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Title: Food of Love
Chapter: This is a sidestory to the Stargazer series. Links to previous installments can be found here.
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, some humor, and, since it’s a Valentine’s Day fic, inevitable sap.
Warning: Male/male sex
Pairing: Kai X Uruha, some Shou X Hiroto and Aoi X Ruki
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Kai is facing his first Valentine’s Day with Uruha, but there’s one problem – he doesn’t know what to do for his lover to make the day special.
Comments: The foods described in the Valentine’s Day dinner all come from this site, which I found while doing research for the uruai Kai Vodka challenge. It didn’t quite fit into what I was doing for that – but I filed it away for later use. (Oh, and the inspiration for describing Kai as an outie? This picture).

Anyone who saw Kai arrive at PSC Central for the band meeting would notice that Leader-san seemed rather, well, thoughtful. Distracted. Sort of off in his own world.

Make that very off in his own world, Ruki thought, as he saw the drummer very nearly walk into a door frame. And he couldn’t say it was because he’d forgotten his contacts, because Kai was very visibly wearing his glasses today.

Well, he was just going to have to find out what was wrong, wasn’t he? After all, taking on his friend’s problems was one of Ruki’s regular duties. Not one he’d asked for, mind you, just one that seemed to be handed to him over the years. (This applied even to friends outside his own band. Ruki had become very familiar with the sight of “Shou in writer’s block mode,” “Shou in romantic confusion mode” - pre-Hiroto, of course - and “Shou in full-blown life crisis mode.”)

He went over to Kai and put a hand on his shoulder. “Either you’ve developed some sort of coordination problem that won’t let you walk in a straight line, or there’s something wrong that you’re going to tell me about. And I’m going to know if you lie to me about the first, because if you have a coordination problem, you won’t be able to play the drums.”

Kai sighed. Was he that obvious? He hoped the rest of the band wouldn’t know about his dilemma. It was a rather silly one, after all. “It’s not important, really.”

“Bullshit,” Ruki said. “If it wasn’t important, you wouldn’t have that look on your face. Come on, we’ve got time before the others get here. We’re going to talk.” He pulled Kai into an empty conference room and shut the door.

Well, this is what Kai got for coming to headquarters early, so he’d have time to think before the meeting. It just figured that Ruki had come early, too. “Ruki, it’s nothing, really. It’s . . . silly.”

“Silly? Silly doesn’t make people walk into doors. Out with it, now, or I’m not letting you out of this room.”

And he meant it, of course. Fine. Kai was going to have to spill his guts. He just hoped his bandmate wouldn’t laugh. He looked at the floor, rubbed his left bicep with his right hand, and said, “It’s about Valentine’s Day.”

For a split second, the thing Kai had been fearing almost came to pass. Ruki had to restrain himself from bursting out laughing. “Valentine’s Day? Really?”

“I’ve . . .” He looked at the floor again. “I’ve never seriously dated a man during Valentine’s Day before. I’ve had girlfriends then, so I know how the holiday works for a man and a woman.” It was the basic Japanese tradition - girls and women made candies for their significant other or crush, and then the men who received them had to give the woman a white gift of equal value on White Day a month later.

“But I don’t have any idea how it works for two men,” Kai added. “I don’t know what Uruha is going to expect. Do I make him chocolates? Does he make me chocolates? Do we give them to each other? And then who gives who what on White Day?”

Oh, God. Coming from anybody on the planet except Kai, Ruki would swear the person was joking. But Kai was . . . sincere. Genuine. He was really worried about this. It was adorable, acually.

“Kai,” he said, “it’s no big deal. Valentine’s Day isn’t worth the anxiety. You know what Valentine’s Day is? It’s something that was invented by American greeting card companies and then brought over here by Japanese chocolate manufacturers. Seriously - you should concentrate more on celebrating the days that have significance to the two of you. Your birthdays. Your anniversary. You don’t need some contrived non-holiday as an excuse to express your love.”

Okay, what Ruki was saying made a lot of sense. Yes, Valentine’s Day existed in Japan as a way to drive women into craft stores to buy chocolate squares and molds. But still . . .did Uruha think that way?

Ruki wrapped an arm around his bandmate’s waist and pulled him closer. “Besides, it’s Uruha. I’m sure the one thing he’s expecting is sex.”

Kai suddenly turned red as a beet. “Ruki!”

It just so happened to be at that moment that the conference room door swung open, and there stood Aoi and Reita, both looking very amused at the sight in front of them. “Is there something going on here that you two aren’t telling us about?” Aoi said.

“Seriously, Ruki, I thought you’d have better taste than that,” Reita added, feeling more amused as he saw his rhythms teammate blush even redder. Kai-baiting was definitely his favorite sport, and had been for years.

“Hey, if I were leaving you, you’d be the first to know,” Ruki said to Aoi, dropping his arm from Kai’s waist. “I was just helping Leader-san with a problem. He doesn’t know what to do for our other guitarist for Valentine’s Day.”

“Why’s he worried about that?” Reita said. “It’s Uruha. He’s going to want sex.”

“Can’t argue with that,” Aoi said, ambling over to the table. “By the way, where is he?”

“Late again,” Ruki said, looking at his phone clock. Yes, it was past the appointed time of the meeting.

“He was working on a song when I left,” Kai said. “He said he’d be here on time.” He knew how well that went most of the time, though.

“Maybe what he should get for Valentine’s Day is a spanking,” Aoi said - causing Kai to jump a little and blush more.

“He might like that,” Reita countered.

Kai sat down at the table, thinking he wanted to sink into the floor. He was no closer to the answer he needed than he was before. In fact, it seemed further away than ever.

* * *

He was on his way back to the car after the meeting (fortunately, Uruha had only shown up a couple of minutes late) when he nearly ran into a small figure carrying a big plastic bin. “Oh, I’m sorry, he said. “Can I help you with that?”

