA could feel hot breath through the dental dam.

And then there was the sensation of something soft and strong at the same time pressing against his entrance, moving back and forth, wriggling, then circling the little hole. It began to push inside him, wriggled around a little, then pulled back out.

Oh, GOD. It was Yo-ka’s tongue. He was being rimmed. Nobody had ever done that to him before. He’d never even thought much about it. But now . . . oh, it felt so amazing, the way that hot, wet thing seemed to dance inside him, moving this way and that, then pulling out again, circling the hole, flicking back and forth over it, teasing him.

Then, it pushed into him again, harder this time, and began to thrust, tongue-fucking him, curling around on the instroke, rubbing against sensitive bundles of nerves.

MiA pressed his clenched fist against his mouth, moaning so loudly he was sure it was shaking the walls. This was like nothing he’d ever felt, so hot and sexy and naughty and forbidden . . .

Yo-ka pulled out, only to kiss along the curve of MiA’s ass, nibbling at the firm flesh – and then plunging his tongue in again, deep and hard, rubbing and curling and curving. MiA was starting to thrust against him, fucking himself on that tongue, panting and moaning and calling Yo-ka’s name, thinking he was going to burst into flame any second. He felt a throbbing deep inside him, and his whole body was tightening, trembling on the verge of ecstasy.

All Yo-ka had to do was brush his fingers lightly over MiA’s erection, and that was all he needed. He let out a keening cry as he released himself in long, pulsing waves.

The tongue slid out of him and Yo-ka pulled the dental dam away. MiA just sank down to the chaise, panting, completely spent. Yo-ka nuzzled him, kissing his neck. “You okay?” he whispered.

“Ohh . . . “ MiA was still having a hard time forming coherent thoughts. “Yes . . . it was just that I came so hard, that was so good . . .”

“You felt so good when I was doing that, your ass is so tight and hot,” Yo-ka murmured, kissing his neck. “I can’t get enough of you, you know that?”

MiA raised his head, slowly. “Yo-ka, you didn’t get anything. I mean, you didn’t come.”

“That’s all right.”

“No, it isn’t.” MiA sat up, looking around for the cushion at the head of the chaise. He grabbed it and dropped it on the floor, in front of Yo-ka, kneeling on it. He pushed his lover’s legs apart and leaned over, so his face was next to his erection.

Beautiful . . . like his cock always was. MiA bent over, starting to kiss his way slowly up the shaft, thinking it felt so very good against his lips, the skin so hot and hard . . . his tongue came out and began to trace the ridges, running along a vein, exploring the shape of it.

He caressed the tip of it, licking slow circles around the head, hearing Yo-ka’s long, low moan, feeling hands tangling in his hair. MiA’s lips opened, wrapping around the crown of this lovely thing, and he sucked, gently.

Oh, he loved this – the intimacy of this act, the heady scent and taste, the feel of his mouth being slowly plundered, invaded as he slid down, little by little, taking more and more of the cock in.

This was almost as much for his own pleasure as it was for Yo-ka’s.

MiA sucked firmly, starting to move his head down, then back, the cock sliding between soft, wet, eager lips, Yo-ka’s moans getting louder, his fingers tangling more in MiA’s hair. “That’s it,” Yo-ka murmured, “suck me hard, it feels so good, I love fucking your pretty mouth . . .”

The blond shifted his position a bit, so he could take Yo-ka deeper, moving his head faster and harder, his fingers working on the very base of his hardness, caressing it firmly, feeling Yo-ka’s body start to tremble beneath him.

“Oh,” Yo-ka moaned. “MiA, it’s happening, I’m coming . . .”

He cried out, and MiA pulled back, Yo-ka’s come shooting onto his face, running down his cheeks – and his tongue came out, licking at it. It was a very welcome mess indeed.

MiA moved up so he could wrap his arms around Yo-ka, and the two of them kissed, not caring they were getting Yo-kas come all over both of them.

“You never cease to amaze me,” Yo-ka said, breathlessly.

“I could say the same thing about you,” said MiA, “I really haven’t ever met a man like you. You’re so sweet, and so sexy, and . . .” He dropped his head onto Yo-ka’s shoulder. “You just make me feel so good. On all levels.”

