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I've been working from home this week. Fortunately, my workplace allows me to do that. I spent a couple of days doing heavy-duty proofreading because, of course, my accident had to coincide with two directories going to press. And then after I was done with it, the PRINTER actually told me to get some rest. (She found out I'd had a concussion in the accident).

As to how I'm feeling overall? Not that bad, except my energy level is kind of sapped and I'm occasionally dizzy. A friend who was on the same blood pressure meds as me said it's probably the results of the meds rather than the concussion, as he said he had similar symptoms the first couple of weeks that he was on them.

I haven't done any writing this week (mainly because of the reduced energy level). Most of what I've bee doing when not working is reading the coverage of the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima (I can't believe there are jerks out there who still believe it was justified and that Japan had it coming. Whatever the military might have done, it does NOT justify nuking innocent civilians). I've also been indulging my trainwreck syndrome by following the One Direction fandom's reactions to member Louis Tomlinson announcing he's going to be a father (basically, he knocked up a groupie, her family loudly made it public on social media and now he's publicly "doing the right thing"). There's a segment within that fandom called the "Larries" - Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles shippers - who are the tinniest of tin hats. They believe very strongly that their OTP is REAL!!!! and that Modest Management, their management company (owned by Simon Cowell), is FORCING THEM TO ACT LIKE THEY'RE NOT A COUPLE OMG!!!11111!!!! So they've cooked up this elaborate Illuminati-like conspiracy theory around the baby that's a mind-boggling wonder to behold. They're claiming pictures of the boy bander and the baby mama are Photoshopped, that interviews confirming it are edited together from old interviews, and that when the dust settles down from all this, their OTP will be able to COME OUT IN ALL THEIR GLORY OMG!!111!!!!(Because all this, you see, is buying their PR time to gear up for the big coming out by throwing the press off the scent of Louis/Harry's coupleness). Oh, and there's also supposedly vague prophecies from a psychic that PREDICTED EVERY BIT OF THIS!!!111!!!!!11!!! Seriously - you can NOT make any of this stuff up. Plus, numerous Larries are claiming that "MY MOM BELIEVES THIS IS ALL FAKE, TOO!!11!!!" Um, yeah, what the hell are we teaching our kids nowadays? (Of course, the moms are probably the ones who made 50 Shades a bestseller). Seriously, it's all enough to make every J-rock and animanga fandom look sane and rational. (Even the lunatic fringe of Sailor Moon!) It actually makes me feel bad for the sane people in their fandom, who have been saying, "Can't we forget all this Babygate nonsense and be happy about the new single?"


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Aug. 6th, 2015 09:36 pm (UTC)

I hope you feel better!!!!! And dont stress about getting back yo writing. Just take your time~

Aug. 7th, 2015 02:31 pm (UTC)
Hey. I've never commented on anything of yours before, and for that I'm sorry. I love your fics! I only wish I were as prolific as you (one measly fic posted about 10 years ago to my name, and another I've been 'writing' for those 10 years. Lol.) I can't even imagine writing as much, or as well, as you do. Great job! Now, take a rest and get yourself back together before you worry about doing anything else.

I live in Japan, and having been to the memorials and museum in Hiroshima, I can't even imagine how people could ever think that it was justified. I bawled my way through the whole exhibit, out of shame and sympathy for what had been done to them.
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