The plastic bin lowered enough to allow the top of a blond head and a pair of bespectacled eyes to peek out. “No, I got it,” the owner of the hair and glasses said. “It’s merchandise prototypes. I’m showing them at our meeting today.”

“Oh, hi, Hiroto,” Kai said. “I didn’t know it was you.”

“It’s okay,” Hiroto said. “I don’t think my own mother would recognize me behind this thing.” He was very proud of his burden, though. He felt that the merchandise for the Court of Nine tour was some of his best work yet. He couldn’t wait to get feedback from the others.

Maybe he’d ask Kai for his own opinion, before the meeting started.

“At least let me get the door for you,” Kai said. “Which conference room are you in?”

“Three, I think,” Hiroto said, peering around the box as he followed the drummer down the hall.

As they walked, a thought suddenly popped into Kai’s head. Hiroto was in a serious relationship with a man. They were together last Valentine’s Day as well - if Kai’s memory served him correctly, Shou and Hiroto became a couple after their Budokan show. Maybe he’d have some insight?

“Hiroto,” Kai said, “I want to ask you about something. See, Uruha and I are celebrating our first Valentine’s Day together, and I don’t know what to do for him. You know, I don’t know how Valentine’s Day and White Day work with a male-male couple. How do you and Shou handle it?”

“Oh, we haven’t really paid much attention to Valentine’s Day,” Hiroto said. The main thing he remembered about the holiday last year was the silly contest during a meeting to see who’d gotten the most chocolate from fans. That, and the sex toy he and Shou had played with that night - his first experience with that kind of thing.

“We’ve been busy the last couple of Februaries,“ he added. “Last year we had Gemini come out right before Valentine’s, and this year we have ‘9’ coming out right after.”

Damn. Kai had forgotten that detail. Of course, Valentine’s would be a low priority with an album coming out - his own most recent birthday had been swallowed up in the chaos of frantic activity surrounding the release of Toxic and the launch of the Venomous Cell tour.

“Well, thanks anyway,” he said. “And it looks like this is your conference . . .” Kai turned the knob and swung the door open - only to be confronted with a room stuffed to the gills with red and pink. Stacks of heart-shaped boxes, packages wrapped with heart-covered paper, several bottles wrapped in red velvet . . .

“Room?” he said.

Hiroto put his box on the floor and walked over to the stacks. “I think they’re using this one to store the fangirl presents in,” he said. “We have this many already?” Sure enough, the left side of the room was filled with boxes bearing tags with the names of Alice Nine members on them, while the right side all had tags with the names of GazettE members.

“”This is going to be even more than last year,” Kai said, walking over to their side. The bottles were the first thing that caught his eye - they must have come from overseas fans, Japanese ones wouldn’t give anything but chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift. Were they for Uruha? He picked two of them up and looked at the tags.

“Funny,” he said, “both of these are for me.” He reached for another bottle - same thing. “Huh, this one, too.”

“Hey!” said a voice from the doorway. “Meeting’s been moved to conference room five. Guess you found out why.”

“Okay, Saga, I’ll be right there,” Hiroto said. To Kai, he added, “I need to go. I can’t be late for the meeting. Shou’s our leader now, did you hear?”

Kai nodded - not only had he heard, he’d offered Shou his help and advice. (He’d also heard an interesting remark from Ruki on the topic - “Shou’s well-suited to being the leader of Alice Nine, because he has everything Kai has. A sweet exterior, a secret evil streak, a million-megawatt smile he can turn on people to get his way, and a pretty guitarist to give him stress relief.”)

To Saga, Hiroto said, “I was just giving Kai some advice. He’s not sure what to do for Uruha for Valentine’s Day.”

“What’s he worried about?” Saga said. “It’s Uruha. He’s going to want sex. Now, are you coming?”

Hiroto picked up his box. “Yes,” he said. Looking over his shoulder, he said, “Good luck with it, Kai.”

“Thanks,” Kai said. When the two of them had gone, he picked up one of the bottles again and pulled the red velvet covering away. He found himself face-to-face with a bottle bearing his own name.

He remembered very well the Kai Shou-chu from that nightclub a couple of weeks ago. (He still didn’t know who had sent it). It seemed that the company that unwittingly bore his name made other beverages. The bottle in his hand was plain vodka.

Well, at least he’d get some use out of it. He’d been doing some reading up on Western cooking lately, especially Italian. There were plenty of dishes that were made with vodka sauce. He could . . .

And then, suddenly, an idea came into his head. Hand-making something. Hand-making something for your significant other for Valentine’s Day. What if it wasn’t chocolate, but something else? What if it built on the old tradition, but took it in a new direction?

He grabbed some of the wrapped bottles and headed out the door, his head suddenly abuzz again - but this time, with productive ideas.

* * *

Valentine’s Day wasn’t a huge deal to Uruha, not really. It seemed to him more a day for people expressing their feelings to a crush, not people who already had someone.

This year, he most definitely fell into the latter category. However, he was not expecting anything special. Not even sex. (Well, other than what he and Kai usually did - which was frequent and intense).

Still, when Kai asked him over for a special dinner, he most definitely was going to dress up for the occasion – because the day obviously meant something to Kai. Plus, he was all too happy to have a quiet evening with his significant other.

He knocked on the door, and when Kai answered it, his eyes grew wide. Well, why shouldn’t they - Uruha was just about photoshoot-ready. He had done full makeup, put in his contacts, styled his hair and was wearing a white, silky shirt that had just enough frills and decoration to bring attention to his beauty.

“Hello,” he said. “I’m practically on time.” Which was a joke, considering the meeting yesterday. Hey, he hadn’t been that late. He slipped out of his boots and walked into the apartment, wrapping his arms around Kai right away and bringing their lips together.