“I’m going to tell you something, MiA,” Yo-ka said. “When I first met you? I’d lost interest in modeling. It was like the fire had gone out. It was just somewhere I went every day to make money. And then, well, I met you.” He gently stroked MiA’s face. “You gave me my fire back.”

MiA covered his lover’s hand with his. “Yo-ka . . .”

“So, yeah . . . I guess when we make love like this, I’m kind of giving the fire back to you.” He leaned his forehead against MiA’s. “Plus, there’s the fact that you’re so beautiful and sexy and I just want to touch and taste and feel you over and over.”

MiA wondered what Yo-ka would think if he knew that beauty had been granted to him by a genie. Would he still feel the same way about him? “I . . .I think you’re incredibly beautiful and sexy, too . . .”

“We need to test out that master bedroom of yours, you know,” Yo-ka said.

MiA smiled. “We do.” He looked around. “We should get dressed . . .”

“Why?” said Yo-ka. “We’ll just be taking the clothes off again. Carry them upstairs – you won’t need clothes until morning.”

MiA laughed. “You’ve got a deal,” he said.

This was something he could more than live with. Not wear clothes tonight? When it came to Yo-ka, he didn’t care if he never wore clothes again – just as long as Yo-ka could be as naked as him.

* * *

In the back bedroom that he had claimed as his own, Subaru lay on his back on the bed, arms up over his head. A flat piece of glowing glass hovered in the air over his face, like a small flat-screen TV without a mounting.

He’d put a concealment spell on the door just in case, but he didn’t think that Yo-ka was going to be coming around there. Not tonight.

The screen in front of him was his magic mirror – the same one that was usually in his bottle with him. And instead of the outside world, it was showing him what MiA and Yo-ka were doing right now.

At the moment, they were just at the “splashing in the pool” stage, but he knew what was coming – and it was making his heart ache.

When he first came here, he knew there was something different about MiA. He treated him with respect. He didn’t ask for selfish wishes. He didn’t demand that Subaru stay in the bottle when not needed.

He didn’t expect the full extent that MiA would treat him as a companion, though. He’d never just walked around town in a casual, friendly way with a master before. Or just shared friendly talk over dinner.

MiA had even called him his friend tonight. He hadn’t heard that word since he was bound to the bottle.

Subaru raised one arm in front of his face and pulled back his sleeve. There was one of the twin gold band that had been there since his imprisonment – the symbols of his slavery. He’d never wanted to rip them off more.

If he were a free man, he thought, if he weren’t a bottle slave, would MiA see him as more than a friend? It was a foolish idea, and one he really shouldn’t be having, but still . . .

Of course, there was the small matter of Yo-ka. Even if he were free, would he be able to compete with the great beauty – the one that MiA became a model to impress? He knew his master was completely infatuated with the man. He could tell it just from MiA’s demeanor whenever he talked about him – the softened tone, the tender look in his eyes. And then, seeing them in the mirror together . . .

Subaru dismissed it as the two of them started getting more passionate. He shouldn’t be watching any further. That would be an invasion of their privacy.

He rolled on his stomach, wrapping his arms around the pillow. At least this was more comfortable than the nothingness of the bottle – which he would be facing sooner rather than later, now that the second wish had been made. His field of vision still showed the second candle burning – it wasn’t fully granted yet, MiA could still make adjustments to the place if he wanted. (What was he trying to tell him about that pool, anyway?)

Once MiA proclaimed he was fully satisfied with the apartment, though, that flame would go out. Just one more wish to go.

Would he free me? Subaru thought. Will he be able to figure it out, and use the third wish . . . or will he use it on himself, or wish for something accidentally?

And the thought of being back in that bottle and off to yet another master made his heart hurt all over again. At least I know that MiA will be happy, he thought, unlike some masters, where he’d left them still trying to get out of the messes their misguided wishes had gotten them into.

MiA would have his career . . . and he’d have Yo-ka. He’d be fine. Really.

But still, there were tears rolling down Subaru’s face as he drifted off to a human-like sleep.

* * *

Yo-ka woke up before MiA did. He sat up in bed and looked down at the blond model, who was slumbering peacefully, reminiscent of a sleeping kitten.

