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Feb. 16th, 2012

You know, I love it when life imitates art - namely, my fanfics. Or at least supports them.

From a translation of a Shoxx interview with Alice Nine regarding the release of Niji no Yuki, the first song where Shou wrote both the music and the lyrics:

Shou: That's right. I didn't bring any songs to the first meeting we had.
Or rather, I had no intention to compose any songs at that point in time.
But after listening to the ballads that everyone brought to the meeting,
somehow, the kind of ballad that I wanted to sing came to me, so that's
when I started composing this song. What I did first was get some sounds
by playing the melody I wanted to sing on the keyboard. I had only decided
on what the structure, tempo and melody would be like. So that I could
bring a demo to the next meeting, I got Hiroto to give the song a proper
form, and then brought the demo to the second meeting.

What impression did you get when you first heard the demo, Hiroto?

Hiroto: I really only just got the framework of the song, but I felt that
the melody of the hook was something Shou would come up with. But
personally, this was the first time that I ever added chords or riffs to
someone else's melody, so it was a real change of pace. That's why at
first, I was worried over what to do with it. The feeling of the song was
obscure. When I got the song from Shou, there was really only just the
melody, but to Shou, the sounds didn't come together to form anything, so
turning those sounds into something was a nice change. It was different
from when I compose songs.

And now, from fanfics I wrote months earlier:

Words and Music:

"That's why I want to write songs with you now," Hiroto says, quietly, as
he removes the now-done beef from the grill. "Because now that we're
intimate physically, and emotionally . . . I want to see what happens when
we're intimate with each other musically."

Shou takes a quick glance around to see if anyone is watching them. The
other two tables are now empty - the first group has long gone, the second
are now up at the register, paying the manager. He then reaches out and
covers Hiroto's hand with his, squeezing gently.

"You just reminded me of why I love you," he says.

And its followup, Camshot, the fic where I finally decided to drop the gimmick of writing in present tense:

Feeling grateful for the reprieve from the teasing, Hiroto strummed the
strings of his guitar, starting to play the new melody. When Shou chimed
in, singing the words he’d written that morning, Hiroto felt his heart
swell. He remembered the conversation they’d had in the yakinuku house - a
seeming eternity ago - about being “musically intimate.” This, now, was
the result. He had a very, very good feeling about what they’d been
creating recently, and he hoped the others did as well.

Well, now I know what the song Shou and Hiroto performed for Tora and Saga over the webcam in that fic was. (Before Hiroto accidentally left the webcam on, and Tora and Saga got an eyeful of Shou giving Hiroto a prostate massage . . .)

New fic was posted a couple of days ago, my third using Kai Vodka! (Oh, if the manufacturers of that stuff only knew how much mileage we fangirls have gotten out of it . . .) I also found a way to tie it in with last year's Valentine's Day fic - the chocopocalypse makes a return appearance! (Along with some bottles of Kai). And, yes, I went ahead and did the Uruha striptease, even though Hiroto had done one in Shou's birthday fic. Because, well, it's URUHA DOING A STRIPTEASE.

I also couldn't resist adding the statement that Shou is qualified to be the leader of Alice Nine because he has everything Kai does - a sweet personality with a secret evil streak, a million-megawatt smile he can turn on people to get his own way and a pretty guitarist to offer stress relief. Because it's TRUE. (Okay, maybe the last part isn't outside fanficland, but la la la, I can deny reality . . .)


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Feb. 17th, 2012 05:50 am (UTC)
I remember that interview... Read it during a lecture, actually, so of course, I remember the reason why I failed the surprise test, lol. It only fueled my belief that ShouPon exists in some kind of shape or form in real life. XD But you, you must have some marvelous psychic powers! (This coming from someone who believes in reason, lol.) I'm looking towards more visions, O mighty one! 8D

Haha, I might as well mention I read your fic a time ago during my lunch break. Sorry, I didn't comment...at least, I don't think so since my partner dragged me off for our project, but it was delicious nonetheless(; And I lOved the tidbit about Shou being a befitting leader!
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