Every kiss always felt like the first – soft, and warm, and full of discovery. It amazed Uruha sometimes how different kissing Kai felt than kissing anyone else he’d ever been with.

When they parted, Kai said, “You look beautiful.” He ran his fingers lightly over Uruha’s hair. God, sometimes it was hard to believe this wonderful creature was his, really his, when he’d quietly longed for him from afar for so long.

“So do you,” his lover replied. “And whatever you’re cooking? It smells delicious.” He pulled Kai close to him, bringing their foreheads together, and murmured, “Just like you.”

“Wait until you taste it,” Kai murmured back. “It’s special. Very special.”

“Oh?” Uruha had every trust in his lover’s cooking skills. Heck, he’d had better meals sitting at Kai’s dining table than he had in some of the fancy restaurants PSC dragged them to for events.

If he ever decided to give up music - which was highly unlikely, since it had been in Kai’s blood since he was a child - he’d have a real future as a chef.

Kai stepped back from Uruha, his face lit up by one of those beautiful, adorable smiles that would melt an iceberg. “You might say I literally poured myself into everything I made.”

“I really want to taste it now,” Uruha replied. God, he felt like such a teenager sometimes with Kai. Amazing that he’d known and worked with this man for years and had somehow managed to conceal his buried feelings - from both himself, and from everyone around him.

“Come on, then,” Kai said, taking Uruha by the hand and leading him to the dining table. It was set up appropriately for the occasion, with a single rose in a vase, two long tapers in candlesticks, and a bottle of something on ice.

Uruha, of course, zoomed in on the latter. He pulled it from the bucket, read the label and laughed. “It comes in lychee, too?”

“There’s several different kinds of Kai Vodka and Shochu,” Kai said, taking the bottle from Uruha and opening it. He poured a shot of it into the two small glasses at each place setting, raised one of them in a toast and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Uruha clinked his glass against Kai’s. “Where did you get this from?”

“That’s my secret,” Kai said, smiling again. Of course, Uruha would later find out when management doled out the Valentine’s presents that overseas fangirls had sent him enough bottles of various types of Kai to fill at least one packing crate.

Uruha sipped at the vodka. It was smooth, and it tasted like real lychee, not canned, processed stuff. “You’re going to get me hooked on this, you know,” he said. “I could make dinner out of just this.”

“You haven’t seen what else I have to offer yet,” he said. He went over to the side table, where his iPod was stuck into a speaker, set it for the “romance” playlist, and turned it on. Then, he went into the kitchen, bringing out a plate of bread rounds covered with tomatoes, scallions and herbs. “Here’s the appetizer.”

“Oooh, Italian!” Uruha picked up one of the rounds and bit into it. Japanese people had a fascination for Italian food, especially if it was done well - and this was done superbly. The vegetables harmonized with each other perfectly, held together by just enough garlic and spice flavors, and something else, something Uruha couldn’t identify.

“Good?” Kai said, hopefully, picking up one of his own creations and biting into it. He hadn’t tried it himself yet - and he was pleasantly surprised at how well it came out. He was going to have to remember this.

“Wonderful.” Uruha was already on his second piece. “What is it?”

“Bruschetta,” Kai replied. “Only my own, unique version.” (Well, okay, he’d found the recipe online and modified it a tad. But it was still something that Uruha was unlikely to have had before).

“You’re going to have to make this again. And again. If I wasn’t in love with you already, this would do it.” Uruha helped himself to yet another piece.

Kai blushed at his lover’s words. “I love hearing you say that,” he said.

“It’s the truth,” Uruha said, watching as Kai opened a bottle of red wine to go with the Italian food and poured it into both glasses.

Kai was feeling, at the moment, a bit like he was in their Silly God Disco video, waiting on Uruha like this, bringing him food and drink. (Only with more attractive food. As an amateur chef, it bothered Kai how badly the food had photographed in that PV - it had looked good in person).

He couldn’t imagine anywhere else he’d rather be, though.

The brushcetta was followed by the main course – penne and shrimp in pink cream sauce – and Uruha nearly moaned in ecstasy at the taste. “Oh, my God, this sauce,” he said. “It’s incredible. Kai, what did you do to this? I’ve never had anything like this.”

“Like I said . . . I literally poured myself into everything I made.” He gave Uruha a bedazzling smile again.

“You did something,” Uruha said, gleefully spearing up the pasta with the fork. Yes, he’d rather be eating with chopsticks – but food like this was worth using the clumsy Western utensils. “I’m going to find out your secrets.”

Kai leaned across the table. “Maybe I’ll tell you,” he said.

“Will you tell me if I promise you . . . dessert?” Uruha said, his voice heavy with meaning.

“I have a dessert planned, you know,” Kai said, rather enjoying this little teasing game Uruha was playing with him.

“I can promise you another dessert,” Uruha said. “One that’s sweet. And hot. And satisfying.” And it was a damn good thing he’d thought to slip a little bottle of lube into his pocket tonight, then sneak it under his plate when Kai brought out the pasta.

Kai blushed a little, which Uruha found to be the most adorable thing in the world. A decade in the music business, and the man still had more than a streak of innocence in him. It was probably the one thing about him that Uruha loved most of all.

“All right,” he said. “I’ll share my secret . . . After I bring out my dessert. Okay?”

“Deal,” Uruha said, and happily went back to the penne.

When that was done, Kai returned to the kitchen, and returned with scoops of vanilla ice cream, covered in a nut-studded chocolate sauce. He watched Uruha’s face when tasting this one, because if it came out the way he thought it did, the reaction was going to be one for the ages.

It was. Uruha nearly swooned. He looked like one of their fangirls listening to a new song of theirs for the first time, his face bearing an expression of near rapture. “Kai,” he said, “oh, my God, oh, my God, you have to tell me what’s in this. This is no ordinary chocolate sauce.”