They’d spent the night alternating between bouts of passionate lovemaking and sleep. The new bed had been tested thoroughly, as had the two-person shower. Whatever “lucky inheritance” had allowed MiA to buy this place must have been a damn good one.

He gently brushed the blond hair away from the other man’s face. MiA had become something of an addiction to him. He loved being with him. He loved looking at him, talking to him, making love with him.

MiA truly had given him back his fire, his love not only for his career, but for his life in general.

So why was part of his heart off somewhere in Milan? Why did he still check his phone for messages from Yuuki – even when MiA was sending him texts saying that he couldn’t wait to see him? Why did he continually look up overseas shoots and fashion shows, in hopes that he’d catch a glimpse of the man who got away?

He had hoped that MiA would be the man who’d make him forget Yuuki once and for all. And sometimes, he did forget him. Others, the ache was just as strong as the day his lover had left.

Yo-ka got out of the bed and stretched, heading for the bathroom. Maybe these things just take time, he thought.. Maybe a couple of months from now, my thoughts will be of MiA all the time and Yuuki won’t even cross my mind.

He glanced back at the sleeping MiA at the moment. He just hoped that was the case. A guy like MiA deserved a man who would love him with his full heart.

COMING IN PART 3, THE GRAND FINALE: The final wish, and the biggest gamble of MiA's life.


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Nov. 23rd, 2015 04:29 am (UTC)
The fact that MiA's second wish was an accident totally had me cracking up. All that effort into being careful what he said flew out the door because he was tired and bought too many shoes! The fact that you incorporated The Pool again? Just the cherry on top.

MiA's first time with Yo-ka was really sweet: his burst of confidence that lasted just long enough for him to strip all of his clothing off, followed immediately by panic mode! <3

With Subaru pining for MiA, and Yo-ka still not over Yuuki, my fingers are crossed for a poly ending where everyone gets everyone they want and no one is sad!
Nov. 23rd, 2015 05:07 am (UTC)
The Pool is never being allowed to die. Never, ever. (I'm sure Mejibray's management would be very glad of that, since they chose to shoot in that apartment for a reason!) The accidental wish was something that I figured had happened over and over in Subaru's time as a bottle slave - and one big factor in why he had never been freed. (Remember, he can only be freed by the third wish, and all it would take would be a guy with two wishes behind him saying "I wish . . ." as a casual figure of speech to dash his hopes.) And as for the resolution of the tangled mess of relationships . . . you'll see in the finale chapter!
Nov. 23rd, 2015 08:09 pm (UTC)
My puppy is totally against me reading smutty fanfiction today but managed to finish this! Loved the new chapter and how MiA accidentally blows his second wish all because of too much shopping. It was time for him to upgrade to a new place anyway. Yo-ka would've been so stunned to come see MiA's closet of an apartment. Subaru accidentally giving him the porn pool apartment is hilarious. Oh Subaru. Yo-ka certainly loved the porn pool and the surprise of sex supplies (Subaru you helpful perv) After they've thoroughly christened the shower, the pool, and the master bedroom I imagine MiA will be very happy with his new apartment and won't want to change anything else.

Poor Subaru at the end :( I know MiA will use the third wish to set him free he better at least but the uncertainty must be killing Subaru. And then Yo-ka still hung up over Yuuki. I'm half expecting Yuuki to pop up in the third chapter and cause further complications.

Did find one typo: Their stuff would like great on you. Should be "look"
I liked how you incorporated MiA's favorite jewelry brand into the story too. I imagine his Rick Owens shoes will be next lol.

Nov. 24th, 2015 02:17 am (UTC)
I fixed the typo, thanks! The thing about that second wish is, it wasn't exactly wasted - MiA definitely needed a bigger apartment at that point - but it wasn't what he wanted to do with it, either. MiA actually wanted to save that wish for a long time, until he or Yo-ka really needed something - and, of course, the longer he waited before making the second wish, the longer his time with Subaru. But yeah, the poor boy blew it by accident - even if it did end up impressing Yo-ka, porn pool and all! And as for how the complex tangle of emotions comes out? Well, you'll see in the third chapter . . .
Nov. 24th, 2015 08:35 pm (UTC)
Yo-ka is such a sex addict. But then, he HAS been hanging out with Yuuki in this fic so how else could he be?
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