“All right,” Kai said, beaming. “I’ll share.” He went into the kitchen and returned with a half-full bottle, which he put on the table.

Uruha leaned over. It was Kai (the vodka) again. Only this time, it was unflavored.

“Kai Vodka?” he said. “That’s the secret?”

“I marinated the vegetables for the bruschetta in vodka, olive oil and a little vermouth,” he said, proudly. “The sauce on the penne was a traditional vodka cream sauce. And the sauce on the ice cream uses vodka to temper the sweetness.” He held up the bottle again. “That’s what I meant by I literally poured myself into everything. Each dish was made with Kai Vodka.”

There was a pause, and suddenly, Uruha sprang up from the table, throwing his arms around Kai. “I can’t believe you did that,” he said.

Kai was nearly knocked off-balance. “Really?”

“Putting that much thought into the dinner? Making it so I’d literally be eating Kai in every bite? That is so sweet, and so hot, and so . . .” He brought his lips to Kai’s, and Kai nearly found himself knocked off-balance again, overwhelmed by the tastes of chocolate and tomato and Kai - the drink.

“So . . . you like it?” Kai said.

“It’s the best Valentine’s Day ever. And I usually don’t do Valentine’s Day.”

Well, that was a surprise. “You . . . don’t?”

“Nope. Not even when I was going out with someone before. To me, it’s for having a crush on someone for afar. But after you win someone?” He went back to the ice cream. “It seems, well, pointless.”

Pointless? After all his worrying? All his fretting about delivering what Uruha wanted? He’d thought of the holiday as . . . pointless? Kai just stood there, shocked.

“But this?” Uruha held up a spoonful of the chocolate concoction. “This just made a Valentine believer out of me. If this is what you get for Valentine’s Day, we’re going to do it every year for the rest of our lives.”

“Rest of our lives?” Did Kai just hear that? Was Uruha seriously considering . . . well, a commitment? It could just be the heat of the moment, the heady rush of food and love, but . . .

His heart was fluttering. Soaring. He could swear he saw it leap out of his chest and sprout wings like something on, well, those silly cards girls gave to boys they liked. And he stood there beaming, a beautiful, sincere smile on his face.

Uruha looked up at him. “Kai?”

Kai didn’t answer. He just stood there, smiling, looking like the world’s cutest statue.

“Kai, eat your ice cream,” Uruha said. “You went through all the effort to do this, and it’s going to melt. You’re not going to waste it, are you?”

“Ice cream?” Ding, ding, that’s reality calling you, Kai. “Oh, ice cream!” He quickly sat down at the table, picked up the spoon and scooped it into his mouth. It was, indeed, delicious. It was sweet and bitter and dark, deep, complex. It tasted like love itself.

And he wasn’t going to stop eating it until it was gone.

* * *
Once Uruha was done with the last of the ice cream, he put his spoon down, leaning across the table. “So,” he said, “are you ready for your other dessert?”

Okay, he should have known it was coming – especially after their earlier banter about desserts – but when Kai heard that, he still gulped the last of his own ice cream down hard. “What do you have in mind?” he said, realizing he wasn’t succeeding in sounding seductive.

That was okay – Uruha had enough sexy attitude for both of them. He stood up, slowly, starting to unbutton his shirt. And not in a normal, oh, I’m going to get dressed and relax way.

He had his eyes firmly trained on Kai, lids at half-mast, and he was pushing those buttons through the holes one by one, slowly. Too slowly. When he’d bared a tantalizing V of skin, he ran his fingers over it, caressing it.

Kai just sat there in his chair, reminding himself that he had to breathe, because if he didn’t, he’d be face-first on the floor, and that wouldn’t do, would it? He wasn’t going to ruin Valentine’s Day.

Not when Uruha was toying with those buttons some more, and swaying his hips to the romantic music, and dear Lord, this was a full-blown striptease now, wasn’t it?

He had confirmation that was exactly what he was watching when Uruha turned around, looking at him coyly over his shoulder before letting the shirt slide down, slowly, gliding down and off his back and arms like clouds carried away by a breeze.

Kai followed the path of the fabric with his eyes, seeing every inch of skin as it was bared, until there was no cloth at all and just a beautiful, half-naked man in front of him. Uruha turned back around, arms over his head, still moving to the music, looking like some sort of sinful angel.

And right now, Kai would fall from grace a million times over for him. Especially the way Uruha looked right now, with one hand moving down over his own neck, down to his chest, caressing the skin, sliding over his own nipple and starting to play with it.

Kai found himself reaching down to unfasten his own pants – because they were getting tight and uncomfortable as hell. Especially when Uruha slid those fingers over his own stomach, toying with the waistband of his pants, then slipping lower, cupping his own crotch in his hand.

“Kai,” Uruha sighed as he caressed himself. “Oh, Kai . . .”

It was all Kai could do to keep from springing out of the seat and pouncing the guitarist. That would make him stop, though, and Kai definitely didn’t want that. Not when he was getting a lovely eyeful of Uruha unzipping his pants, and then turning around to pull them off, bending over and giving Kai a magnificent vista of his ass as the pants slid away from it, revealing that he was clad in . . .

A thong. Oh, merciful J-rock gods, Uruha had invested in a thong for this occasion. That world-class bottom was framed in just enough fabric to draw attention to is perfection. When the pants dropped away fully, only adding those astonishing thighs to the equation, Kai was convinced he’d explode before the evening was over. They’d find him splattered all over the walls.

“Do you like?” Uruha wiggled his bottom a little, still bent over. Kai felt his heart wiggling along with it.

“Uhh . . .” he said. Oh, real coherent. It took a man as hot as Uruha to reduce the band’s public spokesperson to a pile of babble. He watched the lovely ass straighten out and turn around, and the view was replaced with an equally lovely crotch, the thong leaving no doubt as to what was beneath.

Uruha’s eyes went right to Kai’s pants. “You have a head start, I see,” he said, starting to move toward him. “Why don’t you finish that for me?” He gestured toward the clothes.

Kai didn’t have to be told twice. His hands fairly flew as he unbuttoned his shirt, then stood up so he could rid himself of everything he was wearing – shirt, pants, underwear. As he sat back down, it occurred to him for a split second that he was still sitting at the dinner table, totally nude.

This was dessert, indeed.

Uruha moved over toward him and leaned over, putting his hands on Kai’s shoulders and bringing his lips to the other man’s. Kai opened his lips almost instantly, wanting to kiss Uruha as deeply as he could, to possess him fully. He let his tongue plunder his lover’s mouth, stroking and touching every sensitive spot.

He heard his lover gasp a little, and start to breathe heavily, and he knew he was having an effect. He reached for the back of the guitarist’s head, trying to gather him in, pull him closer . . .

But Uruha eased back from him, a teasing smile on those full, soft lips. He turned around, and sat on Kai’s lap, that delicious, thong-clad ass just barely touching his erection.

And then, he started to move – thrusting his hips, grinding a little, writhing, pressing his flesh against Kai’s. It suddenly became apparent that he intended on capping off his little stripper performance with a lap dance.

“Ohh, yes,” Kai moaned, bringing his hands to Uruha’s sides as the other man began to wriggle faster, his hips moving in a classic bump-and-grind now – and pressing backwards more, so that Kai felt his erection start to rub against that firm, rounded flesh.

He felt the delicious friction, the skin sliding over his hard, heated flesh. He could feel Uruha’s warmth, the brush of nakedness against nakedness, the soft-firm texture of his ass pressing on him.

And yet, there was that strip of cloth, the one he had been admiring before, that was acting as a barrier, keeping him from getting what he truly wanted – burying himself deep in his lover’s body. It was tantalizing, teasing, so close and yet so far.

He began to pump his own hips, moving along with Uruha, increasing the friction between them. Uruha moved back and shifted so Kai’s cock was now within the cleft of his ass, and as he slid back and forth Kai felt himself sliding through delicious heat and firmness. . . but with the added friction of that little strip of cloth as a reality check.

Uruha’s head tipped backward so Kai could reach his lips and the two men kissed, hot and soft and wet, tongues mingling and stroking. Kai’s fingers brushed over Uruha’s chest, finding the nipples, caressing them, feeling them harden and Uruha’s answering shudder.

“Want you,” Kai gasped between kisses. “Want you so much . . .”

Uruha stood up, and Kai grasped the thin fabric at his hips, pulling the thong down over those spectacular thighs, then lower, until Uruha could kick the garment away.

The guitarist turned and felt for the small bottle of lube he’d stashed under his plate, then handed it to Kai, leaning over with his hands braced on the table.

Kai didn’t even question why Uruha had lube under his plate. He just poured the slippery substance onto his fingers and started to slide one inside, hearing Uruha purr as he did so.

“Ohh, yes,” he murmured. “Get me ready for you. I want to feel that big cock of yours inside me..” He leaned over more, pushing his bottom toward Kai, and moaned again as the second finger slipped inside.

Kai was trying very hard not to go too fast – he didn’t want to skimp on the preparation, he wanted Uruha to feel nothing but pleasure. But Uruha wasn’t making it easy, the way he was moving that bottom around and moaning delicious dirty talk. As if he hadn’t teased Kai enough tonight . . .

Gently, he scissored his fingers, moving them in and out, murmuring, “Soon. Just relax, it’ll just be a moment longer . . .”

The third finger slipped inside Uruha, and both men were panting with anticipation now. “So good,” Uruha murmured. “I’m ready, Kai, I’m so ready, please .. . .”

Kai was so aroused that when he slicked his own erection, it made him shiver. Oh, he had to get inside Uruha fast, before he came at the slightest touch. He grasped the other man’s hips in his hands, bringing the tip of his hadness to the entrance of the hot channel in front of him.

He pushed forward, and then he had what he had been longing for before – he was encased in tight heat, feeling his lover’s body draw him in, embrace him completely.

Sex could be many things, it was true, but in that moment, it most definitely felt like an act of love.

He paused, and they both breathed deeply. He leaned over and kissed Uruha’s neck, feeling his chest press against his lover’s back, sweat-damp skin mingling.

“So beautiful,” Kai whispered, his hands sliding over Uruha’s chest, brushing the nipples, bringing a shudder from the guitarist.

“Please,” he gasped. “Fuck me. I want to feel you moving inside me, Kai . . .”

He wasn’t going to turn that down. He stood up, grasping the other man’s hips, and began to thrust, slowly. Oh, nothing felt like Uruha, nothing in the world. It was like the other man’s body was made specially to fit him.

Uruha let out groans as Kai picked up the pace, as that lovely, hard thing filled him, slid out of him, filled him again, deeper and harder, stoking lovely little pleasure spots inside him with each movement. “Harder,” he gasped. “Ohh, so big . . .”

Kai thrust faster, Uruha moving back against him, the sounds of flesh hitting flesh filling the air along with the moans and panting. The drummer’s hands moved over his partner’s body, finding the nipples again, rubbing back and forth against them. Uruha’s head snapped back, a cry of pleasure coming from him, his hips snapping back as well – causing a direct hit to his sweetest spot.

“Oh, God! Again, right there . . .”

Kai thrust hard, trying to hit the spot again, and when he felt that luscious passage clutch around him, squeezing him and sending a ripple of sensation through his body, he knew he’d succeeded.

“More!” Uruha gasped, as he felt another hard thrust into his prostate, and then another one. His head fell forward, hair spilling over his face as the plush lips parted, soft moans coming from him.

“Yes,” Kai moaned, his hand slipping down Uruha’s body, finding his erection, wrapping his fingers around it and starting to stroke. “I want to give you everything . . . anything you want . . .”

His hand felt a few drops of precome at the tip, and he slid them around, over the head of Uruha’s cock, teasing the hot, sensitive skin, coaxing him without words . . . Come for me. Let me hear you cry out, let me feel you tremble and shake, let me feel you grip me within and embrace me tighter than ever . . .

Uruha gave him what he wanted. He thrust backwards, hard, one last time, then let out a long, loud cry, his come flowing down over Kai’s fingers as his body shivered.

Kai thrust, and thrust again, and finally, he felt an explosion inside him. Stars clouded his vision as he pushed forward, pouring what felt like everything he had into Uruha’s sweet, hot, welcoming body.

He sagged forward onto Uruha, breathing heavily, clinging to him. “I love you,” he murmured. “I love you so much.”

Uruha, still panting himself, turned his head, and they kissed again. “Mmm,” he murmured. “I love you, too. I always have.”

“Always?” That very nearly snapped Kai out of his post-sex reverie. When he and Uruha had first started dating, his lover had confessed to him that he’d had feelings for him for a long time, but . . . always?

“Since you joined the band,” Uruha said. “I just didn’t know how to tell you. First, you were the new guy, and then you were, well . . .”

“Leader-san?” Kai said.

“I felt funny, thinking about going out with the bandleader.” He snuggled against Kai. “I got over it.”

What Uruha wasn’t telling him – what he might tell him later, but not now – was that it was his brief love relationship with Aoi that made him see the light, and realize he’d been in love with someone else all along. So, for that matter, had Aoi.

That fling had been the most productive mistake of his life.

“Come on,” he told Kai. “We should get cleaned up and then get in bed. It’s still Valentine’s Day until midnight, you know.”

Kai stood up, holding his hand out to Uruha. “Who said we have to stop when it’s no longer Valentine’s Day?” he said.

Because Ruki had been right. Why did they need a special day for this kind of thing, when they could show each other how they felt all the time?

As the old song said, each day was Valentine’s Day.

* * *
Later on, when they were lying in bed together, it occurred to Kai that he just might be the luckiest man in the world.

He was doing the thing he loved best in the world for a living. He was working with people he loved like family. He’d been on the stage of not only Budokan, but also Tokyo Dome.

And he’d managed to capture the heart of the person he’d had his eye on for years. Who just happened to be one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

Said person was currently lying with his head on Kai’s stomach, hair still a little damp from their shower, kissing the taut flesh and rubbing his cheek against it. “Mmmm,” he murmured. “I can’t get enough of you, you know that?”

Kai closed his eyes and relaxed, feeling the warm moistness of Uruha’s lips, the soft brush of his hair, and then his fingers coming into play, tracing patterns on his stomach. He knew just how to touch him, just how to pleasure him, as if he had some kind of mind-reading ability. And just when he wondered if Uruha was going to go lower, he started to do just that, starting to move down over his lower stomach, pausing to lick at his navel.

“You’re an outie,” Uruha murmured. “That’s so cute.”

“Don’t stop,” Kai murmured. “Please . . .”

Uruha raised his head and looked up at Kai teasingly. “What is it that you want?”

“I want your mouth on me,” Kai replied, breathlessly.

“What if I said the same thing, hmm?” Uruha said. “What if I wanted your mouth on me, too?”

A shudder of excitement passed through Kai’s body. Ohh, yes. The idea of having Uruha’s hardness in his lips, while Uruha worked his magic on Kai . . .

“Do it,” he said. “Oh, please, do it.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” And Uruha sat up, moving backward so those thighs were on either side of Kai’s head, then leaning way over, licking his lips.

Kai raised his head, trying to find the right angle to do this. He figured it was easiest to take the head in his lips, let his fingers work on the shaft, and . . .

And then, all coherent thought left his head, because Uruha was sliding down on him and taking his cock in those beautiful lips, his hot, wet tongue teasing the very tip. Oh, holy hell. On top of all his other talents, the man gave blowjobs like a porn star.

Luckiest man in the world, indeed.

Kai just lay there as that hot tongue rubbed back and forth over the head, then teased the sensitive spot where it joined the shaft. The pressure was just enough so that he could feel intense sensations radiating through his whole body, both fulfilling the moment and promising more to come.

He had to give even a small part of this back to his lover. He opened his lips, raising his head and taking Uruha in his hand, gently guiding him to his mouth.

Oh, yes, and then there was the full sensory overload of taking him in and starting to suck. The feel of the hard flesh, the musky scent and taste, the way he felt Uruha’s lips tighten around him in response, his lover letting out a long breath through his nostrils, the warm rush of air cascading over his sensitive flesh.

Kai felt Uruha’s mouth slide down on him, take more of him in, and more, and . . . Dear God, how deep was he going to go? It was like being devoured, swallowed whole, and he didn’t mind it one bit.

He couldn’t do the same thing from this angle, but he could use his tongue a lot. He rubbed it over the sensitive underside of the head, seeking out one little spot that he knew made his lover shiver . . . There, he hit it, and caressed it gently, feeling the tension in the other man’s body in response. His fingers trailed along the shaft, caressing the not-smooth skin, feeling the heat . .. .

At the same time, he was moaning in his throat, because Uruha was sucking him hard, moving his head back slowly, trailing his tongue along the underside as he went. A pause, then he pushed down again, rapidly, sucking all the way.

His fingers were very lightly brushing over Kai’s balls, then stopping, then brushing again - and every touch brought about a new wave of shivers. Uruha was going to drive him slowly mad, and all he could do in response was suck on the thing in his mouth, tease it with his tongue, and let his fingers wander downward until he was doing the same thing to Uruha that his lover did to him.

He stroked Uruha’s balls, gently, as Uruha stroked his, causing both men to moan, sending vibrations through each other’s erections - which just made them both moan again.

Anyone looking into that bedroom would see a very beautiful, intimate sight, two men wrapped up in each other completely. Uruha’s shapely ass was in the air, very much on display, and the back of his head could be seen moving up and down rapidly as he worked on Kai. Both bodies glistened with sweat, writhing against each other, and the air was filled with the sounds of sucking and moans - which grew more urgent as they moved faster, their bodies trembling more . .

Kai could feel the heat and pleasure start to build and build in his belly. He sucked Uruha faster, harder, trying to bring him close to climax too, his fingers brushing over his lover’s balls again.

And then, he felt the pleasure burst within himself, and he thrust hard into Uruha’s mouth, crying out without taking Uruha out of his lips. The orgasm went on and on, and he rode it, moaning and trembling and sucking Uruha harder, his fingers brushing over his balls.

His reward was a long, delicious moan from Uruha, and he felt him tense, then tremble, and then there was the familiar taste of Uruha’s essence pouring onto his tongue - something he swallowed eagerly, every time.

When he was done, Kai licked him clean lovingly, catching any stray drops. He felt Uruha pull out, and then there was a momentary loss of warmth - but it was just Uruha turning himself around so they were face-to-face, kissing eagerly.

There was nothing more intimate than this, tasting himself and Uruha on their mingled mouths.

“I told you I can’t get enough,” Uruha murmured, pulling Kai close and stroking his hair. “And I mean it.”

“Mmm.” Kai just wanted to enjoy this feeling right now. Warm and soft and loving. Very, very loving. “You can have as much of me as you want.”

“Good,” Uruha said. “I’m going to be taking advantage of that, you know.”

As far as Kai was concerned, Uruha could take advatage of him any way and anywhere he wished. In public? No problem, they‘d just duck into a corner somewhere. At the studio? They’d give their bandmates an eyeful. Right now, he didn’t care if Uruha wanted to do it on the stage in the middle of a live. (He’d just tell PSC management that they’d decided to up the fanservice a little. Heaven only knew the fangirls wouldn’t mind it.)

“I love you,” he said, snuggling against his lover again. “I don’t think I can say that enough.”

“I love you, too,” Uruha replied, kissing him gently.

Kai closed his eyes and sighed. And to think that he’d been so worried about making the perfect Valentine’s Day. As it turned out, he hadn’t had to do anything at all.

All they needed was each other.


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Feb. 14th, 2012 07:50 am (UTC)
Aww! And of course Uruha would like an alcohol-soaked meal! Clever Kai to think of it. I do love how everyone seems to think they know what Uruha wants though. XD

BTW, would you mind terribly if I friended you? I'd like to keep tabs on your fic. ;)

Also, it is possible to walk into a door because of silly things. Trust me on this.
Feb. 14th, 2012 12:29 pm (UTC)
Oh, I don't mind at all! Friend away, and I'll friend you back!

Hee, hee, yes, everybody else thought they knew what Uruha wanted (just sex), when only Kai knew what he really wanted (booze, food made with Kai vodka, and then sex). Shows that they're meant to be together. ~_^ (And I just had to get the Kai vodka in again. I've now gotten three fanfics out of that! Three! Too bad I can't find the stuff itself).

Thanks SO much for commenting!
Feb. 14th, 2012 11:17 pm (UTC)
Yay! Consider yourself friended! XD

Indeed it does! XD Plus... it's Uruha! Surely alcohol is a given when it comes to him? :P (It's so bunny inspiring, it's amazing! And I also have no idea where to get any... *sigh*)
Feb. 15th, 2012 01:50 am (UTC)
Kai Vodka is elusive as hell. There's supposedly a distrbutor for my home state, but damned f I can find it. (I've been to every liquor superstore in my area, too). And, yes, Uruha plus booze plus Kai plus sex equals how could you NOT get a million fics out of this? (Of course, now we've got a new bunnyfest over on the community in the form of that Texts From Last Night post!)
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 14th, 2012 12:33 pm (UTC)
*blush* Thank you! And cute and hot was exactly what I was going for - it's a Valentine's Day fic, after all! (Plus, when you're dealing with Kai, the "cute" part just sort of follows naturally).
Feb. 14th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnommm~~ ♥

Sorry, for the incoherense. |D;
Feb. 14th, 2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
Hee, incoherence is good! That must mean you really enjoyed the fic! (There was an awful lot of omnomnomnom of all kinds going on, wasn't there? ~_^)
Feb. 14th, 2012 09:55 pm (UTC)

and the amount of omnomnomonomonmoonmonomnomnom (yes I have nothing sober to add here.) ANYGAYS.

It was a lovely and steamy read. 8}
Feb. 14th, 2012 02:12 pm (UTC)
Ohhhh you...The vodka cookery was clever indeed. There's something sexy and intimate about cooking for a lover (you'll see in my own v-day fics...) and I think you nailed it. The strip tease was a lovely touch too, I'll have to incorporate one in one of my stories one day. And the sex...my dear, your talent has no bounds. It was sweet and loving and unbelievably hot at the same time...love it! You're starting to make me love this pairing...

Awesome work and happy v-day my dear, lots of love xoxo

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Feb. 15th, 2012 02:22 am (UTC)
The vodka cooking actually was born during the uruai Kai vodka challenge, when I was toying with the idea of having Kai make a vodka-based chocolate sauce for Uruha. I Googled "vodka chocolate sauce" and came up with the Cooking With Vodka site. Then I got the idea that later became Double Shot and decided to go with that for the challenge fic instead - so I could get ShouPon in as well, of course - but filed the idea and the cooking with vodka site away.

You're right in that it's an intimate thing for Kai to do, and it's also something very specific to the two people involved, since Uruha's love of booze is legendary in the fandom and Kai is known as an amateur cook. Plus, it's *Kai* vodka - as he said, he's literally poured himself into the meal, in more ways than one. It's something far more intimate and personal than just a box of chocolates would be. (Ha, kind of like in your own fic, where Tora got a pretty boy slave for Valentine's Day. A perfectly personalized gift!)

The striptease was what I was worried I was repeating myself with, since I had Hiroto doing something similar in Shou's birthday fic - but I'm glad I went with it, because it just felt right. (Plus, it's Uruha. It's something he'd do - complete with thong. Boy is half-dressed on stage a lot anyway). I'm glad you thought it worked out, too!

Thank you SO much for what you said about my writing. Believe me, it means a lot, since you're such a damn good writer. And I'm very glad I could get you to like the UruKai pairing! (I'd love to see you write it someday. Believe me, we have a lot of fun at the uruai community - someone makes a random picture post, and before you know it, you have a full-fledged fanfic challenge on your hands!)
Feb. 15th, 2012 03:14 am (UTC)
Hehe, everyone telling Kai that all Uruha wants is sex was priceless. I wish I could have seen Kai's face every time he was told that, X'D. The pun of "I literally poured myself into everything I made" was very really creative! Hehe, Kai's innocence of not knowing what Uruha was hinting at for dessert was very cute ^^ I completely didn't expect the second smut scene. It was a very pleasant surprise! Great job on this story ^^v
Feb. 15th, 2012 04:01 am (UTC)
Thank you! You know, I was debating whether or not to include the second smut scene - I was worried it might be overkill - but I'm so glad that you liked it! And, yes, Kai's face every time someone told him Uruha would want sex would be priceless indeed - especially since he'd blush more every time someone said it! He's a cute thing. (Pets him). And I couldn't resist the "poured myself into everything" line! (Insert inevitable pun about Uruha swallowing Kai here. . .) Thank you so much for your comments!
Feb. 15th, 2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
You're welcome ^^ I almost forgot to mention that I loved the subtle detail of the lube hidden under the plate because when I first read that detail I didn't understand why Uruha did that. But later I was like ^_~ Oh yeah, now I know, XDDDD.
Feb. 15th, 2012 11:01 am (UTC)
Oh, so much goodness! :D I love how Kai is worrying about the mechanics of Valentine's Day and White Day, and it made me laugh when all the others are so certain that all Uruha wants is sex! (What kind of rep does he have??? Sex maniac? LOL) And I also love how you bring in the things around the couple in your stories - the chance encounters, the details, the banter... It gives so much more life and dimension to fics! :)

The dinner is really awesome! And Uruha making such an effort to look perfect for it, awwwwww!!! *draws hearts* And the striptease! The lapdance! Good lord, lapdance!!! Yum! *g* And then you keep going with hot table-sex (I love table or desk sex for some reason) and then... they have a second round! Awesome! :D This fic is like a two-course meal, yummy and fulfilling! And I'll come back to have it again some time. *puts in memories* :D
Feb. 16th, 2012 03:34 am (UTC)
Hee, hee, poor boy did seem to have a reputation, didn't he? Even his best friend said it! (Well, Reita was actually baiting Kai, but still). Then again, he *did* give both Aoi and Ruki reason to think so during his pre-going-out-with-Kai days in this ficverse . ..

Oh, I HAD to do the striptease. I'd hesitated on it at first, because the sex scene in Shou's birthday fic had centered around Hiroto doing a striptease, and I didn't want to repeat myself too much - but with this setting and this couple, it was too hard to pass up. (Plus, it's the mental image of URUHA doing a STRIPTEASE. 'Nuff said.) Plus, the lapdance - with the thong - had to be added as a punctuation mark (and to drive Kai further insane).

I'm glad you enjoyed the Hiroto/Saga cameo! I brought them in to link the story to my Valentine's Day story of last year – http://alicenine-yaoi.livejournal.com/341302.html - which centered around PSC headquarters being besieged by the "chocopocalypse," being buried under fangirl presents. (Alice Nine dealt with the situation by having a who-got-the-most-candy contest. Hiroto won, so Shou gave him a special "prize.") In this fic, the chocopocalypse is back - only this time, with several bottles of Kai added in with the chocolate!

And I'm SO happy that you're putting it in your favorites! Yay!
Feb. 18th, 2012 05:09 am (UTC)
Uh...um...this is my favorite pairing and and and this was just so...UNF!! The BEST V-Day story I have read in a while...Uruha is just too damn sexy andv Kai is one adorable mess <3
Feb. 19th, 2012 04:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you! "Adorable mess" is appropriate for his state here, isn't it? Poor boy worked himself up into a panic over this holiday (which, as Ruki said, is basically something invented and pimped by greeting card and candy companies). Thanks for saying it was the best Valentine's story you've read in awhile - that really made me feel the work was worth it! ^_^
Feb. 19th, 2012 05:42 pm (UTC)
I'm more towards Ruki's opinion when it comes to V-day...but with everything Kai did, I think anyone would become a believer although it can also be made for other meaningful special occasions as well, ya know?

And as Uruha being my #1 gazeboy, if I would have been in Kai's place, I would have tackled Uruha down and ravished him on the floor hahahahaha...screw the slowness baby, I WANT YOU NOW!! XD

I'm lame hahahahahaha
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 19th, 2012 04:38 pm (UTC)
I've never been fond of the day myself, except as a catalyst for writing fanfiction - my attitude toward it tends to match Ruki's in this fic. All a big racket concocted by companies looking to sell cards and candy.

So it seems the Valentine's Day mania in Japan is even more so than I thought it was. Well, damn. Nice to know I got that detail right! (And I imagine I'm not too far off in envisioning the PSC offices buried under presents from fangirls, either!)

Hee, hee, I'm glad you appreciate that I added the second sex scene - and, yes, Uruha definitely has the moves like a porn star. Much to Kai's benefit, of course!
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